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Monday, 5 May 2008

Unforgettable Scripts

from Snow Queen, Korean Drama

>the hero: do you know, darling, why I like math so much?
>the gf : no, for me math is like the most horrible thing. Tell me why?
>the hero: coz, math got the answers. No matter how hard to solve the problems but at last we
still get the answers. Not like human. So hard to get to know their answers within
within their heart.
Kindergarten Cops
>the officer : where is your teacher?
>boy 1 : oh you dont know where she went?
>boy 2 : she went to the funeral. Her dad passed away last night.
>officer : oh pity of her! ok, lets forget about sad things, lets learn something new!\
>boy 2 : officer, do you know when you will be dead?
>officer : nope. ok boy lets learn how to draw a police bike.
>boy 2 : officer, everyone will die you know. YOU too....
>officer : yes! i KNOw that boy. Now can we proceed....
the whole class shouted YES!!!
>boy 2 : officer, you will die soon....I meant it! everyone will die.....
(whats wrong with the boy)^^
From Reader's digest
A man was returning home after work, it was in the middle of the afternoon. hot afternoon I must say.
man : honey honey where are you? (calling his wife)
wife : Helllo darling, its so hot....
man : why on earth are u naked? You donate ur clothes to the orphans? huh?
wife : darling, its hot, thats why I prefer to be naked
man: Hey! are u fool or what! Switch on the aircond laa......!!
(the above is 18++)
In my class....
The Physic teacher said the calculator is essential to bring to class everyday. My friends said that calculator is like our underwear. If we forgot to bring it, it means we dont wear anything just now...on our way to physic class
chris: daksa, u tak pakai underwear ke???
daksa: apa?!! apa u merepek ni, of coz i pakai....
chris: mana??? tunjuk kat aku....
daksa : huh!! apa kau ni!!
chris : cepatlaa, keluarkan laa.....
daksa: apa ni!!!~~
mimi: maksud chris, mana kau punyer calculator laa....
daksa : cakaplaa AWAL-AWAL!!

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