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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Coffee Prince My new Hit Stucking Drama

Coffee Prince is all about gay-ish Love....

man, the actress for this drama is the one who acted in the hit korean sensasion Princess Hour, and she is very versatile. From a girlish-looking princess, she is now a good-cute looking tomboy.

well, my friend has mistakenly, recognized the actor as the one who plays in Wonderful Life. Nevermind, because the actor in Cofee Princee is more charming. LOve his smiles.

The girl plays as Chan
a poor girl, dropped out from school due to financial problem
she is a hardworking girl, and struggle to gain money from various tough works.
short-haired she looks so much like a guy, and her body is so flat. I mean SO FLAT!

The actor, I forgot the name
he is a rich guy (inherited by his rich family)
lazy and a snob (typical korean rich man)
and last but not least mommy's boy and also a GAY!

(above: the man and below is chan)

(the cast)

well, the story mainly, is a story abt a guy who doesnt want to get married because he is a gay. His parents want him to get married with the girl of their choice. This guy did everything in order to avoid any datings arranged by his parents. One day, he met coincidencely with chan, who is a sent-boy (penghantar makanan), and he broke chan's motorcycle. He also insulted chan's mom and lil sis. Chan's became angry and seek for the guy. Chan insisted the guy to apologize, but somehow, this guy is damn snob and stubborn. But, in a glance of time, this guy had an idea of paying Chan as his boyfriend, so that he wont get married. Typically, this guy thought Chan was a guy! Well Chan got paid with a big sum of money. So, theres no prob with her. As time flew by, This guy fell in love with Chan. But he is somehow afraid, coz he thought he love a guy! (All this while he was being Gay for fun).. so theres a lot of misunderstood among them. Go see urself at 8TV 8:30 PM.

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nadenka ^^ beauclair a.k.a farah said...

Hey gurl...wassup?! How's life goin... I think it should be better rite now, rite...?
Anyway, about the coffee prince thing... no need to wait dekat 8TV lah...just go at this webbie, u can watch the whole drama already...It's complete! Ciao...

Nadenka Beauclair a.k.a farah...