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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Slimming Pills, anyone?

Great. I can't persuade my parents any further. My small heart keeps telling me to continue studying in Presco, and leave for Russia as a freshman of medical school. Waaa!!! I need a miracle, NOW!

My parents on the other hand, seemed happy and a lot joyful knowing that I actually listened to them about going to UiTM in 2 weeks time. Maybe they just don't understand what I have been trying to tell them. Maybe we didn't have the telekinetic thingy, that enable us to communicate without uttering words. Their issue is money problem, well yeah, money again huh? So where is the doubt saying money can't buy happiness, in which the truth it can? Whatever. Maybe I'm not grateful enough, maybe I lack faith in qadak and qadar, but, yeah, what power do I have over my parents? Nothing. Tears shed like crazy, still nothing works. "Sigh" cut my life every second.

I made it clear for them, that I wanna pursue it in Russia. But, I still followed their orders like going to do my medical checkups in the UKM Clinic inside the campus. Well, I went there early, and I think the doctors were still having their breakfast or such, no other patients except me with mom. RM60 flew, just because we felt that the government clinic would make us wait like a log, since now its the season of freshman intakes into local U. >.<

To make the above title seems alive in the post, yeah, in my medical checkups, it includes the need to check for my current weight, height, systolic and diastolic pressure, urine test, chest X-ray and that's all as far as I remembered. I went for X-ray test first. A male Juru X-ray, was there, relaxing, since it was still early in the morning. Going inside the fitting room, I changed into the hospital attire, to X-ray my chest, needing me to stand straight wearing something on the waist, and voila, I got my X-ray. No worry. I am a healthy person, so, my X-ray was normal, I supposed. Hihi.

During the urine test, this one laboratory officer, asked me to give her "urine pertengahan". She gave me a container, more like a playdough container, and so I tried to urinate, to fulfill what she wanted. Unfortunately, I haven't ate my breakfast, so, my bladder was empty I think. 20 minutes I tried, but failed. Then again, I went out of the toilet, asking if they got any water that I can drink, just to fill my bladder up. And, yeah, I drank a full 3 polisterine cups of plain water. Still fail to urinate. Spending another 20 minutes in toilet. I was like murmuring and whining by myself to urinate, and after that, luckily I got my sample. Hooray for me!!! Trust me, it's not normal to push yourself to urinate if you don't even feel the urge to. T-T. The lab lady said 

"Fuh, finally, I can do my work". Sorry:)

Then, I did my normal checkups. My weight was surprisingly over the border of my limit!!! Seriously, I knew it! I am fat, fat, fat....and how come my height is a cm shorter than what I got when I did my passport? Ah, a shorty plus a fatty, it's not a good start huh? Seriously, I need my slimming pills. I weighed more like a pregnant mother of twins. Gulp. I really have to watch my diet. T-T. Even my eyes are not getting better. I suddenly cannot differentiate between an O and a D, and a C with a G. Sad huh? The doctor said, if it turned worst, I might have to wear a pair of glasses. NO!!
At last, my day at the clinic ended after a meeting up with a doctor. She checked my breathe, and did some treatment on the stomach asking about my periods, which are always normal than ever. Yeah! I am a healthy but fatty kid. T.T. The check ups started from 9 am, and ended at 11. Okay compared to other clinics, right?

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