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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Suppose to laugh at it

Ok, finally I got an F for my account principle paper. Why GOD? Why did I make up my mind to sit for it at the first place?? Now, laugh at me people, I failed for that paper. =.=

I myself, well to be truthful, I really don't know why I took the paper. Maybe because I want to break the school record for being one of the students whom sit for 12 papers. People have been asking me about the decision I made because principles of accounting is not something that everyone could opt for. It is a professional paper, and yet I failed the trial exam because of it...laugh out loud at me...

Yeah, I know that I've been a jerk these while. My friend, Farhana once asked me whether I want to follow her for a tutor in that subject, but I didn't take it seriously, as I thought I could manage to study on my own. But now, the curtain had opened and revealed my true self...I am just average.

So, right now I am still in dilemma, I can't opt to drop the subject, because it had been finalized. I just think I shouldn't appear on the big day of the real SPM for that paper, if I really couldn't manage to do it good.

Haih....I am bad in decision-making...I am hopeless and useless after all..

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