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Well, will be updating easy recipe that even a lazy bum can cook! hahaha!

Recipe #1 Easy Peasy Nasi Goreng

1. some chopped garlic + onion ( make the garlic more tasted just better )
2. Palm-full of anchovies (ikan bilis) + soaked in warm water
3. Blended dried red chillies
4. Cold rice
5. Soy Sauce ( Lemak Manis is better )
6. Chicken fillet/sausage (chopped) or Fish fillets or Prawns
7. Salt for tase


Heat up 2 tablespoon of oil in a frying pan/wok
Stir Fry the onions + garlic till the aroma started to hit your nose :p
Add in the anchovies, fry them (sieve the water first )
Add in the blended Red Chilli, saute till the oil starts to shimmer
Add the number 6, anything will do :)
Till everything mixed, add in the cold rice. Mix everything thoroughly.
Add some soy sauce and mixed everything again :)

When the rice looks good, add in some salt, according to liking. Remember, reduce salt, prevent hypertension :)

Now serve will all your might:)

Recipe #2. Buttered Simmered Brocolli

I've always been a big fan of brocolli since I came to India. My friend named Ruby, gave me a taste of a simple veg soup with brocolli in it, and from that moment, I just tasted the crunchiest brocolli ever. I never had brocolli in Malaysia though. And a friend named Farhana or I called her Fahnazain, then told me to try this recipe. Very matsaleh one! But this jawa throat could take it like a boss!

What ya need:

1 bunch of brocolli. Rinse it well to remove any dirt or worms.
1 cup water
Some salt to taste
Some pepper/black pepper powder also can
3 Spoonful Unsalted Butter
6 Cloves Garlic - Peeled. Use Garlic Paste would be so much easier!

What ya have to do:

1. Simmer the brocolli pieces inside a pot/pan with water. Then, sieve it clean.

2. Put aside the brocolli. In the same pan/pot, melt the butter with the garlic, till the garlic turned brown and give a really good aroma :)

3. Pour in the boiled brocolli inside the melted butter and garlic, stirred, simmer and add some salt and pepper to taste. Use more butter if you want that buttery shiny look and more fattening taste :P

And voila! there you have it! Your own Buttered simmered brocolli. Even a lazy bum can make a dish !

gaya orang susah toksah letak udang ;P

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