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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Something to share...

FYI, I just returned from a two-days camping at the school compound which only 5km from my home sweet home. This is maybe my second camping experience in my whole 16 years of life. Well, I am not a camping-typo, but I admit that I do love camping.

I was representing PBSM for the camp woth another 21 members, who 7 of them are my friends. Chiam, Durrah, Mimi, Aina, Daksayani and Shamnee followed too. I, as th PBSM President, was forced to go actually, but I didnt hesitate, instead I just go with open hands. To be true, the camp was not too bad at all, even though my friends and I were divided to different groups. I was in group 2, leaded by a from 6 student, namely Abang Aniz. And suprisingly, Chiam who was in group 1 was chosen as the team's leader.

The treasure hunt was cool and exhilarating. Running back and forth, made us all tired and thirsty of coz, especially when we had to complete a task of 30 situps. A lot of games involved math, which were the time for me to glow, and yes I did, except for Sudoku, as I couldnt do it in tense. So overall, we won the 5th place for the treasure hunt which is not a bad thing at all.

During late afternoon, before we set up our tents, we were asked to discuss on the sketch we're going to perform at night, during the Malam Kebudayaan. Frankly speaking, everyone was blurred and we were running out of ideas at first. Bro Aniz couldnt think of anything until at one moment, I was the one who gave out my idea. The sketch was a theme on patriotism, a boring one I supposed. I told my members what they have to do, and that they have to act spontaneously as we had no time to write scripts for everyone. When the night came, we heating up the stage, our sketch was the best. That was the best event ever!

And, for badminton for the next day, although Chiam and I didnt make it to the final, we were still happy. At least we were able to play despite of our sick bodies. The game went to our senior. At the end of the camp event, we were satisfied of what we've earned. Chiam got the best participant certificate, and her group won the best group category meanwhile mine, won the second place or first runner up. My tent which was occupied with Durrah, Chiam and I, won the best setting up tent competition.

Overall, all I can say is that the camp was a joy. But always remember do not pack too many things for camping. Adios*_*

Thursday, 19 June 2008


In a very small, cosy home, there lived a happy small family of three. They consisted of a mom, a father and their 17 year old son. They are usually busy with their own business and never take a glance at other's problems, but on one beautiful Sunday.....

the son named Tun came into the kitchen and he saw his beautiful chinese mother, and of course biological mother, was happily drinking her coffee.

Tun: Wah mom, you look so happy there. Did you cook anything?? I smell something delicious.

Mom: Hmm...well, I didnt cook anything la. Today is Sunday is time to rest.

Tun: But how come I smell something delicious?

Mom: I dont know. Maybe it came from the trash can. (with a sinis smile)

Tun: Nevermind laa...I have already eaten actually. I ate a burger just now. And that is why a
a burger dealer benefits.

So, Tun decided to sit next to his mom.

Mom: Hey, Tun. Do you know what job did ur uncle Meor get?

Tun: A slave, MOM.

Mom: Haiya, I am asking seriously laa...I heard that he gets a big salary, about rm1500 a month

Tun: Ah, thats so cheap laa...I got rm500

Mom: What!? Rm500?? That's lower than his laa..

Tun: Aiyaa. He is the government slave, yet he gets only rm1500, but I, I am the burger dealer
and I get rm 500. I am the only boss and no slave. Haahah

Mom: Whatever.

Then, in a few minutes, came the daddy....

Mom: Darling, its already 2 pm and u just woke up?

Dad: Relaxla, I went jogging and taichi this morning. So tired....

Mom: Oh yeah! When do u want to pay the bills?? Its due date laa...if u were late ours might
have to be dripped off.

Dad: Nevermind laa.. we are the one who pays. They just receive. And u, have u cook yet?

Mom: No, I am on a 'holiday'. I am bored of cooking.

Dad: Nevermind then...

Tun: Dad, what if we go to eat outside. Its been ages since we had one. How about at the 5 star
hotel in town?

Mom: Are you crazy??Its expensive laa...Your dad didnt even have the money to pay for the

Dad: Nevermindlaa...its not always...just once at a time what...dont be too serious.

Tun: Dad, I have got the warning notice, I'll be sentence if I failed to pay the PTPTN money.

Dad: Nevermindlaa...its not like you will in jail forever.

Mom: yeah....nevermind laa. they just want to take you behind bars, not execute you.

Tun: Ok then.

Mom: Oh god, look at the time. Its asar already.

Dad: Asar!!??? Oh god, I miss my Zuhur laa...

Tun: Nevermind dad. U can still pray zuhur tomorrow.

the end....with tun being slapped by his dad

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A teribble day

Oh dear God.
Wednesday was supposed to be the best days in school, but I guess not this time.
What actually happened?
>I felt something wrong but I can't detect it<
>Puan Thava asked me to couple with Ikhwan to do the a brochure on saving water<
>Ikhwan, who better known as my class prince, was so quiet, although he contributed much<
>Huda sat at another place, left me alone<
>some people said they re boring with me<
>math club!! a disaster!!<
>praised by the practical teacher regarding my results in exams<
>cold, and raining!! spoil time to play badminton<
>tiredness unexplained<
>scolded by junaidi<
>I despise junaidi!<
>One mark lowered than Chiam 0.0<
>insulted by form 2 geek-slimy-boys<
certainly not a pleasing day....

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Not a satisfactory

rite, again, fail in attempt to get all A1 in my 11 papers. Thanks to dear PHYSIC, the study originated from Isaac Newton.

I've been waited for almost 2 weeks I think for the paper, I was amused by my paper 2, which I scored the highest, but then woah!! Paper 3, I FAILED, my experiment was not acceptable by dear Pn Suzita (My physic teacher). She even said it out loud, "WHat KIND of EXPERIMENT IS THIS??" I was humiliated, but I acted cool...the boys were happy to see me humiliated of coz.

Final score is 66% which is a B3. So did chiam, 67% and only a person obtained A2, which is Luqman Hakim, WHO IS a bit of a stuck-up. After that, was EST, luckily I am the only person who got A1 for it, which is terribly only 76% T_T. In my essays there's written "A good attempt, but becareful with your spellings". Thanks to teacher for reminding me.

All my elective paper was a bit called misery. Tough paper, with easy questions and hard answers. Nevermind, score next time...

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

3rd term of school 2008

I am determined to be more focus this time, coz the last year exam is coming really soon. Also, if I calculate, the time for the spm 09 to come is less than a year. Have to get ready!

Let's gettin' started, my friends, well most of them including Chiam, Mimi, and Chris plus Christina, went to a camping trip for 3 days, and yeah, the truth is I am alone. Not that I am really alone, just that, the best buddies of mine arent going to be with me. So, the days wouldbe pretty dull. Luckily huda is not going anywhere unless she decides to absent from school.

The school started with teachers given away the exams papers. And we got to see our marks. For BM, the teacher didnt even marked our papers yet, but for math I got 90% which is a decrease, and chiam got 98!! well, she's smart. For add math, satisfaction with 89% is ok I guess, the highest, I guess. And english, 93%, suprisingly good.

Before I forgot, the BIO teacher, needed some students to participate in an invention competition which will be held next month I think. So, she will tell us kids, later. and I cant wait, of coz I would like to participate, but what would I invent anyway?? It needs to be a creative and innovative masterpiece.

And, thats all for this week perhaps. No blazzing stories just simple ones. And need to go, to watch PUSHING daisies. assalamualaikum...^_^

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I am alright AND ADDICTED TO skins

think so and guess so. ah, today, the person i was waiting cant show up. what a pleasant 'suprise'. I guess this gonna be another simple, boring saturday. sigh....

now its my 3rd skin, i was going to find a skin that really reflects my hatred towards some cruel society but all I could fine is the loving-bubly-girlish skins. Boring!! I like some of them, but again, there are love caption on the top and everywhere, plus the fonts are INCREDIBLY small till I cant see anything.

I'll change it immediately again la. but not now, and I would like to put an adsense in my blog, hehe it was afif's idea. well, actually I really didnt have the intention to change my skin, but when alia nenek the 3rd said that mine is like fariez's I was like "Hell!! My blog isnt like others!!" U know what I meant do ya?

I was pretty obviously have this fed up feeling towards a friend of mine. She had made chiam and I looked pretty stupid this morning. We went to her place because she invited us to play badminton (again huh!?), but hoho, what a kicking-bloodish hell, she wasnt home. I, who is the bravest than chiam (hehehe), knocked her neighbour. THe aunty told me that alya (the friend i am talking about) is still at her hometown in Melaka. She is DAMN-WILL GET MY PEACE OF KICK.

So, rather than head to home, I suggested to Chiam that we better play laa, coz we already arrived at tht place. Not a good game, totally NOT. The wind was ablaze and we really like long time never play kinda look. Then, the tiny water of rain from GOD poured down, and so what a wait, we headed home. Oh yeah, Chiam got herself a brand new haircut. Nice...but mine nicer...hehhe:)

so long ek?

Friday, 6 June 2008

Ugly Betty Last For 2nd Season

hoho.. finally ugly betty turned its curtain down, and bid us with farewell exatcly on the 3rd june (my birthday that was).

in this last episode of ugly betty, betty was called to join the Mode company to play baseball versus the Elle Magazine company, mostly for charity work. Well, unfortunately, at first, betty disagree mainly because she is a softbone who cant play games. She reminded how her 'best friend' which was casted by Lindsay Lohan (wow!) tricked her foolishly while they were playing dodge ball in high school. but, Gio, (heheh) he persuaded betty, but betty still on her stand.

for the same time, her boss, Daniel Meade (the cassanovah), was busy preparing a new report for the baseball tournament and couldnt help his transexual brother who is now a woman or known as Alexis (she's hot!!) chose the right outfit for the women players. Bad day for daniel though, the client didnt understand a bit of his report and this gave chance for wilhemina (the snake-bitching sexy lady) to take control of the meeting and boom!! she succeeded in winning the client's heart. Of course, this situation made Daniel thinks that he is a jerk (which he was) and Betty thinks he is a jerk too. Ahahaha.

ALSO. in this very episode, here comes the suprise, Daniel found out that he has an illegitimate son from France. That boy was cute as a kitty. He was Daniel's offspring with a model who had just died in France. So, the boy was in mission to find for his dad in New York city, which is Mr Daniel Meade. Daniel, who was still fed up with his failure in the recent meeting couldnt accept the fact that he is now a dad. SO he ran out a paternity test. But soon after that the boy ran away coz he knew that Daniel didnt even bother about his coming. While Wilhemina, got her hands on that boy, and made a stupid video, where the boy had to act as if he was kicked out by Daniel. The whole media got this story, and Alexis as the Mode's president became furious as this will jeopardise the company's big name.

Ok, Betty on the other hand got a suprise at her home. Henry which is her bf suddenly appeared and proposed her, plus wanted her to follow him to Tucson. He even got a job for Betty there. Mr Suarez who is Betty's dad disagree because he didnt want Betty to live as far away as in Tucson. And on the same time, Gio wanted Betty to follow him all the way to Rome for a holiday. Hard choice huh?

During that very game at the baseball tournament, Betty met both Henry and Gio, but all she could do was to run away from both of them. She couldnt make up her choice. Meanwhile, when the game was about to start Daniel and Wilhemina had a big fight, and Daniel accused Wilhemina for faking the video of his son. Wilhemina said it was her doing, and she fired Daniel. Wilhemina became the pitcher in the game, and she rocks..!!! Plus, there was supermodel NAomi Campbell either. Man she's sweetHOT! but overall Mode won the game, as Betty could catch the ball hit by Naomi.

So thats all for betty second season. I dont know whom she chose. Hope its gio.HAHA, AND DANIEL IS spending his leisure time with his french son.

a story of the quest to find the real princess

In far away land, lived a queen whom was very fussy over choosing the right bride-to-be for her spoilt and foolish prince. She set up so many tests to find the most genuine princess for her son. Many people, in her kingdom, hated this situation as the queen's rule stated that no one would be able to marry until her son is married.

The last princess was on test failed to answer the last question. So, she failed to marry the prince. The queen went, "this means we have to wait for several years for the princesses' sisters grow up". Everyone became furious including Lady Larken.

Lady Larken was the Soon-to be Prime Minister's girlfriend. She wanted to get married as soon as possible because she found out that she was pregnant. However, the prime minister, Harry, couldnt granted her wish, as he had to follow the queen's rule.

Lady Larken became so sad, and asked Harry to go search for a roincess for the royal prince. Since Harry didnt want Larken to feel sad, so he asked for the queen's permission. At first, the queen didnt agree, but when she was successful persuaded by her son, she let Harry go in search for the princess.

Summer, winter all past, and Harry came back. He brought along a princess from the Icomkill Land. This princess was rarely to be found. She was superactive, but not wise indeed. The queen didnt like the princess, but the prince liked her so much. So, the queen had to make up another test, which seems fair but not fair.

She suggested to hold a test which test the sensitivity of the princess. She wanted 20 mattresses for the princess and a small pea beneath. If the princess could feel the presence of the pea, she must be a real princess.

So, one day, the queen organised a party, and the princess had to dance Spanish Panic. Spanish Panic was known as the hardest and tiresom dance thereis duirng that time. However, the princess didnt even bother to be tired. In fact, she was as alive as an owl. So, the queen's attempt tp get her into sleep wasnt a success.

The princess then, went to her room accompanied by the prince, and did some revision on math, science and history. She wasnt tht good in all. and she felt bored, so she took some walk around the castle until she went into a lock-room. There was lady larken who was imprison for knocking the queen. Lady Larken knew all about the upcming test, but couldnt tell the princess as the sorcerer came and commanded the princess to have a night at the royal chamber of sleep.

Therefore, there's a bed with 20 mattress. Lady Larken who succeed in escaping finally told all the maids about the queen's test. Instead of putting a pea underneath the matresses, they put big stuff and among them was a deer's horn. Fortunately, the queen had no idea about the betrayal of her maids. And yes, the princess sensitivity was tested and she succeed. The queen became mad, but the prince had to voice out. "SHUT UP MUM!". SO, the queen magically became mute, and coudnt speak a thing, and the princess with the princess was able to be together down the chapel, and live forever with happiness.

the end....

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Higher Cost for Living in Our Own Beloved Country Malaysia.

Yesterday, the 4th June, our country announced the terrible news for us people, the increasing price of OIL. and also, the electricity bills will be increasing starting from 1st of July, which is very soon indeed.

In the medias, I meant tv, what I had seen was thousands of people, queued up just to have their vehicles' tanks filled up. Most of them succeed, while most of them had to go home in bare. Even my daddy, failed in attempt to fill his tank. Poor everyone.

As the increasing of petrol damaging people's heart in every way, the citizens must also 'comprimise' with their increasing cost of living. From now onwards, everything will be expensive as before, except for flour.

For the high income family, these issues must be a norm for them, especially those chinese tycoons in town. But, for low income people, they will sigh and sigh, and pray for the prices to decrease. Those who are working, have to face the fact that the value of money now has no need to be brag about. The salaries are still in the initial amount while prices are increasing mountainly, these include, bus fare and also flight tickets. Besides, the increasing oil's price will also slowly nurture to a destruction of our tourism sector.

WHat to do....
just hope no inflation occur

Huda darling?? what happen

i am so SORRY from head to toe to huda
I couldnt reply ur message via sms as my credit had terminated yesterday
i tried to contact u my babe, but it seems to be blocked?
man, i hate this
please dont torture urself
ur heart, is my soul
ur body, is my weapon
i'll be on ur side...

Hoola...Emo la Conte?

fine, I'll pass off with my spanish, nothing has to do with the above title
wah, today. I just gained a lot of cholesterol. I ate a piece of cake!!!?? Whats wrong for eating it anyway??? Hahaha....well, I promised myself to start taking cakes, but I couldnt help myself.

I bought this so hardy book of physic recently. man, i am getting fed up as a lioness, i couldnt answer them. I am terribly dumb in physics. What can i do??

this holidays i cant really tell its a suck one, coz I had experienced even sucker experiences before. So I gave 2 stars for this holiday. and I have to agree that my trip to Ipoh recently was the best this month. Being with pak jang was so much fun, he was damn funny old guy. same goes with mak jang, she is a brilliant baker of all time.

and some good time playing badminton last week was great. although i sucked in most of them. I burnt a few kilos, but then again I obtained extra of kilos this week. hahahah:)

so, holidays in malaysia for a young woman, not so fun not so dull. thts what i was going to say.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My Day of Turning 16?

Morning everyone!! Hahaha!:) What a pleasant suprise for being able to live in this world again and being online just to post a braking news about my birthday. Yes people. My birthday falls on the 3rd June every year. And it is the same as the no2 tennis player Rafael Nadal from Spain. Hahah:)

I am so grateful to Allah Almighty because HE has given me my 16th live today. There're reasons why HE did this. Everything happens under reasons. Ok, I have a list of people who are my bestest pals for wishing me happy birthday. Let see, who's the ealybirds and those who late bums.

The fastest among all is my dearest friend from Sekolah Al Masyoor for boys (Penang), the only one Fahmi Faisal. He wished me happy birthday exatcly at 12 am. Sweet!! He promised to buy me a kain batik from Kelantan, coz he is now in Kelantan with his dad. The second is my loveable senior and my favourite commander of all, Hamizah Johan who is now studying in MRSM Kuantan. I didnt expect her to be remembering my big day. And last night, we kept sending sms like rocks!! Hahaha:) At least its not so dull. The third was Naqib or better known as Qubezo who is one of the members from Malakat92 (my forum). He thought he would be the first, poor him. But its so sweet of him to wish me though.

Ok, who else, this morning, I meant just now, I got some offline messages. And some of them are from Azeem, who is currently busy preparing for SPM. He wished me happy birthday and sigh for almost being old?? haizz....and then I also got the fifth message wishing me happy birthday from akeem the co-founder of malakat92. Great!! He is nice. And the 6th will be my whole-life-hearted buddy who is also my classmate since I was in grade 5, nonetheless, Nurul Huda Abd Razak, she sent me an ecard. Nice ecard babe! And last but not least the 7th person would be Faisal Amir, who is also a forumer from Malakat 92. Most of them are boys aik?? Where the heck are my Girlfriends?? HOw could them.....???:(

My families? I dont know what happen to them, I think they have forgotten allabout my birthday. None of them even spend their 2 seconds of wishing me happy birthday, not even my mom. Haizz...what a 'great' family...and what do I get as gifts? Nothing, the important part is getting friends and families to remember our birthday. Thats all.

Until then, see ya again....
here's a song for me...

happy birthday to you,
I went to the zoo,
I saw a monkey,
and I know it wasnt meeee!!