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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

HUH!! and UH!!

MY friends told me that I've changed aince I befriend with Azeem. I asked them, what are the changes? They just said "Think urself"

Huda on the other hand said I was a bit paranoid in Bio class just now. She said I shouldnt said "Dont care about them" i mean dont care about the other students. I was so selfish I guess. Meanwhile, I on the other hand, still with my non-stop laughing syndrome.

I pitied Nina. She has been depressed because of upcoming exam. She said she didnt understand anything taught in Chemistry. Poor her. Puan thava cherished us all today, with a class full of laughters. I even being let to drink in class. and eat as well....

Ok, wish me luck and pray for A1 for me for tomorrow papers, BIOLOGY paper 1, 2 and 3 people!! daa...

love u guys....(who read my blog with attentive)

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Wael said...

just hanging around ...

good luck in ur biology papers

nice blog , keep posting :)