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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Why oh why?

as we all know a lot of people here have been conned or cheated by ah long and others, why did these things happen??

being cheated by such people have been a very cliche stories among all but they seem to unchange. Why?

The powerful authorities have been telling people over and over again regarding not to trust such ah long or people who said they are masters, or even scratch and win competition, but these things happen and happen again. Why?

The new one, a person, wasa cheated by a man who said he was a master in determining other's luck, this person who was a fool, trusted this master completely, and without haste hand in about RM 30k just to let his fate being 'observe'.

This is such a humiliating thing, and should never happen ever again. Dont ever trust such people and competition again.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Celebs in Bridal Gowns!?

Oh GOD!! mY FASHIOn curiosity is again here in my heart and soul!!! HAHAHAHXD

let see some of our local celebs in bridal gowns, some deserve the wow! and of course the boos too.

Raja Farah

(Hmm...something wrong with her bridal gown, 2 stars only, why do designers have to do those stupidish layer on the chest)

Nora Danish

(WOW! She is always stunning, cute and adorable. Plus sexy too. Like her gown but it looks too fantasy to me)

Rozita Che Wan and sis, Ayu Raudhah

(With nice figure, everything goes well. Rozita looks sophisticated and at the same time, elegant. Ayu Raudah on the right, looks chicky, but the wedding-cake-style skirt is a no-no)

Liyana Jasmay and Juliana Evans (Remaja Co-Hostess)

(Julaina looks extremely like a goddess. But more like maid in honour to me. Liyana on the right, looks so young and happy. Plus, she has a little tiny body that makes the dress suits her so well. Like it a lot)


(Diana, Jue, designer, Ermi and Fauziah Ghous looking elegant)

(I just like Shahila, she's so pretty)

(frm left: designer, farahdhiya who is looking like a queen, Nurul, too sexy and bitchy-looking, fazura, ah, I almost drooled and Marsha looking amazing and smashing in pink, and designer)

Ciri2 Wanita Tidak Berguna

1. Perempuan itu tidak guna kain yang nipis untuk membuat bajunya, sehingga terbayang kulitnya. Kerana dia tahu, bahawa pakaian seperti itu adalah pakaian yg layak dipakai oleh perempuan jalang.

2. Perempuan memang tidak guna rantai kaki yang berloceng utk dililitkan pada kakinya. Rantai ini apabila dipakai walaupun tersembunyi tetap bergemerincing dan menarik perhatian orang lain, lebih-lebih lagi lelaki JAHAT. Dia tahu sekiranya dia memakainya juga dia telah melanggar larangan ALLAH dalam ayat 31 surah An-Nur.

3. Memakai minyak wangi yang baunya semerbak.Wangian sebegini mempunyai kuasa penyerakan bau yang amat tinggi kerana kadar kemeruwapannya tinggi. Biasanya kekuatan bau ini menunjukkan kadar kekompleksan rantai alcohol (secara kimia) yg digunakan utk membuat pewangi itu. Perempuan yang tidak memakai wangian yang kuat ini tahu bahawa inilah yang dipesan oleh nabi. Sabda junjungan bahawa wanita yang keluar rumah dgn memakai wangian, adalah seperti pelacur.

4. Perempuan memang tidak guna kata-kata yang keji, kerana dia tahu sesiapa sahaja yang bercakap perkara yang keji adalah mereka yang rendah akhlaknya. Lelaki atau perempuan yang bercakap menggunakan perkataan yang buruk jahat, adalah seperti sepohon pokok yang rosak akar tunjangnya. Dia tahu bahawa perumpamaan perkataan yang baik dan buruk dinyatakan dengan jelas dalam ayat 24-26 surah Ibrahim.

5. Perempuan tidak guna masa berborak untuk mengumpat, memperkatakan keabaian saudaranya. Dia tahu bahawa sekiranya orang yang suka mengumpat baik lelaki atau perempuan dia seolah-olah memakan daging saudaranya sendiri. Apakah sanggup kita memakan daging saudara sendiri? Persoalan ini ditanyakan kepada kita dalam firmanNya ayat 12. surah al-Hujurat.

6. Perempuan memang tidak guna tudung tiga segi, apabila memakainya diselempangkannya sehingga nyata bentuk perbukitan pada badannya. Sememangnya ia menjadi tatapan mata lelaki yang jahat yang terkena panahan syaitan. Dia tahu apabila bertudung, dia mesti melabuhkan tudungnya sehingga menutup alur lehernya dan tidak menampakkan bentuk di bahagian dadanya. Pesan Rasul seperti yang disuruh oleh ALLAH tersebut dalam ayat 59 al-Ahzab. Begitu juga seorang lelaki yang bergelar suami mesti memberi peringatan untuk isteri dan anak-anaknya.

7. Perempuan memang tidak guna lenggok bahasa yang boleh menggoda seorang lelaki. Jika bercakap dengan lelaki yang bukan mahramnya, bercakaplah dengan tegas. Jangan biarkan suara lentukku untuk menarik perhatian lelaki yang sakit dalam hatinya. Sememangnya suara perempuan bukanlah aurat, jika aurat maka ALLAH tidak akan menjadikan perempuan boleh berkata-kata. Bertegaslah dalam percakapan, jangan gunakan suaramu untuk menarik perhatian lelaki sehingga menjadi fitnah buatmu. Bahaya suara wanita yang bercakap dengan gaya membujuk yang boleh mencairkan keegoan lelaki (yg bukan mahramnya) dicatat dalam ayat 32 surah al-Ahzab. Lelaki sangat mudah tertarik kpd seorang wanita melalui suaranya.

8. Perempuan memang tidak guna alat make-up untuk menonjolkan kejelitaannya melainkan di hadapan suaminya sahaja. Adab bersolek (tabarruj) ini amat ditekankan kepada wanita muslim (muslimah) kerana semestinya kecantikannya adalah hak ekslusif yang mesti dipersembahkan kepada suaminya. Jika ingin keluar bekerja, dia memakai make-up secara bersederhana sahaja sehingga tidak jelas kelihatan pada wajahnya dia bersolek. Jangan bersolek sehingga cantiknya anda sehingga kadang2 wajah anda menjadi seperti hantu. Hendak bergincu? Jika bergincu, pakailah yg tidak menyerlah warnanya. atau Mengapa tidak pakai lipstick sahaja?

9. Perempuan tidak guna kain tudung yang jarang-jarang seperti jarangnya jala yang digunakan untuk memukat haiwan akuatik. Kerana apabila memakai tudung seperti ini, akan nampak juga bahagian yang sepatutnya ditutup rapi dari pandangan orang lain. Rambut adalah mahkota, tetapi jangan biarkan mahkota itu tidak 'berharga' dengan menayangkannya tanpa sebarang perlindungan. Jika mahkota berharga disimpan dengan rapi di dlam sangkar, dan ditambah pula pengawal untuk menjaga keselamatannya, maka demikian juga dengan rambut wanita. Sangkar itu adalah kain litup yang sempurna dan pengawalnya pula adalah ilmu yang diamalkan oleh anda untk memakainya dengan cara yang terbaik

wallahualam bi sawab....jadilah muslimah yang dicintai Allah Taala

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Miranabila Azlan, dearest girlfriend

oh dear mira,
my pumpkin juice golden cup darling,
I wish to say thanks for ur greatest warmth compliment,
my writing is really nothing....
well, ok I know I have done wrong to myself,
I let everyone feel sympathy towards me,
especially about that foolish issue on not getting a place in somewhat called boarding school,
if I said I feel ok about that for the time being, I might being a bluffer, actually I am not,
but please dont sympathize me.
I might or yes, I do sound so emotional in these couple of months,
bragging about my unfortunate life, which yes, miserably, more unfortunate than ever,
it feel worse.
but, I am strong. I know I am.
And I'll be forgetting about all my stupid and foolish past of mine immediately although it seems tougher than words.
anyway, next year, I'll not be around anymore, I'll soon be in reality.
so, the conclusion here, please remove all your sympathies toward me.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

New Michael Jackson's song

well, last night I heard this weird urban song on the radio, by MJ. At first I thought it was Usher who sang that song, but at last, when I have a few thoughts, YUP! it is MJ.

OK, MJ is a pop KING. That is for sure. But how come he cant make up a new good song here. That song potrays how fool a man is in handling their responsibility as a PURE MAN. I am sorry to tell that I forgot the song's title. But, most of the lyrics uttered out, came like this:-

'sorry, but that kid is not my son'

see, this is a song which tell people that MJ actually has another son out of wedlock. And he refuses to take responsibility of becoming the kid's father. He tells people that the woman who gave birth to the baby is senile and also lying.

Well, for most of those Americans they might think there's nothing to brag about this song. But here in the EAST, people are sensitive to such issues. Most men dont wanna take the responsibility on their new born child. This is so serious. They just know how to do it, and then leave it like that, like eating a candy bar than throw away the wrapper. Hahaha.

So, its a very weird song, and very funny to hear too. Just on ur radio to XFRESH fm, and have an ear to the songs. HAHAHA.

Monday, 26 May 2008


now such a funny thing.
In yesterday's papers, there was this woman who actually wrote about her angerness, towards the authority who said women should accept polygamy as a norm in life. Well, for me its a cliche'.

As for muslims' men they are such lucky creatures who are given the opportunity to have 4 wives. But in condition, must also treat them equal. This is mainly to avoid sex before marriage or even childbirth out of wedlock. Some even married many just to help those pity women who need protection from a man.

For non-muslims, this issue seems to be bothering them especially non-muslims' women. Because some of their husbands think that they can also marry to many women like muslims' men. I just think, they can DO THAT if they convert to ISLAM. But, it will be sins if one is converting into ISLAM just because to fulfill his lust.

So, what can we do to stop this issues from being a great war among people? I just cant think of any yet, but what is right is, men themselves should be happy for what they had. If they can afford to have two wives, then go ahead, dont keep mistresses. But, if they cant, no money please stop dreaming. Women need extra care from men. Not as a play to fulfill their nasty lust. And if men remarried, to have kids, (because his wife is infertile) then, its alright in my opinion. hahahah
just a piece of my thought.

New way to let children and ado;escent fit and healthy?

hahhaha....finally the Sunday News Time had something called 'interesting' to offer it's readers.
IN its article on education, will u believe that there is a special boarding school for overweight teenagers?

This is one of the United States' iniative in collaboration to get rid of those fat kids, and obese adolescents. Well, as we know, being an obese is a total downpour for many people, plus being an obese will open up all those high risks of getting terrible deathly diseases.

I forget where the school is located, however, I do know that it is situated far in those small states in the forests. Why is this so? Easy people, they want those kids who study there, being avoid by high cholesterol food namely JUNK FOODS and FAST FOODS. And do the kids studying there feel happy? The answer is of course NO! When a child id becoming overweight, she or he already lives in a life which needs him or her eats and eats till drop. They cant bear of having strict schedules on their meals time. Some of them couldnt bear living there for 2 days! Its like a military school for them, or even worst, a PRISON!!

For enrolment, the limit of age is within the age of 12 to 18 years old. And for one semester that is 8 months, the fees is actually US$60,000, which make this is far beyond expensive and afforadable than fees in Harvard. WOW!!! So, does this school only for those wealthy fat bums? NO! actually thos ein the middle earned family also are willingly to pay extra expensive for their children to be in this school. Some of them couldnt bear to have such an unhealthy children that might be insulted or isolated in the future.

Does this school achieve its mission? Yes, because, one of its student, now 19, had lost 20 kg in those 6 months of living in this boarding school. Also, there is a girl now happy with her healthy normal weight life. So, any obese girls or boys around here who want to enroll into this boarding school? THink huntwice!!! coz its damn expensive and it will only burden your parents who gonna pay the expenses to this school.

Friday, 23 May 2008


obviously looking rather boring.
I dont know what else I could do
to just .....make this person,
notice me again?
I gave up.
and yes, at last maryam, reply my sms,
which i think is a very good thing of her.
and also huda who never complaint if her credit is running low
coz I asked her to call me.
I knew the way of laugh once more,
thanks to my dearest buddy fatin syamimi
she really has enlighten my nervous-tension days at school
and I really am missing my counsellor, Cikgu Fazli.
HE will be leaving soon, and yet I havent done anything for him.
i guess this year mid term's holidays will be just average.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Becoming a doctor? Is that what I totally want?

I have just read through an article posted by my friend in a forum. Its about the truth of the life of a soon-becoming doctor. It really has opens up my big eyes. I, for the last five minutes just now, realised that, WHAT A TOUGH EXPOSURE!!

Ok, let say I obtained flying colours result in my SPM. Then, been offered or qualified to enter medic school. Can u believe that for the first degree, I have to study for 5 to 7 years?? Its totally equivalent to the number of years studying in secondary school. What will I get if I succeeded to have my first medical degree? Well, I might be working in a hospital, a goverment hospitals with so many patients and people!! By that, my salary will be around RM 1500, if includung all the allowances, I might probably get RM 3000. I am not being materialistic here, but do u think RM 3000 will be enough and worth it for the exposures and tiredness a doctor has to take. Will RM 3000 worth like it worths now in the future? The time per day is 10 hours, no resting at all.

And before I forgot, if I want to really get a pHD, I will have to get back to university, whether locally or at overseas. And this time, I have to stuck with books for another 5-7 years. Exams will be always around the corner. If I failed in one semester, I might get expelled or suspended, or having to repeat back my studies. During semester breaks, according to my friend's post, medic students will not find themselves in hometown, instead, still in campus, running to libraries, staying at home and dorm trying to focus as the upcoming exam is sooner. There will be tonnes of assignments, and no more time to mint the enjoyable life of being a university student.

After the 5 years studying to get a phD, still, I who wanna be a doctor so much, will have to succumb to enormous-exposure job at goverment hospitals. Will I get high respects? The answer is well, YEAH, if I am an expert, or specialist in my career, but if I am just a typical doctor, I will be a loser. By the way, at this rate, my salary will be about rm 6000, well, thats not enough when come to compare with our grade as well as phD graduates who has yet being so succumb to excel in studies, do we as doctors want to get low paid salary? No!!! Besides, by this time, our friends, who studies enginnering would perhaps earning multiple million of ringgit, as well as having a big happy family, same goes with friends studying account, business and management, and others. WHile doctors, still using their old cars and old clothes plus no one to be loved, and love with. So pathetic.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Exam: Tough than expected

mid year striked again, mid year of 2008. and here came exam time. which i will be sitting or I must say already sitting for 3 weeks in a row.

today, tuesday, I had my Sains Pertanian Paper. That paper was damn tough, most of classmates were copying each other, meanwhile our teacher seemed to do not care at all. Only Chiam and I and some other good students who did on our own.

And we also had English Paper 1, 2 essays must be written. I think they were easy, and I must get A. Puan Thava already asked me about the paper, I must try to flatter her till she become unconscious. HAHAH.

Ok, tomorrow I ll be having paper 2 for Sains pertanian, oh god, I am so not in the mood to study. and yes I will have ENGlish paper 2 too. Hope it will easy and calming.


Saturday, 10 May 2008

YES!! satu beban selesai

HAri ni aku mempunyai semangat patriotisme yang agak tinggi, so of coz aku akan post dalam Bahasa Melayu yang tercinta.

Hari ni apa aku buat?? Haahaha..sebagai manusia, kita mempunyai rutin yang hampir sama....
kalau aku, yang bergelar Dayana ni lak...

>pagi2, about 7:20 dah out untuk perlawanan badminton peringkat sekolah je. my partner, namanye chiam, marah skit laa tadi sbb die kate aku selalu lambat kalau nak pi mana2, selalu x ikut time. sorry bebanyak. aku sebenarnya amatlah letih, malam tidur x cukup, sebab semalam lepas habis je sekolah, aku balik rumah siapkan nota Sains Pertanian. FUH!! berlambak betul nota kena buat dan semestinya semua itu keluar dalam exam selasa ni. hari tu dapat A1, tuh dah terer laa tuh. kali ni kena lebih tererlaaa, am I right?? of coz i am right laa..

>perlawanan lak diadakan di sekolah rendah bersebelahan dengan Kajang Utama high school. Court lak ada satu, jenuh tunggu turn untuk chiam and I. lebih dua jam tunggu. akhirnya tiba laaa waktunya. melemah lutut?? menggigil lututlaa...aku mcm x brapa confident. hahah...chiam mcm marah je tadi, tp i rasa x... salah faham kot, nevermind...

>game 2, ok sikit, lawan banyak buat silap. menang free je akhirnya. sekarang tgh tunggu untuk single lawan juara sekolah berturut2. adoi!!! kena menang ni...kalahkan kak munesh dan ALYA!!

>ALYA lak asyik berlagak. nasib baik berlagak sebab mmg die pandai main, kalau x, dah lama aku terajang masuk longkang. Kebelakangan ni asyik sakitkan hati aku je budak Alya tuh.

>Huda lak pi Johor x silap aku. rindu lak kat die, and yes aku rindu kat maryam pun ada.....maryam call laaa aku.....

>and yes ada org ajak aku masuk kelab rukun tetangga rakan muda. nak masuk ek tak nak ek??? malas je rasanya....ntah, nantilah pikir .

>and another thing. ada orang tuh mcm bosan je kawan ngan aku. aku ckp sepatah sepatah laa die balas. apa punye best fren mcm ni. masa aku silent die banyak ckp, skrang aku banyak ckp die lak nak remain silent. pahal laa....ada masalah ke??

hai....what to do, is the conclusion....hahaha:d

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

HUH!! and UH!!

MY friends told me that I've changed aince I befriend with Azeem. I asked them, what are the changes? They just said "Think urself"

Huda on the other hand said I was a bit paranoid in Bio class just now. She said I shouldnt said "Dont care about them" i mean dont care about the other students. I was so selfish I guess. Meanwhile, I on the other hand, still with my non-stop laughing syndrome.

I pitied Nina. She has been depressed because of upcoming exam. She said she didnt understand anything taught in Chemistry. Poor her. Puan thava cherished us all today, with a class full of laughters. I even being let to drink in class. and eat as well....

Ok, wish me luck and pray for A1 for me for tomorrow papers, BIOLOGY paper 1, 2 and 3 people!! daa...

love u guys....(who read my blog with attentive)

Monday, 5 May 2008

Unforgettable Scripts

from Snow Queen, Korean Drama

>the hero: do you know, darling, why I like math so much?
>the gf : no, for me math is like the most horrible thing. Tell me why?
>the hero: coz, math got the answers. No matter how hard to solve the problems but at last we
still get the answers. Not like human. So hard to get to know their answers within
within their heart.
Kindergarten Cops
>the officer : where is your teacher?
>boy 1 : oh you dont know where she went?
>boy 2 : she went to the funeral. Her dad passed away last night.
>officer : oh pity of her! ok, lets forget about sad things, lets learn something new!\
>boy 2 : officer, do you know when you will be dead?
>officer : nope. ok boy lets learn how to draw a police bike.
>boy 2 : officer, everyone will die you know. YOU too....
>officer : yes! i KNOw that boy. Now can we proceed....
the whole class shouted YES!!!
>boy 2 : officer, you will die soon....I meant it! everyone will die.....
(whats wrong with the boy)^^
From Reader's digest
A man was returning home after work, it was in the middle of the afternoon. hot afternoon I must say.
man : honey honey where are you? (calling his wife)
wife : Helllo darling, its so hot....
man : why on earth are u naked? You donate ur clothes to the orphans? huh?
wife : darling, its hot, thats why I prefer to be naked
man: Hey! are u fool or what! Switch on the aircond laa......!!
(the above is 18++)
In my class....
The Physic teacher said the calculator is essential to bring to class everyday. My friends said that calculator is like our underwear. If we forgot to bring it, it means we dont wear anything just now...on our way to physic class
chris: daksa, u tak pakai underwear ke???
daksa: apa?!! apa u merepek ni, of coz i pakai....
chris: mana??? tunjuk kat aku....
daksa : huh!! apa kau ni!!
chris : cepatlaa, keluarkan laa.....
daksa: apa ni!!!~~
mimi: maksud chris, mana kau punyer calculator laa....
daksa : cakaplaa AWAL-AWAL!!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

wah.....time flew so fast

can't cope with time
it has been so fast
many of my plans arent going to be true
one of them is of coz participating in Math Months activities
and planning a trip to Breadtown for my math club which I am the president.
and this wednesday, I will be sitting for the MID year exam. The format will be like in SPM papers, I mean exactly....
so rite now, been so busy preparing for exam. not easy.
badminton?? hmm, I still have single and double game.
not easy also, very tough indeed.
winning? not so sure.
just pity chiam if we lost in double.

Friday, 2 May 2008


liking song sampai syurga frm Faizal Tahir
Sempurna by Gita Gutawa
reading Veronica Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho{BEST BOOK:D}
playing badminton
neither happy nor sad
busy with school life
pn thava's servant
dissapointed in sumone


School life was rather bored and dull today, math teacher wasnt on duty and so was the BM teacher. The whole day we were doing SPM paper (2004) for math subject, tough theres no doubt.

Ok, so whats the deal with the title mentioned above? Well, apparently, Pn Thava, my darling english teacher, asked me to collect the money for Reader's Digest requesters, in my class. The first day it came to be fine, but the next upcoming days everything went wrong. I am a bad treasurer!!! The whole sum of money collected wasnt enough and equal to the actual value. I was panicked. Pn Thava was doubting about my professional ethics. She asked me who didnt pay? and i was like, oh god, wheres the list!!!!

I know that Ikhwan hasnt paid, but he said he had. LIAR!!! detected!!!! Damn, humiliating.......!!!! and also i accidentally, "jelirkan lidah" to pn THAVA.

what happens to me????????