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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Bon Voyage for now..and then

Leaving the thing I am passionate for, so that I can concentrate fully on the first thing I need to do:)

Until we see again....if not, grab this flying kisses ( :*) from me...

Friday, 16 October 2009

How I can't let go of the TV

I have no idea on how to achieve my 2009's resolution which I made earlier this year. My resolution is to concentrating fully on the first thing I have to complete in doing, which of course like you know, the SPM.

It's a big examination that somehow, would either put me good in the future, or would rather deter my plans. I have this big ambition to be a doctor, yeah, which I notice it is a lame ambition. It's a traditional ambition. But, hey, medicine field is somehow a very stable aspect since we see a lot of people getting sick everyday right? Sadly, I do know and already learnt how miserable life could be if I still on the path to be A MEDIC student. How would I thrive with the facts, anatomy of humans, and etc, never end list of things that many young people won't bare to pursue.

My cousin told me that it's better for me to pursue a career in ENGLISH language. I might be the STAR-editor one day...hehehe...(berangan sikit). My dad told the same thing to me. He had this bad imagination, where he thought I couldn't survive in that world of study galore of Biology. God HELP me find he right path. All I could do is pray.

Ah yeah, I am now addicted to Girly Night Tuesday and Thursday on 8TV. And how am I gonna do my final revision for these 50 last days if I go on staying lazy??? Of course, even if I asked a mental retarded person on the street, the person would definitely go, "U RE CRAZY". Haih, for this reason I think I won't do good in the exam. Crap...I just need strength, I was very strong last year.

Plus, with the no ended sleepiness I could not stay awake just for a three hour revision time. I would ended up drooling of sleepiness, and sway in my dreams which when I woke up, I kindly forget everything about it. How AM I going to stay awake just for a complete 18 hours a day??
And, how am I gonna make my mind and B-brain to stay active? I failed even though I take up caffeine for three times a day. SO how??? Do I have to take PIL KUDA?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Suppose to laugh at it

Ok, finally I got an F for my account principle paper. Why GOD? Why did I make up my mind to sit for it at the first place?? Now, laugh at me people, I failed for that paper. =.=

I myself, well to be truthful, I really don't know why I took the paper. Maybe because I want to break the school record for being one of the students whom sit for 12 papers. People have been asking me about the decision I made because principles of accounting is not something that everyone could opt for. It is a professional paper, and yet I failed the trial exam because of it...laugh out loud at me...

Yeah, I know that I've been a jerk these while. My friend, Farhana once asked me whether I want to follow her for a tutor in that subject, but I didn't take it seriously, as I thought I could manage to study on my own. But now, the curtain had opened and revealed my true self...I am just average.

So, right now I am still in dilemma, I can't opt to drop the subject, because it had been finalized. I just think I shouldn't appear on the big day of the real SPM for that paper, if I really couldn't manage to do it good.

Haih....I am bad in decision-making...I am hopeless and useless after all..