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Friday, 28 May 2010

UiTM adakah ia di hati?

So, yeah bloggy world, I am home...yipee...>.< Seriously, being at home was no fun like I had expected. I mean, it's like living in a gloomy hunted house, so quite, so boring, crap I am muttering again. I apologize. 

Well, at least, I am away from Puncak Alam. The UiTM campus. I must admit, the new campus is a beauty baby. Very futuristic, and the concept is somehow awesome. On 23rd  of May recently, it was the big day of registration process. Over 2000 new students arrived at the very place to register as foundation students, whether it be engineering or science. More than 2000 students came along with respective family members, so you must imagine how congest the place was! Some parents who were selfish, inconsiderately parked their cars in the middle of the road, causing the others to stuck in the traffic. Haih. Malaysians have to change!

Since the place is still a baby, I got a comfortable room. Every building has 9 floors, every nine floors consists of 6 apartments/house, and every house there is 4 rooms, every room equips 2 persons. Hahaha. So do the math. I can be considered lucky, since I got the room at Raflessia 4, which gives me a nice view of the campus from the top, especially at night, and very close to the mighty stairs. Did I mentioned the stairs consist of 232 baby steps? No? Okay now you all know. So, yes, everyday, I will have to survive going up and down the mighty stairs to go to classes, tutorial, lab and quizzes. Yey!!! I will be damn tired, damn exhausted and damn thin by I finished the one year course. I really wish I can be thin, because I am fed up of being fat and plump. Arghhh!

For the past 6 days, there was orientation week, or they called it Minggu Destini Siswa. The orientation was no fun exactly, more like the real process of registration. A lot of times, we listened to speeches, conducted by the dean, the lead of the programme, tazkirah, and about integrity and so on. And now it had finished, what a relief, but thoroughly the seniors were so cool and kind, not as fierce or snobbish like I had heard from others. >.<

Like you all should know, the students stay at the apartments located on a hill. To avoid hunger, there is a place called Kolej Raflessia, mainly a food court and I had already post the photo here a couple of weeks ago. There are only a couple of stalls on function, the others are still closed. The minimart has every essential that one needs, but I must say it's too small. Just imagine over 2000 students gathered at the Raflessia College to dine. What a crowded place. I can't even imagine what will happen during the fasting month. Haih.......>.<

As for transportation, well, there will be an hourly RapidKL bus, to send students outside of campus, like to the nearest Meru Town or Kapar town or even to the Klang Sentral. >.< This make it hard for me, and I really miss the KTM and LRT in KL. OH KL, you are still my baby! Then, as for classes, everyday, class starts at 8.30 a.m, but it depends because, my class on Tuesday, starts on 10.30. The time to return to our room also depends on the schedule given. But, for a day, it will be hectic, since, the location of tutorial, lectures and also laboratory work are different, and far from each other. Sigh. Will be Very busy after this. 

Now we go into the deeper part. The requirements to pursue a degree programme is at least 3.5 CGPA in hands. But, since there are too many students, I bet the competition is quite high, since most of the students in asasi sains wish to pursue medicine. So, this means I have to score 4.00 flat. For this 4.00 flat, a student must at least attains a A- for Mathematics and Biology, and B+ for Physics and Chemistry. Besides that, a student must also score a band 3 in MUET, plus to make the requirement fulfilled, a student should have participated in 8 activities to achieve the maximum 10 marks. I am very worried here. 8 activities? Hoolala...>.<

The problems in UiTM Puncak Alam is that, is hard to dine around here. The Raflessia College could not equipped that too many students. Plus, the hourly bus, should be upgraded at least 15 minutes each right? To be frank, in UiTM, we're treated just as the same as school kids, the only difference is we can bring our own laptop, and handphones, or MP3 alike. And, I just have to buy more baju kurung, since I will be wearing them often. :( I really hope I could fine my cliques as soon as possible. Cliques like Nina and Aida I am hoping for like really bad. Haih....with 200 students in a lecture, please give me strength!!! 

Ya Allah, for only You know what best for your slave, show me the right path, show me strength, give me the strength. Please!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

It's pathetic since last time

Hello bloggymania, it seems like today, is the saddest day of my life. At 3 o'clock, I was online, and asked everybody I know who seemed to be online about their luck in JPA. Some of them are pretty lucky, and will somehow, get the chance to go overseas and some just, have to stay in the country. Everyone has their own luck, life is like a ball, it's sphere, sometimes at the top sometimes at the bottom. At 4 o'clock, I tend to be more energetic just to hear my best friends Nina and Aida's luck in MARA. Alhamdulillah, happy for them as they have embark the joy in getting full sponsorships to pursue medicine in the Europe region. They have wanted this badly, and now they have it, they must be dancing in the clouds aren't they? 

Here are the list of my friends in Presco who actually gain the triumph in what they have been dreaming of.

  1.  Fahmi Faisal - Kolej Mara Banting for IB
  2.  Nina Zulkifli - Kolej Mara Banting for IB
  3.  Aida Nabila - A-level
  4.  Fatin Tamimah - JPA-India
  5.  Zaki Anwar - ACMS-Kepala Batas, Penang

and another friend Tan Sri Iqbal for getting Kolej Mara Banting as well.

So far I heard only for these six. Hoorah!! And I? I got nothing. Sad? Pathetic to be sad. I just can't describe how I feel after seeing and knowing those I am close with got better opportunities, could gain great experiences overseas, and I ? Maybe after I graduated? That would be like 8 years from now. Just praying for the best. People asked me, why didn't you get any? Well, sorry guys. The fact that when a critical subject like Biology was just a B+ and I put a hope so high for scholarships, is like I've been hoping for something called uncertainty. MARA? Well, thanks to the foolishness, after applying for JPA, there is no chance for MARA. That is the reality. The aim to go abroad, like PAPA, who used to be studying in UK is now a fairy tale. 

Why did I want to go so far? To gain experience of course. Even if the grass on the other side is greener, this side is always the better grass. However, being a student abroad, is like a chance of a lifetime, and so, people who are gonna take SPM, study super duper hard, if you want a scholarship for medicine, don't wasting around during Biology, if not, you will turn up to be like this pathetic person posting the blog right here. Understood? Good, if you do.

Now, who says academic and Aces aren't important, need to be slapped on the face =.=


It's time for college/university life. Hoorah. (like I am so happy '-.-)

Will be in Hiatus mode starting like Saturday, and only god knows 
when I will be "active" again.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

I need a remedy.

Seriously people, why do I have to be weak and pathetic? Yes. I might have grown, in terms of physical, but in terms of mindset, what a childish old rubbish. I tend to feel annoyed of myself. I tend to have difficulties to smile. I cried, until eyes swell, and yet nobody cares don't they?

Yesterday, I was playing truant from dear old college. Not like I would be there for another week, and not like I will sit for the semester II exam like others would. I feel shattered as I sat back, alone, reminiscing the first reason I went to that college. For what? Is it just for the sake of knowledge, as preparatory program to medical school? or just the sake of meeting a friend I would really like to meet. Of course, I did forced my parents to send me there and it involved a lot of persuading and crying and begging, and do I have to brag out more of the past? NO...
I was having a problem with my Internet connection, and yesterday I knew my friends at college would send message or post something on the wall of facebook. I really addicted to them! Today would be the very last day, I will be spending in that very college. I feel so dull, and unhappy, sad, and a lot more. Yesterday, I tried to persuade mom. "MOM please, let me go to Russia, Please!!"  Mom on the other hand, could not even a single chance change her mind. She told me how childish I am, how immature I am, and how boastful I am towards Russia. She told me that I could not survive, that I am more like someone who cant be independent. Argh. That's hurt. And yes, I don't know. I don't know what to do. No one close to me really support what I am trying to show them. They only see the dark sides. Shoot! Sometimes its better to die early....

Seriously, I need a remedy. A remedy that could make me happy again. I hate the fact that, I just went to the college for the sake of going there, get some knowledge for another foundation in UiTM? What the heck? Mom also told me that if I didn't get the required results needed like a 4 flat she would definitely jot President College as a college of nothing but a waste. Again, a failure. Shoot!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

one more day

yes people.

it will the last day I am stepping in President College. On this Thursday. 

At last going to UiTM.

Monday, 17 May 2010

They're gone:(

My dear kittens are now gone. Poor me :( Boo me for not taking care of them wisely, and with care. Now, their mother separated them from me. T.T

on your left we called her MJ (chorakitmunki) on the right we called her Chong Wei.       

oops, I disturbed their beauty sleep. sorrydear:)

 Now they are gone. Yes. Things, people, animals, don't stay for long. Nothing or no one is eternal. Thank God for letting me play with them only for a short while. BE free....!

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Do you guys know what is Lagha? Pronounce as 'LA-GHOR' actually refers to things or events or anything that can make you distracted, not focus and completely in your dream days. That's what I am having right now. Sad? Naaah...I don't think so. 

A week to go for an Internet Addict like me to stay in a hostel, to study like a mad dog because I really wanna be a doctor {* like I am telling you this for hundreds of time*} and because I am really scared that I fail. Failure is my number one enemy. I wish not to encounter it again. Please!

Being at home for a week is not a sweet leisure. It's a boring pleasure since I hate doing nothing, sitting watch t.v, doing housechores like sweeping the floor as I hate using the vacuum since it will sounded so awful and I can be more deaf in a second, so no vacuum, I also being so lazy to do the laundry, and yeah, I MUST do it manually starting next week :| Boo me!!

All I've been doing so that I can enjoy my short time 'break' is by being on the Internet like everyone else did. I know no one now can live without it. No computer is like having a malignant cancer, but no Internet is like having a brain seizure. Hahaha:D Seriously, I just notice how terrible my life is without updating stupid status in Facebook or posting nasty words on Tumblr, or to see any cyber friends to chat with, or to watch my favourite Grey's Anatomy on the free web. Life has got to be more interesting! 

And trust me, when you got overslept, and drooled while sleeping, it's not something to be bragged about. I just hate waking up early, which I have to make it a NOT, since I will encounter with 36 hours of sleeplessness later when I graduated. Being in hostel for approximately 8 months at Puncak Alam, will somehow educate me I think. No more being foolish, childish, lazy, and also selfish. I don't wanna this. Please! I am crying while typing this. I just hope those people miss me while I am not in their troop. I love you all Presconians!! 

Friday, 14 May 2010

Kembali dengan gambar...

Aku mungkin seorang amatur. Aku suka bergambar, suka jadi model gambar, suke jadi tukang ambik gambar aka photographer. Dah lama impikan DSLR atau yang paling cikai pun Sony Cybershot untuk mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan, tapi apakah daya, nama pun penganggur tegar, mana nak dapat duit??? Kecuali ada orang sudi menemani aku merompak bank negara malam ni? (siot hari jumaat nak rompak) Ayah aku pulak ckp, watpe nak kamera lagi, henfon tu kan ada? :{ BILE lah die nak memahami aku?

Walaupun aku sedih hati nak pergi UiTM Ahad depan, aku tetap pasang niat melawat tempat aku tu. Ada la dua tiga gambar aku ambik. Kat Puncak Alam tu cantik tu, taklah cantik sangat. Cantik lagi Moscow kuttt....(tgk hati pun cakap moscow lagi cantik), dahlah bangunan semua takda tulis faculty apa, jadi bile sampai terkapai-kapai dalam akal, apekah bangunan itu punya fungsi? Hahaha. DAH2 LA TU..layan je la gambar aku snap ni...

inilah tempat bakal aku duduk2 sembang kosong, belajar macam mad dog utk dapat 4 rata.

inilah tempatnya untuk mendaftar:) kat sini lah kantinnya, aka cafe, tgk tv semua kat sini

Kolej RAFFLESIA yang busuk dari dekat....frankly tak siap 100%

Puncak Alam UiTM...inilah wajahnya dari jauh.....memang kalau nak fly, alamatnya kirim salam je la:P

faculty bende ni? tapi cantik almost mcm prince court tempat aku nak kerja nanti. wahaha

pokok palma? Ape yer ada dalam ni?

Tangga Batu Caves pun ada kat sini, usaha itu tangga UiTM. hahaha. bolehlah aku kurus kembali. hehehe:P

tangga dari dekat. Agaknya, kalau subuh2 naik tangga ni boleh lah merasa kabus dengan syok nya! Hahaha.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Slimming Pills, anyone?

Great. I can't persuade my parents any further. My small heart keeps telling me to continue studying in Presco, and leave for Russia as a freshman of medical school. Waaa!!! I need a miracle, NOW!

My parents on the other hand, seemed happy and a lot joyful knowing that I actually listened to them about going to UiTM in 2 weeks time. Maybe they just don't understand what I have been trying to tell them. Maybe we didn't have the telekinetic thingy, that enable us to communicate without uttering words. Their issue is money problem, well yeah, money again huh? So where is the doubt saying money can't buy happiness, in which the truth it can? Whatever. Maybe I'm not grateful enough, maybe I lack faith in qadak and qadar, but, yeah, what power do I have over my parents? Nothing. Tears shed like crazy, still nothing works. "Sigh" cut my life every second.

I made it clear for them, that I wanna pursue it in Russia. But, I still followed their orders like going to do my medical checkups in the UKM Clinic inside the campus. Well, I went there early, and I think the doctors were still having their breakfast or such, no other patients except me with mom. RM60 flew, just because we felt that the government clinic would make us wait like a log, since now its the season of freshman intakes into local U. >.<

To make the above title seems alive in the post, yeah, in my medical checkups, it includes the need to check for my current weight, height, systolic and diastolic pressure, urine test, chest X-ray and that's all as far as I remembered. I went for X-ray test first. A male Juru X-ray, was there, relaxing, since it was still early in the morning. Going inside the fitting room, I changed into the hospital attire, to X-ray my chest, needing me to stand straight wearing something on the waist, and voila, I got my X-ray. No worry. I am a healthy person, so, my X-ray was normal, I supposed. Hihi.

During the urine test, this one laboratory officer, asked me to give her "urine pertengahan". She gave me a container, more like a playdough container, and so I tried to urinate, to fulfill what she wanted. Unfortunately, I haven't ate my breakfast, so, my bladder was empty I think. 20 minutes I tried, but failed. Then again, I went out of the toilet, asking if they got any water that I can drink, just to fill my bladder up. And, yeah, I drank a full 3 polisterine cups of plain water. Still fail to urinate. Spending another 20 minutes in toilet. I was like murmuring and whining by myself to urinate, and after that, luckily I got my sample. Hooray for me!!! Trust me, it's not normal to push yourself to urinate if you don't even feel the urge to. T-T. The lab lady said 

"Fuh, finally, I can do my work". Sorry:)

Then, I did my normal checkups. My weight was surprisingly over the border of my limit!!! Seriously, I knew it! I am fat, fat, fat....and how come my height is a cm shorter than what I got when I did my passport? Ah, a shorty plus a fatty, it's not a good start huh? Seriously, I need my slimming pills. I weighed more like a pregnant mother of twins. Gulp. I really have to watch my diet. T-T. Even my eyes are not getting better. I suddenly cannot differentiate between an O and a D, and a C with a G. Sad huh? The doctor said, if it turned worst, I might have to wear a pair of glasses. NO!!
At last, my day at the clinic ended after a meeting up with a doctor. She checked my breathe, and did some treatment on the stomach asking about my periods, which are always normal than ever. Yeah! I am a healthy but fatty kid. T.T. The check ups started from 9 am, and ended at 11. Okay compared to other clinics, right?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Days have been tough

Trees, Birds, Moon, and Stars why are my days turn into scars? Yeah, people, if you could see what my face is showing. It shows uncertainty, dimmed without sparks and zits all over because of prolong massive depression. It is maybe true. Allah loves me so much, and that's why HE is testing me this way. The only thing that I am capable of doing now is, flow with the wind just like the kites in the air.

I am sad. So sad. Take my words, I am sad that I can't go out of where I belong. My dream again vanished, and there's no one I could hold to, to mend a broken heart. There's nothing I can do, but just live for what destiny has showed me although life if not just accepting the destiny but choose the very best of it, but I just do not have that too many options.

In a few days to come, a farewell must be bid to dear President College. I will miss it dearly, I will surely remember the first day I stepped into the very place. Despite all the whining I uttered on the difficulties in lectures and tutorials, the lectures and on the spaces, I actually love it. 

Friends whom I feel like we have known each other for ages, are the ones I hardly leave. Not to mention Russian Class, Drasvih Dahniya! It's such a pity to not be able to learn more. Miss Renata, the Ruskee pryepadavatyel, was a lovely teacher, and all the best to her. 

How I wish my parents can afford me to go to Russia. How I wish I can convince them again. How I wish, this is a nightmare:|

Dream of doing my degree as fast as I could easily ruined. I hope I could stay calm and strong. Thanks for everyone, especially my friend F and agent. Dr Z and auntie Latifah for everything:) 

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hari Ibu

Pernah tak kita berfikir sejenak, bagaimanakah rasanya seorang ibu "memangku" seorang insan dalam tubuhnya, yakni ketika hamil? Rahim ibu merupakan tempat yang paling kukuh untuk seorang bayi itu diami, sebelum lahir ke dunia, ini bukan rekaan, tapi sudah tercatat dalam Al Quran itu sendiri.

Syurga terletak di bawah tapak kaki ibu, satu ungkapan yang sering didengari. Bagi seorang anak lelaki misalannya, tanggungjawab dia mematuhi si ibu adalah sehingga dia mati, lain pula bagi anak perempuan, di mana, syurga terletak di tapak kaki suami sekiranya dia sudah berkahwin.

Bulan Mei adalah satu bulan yang signifikan terhadap si ibu seluruh dunia. Hari ibu ia dinyatakan, untuk menyambut setiap kehadiran si ibu yang bertungkus-lumus yang melahirkan dan membesarkan kita dengan penuh kasih-sayang. Malangnya, ada juga yang tidak menghargai ibu-ibu mereka, dan saya tidak nafikan saya juga hampir tergolong dalam golongan itu. Sedih kan?

Tujuan aku menerbitkan post kali ini bukanlah bertujuan nak menceritakan keburukan aku, tapi, supaya kalian di luar sana, tidak meniru perbuatan aku ataupun sedar akan siapa itu ibu sebenarnya?

Bermula dari akhirnya SPM 2009, pada disember tahun lalu, selama 2 minggu ibubapaku tidak berada di sisi. Saban malam berdoa agar mereka pulang dari Mekah dengan selamat. Gembira tidak terhingga pada malam krismas, apabila mereka akhirnya pulang, dengan senyuman, dengan kesegaran di wajah, dengan keindahan kerinduan terhadap aku dan adik-adik yang selama sebulan lamanya tinggal dengan para ibu saudara yang baik hati menjaga kami.

Baru beberapa minggu selepas mereka pulang, belum hilang keletihan, aku sudah mendesak untuk pergi melakukan kerja sambilan, atau part time lah. Pada waktu itu sebenarnya, aku sudahpun mendapat 3 pekerjaan di Midvalley, di Dome, Secret Recipe dan di Metrojaya. Tapi aku pilih untuk bekerja di DOME kerana gajinya yang agak lumayan. Malangnya, ketika itu, ibu menghalang, katanya, buat ape susah payah nak kerja. Baik berehat dulu, lagipun SPM baru sahaja selesai. Tapi aku terlalu ghairah nak kerja, sebab bosan duduk rumah. Aku desak ibu supaya bagi aku kerja, tapi ibu menangis. Ibu tetap menghalang, lantas keesokan harinya, mendaftar aku di kelas memandu. Jadi aku tidak jadilah nak kerja, tapi pergi ke kelas memandu di Broga yang sehingga kini tidak habis2. Di sini, kebaikan yang aku dapat ialah tidak perlu hari-hari ke Midvalley yg besar dan sibuk tu, untuk bekerja selama 12 jam, dan memenatkan diri hanya kerana dibayar RM7 sejam. Satu lagi kebaikan  ialah aku boleh mendapat lesen L untuk kereta, dan insyALLAH akan dapat lesen P tak lama lagi. Jadi, inilah keberkatan daripada mendengar cakap ibu.

Tidak lama selepas itu, aku desak ibu dan ayah supaya memberikan aku peluang belajar di program pra-perubatan atau asasi sains di kolej swasta. Bayarannya amat mahal, dan aku meletakkan harapan setinggi gunung untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke Rusia. Setiap hari aku desak ibu dan ayah, akhirnya aku berjaya, dan sehingga kini aku masih lagi belajar di Presco. Aku gembira di presco, kawan-kawan di sini bagi aku baik-baik belaka. Aku juga gembira memikirkan yang aku akan ke Rusia untuk menjejakkan kaki ke sekolah perubatan, tahun pertama menjelang September. Kalau diikutkan memang teramat teruja, tetapi jikalau dilihat dari sudut wang, alamatnya susahlah aku nak hidup di sana tanpa bantuan kewangan. T-T Sekarang aku pun dah banyak berdosa terhadap ibu bapa, meninggikan suara, bermasam muka, bertengkar dengan mereka, katakan sahaja, aku memang penuh dengan dosa. Berkali-kali aku buat ibu menangis, lebih-lebih lagi kebelakangan ini. Persoalannya, mengapakah aku menyakiti hati ibu sedangkan hari ibu sepatutnya memberikan seribu kebahagiaan kepada ibu? Derhakanya aku!

Saban malam aku berfikir, tatkala nak tidur pun jauh berfikir, bagaimana untuk menjadi anak yang lebih baik. Anak yang boleh mereka banggakan, anak yang mampu berjasa dan tidak menyusahkan mereka. Namun jauh di sudut hati, aku mahu mengejar impian yang sedang aku tanamkan dalam fikiran dalam hati. Tanpa bantuan mereka, tak mungkin dapat aku capai impian itu. Tanpa doa mereka tak mampu aku boleh mendapat kejayaan seperti hari ini, kejayaan yang tidak aku panjatkan dengan munajat kesyukuran. Teruknya aku :( Tapi, aku bukan sengaja nak sakitkan ibu sakitkan ayah. Cuba sedaya upaya untuk meminta mereka duduk berbincang, mengenai keputusan aku yang satu ini. Agar mereka dapat memahaminya, agar aku dapat pergi belajar di sana. Malangnya, tidak terdaya aku nak berdebat dengan mereka lagi. Segala percakapan aku mengenai pilihan aku itu, akan menimbulkan satu pergaduhan besar. Akhirnya, aku yang mengumpul dosa :(

Tuntasnya, nasihat aku di sini, kepada adik-adik yang sudi membaca kisah pengajaran ini, agar selalu ingat kepada orang tua masing-masing, ikut cakap mereka, jangan sakiti mereka, apatah lagi menyakiti si ibu pada hari ibu. Semoga hari ibu kalian dipenuhi dengan jalinan mesra antara kalian dan ibu kalian. Amin:)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Presco, and a farewell? Oh God Make it a NOT, please!

Hari ni nyaris2 ponteng kolej, sebab entahlaa... rasa berat, malas, sedih, marah, geram, takut semua bercampur baur. Aku memang negatif dari dulu. Siapa yang susah payah nasihat aku sejak dulu tu, maaflah, aku memang dah macam ni, nak berubah, tapi payah T-T.

Allah tu Maha Berkuasa kan? Jadi, setelah berpinar-pinar kat the Mall, maka tiba2 hati tergerak nak ke tingkat 29. Nak ke kelas. Nak tau dah pukul berapa masa tu? It was 9.45 am, padahal kelas starts pukul 8.30 am. Bagus tak aku? Kepada rakan2 yang baca blog ni, jangan tiru aku sudah!

Yang seronoknya kat kolej ni, lecturer tak kisah sangat kita datang lambat. Mungkin sebab kolej yang kita pergi ni bayar banyak kutt. Tadi miss KHO laju je ajar chemistry. Tak paham, suruh die slow sikit, die tak dengar so, terpaksa jelah ikut...kesiankan aku. Tajuk yang aku belajar hari ni organic compounds, which is tough, kena lukis compunds bonds la...ish2 pening, aku tulis kat sini pun susah la:(.

Kelas kat kolej sebenarnya seronok, masa break walaupun just 15 minutes. Dapat borak-borak, buat lawak, ketawa release tension, buang air, cerita masalah kat rakan yang good listener. Contohnya, kat kelas best bila Nina atau lebih dikenali sbg makcik, buat cerita kelakar. Sangat bertuah dapat kenal Nina, dah lah pandai! Jeles..! Hari tu, die lukis my potrait masa kat Istana Hotel, cantik sgt, tapi die simpan, so tak leh la nak show OFF:( Nina pula sekarang dah sibuk nak cuba cut herself up. Meaning turis jari la, pergelangan tangan la, nak rasa mcam mana sakit. Apalaa...teruk giler. Nina, if u read this, DONT!~ dont do it in front of me okay? Kalau nak buat jugak, sila buat di rumah hahaha;

Salah seorang lagi kawan baik kat kolej, ialah Aida. I will miss Aida very much. Aida ni kawan yang amat memahami, suka tolong orang, suka bagi nasihat, kata2 semangat:D Best!! Love Aida. Aida pun funny gak, kadang2 tu suka buat orang gelak. Haha. Thanks because cheering me up masa I sedih:) and thanks sebab tolong I dalam math:)

A chat with a future doctor:D

my cousin kak dee, gave me her cousin's ID known as shahidan, now pursuing medicine in Russia, at Nizhny. He gave a lot of advice, and told me to just go to UiTM :(

Below is bits of our conversation:)

shydan86 appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in. You can also send a message to shydan86's mobile phone.
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shydan86: hyee
shydan86: amboih mcm ckp kt i je status 2
shydan86: heheh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: buzz
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hahha
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: mmg pun
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: kenapa invi??
shydan86: actly br abes klas la
shydan86: huhuh
shydan86: letih+panas
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: dah year ke berapa?
shydan86: 5th year
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: waah nak habis dah
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: best nye
shydan86: lg setaun kot
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bestnya
shydan86: huhuh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: 1 year berapa sem?
shydan86: best sbb nk blk mesia je
shydan86: 1year 2sem
shydan86: ermm
shydan86: nk panggil ape eik?
shydan86: yana eik?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: dayana
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: or yana
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ana
shydan86: ok
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: suka hati
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hahahha
shydan86: hehe
shydan86: yana ermm
shydan86: yana nih buat course kt mane eik?
shydan86: under rusian resources ke?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: saya baru habis spm
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tgh buat foundation fast track ke russia
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: la
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tapi under fund sendiri
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: no sponsor
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: huhu
shydan86: tau
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: nak ke rsmu insyaALLAH
shydan86: yana under rusian resources ke?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: this september
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: no
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: under my own agent
shydan86: ur own agent?
shydan86: ermm
shydan86: menarik
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: russia resources tu apa?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yeah.., ada kawan recommend kan
shydan86: rusian resources 2 agent utk student nk g study kt rusia la
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: and sy mmg berminat
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: intervarsity placement service
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: is my agent
shydan86: even scholar nye student pon thru diorg
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: woww
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bro shydan, under scholar ape/
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ??
shydan86: private gak
shydan86: hehe
shydan86: same je
shydan86: tp kn
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: la..ingat mara
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: dpt loan ke?
shydan86: ermm u hv gud result
shydan86: sbb ape nk amik private?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sbb tak dpt local
shydan86: lorh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: i mean, i got a place utk asasi sains kat uitm
shydan86: ok n then
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tp...u know kena dpt 4 flat baru ada chance ambik medic
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: belajar terrukk.. kebanyakan cakap'
shydan86: yana xtunggu ke offer dr govern
shydan86: ?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tak dptt
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sbb dh apply jpa
shydan86: u sure xdpt?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: but tak dpt interview
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yes
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sure
shydan86: ermm
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sekrang mara n jpa lain
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: i mean, kalau dh apply jpa, tak leh apply mara
shydan86: ooo
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: and one more thing
shydan86: mcm 2 plak eik
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: dpt..B utk bio
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: so, syarat die at least A-
shydan86: yana amik brape subjek?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: mmg la tak dpt
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: 12
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: 12 subjek
shydan86: kak dee ckp u dpt 11a
shydan86: ooo
shydan86: huhuh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bio sangkut
shydan86: ok
shydan86: paham2
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: so susahla
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sekarang bro under loan?
shydan86: ermm
shydan86: dpt loan mara
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: result mesti bagus
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
shydan86: tp my kazen yg kt rsmu ckp now mara dh xbg loan eik?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bro mintak dr first year?
shydan86: no
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: a ahh..
shydan86: ish
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: mara dh kurang dana?
shydan86: actly nk dpt ms 1st susah kot
shydan86: yg 2
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ohoh
shydan86: im not sure la
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hmm..
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tula ingat nak pegi
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tp...mak tak bg
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: :
shydan86: ermmm
shydan86: yana tau kn
shydan86: kt rsmu 2 mahal actly
shydan86: dkt nizhny novgorod murah sket compare 2 rsmu
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yeah...mahal sgt
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: mma lagi mahal
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tp my agent ckp...
shydan86: brape eik 4 whole course?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: rm160k
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tp first yrar mahal
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: year*
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: kat sana berapa??
shydan86: yana tau
shydan86: kt sini my time just 90k
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: woah five years ago
shydan86: total plus hostel
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: 160k plus hostel too
shydan86: ermm
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: mahal ...thts y mereka tak bg
shydan86: 160k izit plus ur foundation?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hmm no
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: my foundation harga lain
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: 12k
shydan86: owh
shydan86: ermm
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: 6 months
shydan86: so u dh blaja rusian language la nih?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yep!~
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bozhemoy
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hahaha
shydan86: nu kak?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: kak dihlah?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ya oochin oostalah
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
shydan86: haha
shydan86: u noe wut
shydan86: i dh stay sini 4 5year
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ?
shydan86: but my rusian stil teruk
shydan86: hahah
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tak pernah balik malaysia?
shydan86: eh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: still?
shydan86: no la
shydan86: evry year blk
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: wow...
shydan86: sini borink la
shydan86: bukan mcm europe lain
shydan86: its different
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tu kampung?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: kenapa pi sana study?
shydan86: sbb sume in english
shydan86: my rusian just utk ckp2 dgn org die ms beli brg n ckp dgn patient
shydan86: heheh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hahah
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: baguslah semua english
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bro cousin kak dee yg mana satu?
shydan86: bout rsmu my time
shydan86: sampai 4th year
shydan86: kene study in rusia
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tau..
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tapi...sekarang english medium
shydan86: yg mane satu?
shydan86: xpaham
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: i mean, masa kak dee kahwin u ada?
shydan86: oo
shydan86: kak dee kawen ade la
shydan86: ermm
shydan86: mcm mane eik nk ckp
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: takpe2
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hahah
shydan86: hehe
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: belajar kat sana...ramai tak yg flying colours?
shydan86: ermmm
shydan86: actly kn
shydan86: ok la
shydan86: i ckp terus terang
shydan86: kt sini system die lain sket
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: as in?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: die mcm lisankan?
shydan86: marks
shydan86: yes
shydan86: sume oral
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: in russiaN?
shydan86: n then after u oral dgn examiner
shydan86: examiner akan terus bg u marks tau
shydan86: xyah tunggu2 mcm mesia
shydan86: n then soklan die different
shydan86: mcm nih la
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: macam contoh?
shydan86: die akan bg u satu list soklan
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: soalan cam mana?
shydan86: about 200soklan
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: boleh pilih
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: mak aihss
shydan86: n then
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: pastu baca mcm ape yg soalan bg?
shydan86: u kene study sume la 200 soklan 2
shydan86: then ms exam date u g masuk bilik exam
shydan86: u pilih tiket
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ticket?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: meaning?
shydan86: i mean card exam la
shydan86: dlm card exam ade maybe 3-4soklan je
shydan86: so u kene jwb soklan 2 je la
shydan86: ermm
shydan86: tp kn yana yg nih utk i nyer uni tau
shydan86: im not sure dekat rsmu mcm mane
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sama kot
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sbb my agent told me the same thing
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: year ke berapa kene dok hospital?
shydan86: ok
shydan86: ermm
shydan86: kalu kt rsmu 4th year br masuk hospital
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: BESTNYA!!
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: cant wait
shydan86: same je
shydan86: ermm
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tp kat sini kene tunggu lama lagi
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sbb masuk asasi semua
shydan86: ooo
shydan86: so
shydan86: now u sure u nk buat medic kt rusia?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: parents takde duit nak hantar dh'
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tak sure
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hari tu sure
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sekrang dah tak
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sedih
shydan86: lorh
shydan86: eh yana
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yes?
shydan86: y not u try je buat asasi 2
shydan86: try ur result utk local
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hm..
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ok then
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: susah nak pegi russia.
shydan86: nothin special actly study in rusia
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: walaupun nak sgt
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
shydan86: siyeslu
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bukan tak nak local
shydan86: siyesly la
shydan86: eh yana
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tp takut tak dpt tempat je
shydan86: lorh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
shydan86: jgn la pikir xde tempat
shydan86: ish die nih
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: haahaha
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: taula
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: competition tinggi..
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: malaysia ambik 4 flat only meh
shydan86: now bdk2 yg best student spm sume dh g oversea
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yup4e
shydan86: so now ur chance la plak buat kt local
shydan86: u pon result power ape
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hehe thanks..
shydan86: just focus la ms asasi 2
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yup2
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: terpaksala
shydan86: u noe wut
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: what?
shydan86: my fren ade je ms spm 6A je tau
shydan86: then ms m3x 4flat
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: gilerr
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: terer
shydan86: now die dh abes final xm tau
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: course?
shydan86: medic la
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: kat mana??
shydan86: ukm
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: wohoo
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: syok gile
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: a guy or  a gal?
shydan86: gal
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: wow.
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: impressiveeee
shydan86: eh yana so now u dh stop buat foundation 2 eik?>
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: belum
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: masih lagi pegi.
shydan86: oo
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sbb best
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ada kawan3 best
shydan86: u just abes kn foundation nih la
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tak boleh habis
shydan86: then u masuk asasi eik?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: sbb die habis july
shydan86: ooo
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: a ah...
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: masuk asasi
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: dh tu yg parent nak
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: pegi je la'
shydan86: ok la
shydan86: dunt wori laa
shydan86: ish
shydan86: jgn la pikir negative ish die nih
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: bukan neg
shydan86: then?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tapi dulu pi foundation nih for sure sbb nak fast track
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: dh la mahal
shydan86: oo
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: pastu sekarang...kene ulang balik
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: terasa la skit
shydan86: ermm
shydan86: xpe la
shydan86: just blaja rusian language
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: best
shydan86: ucit nada segda
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: tapi dah tak boleh belajar dh...ngan miss renata
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ape tu??
shydan86: renata 2 ape?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: nama lecturer russian
shydan86: ooo
shydan86: cantik kn:?
shydan86: hahaha
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yup3
shydan86: rusian mmg cantik
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yelaa kulit putih
shydan86: heheh
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hee
shydan86: nvm la
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ada girlfriend russian kot
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hahaha
shydan86: u stil cn study medic
shydan86: dunt wori k
shydan86: study elok2
shydan86: jgn main2 plak masuk asasi 2
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: thnks for support
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: BIASAlaa budak2 mesti nak main
shydan86: careful tau
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: okkk
shydan86: dunt play too much
shydan86: sbb i pengalaman yg 2
shydan86: hehhe
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ape jdd
shydan86: tp as long u study ok la
shydan86: dunt wori
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: nama ape?
shydan86: name?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: yeah
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: panggil?
shydan86: i ke?
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ye
shydan86: panggil idan xpe
shydan86: name shahidan
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: alright
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: dr idan?
shydan86: hahah
shydan86: xlayak lg la
shydan86: lmbt lg
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: layak
shydan86: actly now mmg bz sket tau
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: vyh magoo!
shydan86: nk xm 14th mei ni
shydan86: huhuh
shydan86: xprepare lg
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: wohoo goodluck
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: PREPARELAA sekarang
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: nnti nyesal
shydan86: sbb ape vi magu?
shydan86: ya magu kn
shydan86: hehehe
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: you can!!
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: ya magoo tozhye
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan:
shydan86: yes
shydan86: idan xtau padesh
shydan86: hahah
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: hahaha
shydan86: xpe la
shydan86: praktis la rusian 2
shydan86: jgn pas abes nih
shydan86: xtau lansung
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: okk
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: russian best
Ashiya Sano Izumi-chan: release tension
shydan86: hehe
shydan86: ok la
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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

To instill gratefulness:)

I realised I haven't been a grateful child these whole while. I kept blaming myself, for bad lucks I am encountering, and kept blaming the past for things I failed to obtain and I never love myself. Yes, people, I am not that goody two shoes, I am imperfect as everyone else is. To instill gratefulness there's something that I should be engraved in my mind :)

A Story to live by
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.'

One day,
someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages
came off, she was able to see everything, including her

He asked her, 'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The
girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The
sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected
that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life
led her to refuse to marry him.
Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her
saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before
they were yours, they were mine.'

This is how the human brain often works when our status changes.
Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who
was always by their side in the most painful situations..

Life Is a

before you say an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak.

you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone
who has nothing to eat.

you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone
who's crying out to GOD for a companion.

before you complain about life - Think of someone who died
too early on this earth.

you complain about your children - Think of someone who
desires children but they're barren.

you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or
sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets.

whining about the distance you drive Think of someone who
walks the same distance with their feet.

And when
you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the
unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your

before you think of pointing the finger or condemning
another - Remember that not one of us is without imperfection.

And when
depressing thoughts seem to get you down - Put a smile on
your face and think: you're alive and still

Monday, 3 May 2010

Foundation in Science (UiTM)

For those who're still clueless...

Asasi Sains is a full time preparatory predegree programme to prepare students for entrance to Science and Technology degree programmes in UiTM or other local public Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA). The duration of the programme is 2 semesters with 32 credits. Students will be prepared with a strong science background which is required to pursue degree programmes in related courses. (Conducted at Puncak Alam, Shah Alam)
Upon completion of this program, students with a CGPA of at least 2.50 may pursue degree programmes in various Science and Technology related Faculties in UiTM such as:
  1. Faculty of Applied Science
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences
  3. Faculty of Sport Science and Recreation
  4. Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Students wishing to pursue degree courses in the
  1. Faculty of Medicine (insyaALLAH)
  2. Faculty of Dentistry or
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy
in UiTM must score a CGPA of at least 3.50 (BETTER IF U GET 4.00). They are then eligible to attend the Pre-Medicine course conducted by the Faculty of Medicine, UiTM. They must also score a Band 3 for their MUET (MUET pulak dah =.=) with minimum credits for all science subjects in their SPM examination. Also a minimum of A- in Biology and Chemistry and a B+ in Mathematics and Physics at the Asasi Sains level are required.  The course runs for 5 weeks at the end of the second semester with the sole purpose of exposing students to a life at the Faculty of Medicine.
Entry Requirement
Candidates who wish to enter this programme must fulfill university requirement and possess the minimum qualifications as follows:
  •  An excellent result in SPM or its equivalent achieving at least two distinction A- grades and two credit B grades for the following 4 subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Additional Mathematics.
  • Candidates must score at least a credit B+ grade in English AND a credit C grade in Bahasa Malaysia.

Deep Down Inside:)

The good news was Biology was rather fun today, since there's nothing so unusual for us kids to memorize things. Miss Jamie gave a lot of exercises on the crossing of genes thingy, like what we the science stream kids used to do during form 5. It was rather relaxing.

What made the day a torn was that, everyone was talking about universities. Like, you non-existence readers should know, I got a place for asasi sains in UiTM and so did Nina, a good friend. Aida whom actually got UIAM for asasi sains hayat would rather stop studying at Presco if she didn't get MARA. The same thing will be happening for Nina. Well as for me, I thought the date for registration will be on JULY 2010, but to my surprise it was on the 23rd MAY 2010!! Howdy cow! Stupid me! So this made the very specific conclusion that I won't be able to finish my foundation in Presco, which also mean, that it would be such a waste, since I PAID  a lot! D: Crap isn't it? Oh My God! Show me the right path::|

Now, what can I do? Stop studying? Russia? If I continue at Presco, mom had to pay a lot! First year in Russia with our own money and fund? Not that rich! Ah, I have made everyone in the family in dilemma. Finishing my M.D early is something that I wanted deep down inside, but when money talks, I just can keep it silent. Struggling my very best for UiTM? Hmmm....what now? Arghhh!!~ This is crazy!~

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The True Offer

Fine, it came at last for last year's SPM candidates. The universities calling unit had made it done for us, deciding, offering us a place in random universities around the country, to allow us to pursue our higher education. Is this a fun thing to brag about? We'll see...

It was Vignaa whom spread the news of the UPU, made me having this terrifying anxiety whatsoever. At night, about 10 pm, Aida sent me a text message, asking me whether I have check mine or vice versa. Congrats to her that she got UIAM:) Foundation in Medicine I think, which I really wanted it at first either, but no luck:(

Seeing Fahmi's post about his success in getting an offer from UM, arouse the envy feeling inside. He's been so lucky since the start. Sigh:( He could be a first class doctors or alike called if he studies at PASUM.Congratulation again from my behalf :)

No Kad Pengenalan / My Kad : 9206031054**

TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:
KOD : E0001

Okay, is this made it clear? Surprisingly, Nina also got UITM, which I don't think she will go. But, it will be wonderful if we can linger around in the campus together, like how we did in Presco for these couple of months. Besides that, Naqib got the same university and course, and other cyber friends from Klang. Haha, not to mention, most of the members from Malakat92, got UiTM as well.

Sadly, I am not even happier when I got this news. I was hoping high for UM or UIAM. They were my first choices, UiTM was the least I could hope for, not that UiTM is not as good as the other two, but it's medicine faculty is still a baby, and haven't yet produce medical doctors to the extend like how UM did. I was shattered, tears dropped (being an emo lately). I wanted UM and UIAM badly though. However, thank GOD he gave me this chance. Sorry for Chiam, for didn't make it, I know there's better opportunity for you after this, but I just couldn't predict the future for you nor I myself.

Now, the plan for Russia seemed like only 30%, my parents BADLY want me to go to UiTM, since it will be much cheaper, much MORE cheaper, than going abroad. See, money's issue came first, I told you money makes people happy. Great, now I am being materialistic:( Sigh:(. If only I have money on my OWN.

What I know for Asasi Sains UiTM, is that it comprises of  4 main subjects to be learnt, which are Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, just like what I am learning in Presco it seems. The second thing I know, is to do medicine, I need to get a CGPA of a 4.00, which it will be a tough thing, need struggles again, after struggling in Presco. The main question popping, what IF I didn't attain the CGPA? Who will be helping me to pursue medicine after that? Will the people around tell me that "OH ni mesti tak belajar ni?" Is that it?

Another question is why I have to undergo this stupid, nasty situation that will teach me how to be matured, but at the same time giving me a blast in the head, and why it happens when I need to decide for my future. I know that somehow, GOD plans things for us, I know our path have been destined, but we have to choose the best for our lives? True or false? Oh, crap, I can't even think.