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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hoola...Emo la Conte?

fine, I'll pass off with my spanish, nothing has to do with the above title
wah, today. I just gained a lot of cholesterol. I ate a piece of cake!!!?? Whats wrong for eating it anyway??? Hahaha....well, I promised myself to start taking cakes, but I couldnt help myself.

I bought this so hardy book of physic recently. man, i am getting fed up as a lioness, i couldnt answer them. I am terribly dumb in physics. What can i do??

this holidays i cant really tell its a suck one, coz I had experienced even sucker experiences before. So I gave 2 stars for this holiday. and I have to agree that my trip to Ipoh recently was the best this month. Being with pak jang was so much fun, he was damn funny old guy. same goes with mak jang, she is a brilliant baker of all time.

and some good time playing badminton last week was great. although i sucked in most of them. I burnt a few kilos, but then again I obtained extra of kilos this week. hahahah:)

so, holidays in malaysia for a young woman, not so fun not so dull. thts what i was going to say.

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