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Friday, 27 March 2009

Some Tasks are completed;D

Well I must say that I am relieved when some of the tasks at school have been completed. It was first about the Forum on Pelestarian Alam Sekitar, which had been done yesterday. It was fun, the teacher said she can already see who can go to represent the school at the zone level next month. I think it will not be me. Hahaha.

The physics' practical papers have been completed too, well I did took a month just to finish three practicals on Physics. The major problem right now, is my account class. The teacher seemed damn busy this week, because she is involved in the Hari Anugerah preparation. Guess what!? There's a new boy in class, and he is Nasrul. Let me brag some things about him.

He was my classmate and a friend years back, when we were standard six. Well, he is a smart person, and went to some boarding school. Now, he's here, and I have no idea what brought him back. He looks just the same, but just pimples make him look rather peculiar? Perhaps...

For the exam, I got 9A's. But I must say only severals are A1. But, what do I care??? They aren't that important, as what came out were only those in the first and second chapters. Duh T-T
This time I really salute Irwan, whom has really emerge himself to the top. His marks were amazing. I must say that he is a hardworking person, or if not mistaken he is the most HARDWORKING boy in class. Congrats Irwan!~

Even though some of my friends are already trying to surpass me, what can i say? Life is like a rolling wheel. Sometimes we are at the top and sometimes it's just our luck to be at the bottom. I accept that as a fact of life in this mortal world.

Oh great! It's time for class. See ya again some other time!

And tomorrow, please do SUPPORT EARTH HOUR!!~ Just switch off the lights for AN HOUR!!` A simple task we can do to save the universe! YEah baby;D

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tell me something cool

I don't know why , but my days seem boring and boring and it came again, the boredom. Yesterday, I did Solat Istikharah just to get some "petunjuk" or "light" that Allah could give me, on the biggest DILEMMA for the year, either wanna take accounting or not for SPM.

To tell the truth, I haven't get that point or light yet. I just waiting hope it came by tonight because, the decision has to be made by tomorrow morning. Well, what did I really do for my one week school holidays. Like always nothing peculiar or adventurous. I just wish I were more energetic and fun and outstanding so that I can do peculiar things. Hahaha:D Hoping that high huh?? Well, too bad hope is hope. No need to be Si Luncai.

Today, my mom canceled the plan to go to Hot Balloon Riding, to visiting The Bird's Park in KL. Well, actually it was my sister's idea. Let me tell you that I have no fond of birds, I am just not the lover of the Earth's treasures. Of course I did took few pictures and no need to post them down here.

I just realise that some of my so called friends don't really need me. I hate myself for meeting them in the first place. My best friends are just those over the cyber life, whom helped me a lot for the past months with my problems. My real-life friends, just like to take me for granted. That what I feel. Whateverla. Maybe I am not born to be having a good social life. Even my communicating skills are damn bad, no wonder I never got phone calls from any of my friends.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

A Total Meltdown;C

I am so frustrated as I could no longer be able to bring my school to somecalled international level via entering the World Math Day 2009. If only I had knew it earlier, I must have registered my school in it.

I've been trying to open the web since two days ago after I read about it in my forum of Well, I was becoming eccentric and overjoyed when I knew it is a competition. However everything went out unsmoothly when the page could not be loaded, as there were just so many people around the globe whom were using the page.

Just now, I managed to download the page with ease for the first time. I quickly when to the registration button, and the total meltdown just had happened to me. THE REGISTRATION HAS BEEN CLOSED!!! Plus the winner had already been anounced. The winner was some girl from Australia. One of our student, from Dalat International School WON THE 9TH PLACE. COOL!!` And, dont mention the prizes. They are just as awesome as NOBEL Prize. Huaaa~~~ Trust me, I am crying=.=

So back in school this monday, I will be informing my math teacher, to register our school as the player, well of course for next year, which mean I am not going to be with them. So, nevermind, things had just passed, maybe not my luck. Poor me, right??

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Great Pleasure

I almost burst into tears while reading about Nik Madihah whom had just obtained 20 Aces in her recent SPM 08'. This is not something ordinary, but an incredible result. However, it is not her result which had made me cry, its her condition, her environment.

Her father is a fisherman and her mother is a cleaner. They stayed in a very poor environment, the house looked almost like a hut found in Sungai Congkak. Despite her condition, she can still succeed. She had made the family proud, and of course there are so many big names who want to sponsor her further studies.

My neighbour, Naufal who happened to be my friend Marwan's brother, from KISAS got 12 A1's, which is an excellent result. He happened to be one of the two students from that school who got tht, and I must say that it gives me pressure up to the head. The question is what about me?? Will I achieve the same achievement?

Monday, 16 March 2009

Photos: Eishin Gakuen Made a Visit

Before the Japanese invade us:) Haahaha

Batik printing and painting:)

new friends:)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Never Tell When You're Sad

I was revising for my english test, and I read a poem titled "IF". One of the meaning of the poem is not to brag about our misfortunes and sad stories, in order to show that we are strong and having a willed-heart to stand on our own.

Maybe this was my mistake these whole while. I wasn't supposed to brag about my misfortunes to anyone. How can I turn the time back? The answer is always a no. No way of turning the time back, even if I see a dukun or pawang or bomoh for it. But, of course, I won't be doing that stupid thing.

I have regretted in almost everything I did. I am not a genius, and I am almost nobody. With a slight gift from god, and some lucky opportunities, I thought I am great enough to be noticed and to gain attention from people around me. -These are false. I am never great. I can't do things right.

I have failed in my speech contest yesterday, for the 4th time. I pitied the teacher for sending me, the weakest candidate for the speech contest. I sometimes, felt a little stunned because its not that I didn't show my commitment or efforts for the contest, I did, but nothing is the word I gain in return. My dad said "ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD". Maybe he said that because he is far more experienced in pursuing his life or maybe because he just thought that I was over reacted.

Two friends of mine are on their nerves because of me. I was stupid and made wrong decisions that led to their furiousness over me. I apologized, but like always, it always depend on them on forgiving me. They deserve to be mad or whatsoever. I am the one who's stupid.

I am sad when it rained on wednesday, it ruined my day, but what can I do? Its God's will. Maybe its just the beginning of the end of my happiness.

Next week will be a whole week holiday in which I will be sleeping for long, not awaken by a single noise or disturbances. Trust me. I will be sleeping for long. Maybe for eternity. I am so exhausted. I miss Maryam so much, but can she comfort me? I am perplexed on what I am encountering with. I did good to people, but they only see the negative sides of me. Perhaps I have to have a gun and shoot a couple of friends I know, to show my inner feelings. No-that's not the way....

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Its A Fate

How come its so hard to see the person we like for just a glance?

-Its my destiny. I waited, then it rained heavily, and it is the end of the story

Why is my brain do not function properly?

-Been eating too much, kot? Or perhaps, this is what people call 'amnesia' or maybe my brain's neuron cells are invaded by those dangerous pathogens.

How come I didnt get 100 % in the easiest paper of mathematics??

-Christina got 100%. Do I care??? NO!!~Just wanna to brag about it. {But, on 2nd thought, its sad for not being one of the person who gain the attention and shiny eyes as we obtain something great, right?}

I have friends do I? Or maybe I am the one who dont want to be friends with them?

-Yeah that might be true. I am a smug all this while. And arrogant. And snobbish, a stuck-up, and what else?? List it down and sent to me.

Am I ready for Majlis Tilawah Al Quran?

-Ah? Not really...I kept forgetting things lately..

Why cant I slim down?

-Genetic. But I cant blame genetic, coz my family members are slender except me. I am totally a black sheep, aint I?

Do I really sure to take account in spm?

-Emm..Got to learn more, I mean revise more. Pecah otak:(

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Eishin Gakuen made a visit...

Like I announced earlier, 292 students all the way from Eishin Gakuen made a one day visit to my school. I can say that all the teachers were burning the midnight oil to make the event a great one. Well, it was supposed to be a great one, unfortunately some of the plans didn't came out to be as expected.

I was a bit disappointed as I wasn't selected as among the students who can be in pairing with the Japanese kids. My brother was selected, he got 2 Japanese friends and so did the others from his class apparently only Amanah and Amal's students were allowed to participate. Cikgu Dzul then explained why we (my classmates and I) didn't get the opportunity to be with pairing part, so after those explanations we understood that they just want to enhance the juniors' communicating skills.

Those whom involved with the pairing part, got presents from the Japanese students. I must admit, that those Japanese kids are very friendly but too bad they are so bad in English. Oh, I forgot one thing, actually I was involved as the 'Flag Card' holder, well my job was the same as a tourist guide, quite fun actually. Its so hard when it went to the game section. The girls needed to play a game called TING-TING. I mean I was sweating explaining how to play that game to the Japanese as they couldn't understand much to what I was saying. But, above all, they are sporting. Got some pictures, I will be posting them down later....(Kesian Ashraf tak dapat join =P)

Then the day ended with a heavy rain. The Japanese liked the rain, they said it never rained like that in their country. The day ended in the school hall, apparently only the Japanese kids are allowed to enter to see the dikir barat and Kendo performance as the hall could not occupied such large numbers of people. So, we had to say goodbye to our Japanese friends. Luckily we managed to enter the hall at last via the back door. Hahaha:)

So, there was this Japanese guy named Ishioka or IShioko (I forgot). He was damn cute:) Almost like the one whom starred in the Waterboy series. Everyone (mostly girls) gathered around him and treated him like a superstar. Even Pn Azlina took picture with him:) Well he did look like a superstar. I, myself, took a picture with him and so did Chiam. I did feel a bit dumb but on second thought it was nothing, just to play around and have some fun.

In class, we were envying the boys. The boys from my class got the opportunity to be with the Japanese kids but the girls, too sad to tell about us here. They got gifts from their Japanese friends, like toys, cool handkerchief, chopsticks and bla2, too many to jot down. Ah, they were just so lucky...

Yeah thats all about the cultural exchange programme.