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Assalamualaikum. Writing all the way from Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Missing Malaysia so much. But everything is just perfectly fine here. India makes people not just live, but SURVIVE. :)

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Throw Dirt on my own face

Today, Belgaum is freezing cold. And cold without snow seems empty....but I know that snow isn't something to be happy about. I am in love with this climate! Every time, I go outside, to the man made park near the library, it feels so soothing. How bless am I to be sent here? This is certainly priceless.
jamuan raya terbaik!

among the cadavers we have here

Fireworks mania was our main activity last night. What to expect when Diwali appears? I can only tell last night was happening, and the food was okay even though I almost throw up, but adapting is something we humans must try to do.
saje nak tunjuk kain cantik kat india LOL

To some extend, fun is fun, but work is still work. Being a medical student is like we are not students, but are doctors in the training. Therefore, as USM student, I have to bear with all its requirement to score or to over through this route with extended BM classes from morn and continues till 5 pm even though today is meant for Diwali holiday. And to not disheartened the very kind Tuan Nordin for flying far away from Kubang Kerian to Belgaum, we still push ourselves to attend these classes. 

Got forum to be done. Still, the progress is still off. Due to Bangalore trip for the convention last week, I missed two important lectures and one dissection class. It feels so sad of not being able to cover those missing lectures since I have no spare time. What a mess have I done.

However, I am glad to finish up Histological drawings. YEY....and now more works is piling up...let's start doing them!

>>p/s: condolences to USMKLE's Student President, Mohd Fauzie or Pojie for the loss of his beloved father. Al Fatihah<<

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

1 month in Belgaum

Been seeking for some time to blog. Seriously miss blogging. But I have to sacrifice between what is priority and what is desire. At last, my heart goes for desire. Actually, just bought this broadband Tata Docomo which can be described as the most expensive brand there are in Belgaum's market. I need it to do Internet research and it is my initial and usual habit to study with the laptop turning on till blazing hot and Internet access is there for sure.

To study here in a destiny and holding the people's money while buying stuff for my desire is such a pathetic thing to do. I had planned to close my wallet and lock it but I couldn't. A lot of thing to buy here because everything seems like needs and not desire. Do you get me?

Frankly speaking, I feel guilty for not being able to be a responsible blogger by mentioning about my EXACT routine as USM-KLE first year student, but time envies me. I am in a race with it. Especially when you are in a medical field, even first year seems so hectic.

Going to Bangalore for leadership convention was a bittersweet decision. It was between desire and need. Desire to get to explore and travel to Bangalore and at the same time the need for this soul to get out of this hectic USM-KLE.

Seriously, the 3 days stay at Mount View Resort at Bangalore was worth it. Especially when one gets to stay in a honeymoon suite. Also, worth the 10 hours journey from Belgaum, but sadly, works start to piling up. Everything is a mess now, really. And sometimes I ponder why did I engulf myself to this route. I am gonna be a phantom!

Imagine tomorrow supposedly Diwali is gonna be celebrated, but I have classes to attend till half of the day is gone. SGD questions on biochem have been touched a bit but my plan to finish it up was merely plain plan. Histological drawings of cells is still on progress and I couldn't find any end to this. I need a break! And trust me - first year here means no break.

I am in a mess situation and envying my colleagues who already got time to make short notes or mind maps. I also envy those colleagues graduated from KMB to have survive in the world of sleepless nights. Clap-clap to them. In the mean time, I feel my brain is gonna explode. The fear of failure here is indeed worrisome. FAIL means go back to Malaysia and say bye to your dream MD degree. Plus, to achieve the target for distinction is like a dream in a fairytale. It is not impossible, it just seems so least for now.

Shoulder and Pectoral region, Brachial Plexus and metabolism for fuel of muscles and etc etc, how I wish I were KYLE XY to memorize and remember all those terms and facts. Another thing that one should fear about medicine is everything is fact, once you get one wrong, the linkage to it is completely insane and WRONG.

>>P/S: mama dah pesan medic susah, and I do feel sometimes it's not my thing, but when I wake up, HEY, What do you expect, it's medicine for godsake!<<

Monday, 17 October 2011

Spare time


Today marks another beginning of a NEW block/topic for my first year as a medical student. It is on the MUSCULOSKELETAL BLOCK.

Meaning last week is the end of the Cell and Tissue block which is super duper hard for me. The end block test was a disaster. Focusing on the hard topics but what came out was out of expectation. I should have bear in mind that everything in life is unexpected. However, no use of crying out blood by now. Things had happened.

For anatomy, I think I have quite a big love for bones and structures of them. It intrigued me a lot unlike remembering the properties of Amino Acid and Nucleic Acids. Sadly, last week, while other students have already dig their hands in to dissect the cadavers, my group (the only group with a FEMALE CADAVER)m, hasn't actually try on those blades to cut open the poor body. But we had fun learning some terms like epiphisis and diaphisis as well as other term like haversion canal. Things that I can remember of course. Biochemistry, on the other hand, is something which I have to create fond with. The book recommended which I am using now is not exactly a good book which I can refer to. And of course, here, there's time constraint to focus on those thicks books which stand erectly arranged in my room. Beautifully untouched. And I blamed time for being too fast.

Malaysian Night

Apart from the great studying moments, we as overseas students also get this opportunity joining one gathering of Malaysian students around Belgaum. One of the events is Malaysian Night. USM-KLE is the host and we performed 2 shows for the night which were awesome. Here, I am so amazed by some of the colleagues who are so artistic. They can sing, they can dance so beautifully and play instruments. Our team won the performance competition. Did I mentioned I joined dancing? It is plainly just for fun and to fulfill the emptiness.

Trinity 2011

This is an intercollegiate event where students of JNMC as well as other students from Karnataka or Belgaum I think, participate in various events including, competitions like Battle of The Bands, Football, Arts, and many more. USM-KLE's students like Adib and Aidil Yusof both won the best basis and best drummer award. Isn't these arouse jealousy? Who says medical students just know medical terms? They can also play music and rock the stage. And it's a pleasure even though I can't join because I am untalented, seeing them winning those things among many other talented students here, make me proud to be part of them! WOAHH

So only yesterday, MARA had also came here to see how their sponsor students are doing. Mainly, we are doing fine. Hostel is comfy, food is lavish and what else I could describe? Our safety is well keep as we have our own Malaysian's dean here, Prof KJ, so that's is among the privilege of becoming a USMKLE Student. 

Over a month have I been here. Staying here is alright. All cosy and chilling. Some places are dirty and noisy and that's India. A place where you are not going to grow alive but to grow surviving. I am praying hard so that I will excell in my phase 1 and could attend phase 2 and the other phases up to the end with strength and smoothly finish all this then get married. OOps, I mean work and serve for the people. (lame phrases but whatever) 

Sorry for no photos like what you have seen in many of other blogs. I have no good time to spare to upload them. Will steal some pictures from friends FB page. MUAHAHHAHA. 

>>p/s: must buy a camera now. Cepatlah tahun depan bulan 7!<<