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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Syarahan (BM Category)-Please it be ME!

I just hope that God will bless me with full of contemplation this week. I already sickened and weakened by homeworks, clubs activities, teachers' endeavors and not to mention the pathetic prefect's team.

The post I am handling in the prefect's team seems so dull. Well, in the very name of it, I can be described as someone very lucky to manage to grab the post of the 'VICE PRESIDENT OF THE HEADBOY" but in some other way, I don't think I am lucky. I am just been given another burden, and the reason is because all of the high posts in schools can contribute to somehow credits in our co-curricular points.

I have a new rival by the way, which is my friend and classmate, named NINA. Well there are some times when I always think that why did she came back here?? Why don't she just stay at Muar? Not that I hate competitors or rather that I know whether she thinks that we are competitors like what I assumed her to be, but, I really think that she is one of the person I am really envying right now.

The reasons for being so jealous over her are quite simple and nothing but ordinary. She is a star in athletics performances, like 100 sprint, and others, and she also have a great potential in academics. This means that she is the balance student meanwhile I am not, as I am so bad in sports. This automatically turns her into another enemy, but of course, not an enemy in the sense of war or fight.

For the syarahan Bahasa Melayu, I am still not confident to be in the competition due to some problems like a very soft tone of my voice, and could not be spontaneous enough. Nina is another choice for he syarahan, but I can't make her win, since she already have other competition which will profligate her marks in co curricular activities. I am totally clueless right now. So hard to make an easy decision over this particular thing.

Ustazah once handed us with some examples of previous texts written by other schools. She wants us to start practice at home, and I found that it is kind of tough to practice it since I have exactly no spare time to do anything else except for homeworks, and practical science sheets. OH GOD! Please lend me some time!

Is this another weakness of mine, in dealing with my times or is it just that I have sleep too much rather than doing my supposed-to be done works?? I am really clueless...


Ashraf said...

Trust me, berbanding sekolah I, Kajang Utama is very relaxed. Just remember untuk syarahan tu, kena pastikan hafal dalil & really know the points by heart. Try and find one of those Quran with translations to get some fairly generic dalil cause I heard ada one more part where you kena buat syarahan on the spot.

ARC said...

i didnt read this post but pertaining to ur ym msg,these r my opinions on public spkg

1. pretend to look into audience's eyes
2.don't pressure urself, let it juz be u sharing with people of what u know, this may reduce anxiety
3. Do NOT memorize notes
4. Be confident

Ashraf said...

Yeah what he said too...