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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Past and The Present

Assalamualaikum to anyone who kindly spend some time to read this post, and also to those who kindly and accidentally open up this space of mine. A space, where I 'talk' in words regarding what happened in my daily life. Praises to our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, the greatest caliph that always have us in his remembrance. Thanks to dear mom and dad for their present until now, and for their non-stop effort of raising my siblings and I. 

It has almost reaching one year, after I finished the burden of SPM off my shoulder and head. Now, pity the juniors at school, who kept posting in Facebook and elsewhere about their woes and worries for the exam. What I did, was to laugh at them, and smile, since I had faced it with a smile. At least, a cynical smile. Most of them, are still lazybums, and haven't get it ready. What they could do to erase that laziness is sleep. I mean, sleep does help to freshen up the brain, since laziness is mostly due to prolonged exposure to small texts and intricate words, that put pressure to the brain. Sleep and rest, don't sit in front of the pc and look at the screen so often. It will make your laziness worsen and headache fired. 

My little sister is also enduring her finale at school. At 14, and 8 subjects to grasp, she is strongwilled. She's intelligent for anything except Bahasa Melayu. Her composition needs to be brushed up a little, well can't blame her. She's been learning to much in English since elementary school, that's why her Bahasa is quite rusty. Nonetheless, she inherited my way of learning by which is reading out loud the notes and the texts that needed to be memorized. T.T

But, please, when she gave me those examination papers that she already did for me to check I would reject them right away. Mom said, "Go check her English MCQ paper", and I was like "OH NO". Basically, my days of rechecking exam papers or any test papers are extinct. I hope others will too, because just remember that whatever you did in the past, are bygones. Let them go away and let only the memories stay behind. 

Adding to the sigh, my brother's friend, asked me about Biology Paper 3 for SPM format. I mean, come on don't they take a look at previous papers, the abundant exercises that any bookstores would sell for such low prices??? And, didn't the teachers at school tell them what the format would be like? Or yeah, maybe they just don't care till the eleventh hour when everything comes to end wits.

Whatever it is, I wish super best of luck to any youngsters who are going to take their finale before the long school holidays. Yeah, one day a friend of mine from VI aged 17, nagging about how terrible his trial SPM, and making jokes about letting me to do it. I am sorry from heart, it is just an exam. Do your best in understanding how to tackle the questions. I always did my exercises by looking at the answers located at the back page. It works and helps. So, goodluck, everyone has his or her own ways to make things work. For now, get the spirit up people! 

>>p/s: face this battle. only losers walk backwards.<<

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