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Friday, 27 February 2009

BEING tagged:)

1. Where is your cell phone? it is on-the-charging-table
2. Your significant other? TEACH THEM
3. Your hair? STRAIGHT & SHORT:)
4. Your favourite thing? FASHION & SHOES:)
5. Your dream last night? Can't Remember:(
6. Your favourite drink? SKY JUICE WITH A DIP OF LEMON
7. Your dream/goal? A HAPPY FAMILY, $$$ & HEAVEN:)
8. What room you are in? DINING ROOM6_^
9. Your hobby? COMPLAINING & BOWLIN'
10. Your fear? ALLAH
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? WORK THEN COLLEGE THEN WORK
12. Where were you last night? ON MY CHAIR, SITTING WHILE DOING PHYSICS
13. Muffins? BLUEBERRY
14. Wish list item? IPOD, I-PHONE, SMART CAR, A NEW PURSE
15. Where you grew up? AFRICA
16. Last thing you did? MEMORIZING SURAH
17. What are you wearing? PYJAMAS
18. Your TV? SAMSUNG
19. Your pets? CHORAKITMUNKI:) A kitten
22. Your mood? FINE THEN NOT
23. Missing someone? YES, TEMPORARILY
24. Car? SMART CAR!!:)
25. Something you're not wearing? BIKINI AND JUMPSUIT
26. Your favourite store? TIMES SQUARE??MAYBE..LA
27. Your favourite color? BLACK IS THE MYSTERY
28. When is the last time you laughed? LAST YEAR
30. Who will resend this? DON'T KNOW
31. One place that I go to over and over? MY ROOM
32. One person who emails me regularly? NO ONE
33. Favourite place to eat? HOME
34. Why you participated in this survey? INTERESTING
35. What are you doing tonight? STUDYING,REVISING,TESTING MY VOICE-CRAP:(

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Syarahan (BM Category)-Please it be ME!

I just hope that God will bless me with full of contemplation this week. I already sickened and weakened by homeworks, clubs activities, teachers' endeavors and not to mention the pathetic prefect's team.

The post I am handling in the prefect's team seems so dull. Well, in the very name of it, I can be described as someone very lucky to manage to grab the post of the 'VICE PRESIDENT OF THE HEADBOY" but in some other way, I don't think I am lucky. I am just been given another burden, and the reason is because all of the high posts in schools can contribute to somehow credits in our co-curricular points.

I have a new rival by the way, which is my friend and classmate, named NINA. Well there are some times when I always think that why did she came back here?? Why don't she just stay at Muar? Not that I hate competitors or rather that I know whether she thinks that we are competitors like what I assumed her to be, but, I really think that she is one of the person I am really envying right now.

The reasons for being so jealous over her are quite simple and nothing but ordinary. She is a star in athletics performances, like 100 sprint, and others, and she also have a great potential in academics. This means that she is the balance student meanwhile I am not, as I am so bad in sports. This automatically turns her into another enemy, but of course, not an enemy in the sense of war or fight.

For the syarahan Bahasa Melayu, I am still not confident to be in the competition due to some problems like a very soft tone of my voice, and could not be spontaneous enough. Nina is another choice for he syarahan, but I can't make her win, since she already have other competition which will profligate her marks in co curricular activities. I am totally clueless right now. So hard to make an easy decision over this particular thing.

Ustazah once handed us with some examples of previous texts written by other schools. She wants us to start practice at home, and I found that it is kind of tough to practice it since I have exactly no spare time to do anything else except for homeworks, and practical science sheets. OH GOD! Please lend me some time!

Is this another weakness of mine, in dealing with my times or is it just that I have sleep too much rather than doing my supposed-to be done works?? I am really clueless...

Friday, 20 February 2009


Well, I really don't know about Japanese, all I know is that, the teenagers in Japan are cool, and Japan has the greatest technology ever. And, what Japan has to do with my blabbering scene for today?

To tell the truth, my school will be attended by some high school Japanese students, I mean real Japanese students. I think this is a great opportunity to highlight my school as something 'cool', since this is one big occasion. The teachers are really going hectic and God knows how stress they are in conjunction with the event.

Back to my initial point. I had physical education at school today and we learn how to play hockey. Hockey needs a hockey stick and also the big rounded ball to play with. Cikgu Dzul demonstrated some of the techniques in handling the stick, pushing the ball forward, defencing as well as hitting the ball. I knew them all quite well except for the hitting part. T_T

Since I got them wrong many times, the teacher had to come personally and taught me one by one, starting from the way to hold the stick and etc. It was so embarrassing. Everyone was looking weirdly at me, I hate it!~ And, the worst part of all, was that, I won't be selected as one of the students to play with the Japanese students on the 6th March. The teacher went like this:

"Dayana ajar english je la kat budak Jepun tu"

It was humiliating like anything that is worse in the world. I hate that I am a soft boned. Argh!!~
Great teaching them fun....(*sigh*)

Why can the day be any better?

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Return

I could not describe how occupied I am right now. Being a 17 year old sucks. Haven't see the nice part of it. So what are my problems right now? (I am going to be really frank, since, I have nobody I can rely to and to tell these to)

#1 A problem with my studies. This is the first time I can't cope with something simple. Math and additional mathematics have become my worst subjects ever! My works were incomplete and were completely messy. Reasons: My head is full of nonsensical thoughts that basically intrude my profession in mathematics

#2 Leadership. What I learnt from being a leader is we have to face the fact that no leaders have friends. I mean actual friends. I have to say I have been isolated quite many of times, and many of my so-called friends haven't realise this. They never waited for me for the recess, they never waited for me for anything. In fact, I am so frustrated with my prefects friends. Never been in help and never wanted to show that they wanna help me.

#3 The Curious Case of the sleepy heady dayana. Yes, I have a sleeping disorder, and I frequently feeling sleepy at home, especially in my room. I tend to drink those thick espresso and yeah, suffering from a caffein problem the next morning. How am I going to continue living? Answer: Pray for a better life

#4 Activities? To tell the truth I entered public speaking competition this year and syarahan bahasa melayu (since the English category had been stopped) . So right now, I have to take good care of my voice so that I won't speak like a rockstar. Plus, for punlic speaking, haven't decide on my proper speech. Still waiting for this brain of mine to function.

#5 Just hate sports. My yellow team lost badly in the road run. I felt so down. Well, of course, I didn't manage to get some places in the event, but just capable of funding 1 point for the team. Hmm, I just hate sports, there are no unity whatsoever...

Above all, my current life is already a mess even though SPM is not that near. Pray me luck.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Lame old Kursus Kepemimpinan

Right, again I spent a complete-idiotic time at school yesterday. A complete 6 hours and 40 minutes, just to attend the Kursus Kepemimpinan or generally means Leadership Course. I woke up early like every morning, pray and went down to get somethings to be printed. Luckily, I was not out of ink, if not, I will be nuts! So, I only managed to get everything printed (just for the carta organisasi kelab matematik-math's club's organisation board)by 740 am, and have to get ready and take my bath so that I can be at school on time, which is at 8.30 am.

I didnt know what I did in the bathroom, maybe I was a bit cocky till I spent about 20 minutes just to get myself bathed. Damn me. So, yes like usual, I was late. At school, we had this streching thingy, not a very fun thing, and then straight to the hall, to listen to that long....talks. All about being a leader.

At 12 noon, my gang and I which comprised of myself, Amir, and Helmi together with two junior girls from the afternoon session sat down at the most comfy table in the canteen to get our job done. You have to believe me when I must admit, that we were the last to finish the chart. It was damn embarrassing. The chart was a complete mess, and the background was the ugliest I have ever seen. I am so frustrated, not only with my gang, but with myself. Perhaps, it was worst than last year.

Haih, nevertheless, Chiam did a great job with the PBSM's chart. It looked wonderful as it is. I hope PBSM won this time. Yeay!

So thats all for tonight. Man, my life is getting chaotic as ever. HELP!!~

Friday, 6 February 2009

Majalah Sekolah Dah Dapat

Minggu ni Gila!!~ It was definitely crazy this whole week. This is all because of the participation of myself in the Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup MSSD starting from 2nd of Feb till 5th Feb at SJKC Sungai Chua, where I met my former frienf, Vignaa Prashant. However, I didnt get to *actually play the game*, and just came as the line judge (dont under estimate us), nevertheless, I was tired. Tired because it was hot, tired because it was so damn bored inside the hall (court).

I then went chaotic when there are damn so many homeworks piling on my table. I just managed to finish some of them, and I was glad that most of the teachers understood what I am going through.

As for tuition, I did attend it. But, too bad, I hate tuition. It was normal and tiring, and a waste of time. Baik belajar kat rumah. And, yeah, I already paid the fees, which cost me about RM110. Pretty catchy price huh? Well, what to do...

Yesterday, I went to the sport practice and ran a couple of distances. Again tiring, and my friends made fun of me, by doing this ''huuuuuuuuuuu" sound. Boo them!!

I was so happy since my senior Kak Mizah (Hamizah Johan) spent some time to see me. Yay! She was like childish like ever, but still a fun person to be with. And, I will be studying physics with her this very weekend. Yay!! (Without any cost *grin*)

Eh lupe pulak. And what about majalah sekolah (school magazine)? Well, the magazine was nothing but ordinary. Some pictures of mine suck and I hate them!! I blamed the uniform I was wearing. Still the blue prefect's uniform, and blue is not my colour thoroughly. T_T *SAD*

Tomorrow, there's a leadership course at school. Meh, sungguh malas ooo!!~And, I as always represent the Math Club, even though I really wish I could go for Badminton (best skit ada gang). Meh...nasib malang:( Whateverlaa..I really hope that Amir and Helmi could contribute to something...(I am going with the 2 geek boys)~~sorry for calling u guys this, u know, I am too frank....~~