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Monday, 31 March 2008

FIRST TIME got C for test

monday strikes again....
and today, the day is HOT AND BURNING
ok, just returned from a not-so easy day at school
add math paper...i just can be a bit satisfies with my 78% marks, Amir obtained the highest which is 85%. sad2
bm.....I GOT B3!! a pathetic time for me, in rumusan, i mistakenly write the akibat penggunaan pil khayal as punca penggunaan pil khayal....I GOT 64% ONLY!
fine 97% for math was such a relieved, only that I envy Chiam who got 100%
physics..I am totally dumned for it, I just got 51% ah.....totally messed up....!!~

noW this is my marks...terrible....

math A1
bAHASA melayu B3
chemistry A1
Sains pertanian A1
physics C5
Agama A1
English For Science n Tech A1


Saturday, 29 March 2008

Aloha people:!~

what a hot DAY~ and i just returned home from Sports event at school.
well, I participated in nothing actually except marching competition for unit beruniform.
I was supposed to be the commander this year, (well either chiam or I) but, hmm no loud voice capability.
at school today, it was rather embarassing when PBSM'S commander, Sasi, fainted. and the other participants from other clubs were laughing at PBSM. how dared them? kick their ass'es till they cant sit anymore!!~
fine, and today my friend, A looked smart, gave me a drooling heart. He was damn smart in KRS's outfit. I saw him with a new charisma and a lot of confidences this year. Even Chiam told me he looked smart. And yes, for the marching competition KRS won the first prize. Congrats then!~
Like always the BLUE Team had the total dominances in the sport's events. They won the 400 metre sprint girls team, tarik tali, POM POM, marching competition AND lots more hard to jot down. The second prize went to the RED team, third is YELLOW and Green the last. (wahaha:)
Fuh! I was rather bored oday, coz eventhough we as PBSM were in duty, theres no one injured and that made me bored as there were no work at al to be done. :p
Now, we are all like a steam lobster....
and I have to finish 3 essays!
also SEPANDUK for the school's maulidur rasul event
need some HANDS!!~~~
P/S: HATE SPORTS!!~~~<_<

Monday, 24 March 2008

First day Monthly test~

uh Oh I cant help myself from being online...aww..such a hard thing for me...
ok, today monday, I had my monthly test, first monthly test for the year 2008.
and yes they werent easy friends.

fine, I admit, not so tough
for Bm. theres RUMUSAN which students need to summarize an article not exceeding 120 words. and like always, I exceeded mine, and at the last minute, I quickly cut those good words which made mine a long summary. ah, what a terrible job, dayana....really terrible...if I got B for BM, pn SUZI will kick me.

then, it was math, ah i love math, but just cant believe my eyes when all the answers for paper 1 are A...all A people...can u believe this?? ah whateverla..but i knew they re all correct. and for paper 2, well not so tough. just they were sets, i mean from chapter 3, I HATE SETS...really although it is the asiest chapter so far...i like quadratic equations better LOL:D

third paper was AGAMA. damn i cant answer them well this time, I was giving too much attention on my electif subjects this year till I myself, just took a glance on agama. I cant answer the "latar belakang saidina abu bakar" poor me....i lost 4 marks for that....:(

last, was chemistry, damn hard...wat is the chemical equation to produce hydrogen people!!?? ah...tension, chiam who did the empirical formula wrongly was so intense, poor her...nevermind CHIAM, this is just the first test after all...:>but overall it was quite tough....and not so clearly-given questions...

ah, now at home such a relieved. finishing sejarah. i will have sejarah test on wednesday, and it will be structure questions no more ABC- AIR BATU CAMPUR like my previous years. heavy huh? yes it, and i m so mad at one of my best buddy namely A who didnt answered my sms....whats wrong with U!!??

ok fine, bye2....
and for whoever who did comment my previous post
I didnt say that Malays are stupid....u did said it urself LOL
they are just lazy BUMs...
and those who stay and didnt got offers to MRSM or SBP are not stupid!!!!

Saturday, 22 March 2008


masyaALLAH, how I am now grateful that I am sooner to become a woman. Islam is a noble religion which emphasis more on women. Allah loves us women. why? LETS take a look at the reasons below:

~women, whom are still bachelorettes dont have to hold to her sins. the sins will be hold by her father. so go, with little girls.

~meanwhile women, whom are married, their sins are hold by their husbands.

~women are been given with an ability to carry their child in their womb for six months. and the painfulness while giving birth are remarkable.

~women have their some time when they dont need to perform prayers. or often known as menstrual periods. do men have this ?

~women can easily go to heaven if they follow and practice these:

-prayer 5 times a day without miss
-loyal to husband if they are married
-fasting during ramadhan
-be loyal and nice to parents.

see people, how we as women have such an honour position in the eyes of ISLAM
so, why do we have to do certain things which can bring us to murtad?
so, why did certain girls these days are willing to convert to other religion, although they already an Islam?
Allah loves us all
and HE loves women and thats why we all have to have respect toward women...
think about it friends...

Friday, 21 March 2008

LAST DAY~ before off forever after.

alrite, friday came sooner as i expected
at skul, luckily, pn suzita the physics teacher was MC, well she is 2 months pregnant.
i was so glad, like, "ah..nasib baik aku hari ni!"
everyone was happy, nina was overjoyed.
and at SP class, it was fun, we got to see the last year's 5 amanah's students scores for SPM, Valerie Diandra Quah was super genius, she obtained 11 A1's...envy her for that..
let beat her!!
man, the malay students at my skul, I dont know how to describe them, but most of them just got 7D, B3, it somehow, not a very good news to us malays...

next tuesday there will be a drama competition at skul
and I am the lead actress..hahah:D no laa...! I am just the time keeper, thanks Pn Thava for this
I have to prepare the number again...awww..
baru ingat nak ponteng hari selasa, so x leh laa nampak nyer.

and BAD NEWS, i have to sit at the very back of the class, during exams next week..ahrg!!!!!
kick pn thava for this
and kick azmin (hate him)..dont know why i hate him, just sometimes we tend to hate peple without reasons.

and asma HAD GO AWAY
WE'LL miss UR jokes..

ustazah ameenah gave me her pitiful face...ah...again!!
azeem...sombong je:( (frankly)
huda.....(x dtg je)
mimi....(lawak giler)
chiam....(too serious)
aliya asyiqin.....(busy)

gtg to class...
chiam will kick me if i am not there.
kena study!! beb

Thursday, 20 March 2008

The new Chiam and HUDA

these are the names of my two best bestie
coincidencely, both of them bought the same model of SONY E phone
the colour is the same they re twins perhaps.

~often call me as BABe I was so shocked!!
~I feel weird when she consoled me with the word "babe"
~she is now MY LOYAL buddy, can u believe that she actually accompanied me during the maulud nabi at the surau this morning? man..she is so nice sweet..aww...

~A good listener.
~still my best one
~a good pillow? her..when can i hang out at ur place???

before I forgot
here is something
the reason why the biggest possibility why I wasnt accepted to MRSM
is because the teacher didnt see my letter which I put on her table 3 weeks ago.
OMG!! she thought I didnt sent my letter as I dont wannamove out.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


what a luck?
those pledging letters are worthless.
no more intakes
no more offers.
stay in Kajang Utama School.

"its okay dayana, you can succeed too if u stay here, just need efforts", a word from my friends, and also teachers.

i saw their pitifulness eyes toward me. How they see me with such a pityful sympathy face. I feel awkward. And I just dont see why I should cry on this matter. As what bygones let it be gones forever!

what I need now, is occupying myself, with revision, no need to think about others, just be selfish. I am just tired of being that nice girl who love someone and help somebody, but in the end I am the one who suffers. I will act up as a strong-willed person.

Asma Amalina, exBBF, well she got an offered to MRSM, congratulations to her...>_<

Just I will stop hoping

hai....this week damn tiring and occupied

so it has been such a long time since i last posted something here.

ok, FYI, I have been occupied with Bahasa Melayu works...

~essay many works for komsas
~tatabahasa (grammar in BM)
~kosa kata
~rumusan (still havent done)

see, how bz am I this whole week. I still have physics, Chemistry, and also...BIO...oh damn...
besides, I will not be online next week as I will be busy preparing for the first monthly test. Hope it will be easy....*_*

so sleepy.
so dull.
nothing else.
but dull brain...
dull life...
dull dinner?
great friends
some hurt me.
but they still said they are there for me
oh, just cant trust anyone rite now.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Kampung ....!!X)

Tomorrow morning according to my mum, my family and I will leave Kajang (our home) to Sg Petani, Kedah. It will be so devastatingly boring withput you guys here. I wish i can bring along my friends but that is impossible.

I've just returned from Aliya's house, to pick up the muffins I ordered recently. Yes, the muffins are marvellous and so moist, thanks Aliya u can open up a bakery. I will be your regular customer. By the way, I think I have done all my homeworks. Man, they are jumble up, books are everywhere, and some of them are missing like my Rumusan book. I am so not discipline this year.

Bukit Kepong is the novel which my teacher asked us KIDS including me to read up this holiday. Well, sad to say I ve been spending my holidays stupidly, like being online for such a long hour, watching tv, blogging, crying, writing, calculating, eating, sleeping, singing..and much much more.

Hope that the wedding will be fabulous. Mum will give the muffins to the guests I think. So, avalavista baby..cherish your day with ALL DAY HAPPINESS...GO OUT HAVE SOME FUN...

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

2nd intake for SBP~here I again failed

Maryam, my gorgeous buddy called me just now, sounded happy and I could"see" her smile. She called not only to send her regards but she called to tell me about the second intake for Sekolah Berasrama Penuh which I hoped for these couple of months. Congratulations thts all I can wish to her as she got an offer from Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, an honourable college for girls in Malaysia, located in Negeri Sembilan. She asked me whether she should take the offer as she is now currently studying in teknik school. I told her she should, coz it is the best school so far. Who wouldnt want it?

I checked my name after that, unfortunately, here it goes again, for bad to worst, and from worst to a nightmare and from nightmare to the graveyard. I didnt get any offer for the 2nd intake and again it hurts me even more than anything. I dont know whether the Aces I earned these recent years were just Aces or cowdung. I am so depressed once again.

It has been embarrassing. This month and this year sucks so much, my luck has just gone so bad, that I even started crying. I tried to not crying, but my tears are so stubborn I guess. I lost the man whom I love just because he said God has shown the path, I lost in the speech competition, I have a friend who got an offer from an establish school and also, I had no money left.

AH. It has been terrible.....
Please give me strenght
Give me something that will like up my days....

Thanks to these noble people..

The hurt is still bleeding like the Victorian Waterfall. However, I am a bit glad because I have some wonderful people around me, who kinda understand as well as knew how I felt. These persons are:

~My bestest buddy Nurul Huda, thanks for understanding, thanks for everything.

~Aliya Asyiqin, the most matured girl I've met so far, I should have listen to her advices

~Naqib, I dont know him much, however, he knew how I felt, thanks God he listened, and he is also an expert in add math, physic and chemist.

~Danial, a junior, who is smart, he adored me, thanks for that, thanks for listening too

~My sister, although she is still 12, she is a very good friend, the one and only humanbeing wgo I can talk to in the house

~Chiam win nee, hasnt do much, but I am glad I ve her.

thats all...thank guys. May God bless u all...

Monday, 10 March 2008


Apparently, my holiday always end up to attending a wedding ceremony. This year, my cousin, my pak long's 2nd son, named Naquib. Being wed to his fiancee', named Mashitah, in her house located in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan.

I had to follow, which sad to say I hate wedding like hell. My family from Keday came fom kampur, just to attend the wedding. For the wedding, I wore something simmple, as this is my mom's family, which they always keep their simplest way of style. A white, sweet cotton baju kurung, with a purple headscarf, and I hate the scarf coz I cant put it up straight as it was too soft.

We all woke up early in the morning, at about 6 am, well i woke up at seven and rushed to do the subuh prayer. Then I took a bath. A soothing bath. I didnt even have the time to be online yesteray coz I was so busy eating. Hahaha..

My pak long, waited for us, and he escorted us, with his car of course, to the wedding. It is 10 am, and the nikah ceremony will be done. So early?? YES it is. I was the photographer, and I will post some photos here, devastatingly, there were none of mine (pictures). I will post them tomorrow. I sat exactly behind the bride which a trouble for me to capture her photos, damn it, and my kaki was so kebas well I sat like the most decent Malaysian Girl, what would u expect? Nevertheless, we were thankful that the nikah went out smoothly, Naquib was calm and handsome.

Then, we had to wait for an hour and a half for the real bersanding ceremony. We were headed off to the surau. We rested and of coz prepared the thing for hantaran. I slept, I havent slept for a while though. AT exactly 1:30, we escorted Naquib to the house again. I was the hantaran girl again. The bride was simple, her dress was not a couture from any famous fashion designer, but at least she looked decent and pretty.

During lunch, it was damn hot, my mom was sweating. However, the food was tremendously delicious. The service, the hospitality was incredible. A five star for that though. Anyhow, we then took our leave, before that we congratulated Naquib and his wife. Also pak long and mak long.

At about 2:30 pm after Zuhur, we headed off to NILai 3 =.=, which my aunt had something to be bought. I was sighing in my heart, telling them that I wish I didnt followed, I can never understand my family from Kedah....

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Mari Mengundi!

Today is the day, general election!! If I can vote, surely my choice would be Barisan Nasional, the one with a blue flag and white "dacing".
People can see obviously, how BN has change the country from a small and peace into a small, peace and MAJU!!! (advance).
Ok, my mom doesnt even get ready for the general election, she is now here, busy preparing lunch as family from Kedah will arrive in hours or so. My dad already out to vote, and he will not vote for BN, a sad part T_T
Nothing more than study thats what I did since I woke up this morning. Day is so bright but not so hot, a fanstastic day to go out for a holiday! Haiz..just I am here no mood. Being online writng nonsense crappy stories in my blog and also waiting for friends to chat with.
Before I forget, I also help my mom to do the cutting just now. I have improved, which is a yay! for me. and we chatted a bit, I told her how unlucky I was in these recent days. She said I should be grateful for what I've got and not be a cry baby. I have friends with me, but somehow, I feel empty, still empty....only huda, who cares a lot, she called me last night asking how's life, and as you know its been tough.
The silhoutte of my happiness has came to end. And i was hoping it will last at least a year, but we plan but GOD decides. I feel boring this holiday, not like last month. Catching up with studies with such a head-brain that filled with probs just dont work. I am in solitary, and I listen to what ever people kept telling me....

Friday, 7 March 2008

food tht i dislike!

makanan yang PALING DIBENCI oleh dayana azhar...

1. asam pedas. a no-way, x sedap langsung
2. sup bayam oh God, my dad made this everyday last year.
3. fried fish, hate it!!
4. mee kuah....pls MOM! dont ever cook this again
5. asam laksa. no good
6. pizza with cheesy crust ( ada cheese in the crust)...pls dont !!!
7. chicken curry
8. acar buah....
9. budu...tak pernah dan TAK MAHU
10. kuih badak....
11. nasi tomato...
12. ikan keli....(gross, looks like snake)
13. raw salad of cabbages, carrots and some lemon juice.

things tht make me fun!

ok, no mood to jot in english, so I will write this one in BM instead.

Things that make me fun and happy:~

~main badminton. dgn alya, chiam and huda. Best part bile huda join sekali. No huda No fun.
~bercuti dgn family SAHAJA! maksudnya, no one else, except my dad, mom, sis, bro and I.
~shopping to buy MY THINGS!! lamanye tak pi shopping, no money no need shopping, tu my philosophy. aku hanya suke shopping bile beli benda aku sahaja, tak kisahla, baju, kasut, mainan?
~taking/capturing photos. ah, aku mmg ada bakat. tp malang, org tak sedar. aku suke capture pic yang cantik and pelik.
~dapat markah tinggi dlm exams!! sapa x suke ni betul x?
~dipuji guru-guru, hahah bile dipuji semua kembang...wakkakaXD
~quality time with family, borak2, makan2, tidur2??
~belajar waktu pagi, fresh je, sume masuk...
~a spendid dinner. lama dah x experience splendid dinner sbb mak bapak busy je memanjang...
~have someone to be loved and love me too. Pernah dirasai. Sejarah hidup yang perlu kulupakan. haiz...malang betul.
~bowling~!! with huda...walaupun kalah nevermindla, asalkan happy :)
~duduk rumah pada hari ahad. mmg tak suke keluar rumah hari ahad sbb esk tu nnti skolah. isnin sucks!!
~tidur diselaputi selimut tebal, on aircond kuat2...and tidur.....the best thing ever!!
~nyanyi sorang2, record dlm handphone, lps tu play it back, mcm org giler! :-)
~designing fashions...jarang dah buat...
~have calls from friends...salah satu perkara yang membuatkan aku rasa dihargai! :(
~tonton korean, HK, or Japanese the actors!!
~borak ngan sofiah, huda and azeem
~experiment bio...syok giler!~
~cikgu dzul masuk kelas! I LOVE U CIKGU DZUL....

thts all....cha cha<3me.

Over people its over!

Dear bloggy,

Today I am gonna write down abt my love life which has been reversed into just friends. It is exactly four months, of our anniversary, and he gave me the"best" gift ever, tht is a frank confession.

He who u know, is the person called MR X. Dont be mad at him, coz from the bottom of my heart I still love him no matter what. Just that he as a humanbeing, is just weak and a bit dumb. He rejected me. He said he just have a friends feeling toward me, and no more thn that.

Ah. what can I do people? No one will truly like me, I am just a puppet who they can seek for an ear or an eye. Seems like all my praisings toward him are meaningless. And what I have jot down about him in this blog will only be memories that I have to let them fade.

Being friends? This is what he wants. Just like him and aina, and firdaus and him. Sure....I dont see a why not T_T. This is somehow embarrassing. I was being fooled all this while. And I let myself being fooled, also my friend said I was dumb.

Now, I realize, loving someone is a torture. I mean loving someone special. Also, being rejected is hurting the heart. The confession I made was a terrible mistake. A zero mark for that. And the morning walks, are just a fairytale, plus the worst thing I've done.

Let us now together, stop loving someone, or you'll ended up like me. Tortured alone in solitary, my brain is damaged, and my heart is scattered by the blood tht running tiredless. I am Dayana, and I am so hurt. Thank you for reading.....

~~~~~~~~the love chapter of mine has now been closed~~~~~~~

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

sakit tengkuk

life on tuesday was a pleasant
teachers were absent..a YAY!! for us KIDS included me...
I took my time memorizing my speech
still cant do the pronunciation properly..=.=

Suddenly, I hurt my tengkuk...
I can't move it...damn it...
I think its due to my stresses or salah bantal...duh...

Tomorrow, Pn Azlina wanna see me speak
It is a bad thing coz I am so not a hundred percent ready
This year is tough yeah I know..
Nevertheless, I wont give up..thats for sure

Give me some hot oil to put on my tengkuk
or even better if I have someone to put it on for me
which is an impossible thing

I am currently waiting for a person
whom I think wont be here for long
coz of boredom
nevermind....I realize something
That I am a person who seek for love
However, it cant be real
coz I am nobody +.+
I just have to seek love that is eternal

which is the love of GOD

Sunday, 2 March 2008

ADD MATH with Dr Fuad

Now, my busy schedule is filled up with a class of add math, which will be on every Saturday at the surau (thankfully, coz it is near), and it begins at 9:30 pm, after Isyak.
The tutuor is Dr Fuad a mathematician and also a lecturer, well, he is my dad's best friend, and not to mention he was the talker for techniques in answering math last year. He is nice, cool and funny. The problem of this class is that I am the only girl who is attending. The others are Nizam and his friends (all boys). However, I take the positive side of it. Doesnt matter what gender we are if we are willing to study there is no problem with that, rite?
Yesterday, well I returned at 11 pm, because I asked Dr Fuad for an additional tutor. They were many disturbances, like hearing someone calling my name, breeze which gave me goosebumps and also, the sound of pontianak was damn scary.
Well, I think I better be catching up with my previous lessons coz I seem to be forgetting so much abt them. They are some formulaes which I have to stick to my memory card. And last but not least, I have to know which formulae should I use for certain questions.
I am trying to memorize the MTQ ( Majlis Tilawah Quran) Speech Text, its 3 pages long, and I got it on friday, and I have to represent it on Wednesday?! Crazy isnt it. I am exasperated. God!! Please give me guidances.
In a nutshell, I am damn busy, but I cant help myself from avoiding the pc. It distract me indeed. Alright, I am going, to those who read this SLIMY-BORING blog please do online at 5 pm or 7 pm...pls!!!
chacha from DYA

Saturday, 1 March 2008


what happen to me?
I kept asking this question over and over!!
Saturdays are boring
and so do Sundays
What do I have on my side?
Just books and books!!!
Math and Math!!!
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, HISTORY!!

I came online to have a talk to anybody I know
sadly, no one is on
waiting and keep waiting....I am sick of it...
when he or she is on
like a thunder with no sound
quitely, with words...
why!!?? are they bored with me???
YES....i think they are

I feel like no one by my side
Loneliness like in a cave and graveyard.
I cant be happy but I am not crazy....HAHHAHAxd
At night, I hope the other day will be better
But as soon as I wake up, The day seem to be dull again and again...but time is running as fast as it could...

I grew up
but as I grew up...
The more boring the world seem around me...
No more laughter that will last forever...
just smiles that easily fade away...

but one thing for sure
I am not crazy...

Coffee Prince My new Hit Stucking Drama

Coffee Prince is all about gay-ish Love....

man, the actress for this drama is the one who acted in the hit korean sensasion Princess Hour, and she is very versatile. From a girlish-looking princess, she is now a good-cute looking tomboy.

well, my friend has mistakenly, recognized the actor as the one who plays in Wonderful Life. Nevermind, because the actor in Cofee Princee is more charming. LOve his smiles.

The girl plays as Chan
a poor girl, dropped out from school due to financial problem
she is a hardworking girl, and struggle to gain money from various tough works.
short-haired she looks so much like a guy, and her body is so flat. I mean SO FLAT!

The actor, I forgot the name
he is a rich guy (inherited by his rich family)
lazy and a snob (typical korean rich man)
and last but not least mommy's boy and also a GAY!

(above: the man and below is chan)

(the cast)

well, the story mainly, is a story abt a guy who doesnt want to get married because he is a gay. His parents want him to get married with the girl of their choice. This guy did everything in order to avoid any datings arranged by his parents. One day, he met coincidencely with chan, who is a sent-boy (penghantar makanan), and he broke chan's motorcycle. He also insulted chan's mom and lil sis. Chan's became angry and seek for the guy. Chan insisted the guy to apologize, but somehow, this guy is damn snob and stubborn. But, in a glance of time, this guy had an idea of paying Chan as his boyfriend, so that he wont get married. Typically, this guy thought Chan was a guy! Well Chan got paid with a big sum of money. So, theres no prob with her. As time flew by, This guy fell in love with Chan. But he is somehow afraid, coz he thought he love a guy! (All this while he was being Gay for fun).. so theres a lot of misunderstood among them. Go see urself at 8TV 8:30 PM.