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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Coming back to sense

Alhamdulillah to dear Allah Al Mighty for all his blessings and rizq till now. One important thing is settled: moving in to the new USM Hostel as well as having a new roommate. Her parents gave her the name of Nurul Adibah binti Abdul Rahman, she's a year older than me, graduated from the prestigious IB college KMB and she has a blog actually. One thing I like about her, is her appearance of coolness and boldness as well as outspoken. I wish I had the same way of speaking in public like her, so confident. The English accent uttered through her tongue are just superb and yeah! she's my new roommate. I pray that I won't be exchanging roommates again after this. Let this stay ya Rabb.

We have an oven too now. I am longing to bake and bake! Yay! I really have found a true satisfaction and fondness towards cooking either. And now in the new hostel, I can cook like I have a husband and kids waiting for my dishes. I really love cooking! It's just in the blood for all these while. Just that I haven't had the chance too express this fondness. Now that the kitchen is a bit spacious, with IKEA interior: I just feel like cooking in my own dream house. :)

I will be posting pictures and pictures to let others see what Belgaum is really like. Just I need more time in front of the laptop and keep transferring photos. I have to find time that is. Because looks like schedule have becoming more tight. We are going to clinical side and clerk patients this Wednesday. I am so nervous and excited! I hope I don't scared the patient with my dumb kannada and a little twisted Hindi. Also, I must always note: NEVER to auscultate (must NOT use the stethoscope first); it's regulation. Must always start with inspection :)

Anyhow, just now, all the USMKLE students have safely moving into this new brand unfinished hostel. It was tiring to help them unpack, but there is where ukhwah is truly seen, especially when the boys spent their night to help the girls to bring up their things to the 3rd floor while the elevator is still not installed. 

Now, let's sleep. I promise to keep blogging ahahhaha (as if I have readers :P) I tried to enjoy my 2nd year. So must you (in whatever courses you're pursuing in colleges or universities). And always keep smiling even though it's hard to do so.