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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Scramble Eggs

Assalamualaikum every unreal followers. Saturday is a good day to sleep. Some fulfilled it with a walk with the love ones, some got errands to kick start, and I got nothing but a usual time off. Praise to Allah The Greatest Creator, for this easy going days HE gives me. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to be able to post something right here.

Yesterday, I accidentally break all the eggs that mom just bought. As a result, when I wake up, there was a bowl full of scramble eggs. And since the scramble eggs is better to be eaten while hot, it became sluggishly cold, and not tasty when we ate it for brunch. Yes, for short, I wake up at 12.00 p.m. T.T

I just read about the theory of conspiracy of the Jews, Freemason and what not from Kereta Mayat Blog. Hamka the author wrote it so long for a post, so I just took a short view at it. I knew, I had become rigidly quite obssessed by the videos of the divine book or the arrivals, and even almost completing the new one, PHASE 3. Stupid is what you can tell me. But, dont blame it on me. I was just bored. So bored, that I mostly sat in front of the computer and watching videos that intrigued me. 

Frankly, I didn't actually believe all that Hamka posted. I mean, it's up to us to believe and what not. For me, the Darwin theory is super annoying and misbelieve. Around the globe had been hypnotized by the theory that we as Humans originated from apes and monkeys. That is insulting as for me. I opt not to trust Darwin even how many proves he showed to the world. 

You know, after so many sources of reading that you can access in this modernity of the globalisation, you tend to be more annoyed by them. You can have those scrambled eggs thought about how this happen and vice versa. Maybe it's not my job to worry about the theory of conspiracy, about illumination, about Lady Gaga as Lucifer's worshipper and what not, till I became outrageously scared of watching Gossip Girl and even Glee for example. But too much reading, too much viewing is too a disease. Alas, we cannot even trust bookstores for dealing the books that we thought could broaden our views and minds. All we can trust is Quran. As for me, I tried to understand the translation, and I tried to ask God for what is behind those translation but I couldn't. Perhaps, those who knew Arabic is lucky. But, how many of them who really cares for what the Quran contents?

What we can now do, is just be silent if we have nothing to be shared. Silentness is a key for those who are not knowledgeable enough to prove things, or to have a stand for things he or she voices out. People nowadays kept looking for proves and that is not something to be blamed as we have been gifted the feeling of curiosity from within. 

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Not a big hooha but just so happy that I got my L back. My driving learner license. Now, it is time to renew it, then starting it all over from a scratch. Going to another new driving school. Hope this time works. I wanna dvive so badly! After this, only then I can have my own car. Alhamdulillah.

>>>p/s: trying to study math and biology this holiday, but it seems like I am only gaining a good sleep, and not the good input for my brain<<<

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Past and The Present

Assalamualaikum to anyone who kindly spend some time to read this post, and also to those who kindly and accidentally open up this space of mine. A space, where I 'talk' in words regarding what happened in my daily life. Praises to our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, the greatest caliph that always have us in his remembrance. Thanks to dear mom and dad for their present until now, and for their non-stop effort of raising my siblings and I. 

It has almost reaching one year, after I finished the burden of SPM off my shoulder and head. Now, pity the juniors at school, who kept posting in Facebook and elsewhere about their woes and worries for the exam. What I did, was to laugh at them, and smile, since I had faced it with a smile. At least, a cynical smile. Most of them, are still lazybums, and haven't get it ready. What they could do to erase that laziness is sleep. I mean, sleep does help to freshen up the brain, since laziness is mostly due to prolonged exposure to small texts and intricate words, that put pressure to the brain. Sleep and rest, don't sit in front of the pc and look at the screen so often. It will make your laziness worsen and headache fired. 

My little sister is also enduring her finale at school. At 14, and 8 subjects to grasp, she is strongwilled. She's intelligent for anything except Bahasa Melayu. Her composition needs to be brushed up a little, well can't blame her. She's been learning to much in English since elementary school, that's why her Bahasa is quite rusty. Nonetheless, she inherited my way of learning by which is reading out loud the notes and the texts that needed to be memorized. T.T

But, please, when she gave me those examination papers that she already did for me to check I would reject them right away. Mom said, "Go check her English MCQ paper", and I was like "OH NO". Basically, my days of rechecking exam papers or any test papers are extinct. I hope others will too, because just remember that whatever you did in the past, are bygones. Let them go away and let only the memories stay behind. 

Adding to the sigh, my brother's friend, asked me about Biology Paper 3 for SPM format. I mean, come on don't they take a look at previous papers, the abundant exercises that any bookstores would sell for such low prices??? And, didn't the teachers at school tell them what the format would be like? Or yeah, maybe they just don't care till the eleventh hour when everything comes to end wits.

Whatever it is, I wish super best of luck to any youngsters who are going to take their finale before the long school holidays. Yeah, one day a friend of mine from VI aged 17, nagging about how terrible his trial SPM, and making jokes about letting me to do it. I am sorry from heart, it is just an exam. Do your best in understanding how to tackle the questions. I always did my exercises by looking at the answers located at the back page. It works and helps. So, goodluck, everyone has his or her own ways to make things work. For now, get the spirit up people! 

>>p/s: face this battle. only losers walk backwards.<<

Monday, 25 October 2010

Coke and Ajinamoto

It's a message from the Kuala Lumpur Police Department: 

and the equation is as the above photo shows 
Cocacola + Ajinamoto = Drowsiness + Excitement in Victims

and also, it has been proven, when the two are mixed together they can be used to rape ladies. 

It was a very cheap and easy method to cause drowsiness, and Canny Ong died because of this method.

So girls, if whomever, wanting you to receive a can or a bottle of Coca Cola, please I warn you:


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mother of 7 girls.

For the past couple of weeks, followers of my blog kept decreasing, from 48 to 46. It's devastating, well at least by seeing so many people actually following your blog would rouse the feeling of eagerness to post something. hahaha:D Now, guess like my 'popularity' has faded...

It's so good to know, that Zaki Anwar finally has a blog. It's new, and it's called Warkah Buatmu, to those 8000 km away from him. The first tryout was great, but I just wish there could be more photos of his life in Russia. Plus, I hope he makes a continuous effort, because, there are so many cool blogs out there, but after some while they would become dead, which is kind of disappointing. I still remember sitting next to Zaki in the library while in College, where he did told me he has so many things to blog about, but, he has just no time for it. Now, he's in the club...and a warmth welcome would I salute to him.

Now, move on to my story. Mom kept reminding me how near is it, for the time to get back to college. I am so grateful, that we didn't have to pack our stuff out, since we all get to stay in the same room for the next semester. Unlike, foundation in TESL students, who have to pack out everything, and register for new college by next month. I must say, that my room should be looking so sluggish by now with ants everywhere especially on the desk.

Mom of 7 girls is the title for myself actually. After being given the title of the 'Head of House' by my fellow 7 housemates, I genuinely and automatically have become their mother. They called me MOM, basically because I look like a 'mother' and matured than the rest of them. My housemates, when they bumped into me, in the lift, or at campus, would called me."HEY MAK!" and yeah, sounded embarrassing, but towards the end, it is fun, for having tagged as someone.

My 7 girls are just great, well even though I have tough time to get along with my roommate, but in the end, it's still is great. Ira is a funny girl came from Klang, one of my two housemates who owns an Iphone, and got a boyfriend. She's so open minded, and made a Facebook account by using their "daughter's" name. See, they haven't got married, but already came in with the name and it's so hilarious. I mostly like Room D's girls, because they are so fun to be with. Watching movies must be with Room B's girls, Huda and Ema. Huda got this very tall special guy, whom she doesn't like to call her boyfriend, but I kept seeing them together both, at cafe, during ramadan at the bazar, ahahhaha, and not to mention, skyping with each other almost every night.

Yeah, less than a month and I will continue my job as their mom. What a life!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Semester 2 : Chemistry

InsyaAllah: We all do it great.

Syllabus Content        1.0    Organic Chemistry
         1.1    Nomenclature and Reactions
      1.1.1    Aliphatic and aromatic (introduction)
                  1.1.2    Alkanes (halogenation and combustion
                  1.1.3    Alkenes (addition and oxidation)
                  1.1.4    Alkynes (addition)
                  1.1.5    Alcohols (substitution, dehydration and 
                  1.1.6    Alkyl halides (substitution and elimination)
                  1.1.7    Carboxylic acids (esterification and
                  1.1.8    Aldehydes  and ketones (addition and
                               reduction and oxidation)
Isomerism (structural and geometrical isomers)

  Lab 1 : Reactions involving alkanes, alkenes, alcohols,
               aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acid
2.0    Chemical Kinetics
         2.1    Rate of reaction
         2.2    Rate laws (differential and integrated)
                  2.2.1    Order of reaction:  Zero, First and Second
                  2.2.2    Initial rate method
                  2.2.3    Rate constant
                  2.2.4    Half Life
         2.3    Collision theory, transition state theory and 
                   activation energy
         2.4    Factors controlling rates of reactions
         2.5    Arrhenius equation
         2.6    Reaction mechanisms and rate determining step
         2.7    Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis

  Lab 2 : Determination of reaction order

3.0    Chemical Equilibrium

   3.1    Concept of equilibrium 
   3.2    Equilibrium constant expression (Kc and Kp)
            3.2.1    Calculations involving Kc and Kp.
   3.3    Factors affecting chemical equilibrium -- Le
             Chatelier’s Principle

  Lab 3 : Application of Le Chatelier’s principle

4.0    Acids and Bases

         4.1    Definitions
            4.1.1    Arrhenius
            4.1.2    Bronsted Lowry     
            4.1.3    Lewis
   4.2    Strength of acids and bases
            4.2.1  pH and pOH
            4.2.2  Strong acids and bases
            4.2.3  Degree of dissociation (),
            4.2.4. Kw, Ka, Kb, pKa and pKb
          4.3    Acid-base titration curves and Indicators
    4.4    Hydrolysis
    4.5    Common ion effect      
    4.6    Buffer
             4.6.1    Definitions
             4 6 2    Henderson-Hesselbalch equation
             4.6.3    Buffer range and buffer capacity

  Lab 4 : Acid-base titration curve
  Lab 5 :  Preparation and application of buffer solution

5.0    Electrochemistry
         5.1    Redox Reactions
                  5.1.1    Oxidation number
                  5.1.2    Oxidation and reducing agents
                  5.1.3    Balancing redox equation
         5.2    Galvanic Cell
                  5.2.1    Standard hydrogen electrode
                  5.2.2    To determine standard reduction
                  5.2.3    Electrochemical Series
                  5.2.4    Cell diagram and IUPAC notation of
                               galvanic cell
                  5.2.5    Spontaneity of redox reaction;
                  5.2.6    Calculation of cell potential under standard  
                               and non-standard conditions
                   5.2.7    Nernst Equation
                   5.2.8    Batteries
                   5 2 9    Corrosion

  Lab 6 : Redox titration
  Lab 7 : Galvanic cells
>>p/s: mom asked me did you study? and I went "NO!" Its Holiday!<<<

'Buried' Trailer HD


I would say my life is 'buried' under some ashes, where I could still see light penetrating through the empty spaces, but, I just wish it brings me more of something called 'inspiration'.

Did'nt I tell you how cosy it was at the Alamanda Cineplex? I mean, before this, I thought Midvalley's was the most comfortable and beautiful cinema, now, after seeing how it looks like at Alamanda, it just amazed me. Maybe because it was friday, and not so many people came to have watch movies.

Today was unplanned. It was like any usual cosy Friday, and all I like to do on Friday is sleep and not stressing my self out. But, Huda text me just on a sudden, at around 1 p.m, asking for Maryam's number, and soon after that, not realising, that she also got an off from classes. The three of us, then headed to Alamanda for a movie, and without deciding on any movie to watch.

On the car, where Huda was the driver, decided to watch Buried. Of course, we had seen the trailers and what not on the television, but yeah I didn't expect to watch it at the first place. Haha, nonetheless, I myself, and Maryam were clueless, so we just gave Buried a shot.

The movie started by making us the viewers perplexed. The screen went dark for like 10 minutes, without any sound, making us thought that something was going wrong. Suddenly, Ryan Reynolds appeared, with a cloth in his mouth, and hands tied up. He was Buried. In a wooden coffin, meters down in Earth. Well, the movie was just like watching a Youtube video seeing someone trying to get out of a coffin buried down in earth. The best part of all was that, Ryan Reynolds or named as Paul Conroy, was given a handphone, two lamps, a note of I don't know of what reason until the end of it.

Alas, what could I say, you guys have to watch it. Yeah, for me, Buried was not something that you MUST go and see, it's not that spectacular, but it just brought back those sorority of venge between Islam and the US. Paul Conroy, a man, who went to work in Iraq as a truck driver (well, mentioned as not a soldier, but as one of the US citizens trying to 'rebuild' the country). He was made into a hostage, by buried alive in a wooden box/coffin, deep down in Earth. In order to escape, he was given a cellphone, and it seemed illogic because the phone he had was 'blackberry' and the movie was set up in 2006? Do you think in 2006 we have phones looking like Black Berry? I am not that sure though. He was also given two lamps, notes, a hand knife and yeah, the second appearance was a black snake you know, to arouse the panic and frighten among the viewers. Go see it, go see how scarying it was to be a hostage, being blackmailed that your family will 'show blood' if you 'don't show blood'. Go see how, a hostage like him, penniless like him, is nothing but trouble for the government, well, the bad one asked for a million of dollar, and would the government gives that much to save someone like Paul Conroy? After all, it's all a mind game: Islam bad, they are good? See it for yourself then:D

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Einstein Syndrome: You Need NO WORRY

Last raya was enjoyable, because it's the bestest time when every one, well at least ALMOST everyone in the family could just come by, gathering around, telling jokes, laugh non-stop and eat together as families. Not to mention having little kids around or better I say the new generations of my family around, making me wonder how fun and interesting it is to be surrounded by unity and love. That's what people really needs : LOVE. Tell people the four words and 8 letters, I LOVE YOU and trust me, you will be living longer. 

I have many nieces and nephews, but not that they are my elder brother's or elder sister's sons or daughters. Rather, they are my cousins' children. My eldest nephew is around 10 years old, I think and the youngest probably about 7 months old, and it's a girl.

My cousin called Sis Akmal, just given birth to a baby girl named Nina (the one I mentioned to be now 7 months old). Unfortunately, like any mother who will be proud to embrace motherhood, after seeing how beautiful and perfect their babies are, my cousin was half way there. What I knew was, her baby wasn't normal. She was so tiny, and she looked weak. Many who saw her, could directly said that the baby is ill. One day, during the first day of Raya 2010, sis Kemal sat next to me, who was busy playing with her baby. It was at my grand aunt's house. She was happy to see her baby playing with me.

Then she started a conversation, that I myself didn't expect her to say.

Sis : Dena, do you see anything wrong with Nina?

Me: Of course not, she looks just fine. 

Sis: But, are you sure? Paediatrician said, she has down syndrome. 

Me: It can't be. She looks fine. ( I hid my thought. The baby did reflected a down syndrome characteristic, I can see it from her eyes)

Sis: I don't know. Plus, the other doctor I sought, said that it was nothing. I need no worry. Now, I am confused. But, the paediatrician that I went to, said that Nina probably has Einstein Syndrome. What's that?

Me: I think, you should't worry that much. I am sure it's going to be fine. (and Dr House was right afterall, everybody lies)

And the conversation stopped. I admit, yes, if I see the baby at first glance, I too would say that she has down syndrome. My aunt tried to go positive by telling us that it's the baby's father who looks like that. But, still, poor sis Akmal. She had gone through a lot, and I don't want her to feel bad for having a special kid. 

That was basically like 2 months ago. What I knew now, is Nina has grown, and turned up to be a solid kid, a plump baby and cutest as ever. Then, I came to realise, what is Einstein Syndrome by the way? Easy: just get the web heats up!

Among most of the articles I had gone through, Einstein Syndrome is still a type of a down syndrome, causing by the extra 21 chromosomes presence in the child's DNA. The name of this syndrome is given after the late world-known genius of the centuries: Albert Einstein. And, there's a reason behind the naming. Many thoughts, that down syndrome often revolves around developmental capabilities. Yes, it's true that most people encountering this syndrome might have a slow development of their brains, they might grow up physically well but mentally distorted as well having problems with their eyes. Einstein Syndrome, is still the same thing, it is a syndrome where a child with who are born with it, having complications in talking , but the main difference is that, the child can be mentally intelligent at other spectrum of talent. Just like the late Einstein, who was born with difficulties to communicate. Researchers said that he was not able to speak correctly until the age of 5 as well as being labelled as an idiot except for his wonderful expertise and talent in solving intricate mathematical equations. Even Newton who is the pioneer of the law of gravity possessed this syndrome, of being an autistic, but in the end look at both of them who have contributed a lot to the field of Sciences.

Albert Einstein was a slow child but he was a genius for centuries.

I recommend this book to parents who might have the same problem like my cousin. Remember: Every child is different and special.

One thing for sure, Einstein syndrome is a unique syndrome. It is because, people having the syndrome, are actually bright and intelligent, only that they progressed slower in speech capabilities. Maybe they cannot speak well like any other kids. Probably they will not have talent to become lecturers and probably they cannot grow to be a singer, but trust me, amidst the difficulties that they might have to endure during infancy and adolescence, they are going to in the spotlight of the world of intelligence soon during they are growing up. Many cases have proven that these kids having this syndrome, generally turn into an incredible computer programmer and a great musician. In short, we can conclude that these syndrome is all about bright kids who talk late. Eh, before I forgot, this syndrome often occurr to boys, and no wonder why great intelligent people are men instead of women. 

So, as for the case of my cousin. I don't think she has to put the tense up that high. Her kid might be a slowpoke in terms of speaking but she will definitely turn into a bright kid. InsyaALLAH. 

>>>p/s: behind all the complications that Allah makes us to have: just remember to ALWAYS put HIM in the priority of remembrance, pray hard and don't give up. Coz' what happens have their reasons, silver linings behind those thunders<<<

Monday, 18 October 2010

Holidays and lame stories.

Holidays are almost reaching it's forth week. Or does it already reaching the forth week? What ever. Just wishing to enjoy the holiday and have a really true break because who knows what might came up for the upcoming semester 2.

Some friends keep bugging how they miss our campus, Puncak Alam. I on the other hand, do not feel a thing. I do not feel a slight "miss" for the place. What kept on popping inside my head right now is to be fit in order to climb up and down the deathly staircase. To be fit is a must, so I started my daily exercise every morning starting today. It was a bliss even though, the fresh air might have been deteriorating due to the new upcoming urbanization going on. Next years to come, Kajang will greet all of you the brand new Kajang 2. And I bet only those richies would end up living there since one house is expected to be sold at around RM 2 million. Dare to live here? how do you define them? My holidays would be days that no one dare to annoy me since I would not pick up any calls, days that I would love to spend time the most with my laptop and the bed, days that I can wear pyjamas the whole day, days when I can watch as many as soap operas I wanted, days that I was asked to do house chores, days that I would eat nasi bungkus and thats all I can say. Grip a life! But what to do, this is life!

My mother pitied me for having a passport but not going anywhere. What's the purpose of renewing a passport, which would last for at least 5 years, but just staying here, enduring boredom? Someone has to tell me! Perhaps, I should blame myself for not being able to complete my driving lessons like other friends did. If I completed it early, I won't be home probably, rather I would be out enjoying the scenes all over Malaysia. I was too emotional during those driving lessons and ending up, messing things around with the instructor. Hahaha. Plus, I despise going to Broga for that particular reason. The place is shoot hot and you can starve while waiting. Not to mention, the clerks are slowpokes. Making I double up the feeling of hatred towards the place.

Now, I am pissed off, that's why most of my posts are all about my whining. Blogging released them out of the brain, at least temporary. But, that's good right? Mom was having this plan on going for Umrah this upcoming winter. Sadly, I could not make up my mind yet since it would be on December which I might already still having classes at college. Of course, who would not want to go for a trip like Umrah, plus the whole family is going to join it? My dad on the other hand, disagreed. Like always, he does not like vacationing that far, as for him, it costs a lot, so when it costs a lot, it would be a waste. Sometimes I wonder what make him that boring. He changed a lot after getting older. When others like sight seeing when they reach the golden age, my dad is otherwise. All he likes doing is gardening, doing religious stuff at nearby mosque, friends with those old uncles in neighborhood and listen to rumors about how bad the government is as well as arguing about just anything with me and my little sister. He listened just too much about others' perception and ideas. And, that's just plainly boring.

Sometimes, I wonder why this is happening. Being in boredom will always lie inside of me. Nothing gonna change if I stayed here. In other words, I hate being in my shoes. That's why all tense and stresses never got away. 

>>>p/s: Facebook is dead. Viruses are everywhere. I can't do anything including commenting, status posting and liking any others' posts. Sorry for those malicious links that you found prior to my account, I didn't mean to spread them. Thanks. 

Sunday, 17 October 2010

It Died

My kittens never got a long life. So far, as I remembered, I owned almost 12 kittens given birth by my cat named Lopek. But, the kittens, some died, some lost to nowhere, and it left with one. That very last one is special, her name was Kecik. Kecik was a distorted kitten according to my sister, since she has not grown big after months she was born. However, she was fun to play with, very active and very smart. She liked to play with my toes, and sleeping inside my shoes. Apparently, she just loved the scent of my feet. Hahaha:D

kecik and its twin once upon a time:(
Yesterday, before heading to Shah Alam, for my grandaunt's feast, she seemed fine and healthy. Running around us, and making the "pity" faces that always make me melt. She was a joy for me, when breaks come. I can play with her all the time, and pamper her as if she was a baby human. She was also unfortunate, when her own mother disowned her. Well, I guess when a cat went pregnant, she will definitely forget her old kitten, rather seeing it as her rival.

Well, when we got back at around 11 p.m, Kecik, was half conscious. She will usually started to purr, when she saw us. She mostly would walk around our feet, till we cannot even move. When we called her name, she quickly responded, but yesterday it was odd. She sat in front of our door quietly. When we approached her, she didn't purr like she always did. She looked at me, with those sad brown eyes. She didn't even move a bit. We thought she was just tired, but it didn't make any sense. She was never sleepy, she liked to be all awake and run here and there, scratching her body and play all around. Everything can be her toy. She was a super kitten that I love the most.

Until....this morning, at around 8, my dad woke me up from a beautiful sleep. He said, "Get up! Kecik is gone!". All of us, hurried down. Seeing her lying unconsciously was terrifying. Her arm was broken, maybe that was why she hid it the night before and could not move. My sister then told us, that she can see Kecik's heartbeat, but, when we checked again, it's true, it was confirmed, that she has gone forever. My dad took the hoe, and took away her ceased to be buried next to our home. It was sad. Now, when ever I would wake up again, no more purring of cuteness would be heard. No more Kecik to bother me hanging clothes outside. No more Kecik whom would jump inside my mom's car just to play with us. And no more of her to pamper and just to take care off. 

I hate to know that Kecik has gone....but that's life. Gonna get new kittens soon after Lopek gives birth. Hahaha:D But none could replace Kecik.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ingenious and Real Life won't separate

Reading the story of a real genius guy on last Sunday definitely gave me a sense of boost to just live. 

Have you ever heard of Kim Ung-Yong? If you haven't, you should be surprise. This is because he was once a human, with the highest Intelligence Quotient (IQ) rating to about 210. And, that is by far, very-very intriguing. 

In the story posted in The Star, Kim said he was famous during the 60's when he discovered to have an IQ of 210 and being able to solve intricate math equations at the age of four. He was once our Adi Putra, with those difficult, and dying equation of numbers bugging in his head.

Mr Kim here now, merely approaching his 50's, was once hired by NASA at the age of eight. Can you imagine how incredible that was? By eight, he already is a big thing for a wholesome wonderful association. He worked 10 years for NASA, which soon after he got bored, describing his life as a monkey in a zoo. Everyday, he would be given equations to be solved, eat and sleep. He had no life to such an extent that he became a loner. Longing of having his mother besides him, he made up his mind to return to Korea, the place called 'HOME'.

Well, but since he was very famous, the media covered his returned. He hates the attentions till he once tried to avoid them by cooped up in his room. Isolation of himself from public, noted him as schizophrenic. At the same time, Kim wanted to get a job. However, to do that in Korea, he needed elementary, middle, and high school diplomas. Too bad for him, for not having all of those, he had to start it all over from zero. It might seemed sad, for an intelligent and genius person like him to endure such a thing, but he had proven that it was not pathetic. 

He did what he wanted to do for all of his life. He said, at school he lived his freshmen year as an elementary school kid, his sophomore year as a middle schooler, his junior year as a high school student and spent his senior year like any other normal college kid. That he considered as a success as well as a happy life. He led a happy life the way he wanted. 

Even though, he might had succeed to avoid being attacked by the media in the past, Kim was again hunted by them when a story of a nine year old kid entering college became hot in market. Many reports back then, mentioned him as a 'failing model'. The reports claimed that the boy should not ended his life the way he did. Kim was disappointed by the media. 
He was a bright kid, now leading a happy life as a normal man.

People these days are being too obsessed by the term IQ. As for him, he said:

Once a diamond, born with special talent in solving intricate equations-he is Kim Ung Yong

"Some people think people with a high IQ can be omnipotent, but that's not true. Look at me, I don't have musical talent, nor am I excelling in sports."

A high IQ is just another spectrum of human talent. He is just good in that very small spectrum of talent, that is concentrating in mathematics. Plus, according to him, having such a high IQ, does not necessarily mean one could have imperishable memories. Kim used to speak in four different languages, which were French, German, Japanese and English, but now, the fluency vanished. He might could brush them up, and speak a bit, but they might turned out rusty. 

One thing that society has to learn from his story is that:

"Society should not judge anyone with unilateral standards-everyone has different learning levels, hopes, dreams, and talents, so we should respect that"

The holder of the world's highest IQ of 210 in the Guinness Book of Records. Now, he is working in a business planning department at Changbuk Development Corporation. -Kim Ung Yong

M.U.E.T and Miscellaneous

Ops, I think I forgot how to spell the word miscellaneous? Or was it correct? What ever, but it feels great of being back typing something here, even though it isn't that important to be blogged. 

M.U.E.T is over for speaking session. Hooray! The fearsome of all tasks is now a history. I got the earliest session which was held on last Tuesday, at 11 a.m. Mine occurred at dear Maahad Hamidiah, the famous agama school in the district. Whilst, many of my former schoolmates, got the old SMK Kajang Utama as the venue, mine was quite far from home. Plus, no one I know get the same place as mine. But, that was not so important. 

I was in Group 2, with another 2 male candidates and another female candidate. Making my group, a balance one. I was candidate D by the way, the last to speak. Heart was pounding tremendously like usually when it comes to spontaneous speaking. I don't quite remember when was the last time I ever speak English to a real person in a real situation. Wohoo. And that is mainly the reason why I should be cold feet with the test. The topic for that day was 'how to reduce disciplinary problem in schools'. And I had to elaborate on 'implementing a mentor programme'. At first, when I saw what the point that I need to elaborate, my mind suddenly stopped. My eyes were glancing at other candidates. Shoot! I can't think of anything to start up with. The butterflies inside my stomach were dancing not with grace but with vigorous. I was like OMY I am doomed!!

Then, we were given 2 minutes to jot down our important sub points for the main points we had for task A. Everyone was in hurry. The guy besides me was so relaxed, meanwhile the guy in front of me kept looking at me. Short after that, I recalled that I too, had, undergo this mentor programme, while in school. I was in the prefects board, and I was a mentor for young prefects for three consecutive years. I should know how this work. So, I jot down everything that popped out my head. 
Soon, the 2 minutes were up, Candidate A started to speak. Then the other two candidates, before mine. When it came to my turn, I greeted the others, and speak. Just speak, and the funny part was, I can't quite ring the bell what I was trying to say. Suddenly, my 2 minutes ended just like that. Hahaha. But, I think I did put my elaboration at the right place. If not, I am a dead meat.

Not long, Task B started. It was rather fun. I wanted to start the discussion when candidate C ruined my plan. Ok, I sighed down in my little heart. I was again the last candidate to give my opinion, and I was also the one who make it to a conclusion. It was rather hard to 'fight' with this one girl who happened to be a TESL student. You can actually imagine, how good she was. I felt belittled a bit. 

Despite all those, terrifying moments, or was it terrifying? And despite those points I didn't elaborate because I did not have time to, I definitely think, it went out to be smoother than I ever thought it would. No need to justify how sad I am when I didn't really show my very best, it's time to move on. And next session will be writing, reading and listening. Those will be on the upcoming 13th November! Long way to go! 

>>>>>p/s: Why must she nagged of how expensive my laptop was? Now, I feel down for burdening her pocket!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Relief and Worry in One Point

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you my dear followers),

After a couple of weeks of not posting anything down here, my mind is going a bit crazy. Looks like I do need blogging after all. Three years posting down my thoughts and I never got bored. It would be fun if it turns out to be a JOB rather than some childish hobby no?

I had so many to tell but after a while ago, I asked myself again what would I jot down? My laptop has been invaded by stupid viruses since I viewed this politic blog called Loctor Mayat. Even the title of the blog sounded creepy. Since then, a couple of pop-ups appeared telling me to buy the anti-virus software online. Crap me! Now, even having AVG Free won't help. Argh! And, not only that, I can't even post down anything in the blogger because of those harmful viruses. After all, blogspot is never a safe site to be opened up in the Internet. I as far have though as much. T.T

Now, looks like blogging only work with the old desktop. You see, even if you have a brand new laptop with you with advances advantages, the old one still is useful. Thanks desktop:) So....what's up with me nagging about stupid viruses and how pathetic am I when I cried over a sluggish laptop?

Much to say is that, I have already ended my fearsome semester one examination for the asasi sains UiTM Puncak Alam. Yay!!! I am so thrilled. Even though, I have to still remember what I have learned back then in semester one in order to answer semester 2 examination, I still think I deserve a BREAK! Let I jot down how I feel about the 4 subjects I had for the past examination:

1. Physics
 -ONE WORD: superdupertricky! I don't even know what to study for the last minute preparation. I took a glance at the big giancoli book, and started wondering how the paper was going to be like, and yes, like Prof Ahmad always reminds me: DAYANA, YOU HAVE TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX! and yes, the questions are damn tricky. Just prayed I had answered them well, because I did, I think. I sweat all over the forehead just to make sure the calculations turn out right. P/S: I got so jealous with those John or Jane Doe who got a carry mark of 38/40 while mine was below them! Argh!!

2. Chemistry

-ONE WORD: NOTTOUGHBUTTRICKY! Should I blame the lacking of tutorials for making me clueless on the Gas Laws and the last chapters questions? Seriously, they twisted the questions like damn twisted that I almost have a lazy eyes on them. I prayed now for ease. I don't want to hook up crying for having bad results. Waaa! ( now regretting for lazying around and it doesn't help at all!)

3. Mathematics 

-ONEWORD: superduperhardandtough!!  Naqib was true after all. He did reminded me how tough it is. I took it easy without much effort to master it, and now I regret. Rice is already a hot porridge. I flunked like hell for my quizzes. My name got called for being drained away by the tutor. But, I didn't take it seriously. I didn't focus. After knowing how great Balqis and others even Dina for math, I become terrified. To get a super flat pointer, Mathematics is crucial to be an A! And what did I do? Play all the time, thinking that I can do it without effort, now boo me!! I didn't even go to see how much did I get for my carry marks, probably so low. And I am just scared that it would make me devastated, so I didn't give it a damn to see. Argh!

4. Biology

-Oneword: JOYFUL! even though it was fun answering, but Biology always a phantom to me. Just like what happened during SPM. Although, I thought I did a good job, I still didn't manage an A. I am being paranoid over this, but at the same time very careful. How will a person portray a good doctor-to-be persona if she can't even obtain an A for Biology? Ironic isn't it? Yes it is! Hopefully my carry marks are good enough. Huh!

and two days after Biology 1 was history, MUET Workshop was held: which was a complete horrid when I became a total coward for not standing out and speak my heart out! and for being effluent with what I had to say. Guess like I am only good in written English and not orally. And it sucks badly enough. 12 October is the day I must deal with, with MUET SPEAKING TEST and badly I am not fluent enough. Now I know how having fantastic vocabularies don't help instead fluency is what counts to make you at the top for MUET! A band above three is what I must achieve. Help me Allah!

p/s: Sad when people you wish to amend you, just ignoring you. And sad when you realised you are nothing worth for them.