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Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

I am afraid that probably I won't be making to post my last story for this year, so better make it now. Olla peeps, looks like we finally almost reach to the end of 2010, which sort of giving us a new spirit for what are coming for the year 2011 and also giving us the feeling of despair of losing those great memories that 2010 had been carved into our heads. 

In three days, bye New Year holidays and hello new year 2011 at Puncak Alam, the college. Probably, things would just stay the same, with some minor differences here and there but I assume things won't be bad. Last night, I watched a sitcom which I forgot what it's called. The sitcom showed a couple whom went shopping for New Year's things but being tangled with some difficulties along the way, causing them to mutter about just everything; traffic jam, crowds and also the heavy snow. Then the husband, accidentally dropped his blended lemon drink onto a wheel-chaired man. He apologized and tried to clean the mess he did. But, the wheel-chaired man seemed so relaxed and always putting a smile on his face. He said that he didn't care even though his pants were wet, because he was so happy that he had a family who loves him and a country to live in and still having his life stood on for chances that he wouldn't even know. The husband who was perplexed seeing a man so calm, asked him, how can he be that patient? The wheel-chaired man said, I put on a rubber band on my wrist, and every time I felt like going to be mad, I would snap my wrist and everything would feel positive. At the end of their conversation, the Husband went by saying HAVE A GREAT DAY to the wheel-chaired man, but the man turned back and replied::

"OH no. We don't have a great day. It should be us who MAKE OUR DAY GREAT". 

The same sentence I heard from dear friend whom I miss and adore a lot. We are the one who can make our days great, not just by wishing the day to be great it self. It all comes from our own mind and thoughts. So people, muttering and whining is not illegal for us humans. Because we are weak after all, and we mutter just to express the bad things happening to us, but just do the best to make ourself great and the days we are passing by great as well.

As for me, I would miss all the things that I went through for 2010. A lot of people have I met in coincidently, and be friend with a lot of amazing human beings in the fight and journey of adulthood. Calvin Charles once told me that I am lucky. Lucky in the sense that I was given the opportunity to attend college earlier than others would, even though failed to end it. There, I learn so many things and met a lot of people that I now can add into my networking of life. And, again, I am now in UiTM, where I hated it at the first place but tend to fond with it after having so many friends and comrades who been there everytime you needed them. The saddest part of 2010 was when my dear friend, Chiam Win Nee died tragically due to asthma. It was shocking up till now, and hard for me to stand that I lost a best friend without the chance to give her my last respect. 

2011, will see me finishing UiTM as a foundation student. Already did my phase 1 for University Application, but I just don't want to hope big. Looking forward for adventures and more adventures that could turn me into someone worthier to the people I love. Among the bushes and torn you should not see the hidden tortures and obstacles, instead try searching for the adventures within, which are maze of journeys that can enhance your inner confidence. 

With then, this will be the last decease for 2010. Farewell I shall say. You will I miss, deeply:)

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tron Legacy?

I was sweating all over the forehead. My ATM card went missing. Tried searching it in my purse and everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. am I gonna go shopping? 

Two days before the incident happened, I went to Bank Islam, to ensure whether the allowances for the semester had been transferred into my account or otherwise. And yes, thanks to the KPT, now I have the money in the bank. I took the bank slip out and also the card, then drove off back home.

Yesterday, I noticed the card was missing. And, I was about to go for a shopping spree at Midvalley. Dad sent me to bank Islam, where I had to undergo few procedures to get a new ATM card, and burnt RM20 for that. It took an hour and a half at the bank since the officers did their job like so slow than ever. Luckily my little sister was with me, so I had a witness with me who can sign the document and all. We walked to KTM Kajang, which looked near but actually about 3 km from the bank. I who was wearing my gladiator shoes felt so regret because of the uncomfortable shoes.

Arrived at Midvalley around 1 p.m. Quickly headed to the little surau, where it was crowded, like always. And, after that, went to Subway, where we decided not to eat, since the queue was so long. We went upstairs to the cineplex, and yes, the queue was long too. T.T. My heart wanted to watch Meet The Little Fockers, because I always think that watching something that can really tickle our funny bones, would worth the money. Then, my sister had a contradict opinion, in which she wanted to watch Tron Legacy. We took about an hour for queuing and the only available seatings for Meet The Little Fockers were at 4.30 p.m and for Tron, were at 4.00 p.m. My sister said, we should go for the earliest airing movie, so yeah Tron Legacy it was. T.T.

It was around 2.40 p.m, when we finally got our tickets. So, I went for my lunch at the foodcourt, where the food tasted like a stick. Not kicking my tastebuds at all but did wasting my RM10. My sister mocked me for eating at the food court, because the price I paid, would be just similar if I ate something cooler, like KFC or MCD? What a luck.

It was rather a tiring day for me. With a sore throat to handle, an uncomfortable shoes to walk in, and a runny nose to hate for, nothing seemed fine. Went to several shops, but found nothing catching the eyes. It was almost 4.00 p.m, so we headed back to the cinema. 

We sat at the most annoying seats of all, three rows from the front, so our eyeballs had to stand up causing the eyes to be so much of a sore. The sound was damn loud, that my eardrum was almost damaged. Eating popcorns worsen my sore throat. Coughing added to the dismay. It was nothing but a worst day for an outing. 

Tron Legacy, was having too much lights going on. The sounds were so electrified that I got a headache after it ended. After all, it was not a bad movie, but just too complicated for kids. I pitied some children who went there to watch Tron Legacy, I bet they had harsh time trying to understand about the tech stuff going through out the movie. 

Basically, the movie was about a man named Kevin Flynn, who runs this tech company, Encom. He had this vision of creating a cyber world named The Grid. He told his son, Sam, that one day when he succeed in building that world, everything would be beautiful, and he would bring Sam with him. One day, Kevin went missing, and drove the company that he runs together with a partner (I forgot this guy's name), to the bottom of non-profitable. His son became the heir of the company, but many of its board of directors, stole his programs and wanting to make profit of their own. Okay, going straight to the point, only after decades later, Sam, went to his father's old office down an arcade, where he was accidentally brought into his father's creation; The GRID. 

His father created The Grid together with his clone, named Clu and another man-made human called Tron. There they built programs called ISOs or whatever they called. Clu somehow, became rebellious, and became a traitor. Tron saved Kevin Flynn, and Clu destroyed all the ISO's but failed to destroy one program called Quorra.

Clu governed the Grid after that, and Sam's father lived far away in a mansion where everything is white. Sam who was brought into The Grid, was made to play games, where he had to destroy many other programs using a disk of memory who happened to be like a boomerang. T.T. He succeeded to the final battle, and he was brought to meet Clu. He first thought Clu was his father, but he wasn't. He battled again, and this time with Clu, where he had this stick-like device, which happened can evolved into a big motorbike. They raced, and yeah the movie was more like a video game. 

Sam was later saved by Quorra in a cool fast car. He was brought to meet his father, and a family reunion occurred. Then, Sam did everything to destroy Clu, in which till the end of the movie, they fought, with their super cool vehicles. They needed to head for the entrance, so that they could go back to the Earth. At the same time, Clu, happened not to have been killing the programs of ISO's rather making each one of them, as a troop of soldiers to conquer the Earth. Yeah like every villain would do.

By wanting to conquer the world, Clu had to have Kevin Flynn's memory disk. But at the end, only Sam and Quorra who succeeded to go back to Earth. Clu almost caught them, but he failed due to some power made by Kevin. He was then destroyed when he was brought back into Kevin's body. He can only be destroyed by his creator, who was Kevin himself. And, by that the Grid went vanished. 

Yeah, the storyline was heavy and somehow irrelevant. But the super CGI's were awesome to the maximum. You would also went asking yourself, what the heck with the title; Tron Legacy? Tron was not really described in the movie, he was just Kevin's comrade after all. Better name it The Grid or Flynn, right?

Whatever, but I went home with a fever and nothing was bought. What a day.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Eh, what if it doesn't work.

Yay! Got my cell back from that Chinese guy from town. Thanks to him, I burnt RM30 for him to repair my its software which had been broken down, and causing me to fail in sending messages to my love ones and comrades. But whatever, not like I am a vivid text messenger anyway.

After two weeks trying to do the online application for my degree via the USM portal, I am glad that it is now done. Sometimes, doing online application is just annoying, where the server is not like a rocket causing you to wait like a log for ONE page to buffer. And sometimes, it's annoying because everything is so tiny to be read that you wish the fonts were bigger. Plus, the most pathetic part is when you have to fill in the cocurriculum section, asking you whether you have participated in any activities so far. Everything is just annoying when it came to online application. 

I don't know why in Malaysia the application for degree level seems so rigid and unclear. I am still blur about the apex universities and the non-apex. USM is one of the apex university, in which wishing to enter the very place need not to go through UPU application, instead it works with its own portal. Upon succeeding to been answered, every applicants must sit for a test called MunSYi or whatever it is called. For matriculation students, the test will be held around April 2011 if I was not mistaken at their respective colleges. However, for Foundation centres of UiTM and Pasum the venue will be informed later. And I feel rather sluggish on sitting for a test. Just like when you were about to enter MRSM, where you feel so happy receiving a letter to sit for the test, but felt so bad after failing to get a spot. And, failing has always been my greatest 'victory'. T.T

I got paranoid when it comes to the test and also not to mention, the rumours behind the applications and all. Many mouths had wide spoken about the fact that if we get USM, we will be blocked from receiving the UPU choices. Why must in this whole life world be such an annoying and seriously damn disheartening rumour? Not like USM is my primiere' choice after all, but what if I got USM, and I got blocked from receiving other choices? I hope the rumour is just a make believe. Even the officer from the High Education Ministry haven't (or didn't) tell us anything about that matter, so I better assumed it for now as just plainly rumour, and I am sick hearing after one and another. 

8 options had I chose. Being at the top is my only dream after all these while. Mainly what I chose, stick to what I am learning since starting form 4 until now the pre-U level. 4 of them will need me to undergo an interview, but I'll not be burdening myself to prepare it for now as it is too early. Praying hard for lucks. And later after I bought my UPU pin number, another 8 choices to be chosen wisely. Probably, UiTM would be first option even though, I have this paranoid thoughts of dimness. But nevermind, Allah is here with me, for HIM the only one who could hold me upright, strangling all these wheels of life. 

In addition, after going through some blogs this morning. I found something that I should bear in mind, from the start, it was from Zaki Anwar's journal: 

Allah hears your prayer and answered them. He will give you an obvious YES, sometimes He will give you a YES but NOT NOW and He will also tell you in His own way, that He has other better plan for you, and there is never a NO.

Yes, I can't tell how would I be if what I wish to have won't be answered an obvious YES, but having to know Allah is there no matter what you are and where you are will plight you with the biggest comfort of love and secure.  

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Because he's my little brother

They won and triumph over the water again. How incredible the St Clouds' boys are when it came to boat racing. Charlie, the big brother, almost got hit by the another boat rear end, but Sam the little one called out and made Charlie alert.

They gathered for picture capture, and people congratulated them for being the youngest to win the very race. The boys looked beyond the wide sea, and one of them said, "One day, we will have our own boat" And both of them laugh after having the day of their lives.

The next day, it was Charlie's high school graduation. He went into a deep conversation about how expensive it would be to move to Standford with Mrs. St Cloud. Sam at the back seat, looked rather hard trying to understand what the talk was all about. "No worry, Charlie. It won't be so expensive, I just said it is expensive". Charlie, had the look on his face, of pure reluctant on his plan to pursue sailing at Standford, after being offered a scholarship. But, he was determined to go. 

Everyone applauded Charlie went he received his diploma on the stage. And every girl there, had their eyes wide open for Charlie, who was of course, the small town's most eligible bachelor. "We hope high for you, young man!" exclaimed, the Principal when he shook hands with Charlie. Words that came out from Charlie's heart were, "I hope high for myself too sir!" And everyone cheered for the town's champion of sailing. 

In about a week, Charlie would leave the town for Standford, leaving behind his mother who worked hard days and nights round the clock, and his only brother, Samuel. He promised to play baseball with Sam, everyday, at Sunset near the forest at the lake. So, there they went, playing baseball and do what brothers should have fun doing. 

That night, Charlie had to take care of Samuel, while his mother, like always as a night shift nurse had to endure the smell of the hospital. He made dinner, when Sam was happily and eagerly watching a match of baseball. He lurked slowly to his car outside, to go hang out with his friends before heading to the new world of College. But, then came Sam from nowhere. "HEY are you gonna leave me alone!" 

"Crap!", exclaimed Charlie. He was busted. Without wanting any fight, he let Sam into the car. Sam wanted him to drop him somewhere and Charlie just followed whatever his little brother wanted. Like every other siblings would do, Charlie and Sam played around in the car, and Sam almost got the car stranded, before Charlie had the chance to aware him that he was driving. The road was busy and crowded with fast cars and trucks. They almost got into an accident. 

"Oh shoot!" said Charlie, when he needed to turn left, the road didn't give him the chance to move. When he was about to turn the car, another car in front, went a bit slow, and it made him stuck in the middle. BOOOM! A truck from the back hit them and ......crashed, the car went upside down.

"I am scared!" said Sam. Charlie hugged him tight. They injured harshly. They saw light. "They gonna save us", said Charlie, consoling his little brother. was just a dream. Charlie and Sam, were in the same ambulance. A paramedic helped Charlie regained conscious. Charlie in his weak soul could see how his brother, Sam at another side looked terribly pale and weak. "SAM!!!" he shouted. He could only cry. The paramedic injected him and he went to sleep, after knowing that he had lost Sam for the rest of his life.

During funeral, when the priest asked Charlie whether he wanted Sam's gloves to be buried together with the casket, he refused. And he ran as far as he could, failed to hide how terrible he felt after loosing someone so precious to him.

5 years later, sees Charlie still at the small town. Doing a job as a caretaker of the cemetery, the same cemetery where his brother, Sam had been buried. He did everything to make sure, the cemetery is clean. He built a cabin near the lake and a small work place inside where he would sit down when he frees, to sketch models of boats that he had always dream to have. 

Every day, at sunset, he took the baseball glove and went by the lake, to see Sam. They played until they got bored. That was his promise and he granted it. He gave up all the bright future could take him, just to be fantasized by his thoughts: that Sam was still alive. Until then, everyone in town, knew him as Charlie St Cloud who was once a potential sailer, now just a crazy caretaker. 

The above story was taken from the Movie; Charlie St Cloud. This is a three quarter of the whole story which I think the most significant part there is. Well, the other quarter seemed a bit, irrelevant. I don't actually like how it ended, and how a woman could change his life and made him sail again. They didn't make it well. So, you better watch it yourself to know the rest.

Charlie St Cloud, although, just plainly simple drama, could give me and (you) probably, messages that one could hard to learn. Messages about love, about care and about life. How a lost of someone so precious, could dull one's life just that simple and how strong is the bond between two brothers, till one of them could gave up everything he had, just to be with the one he thought was alive. It tells me how love between brothers and sisters are important, even though we might think it's lame. 

>>p/s:Like mom and dad always remind me: if you have many brothers and sisters you are lucky, because you wouldn't be alone no matter where you are and whatever you are. I on the other hand, only have 2 siblings, so yes, I should take care of them like how mom and dad took care of me. Love and care are humans' nature. Do bear this in mind. <<

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Semester Breaks Open Its Curtain

Salam everybody here in blogosphere. Wow, it's now 25th December 2010. Only a week left for 2010 to end, and the odd 2011 to appear. Feels like only yesterday, I went home, and celebrated the joy of the returning of Mom and Dad from the Holy Land, after they performed their pilgrimage. Now, it's a year already.

I have a week of the college off, in correspond to the Christmas Holiday and New Year. Feels different since it is the first time in my life, being engrossed with so many works and tutorials and assignments and the list goes on during this holiday joy. Passed years had saw me rejoicing the holiday with preparation to get back to school. But, now that has become a history that would never return. I am an adult. Different from a kid. 

The past weeks had me enduring college phase like it used to be. Been to aquaria at KLCC last week with dear girls from UiTM, brought me with happiness aside from tire. I encountered true friendship while I were with them. Went there, for our ecology project was somewhat terminated some stressed inside the brain. Depression level dropped when laughter conquered our souls. Being a University student had actually been useful to us. At Aquaria, one of the staff there was gladly became our guide throughout the trip. Telling us all about the animals and helped us capturing nice photos had certainly benefited us. He also brought along the Aquaria Mascot (A fluffy shark) to get a picture with us although the place was excessively crowded with people. See kids! Be a university student to feel this experience. People respect you and wanna help you for your project, unlike when we are school kids. 

Not to mention, many other things actually happened. One is of course, I had endured the terrifying Physics Laboratory Presentation on the Experiment of Convex Lens. It gave a sense of relief, after all the tough and tricky questions asked by the evaluators upon completion of the presentation. Thanks a lot for fellow presenters, like Sara Salleh, Calvin, Dinas and Christine for helping along. And add to the back crew, Azneeza for being such a genius in drawing the lens and apparatus, together with Dina, Azyan, Balqis Isa, and Eliza for stood there giving our group support. I was actually lucky to have Convex Lens as the topic since it was not too complicated rather than the experiment on the speed of sound. I pitied the groups that had to present that experiment to the evaluators. Everything seemed so complicated. I was also lucky because, the evaluators were Ms Julie and Mr Hafiz whom weren't that frightening and stern, even though, I was hoping for Prof Ahmad to actually test us. Lol. I can get killed if my fellow groupmates read this. 

Oh, there is also a frustration upon the coupons system at UiTM. Every asasi students are required to get at least 8 coupons to obtain the full marks of 10 as for cocuriccular activities, which will be added up to 90 percent of the curicculum total marks in order for the qualifications to get the chance for a degree application. So far I have only 4 coupons, even though my housemate already has 8. T.T. Distribution of coupons are not really satisfying and fair. Even if you don't go to any events to get the coupons, instead having friends to snatch some for you, that would be fine. Some of them who become the coupons' distributor haven't been trustworthy too. They saved up some of the coupons and give them to their fellow friends and housemates and so on. See. How dirty the game is played? I attended about 2 events last semester which I supposed to get coupons but rather, I went home empty handed. What a life. 

Looks like I have to find for another 4 events to attend, to fulfill the coupons collections. And, yeah, Test 1 is looming, that's why we are piled with homeworks and so on. At least, we could have something to force us to revise, instead returning home and luring around. I also heard that the scholarship money are already banked into our accounts. I feel so sad seeing the remaining amount of my previous semester's scholarship. I didn't spend well, boo me! 

Yesterday, walking down the aisle returning from Raflessia II after visiting a friend, my former elementary classmate greeted me after such a long time. He is in the same lecture with me but we acted ignorant, and yesterday, when he asked me something, I went perplexed. Wow, at last someone recognized me.

>>>p/s: there're just too many mechanisms to be memorized and understood. Pray hard for strength in memorizing and strength in patience<<<

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Semester Two Chapter 4

Chapter 4 finally indicated that it has been a month so at Puncak Alam for semester two. Wow! Feels like a flash of time, but that's good isn't it. And, only been there for a month, everything we learn seems so fast. Like Biology, I can drool of boredom since the lecturer kept on reading the slides all over again, and without proper explanation on the topic. Baik duk bilik baca notes sendiri. Lol.

I know that for semester 2, that Biology almost mimics what came out in Form 5 syllabus, but intense versions of them can't be THAT simple. Again, I miss Ms Jamie the lecturer. Where in the heck of this world, will someone can teach Biology like she did?

Physics on Light, are just irresistible. No kidding, that light is the worst topic of Physics that I would ever master. Why in the whole life world, my roommate said that I am good in it? I worked hard to make it cling to the memory and to the power of understanding, but seriously, coming to lenses, wow you will wanna puke. And plus, Prof Ahmad, kept telling about extra classes that we need to attend, or in other words lectures that many fall on public holidays need to be rescheduled. Maybe after this, I can't even have weekends, since Physics will fall on those lovely short breaks. T.T. (I'll just consider it as a trial test for upcoming oncalls perhaps?

Mathematics just came to chapter 2 the vectors. No play with vectors. Even though, some thought they could be easy, but think again. Oh maybe I am the only one who think that way? Matrices are still not being able to master. Row of Echelon and Elementary Row Operations are just simply annoying. Solution of matrices to determine the unique, infinite and none solution add up the burdens. Thanks God, I am on still on track T.T. However, tutorials are increasing, but still the old ones aren't done. How am I gonna do them well?

Just met Nadia Hakim Nasseri, who happens to be Farhana Zain's friend in the lift. She was shy. Hahaha. Glad that I met someone in facebook for real. Plus, I just knew that Jalan Empat High School was the best SPM 2009's daily school. Wow. Met an ex PALAM student who happened to be Vignaa's schoolmate (all from Jalan Empat) in Facebook. Cool add some more mutual friends. That friend on the other hand, is in the same place as Fahmi Faisal, meaning they are now in KMB. Looking through his pictures, saw one more guy I know from UiTM Palam as well. Gosh. I made it complicated eh? Whatever.

This whole week has been both okay and horrid. The horrid thing is that, I slipped over on the way to the Raflessia Cafe' since the floor was slippery due to rainwater. It was embarrassing. I quickly got up, and made the cool face and fades away before more people see me. Lol.

Before I am off, take a look at this super seriously funny Ikea Catalog of 2010. Plus, when I saw the news about siblings underaged doing sex and recorded it on the phone in Metro Harian, it aroused the feeling of frighten and annoyed. Are kids too obsessed with sex? Wow, what a world. Pray hard people. For the end is not far.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

And it went by faster than I thought

Another week before a week off for Jingle Bell and Santa Claus celebration. How fast time flew. So far, thank Allah, that I already feel like home here. Friends are like families and sisters, the bedroom is so cosy than anything you could wish for, the weather has always been fine and nice and the breezy wind that I breathe in, feels so chill and comfy. It's fine here after all.

On the 22nd January, a Grand Dinner like I always bragged about will be held at the SACC. The masquerade theme has been cancelled. Of course, would it be relevant wearing baju kurung and a mask? Unless, one is willing to spend more on suitable dresses, then it would be fine, but yeah, as for us the Malaysians, that theme could be kinda awkward to be comprehend. At last, the theme is now on traditional and dashing. Traditional as for the ladies, and dashing for the guys. The protocol on the attire for the night had been given, and yeah, tutup aurat and be modest is A MUST!

Supposedly, by next week I am not gonna stay at Puncak Alam and going to somewhere called the Holy Land. Mom has been so happy for the plan. But, this morning, Allah shows us how HE the Almighty has the capability to just make it not coming true. The entry for the Holy Land, is now close for any visitors due to maintenance purposes. I on the other hand, who already passed the letter to the Director of the Asasi, feel jaded. I don't know how should I tell the rest about the cancellation. But, I know, it is no worth of keeping inside, so I told my best friend, Dina. I feel ashamed because I bragged about the plan already, but at the same time, feeling despair because after everything seemed to run so smoothly, then nothing could I hold for, at the very last. Astaghfirullahalazim, for only Allah knows best and the Greatest.

Anyways, gonna do the things that needed attention. Piles of work still undone, due to the overslept momentum of the very author. Still I am working on the very hard as I could. 

>>>p/s: Biology and Physics are now speeding at the speedest speed!! Hope everything will be just fine. Ameen<<<

Friday, 10 December 2010

Semester Two Event

I feel responsible (hehehe) to announce that Foundation in Science of Universiti Teknologi Mara Puncak Alam is organising this Masquerade Mystery event. Bunches of thanks for the committee members who work days and nights, to ensure the event will go well. And most of the head committees are my groupmates, like Fikri Syafiq and Thaqif Sufyan and many others. They are very hardworking and really great for doing all these. However, still, many won't go, but yeah I on the other hand already passed my name with my fellow tablemates for the very dinner. Now, searching for a suitable dress and of course  A MASK. I found this costume shop which look very interesting, but meh, it is located at Malacca T.T. So far meh?

>>>p/s: I hope it will be a night to remember. hehehe:) See you there asasian!:D<<<

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Semester Two Chapter 3

And yes, been in Puncak Alam for the 3rd week. Alhamdulillah, everything went okay and alright, without anything to be complained off (finally it is okay). 

Classes are on errand like usual. Nothing much to be bragged, still running here and there, especially around 3.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m, in order to get the lift to get the seats for later lectures. And things got fun when we need to actually fight for the lift, during the peak hours between tutorial at FF2 and lectures at FSK DKF2 which is the farthest lecture hall there is, and most of my lectures are situated at that VERY hall. What a luck!

Anyhow, last weekend, I CHOSE to stay and not returning home for the weekends. Well, my one of the eldest cousin got married to a beautiful woman on Sunday, so my parents picked me up and headed there on that very day. Both looked stunning during their wedding at my favourite place to eat like in heaven ; Mak Teh's house. A house where already becoming our village. It was a happily-smooth event. Alhamdulillah :) Glad seeing 2 of my cousins, already settled down, and now left with emmm...wait, too many to be counted. Hehehe. 

Yup, and on Saturday morning, as early as 8 a.m, my groupmates and I went for a cycle around this huge campus. It has been sooooo long since my last cycle. And, cycling is forever still very fun. It felt so much like Azizul Hasni Awang, the gold medalist, when cycling down the peak of puncak alam. Fuuhh. so fast, and barely stopped. Getting the fresh air and laughing non stop with the girls gave me a sense of relief from boredom in my room. Thanks to the girls:) But yes, when returning to the peak, and to cycle against gravity is no fun! Tiring except for my one friend, Eliza. The other girls said, they got asthma during returning. Hehehe. Sadly, Dina Azureen was not there. If not, it would be fun even more. 

from left; Yan, Jija, Syikin and Eliz

sorry, no make-up lol

the very left is Dina, and she's funny like damn funny. I wonder why she's quite today :(

I wanna show u guys, how is it like in the midst of the environment. It was captured in the morning and it was raining. Colddd I tell ya. And yes, very nice to 'guling2' on the bed:)

Can you see the stairs? A view from my room:) And kabus weh. biasalah Universiti Genting Highland, hehee.:)

Well, I must say it is kinda sad to know, that in a 4 months time, I'll bid this nice room a farewell. It's hard to get a nice room alike what you can get at Puncak Alam. As for my juniors, who wanna do diploma in health sciences or foundation studies; opt for UiTM in your UPU application. Who knows you will get my first class room:) 

Alas, gotta do my lab report for chemistry. Been procrastinating it since last Thursday. Boo me! And, at last, The Annual Grand Dinner for Asasi Sains students is now alive! Will be held at Shah Alam Convention Center, price per person is RM70 but still in the progress of getting sponsorships from UiTM itself, buses are provided, auditions are on, and if I am not mistaken, only 1500 persons can actually accommodate the hall. The SACC already asked for the RM20K deposit. What a value eh? But it will be a waste if one doesn't go. It sounded like a fantastic event, and what NOT, its theme is Masquerade baby! Maybe I can put on something like I watched in Shakespeare movies? 

or perhaps V for Vendetta? ngeh3

Or like this, smart eh?

Okay, to be frank, I am kinda like the theme. Sophisticated no? I just wish I can wear dresses, but I couldn't. Anyhow, let's see how thing goes. 10 persons per table, who gonna be in a group with me? hehehe:)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Semester Two Chapter 2

Like always, to blog at Puncak Alam takes time. Hard to use the Internet and no time to leisure blogging, literally speaking. Unlike semester 1, currently, tonnes of works are piled on the desk, and just pray hard that I could manage to settle them up in time. 

Anyhow, like I tell you readers earlier, in the previous post, I would like to jot down some objections regarding the talk by UPU staff thingy happened on last Monday the 22nd of November. Yes, like everybody knows, we here in Puncak Alam foundation centers are required to fill in the UPU form for applying our degree courses via online. 13 December is the date projected for us to start applying and continuous until the 26th of December if I was not mistaken. But whatever. 

Prof Ahmad, in just now Physics lecture, suggested us to CHOOSE Physics as our first selection for the degree programme. According to him, we better stick to things that aren't seems limited like Medicine, Pharmacy and dentistry. To note you readers widely, UiTM rather has only 350 spots for the three latter courses. 200 spots for medicine, 100 spots for pharmacy and 50 spots for dentistry. Hahaha. Laugh out loud people. With 1000 ++ ants of people here to compete for the same 'resource' and 'dreams', the possibility narrowed down at a much higher rate. Prof Ahmad went again telling us, sarcastically and frankly, how are we gonna go for medicine, if only a small number of us, obtained at least A in two important subjects; Biology and Chemistry? And, the sound of the cengkerik was heard. Even when he told us to CHOOSE Physics, a girl at the back, exclaimed loudly, AHHHH!!

Back to the talk given on last Monday, I was rather gonna puke, after hearing that, we BETTER go for courses that aren't likely going to be chosen by the applicants. The talker said, over and over, that we BETTER opt for something different, or in other words, choose the road less taken. Many Malaysians are gonna pick medicine. That's for sure, and even though many universities rated the least pointer at 3.50 for the applicant to qualify for the course, that is again A LIE. "Go for other universities", told the talker for the day. Don't choose UiTM unless you are really good and well-equipped with those charismatic features like amazing pointers and credibilities in many areas. And when I thinking back the moment when I whined after receiving a YES for being an asasi student, I looked back at myself at the mirror, and saw the reflection of a loser. I drowned in somewhat a lower charismatic person and having lack in credibilities in many areas. And, so many others here are WAY outstanding. I again feel jaded. 

In my minor group B1, still the friends are there. But, I feel hard to befriend with many of them especially the opposite genders. Like always, I am bad at socializing with the guys. And, the same thing goes for the girls. Not to mention, 3 persons in the B1 group I knew, got a flat 4 pointer recently. When I looked at them, I witnessed my weaknesses  'Lack of diligence' and 'Proud over the top'. Some of them, rather looked simple, and if we didn't bother to ask, probably until the semester II ends, we won't be able to know they were flat pointer students. Applause for them who gained triumph. They deserved it. And the least I could bear in my mind, is that, everyone has his or her own 'rezeki'. 

Before I am off, I also wanna brag that the foundation in science is planning to have the Grand Dinner, in which the further details are still phantoms. Now, the administration board are conducting a vote for the theme. I hope they organized it somewhere nearer, like Kuala Lumpur. But, yes, some might object. Grand Dinner will be a blast, I supposed. But still, on the assurance whether I will attend, is still in consideration. Perhaps, grand dinner is for those who really think socializing is their advantage. Crap, I am lacking in my confidence now. 

I just voted for spring fling; the least that I think suitable and easiest to find a dress to wear. And, thinking of what to wear and put on is a serious problem too. Oh what a life! Plus, not returning home this weekend, weakened my pumping of the heart. Boredom will strike me in the bedroom. And going to and fro to the bathroom, and continuous studying, making me having a headache and eye sore. Adios.

>>>hoping for the sem II allowances to exist in the bank account A.S.A.P;( <<<<