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Monday, 28 November 2011


I lost followers and readers. Perhaps they are of the same persons.

Nevermind then, I will just continue typing till I am no existence.

Exam this Tuesday.

Hooray on Thursday, exam ends:)

Mumbai, InsyaAllah. 

Till Saturday, then 10 hours journey back to Belgaum.

Community Service Placement. 

Start the new block for nervous system.

Azyan Amani's note and doa for upcoming exam: 

'Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku aku pertaruhkan apa yang telah Kau ajarkan kepadaku, maka kembalikanlah semula kepadaku ketika aku memerlukannya dan janganlah Kau buat aku melupainya'..

>>ps: a rough idea on how my life gonna be, in the next 1 to 2 months<<

Saturday, 26 November 2011

2 months and miscellaneous

Assalamualaikum :)

It's 11 a.m and I haven't start revising what I planned to revise last night. My room mate said that it's impossible to cover everything since we only have like 2 days left to burn the midnight chill. She gonna do spotting questions. But, spotting only helps during the secondary education days. Sigh.

The route to the beautiful mini forest :3

Anyhow, it's enjoyable to see how these trees swaying following the rhythm of the chilling wind that blown all over Nehru Nagar, Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Yes people, I am not living in the suburban place like Bangalore. I am living on a state which is already blending in my blood and I enjoy adapting to the places. Sadly, I haven't had this good Hindi proficiency yet, which is quite troublesome when we go shopping. Even the Kannada dialect is also a tough one to get through. Still, I missed learning Ruskee. And I feel Ruskee is easier even though we need to memorize all the Crylic letters. 

Capati and chicken. Common lunch :3

I am happy to announce that it's winter now. It's so chilling but according to the seniors last year's is more chilling. However, I am happy enough to not to sweat. This conducive surrounding let me be study well and sleep soundly like a baby. How blessed I am to be sent here. Nikmat :)

the ultimate chicken cheese sandwich at 45 rupee 

2 months have I stand on this Belgaum land. A place where I never had expected to come, what not to study. But I am loving it. I like talking and chit chatting with the manager at our cafe down the hostel. His name is Umesh, who is so friendly, and he's currently taking his Master degree in Sociology. Another manager was here, named Firdhous, a Muslim Lady. But now she quited and joined a school as a teacher. Miss her though.
the biochemistry

Selanjar One denotes the first battle as in my previous post. 50 minutes for short essay question, 1 hour for 40 true false questions and 1 hour for slide spot assessment. But there are three big important topics to cover. The irony of being in medical school, but this is the challenge, and I am loving it too. Why is the duration so short? Because doctors aren't supposed to have a long time to think and making decision. They had the shortest limit of time to do all the best they can according to their professionalism and intelligence. 

planning to travel after selanjar. InsyaAllah

Hearing many seniors failed this first battle somehow terrifies the heck out of me. However, with all the harsh preps like what I posted earlier, InsyAALLAH everything will be fine :) Let's pray together:)

My Mom's note on the upcoming exam:

companions. most of the time. literally
1. Recite Al Fatihah 7x
2. Selawat Nabi 7 x
3. SubhanALLAH 44 x
5. Ya Hoyyu Qayyum 21 x
Je Pun la sangat.

>>p/s: - ‎"Maka, apabila kamu telah membulatkan tekad (berusaha), maka bertawakkallah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai orang-orang yang bertawakkal" (3:159) - Just a sharing thought. May Allah ease everything for us, InsyAllah :) - lovely thought  from friend and sis Adibah Rahman USM-KLE <<

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The harsh prep

Fine. It's only Selanjar 1 babe, but I am exhausted already. Maybe there isn't much time to have for myself, enough time to rejuvenate or no time to go freshen up the mind. One word: Tiresome.

This is what you call it the cruelty of being a medical student, even though I am just a mere first year for God sake. I am under knowledgeable, and very perishable. I need guidance, yet I feel so alone, even though every time I mingled a lot with my room mate. She's the only person I can trust, I feel comfortable with in anyway but somehow I need more companions, like a group of friends, similar to what I had before while in UiTM. Sadly, it just feels lonely here. Haih.

More companion means a better study surrounding will I have. With 4 blocks to cover in just this short period of study week, I will go insane. If there were more people who I can discuss with, the faster will my prep goes. But this is not the case, unfortunately. I made notes, but then it became too slow to cover 3 topics in one night. Plus, to make things worst, I can only study at night. I will only sleep in the afternoon :'(

Luckily, the lecturers here worked hard to make us in the mind set of examination where we have end block test at the very end of each block we learned. It is conducted in a similar way to the real Selanjar/Continuous Assessment, and USM KK doesn't have this kind of act. Plus, lately we had this Mock SSA (Spot Slide Assessment) where various slides are put in the Sony TV and we have to identify all the blanks on them. No one scored good in the mock test, except for this one Chinese friend, named Gan. Jelly moment was there :P

But too much prep make this head heavier. Just today, half of us were needed to do the spot histo slide identification test.There were more than 40 slides and we have to identify what is each of them, each given 1 minute and a half. It was crazy!! I can only identify skin (thick and thin). Arghhh

Things aren't gone right either. The lunch and dinner at Mess tasted worse day to day. We ate chicken, but it taste like puke most of the time. I am bored with the food already. Plus, tomorrow, our deputy dean who kindly enough to stay alone here, to accompany us at USM KLE, will conduct a revision class at his house. This is again one of the many benefit of being the student of USMKLE. (BANGGA 2X)

>>p/s: Till then. I am not in a good mood. Study is the only 'expertise' I have. Unfortunately, I kind of loosing the tract. Ya Allah, bring me peace and strength.<<

Monday, 21 November 2011

The first battle is looming

Selanjar One as they called it. Don't know why it is that way. But it simply tells us, me exactly, that the first assessment, an important one is going to be conducted next week. Hooray! 

Finished the musculoskeletal block. Not everything comes right to the memory box. Even though, at a glance, I am sure I know exactly where is Sartorius and Piriformis, but then I always mixed up between many other muscles. Every fossa we have to remember, the cubital and popliteal. Also the nerves and arteries come in between. Thank god that we are not being emphasised on the facial muscles and their nerves. If not sure, I become a zombie.

Not just the fossae, but then comes the joints, elbow and knee joints. Screwed if the muscles we can't remember. But sometimes, the diagram or the illustration is so confusing. And yes, it's medicine, so why am I complaining. It should be well understood, that human body is confusing. What we see in atlas is not the similar thing we see in the dissected cadaver.

I like learning on the abdomen. Just last week I now knew that to treat inguinal hernia, for the direct case of inguinal hernia, which you can see there's like one pouch protruding on the lower abdomen. It's not by cutting, or removing the whole hernia. Professor KO, the eldest professor for anatomy told me, we have to somehow push the hernia so that it can fit again into the abdomen. If we cut it, we are actually messing with the abdomen and creating a hole. Just imagine your abdomen is punctured? Yeah it would be like that. Woha! (Sorry for my ignorance)

Anyhow, on last Friday, the end block assessment was held. The whole second batch was seated at the exam hall and made it feels like already the final exam. The questions were confusing, tough, tiring, tricky and you named it. For biochemistry, mostly would just say, OH SHOOT WHAT IS THIS??! Same goes to me eventually :'(

and I want to graduate so badly. amin..

Okay. So I almost spent half of the day going to and fro and haven't start the real revision. OH NO!

>>pray for me, and I'll pray hard for myself. I must not fail this. I will give my best. YEAH"!<<

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Loving Architecture

So interesting. 

maybe I should enter architecture school instead?


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A concert

This beautiful princess is gonna give a speech for her kindergarten's concert. Can't wait to see how she goes. hehehe. 

mesmerizing as always

>>p/s: intense is now starting to blazing inside<<


Assalamualaikum. It's late at night and I crave to post something. So let me be.

Humans eat neck. As in chicken necks. Malaysian, or let me emphasized on malays, do eat necks as in soups, curry, and you named it. I hate necks. Not only that I won't get much of the I mean meat from it, but it is so troublesome to indulge unlike when you eat a drumstick. 

And so one day, while discussing with a friend named Rashdan, I got this new information, well for me it's new, about eating necks. Eating necks are bad for males. Why? I don't know. I have to continue doing research on this. Too bad exam is on friday. Dayummn.

Plus, I also came to know that chicken wings are bad for women. Still I have to search for the answer. Rashdan only gave me the trivia. Shoot. So, while I am writing/typing this post on necks, I had just finished my anatomical study on necks. Now I know there are posterior and anterior part of the neck. Okayyy...

To cut this post short as I am still dwelling on Neuromuscular Transmission and wanting to make my coffee before the heated water cools down, posterior part of the neck are further divided into two triangles. Major one is occipital triangle and the minor is the SUPRACLAVICULAR triangle. So, that's the names. 

Tengkuk in anatomical view.

Just now, we had MDL. It is just like the similar lecture we had in lecture hall but more effective lecture sessions held in the Sony TV labs, whereby that time the lecture was on this posterior side of the necks, and their contents bla-bla-bla...I focused, but I think most of my mind was in New York already that I mistaken SUPRACLAVICULAR triangle with cervical triangle. And so, I continued noting it down as cervical triangle, drew the diagram and etc like any other nerdies would do. 

Soon, when the lecture on it finished, it's time to grab any anatomy lecturers you wanted, and asked them anything where you have doubts. So yeah, I had this doubt on the contents of 'Cervical Triangle'. Note that, cervical triangle doesn't exist. I made it all up. It was on my mind. I asked the lecturer then. With tonnes of other students surrounded us. "Sir, can you explain on cervical triangle's contents please?" 

HAHAHA. The lecturer went bizarred. He didn't know any triangles by that name. And yes, I went home ashamed of myself, knowing that I had wrongly named the triangle. HAHAHARARARAR. 

>>p/s: Moral of the story, read thoroughly again and again....and make sure you don't 'fly' to New York while lecture in progress. Lol<<

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Easier said, than reality

Dr Pagal is the most popular doctor nowadays in the cyber world. His articles complain and mocking about the real scenario of Malaysia's health care system. I understand how he is being sane to care about the matters that patients would be killed by upcoming low specialized doctors. I also have this goosebumps when reading the matter on private hospitals. When working at private, you are not bonded and not straight away being gazetted as the hospital's practitioner thus can make you lotsa cash but it depends on how many patients you are treating and how much you charge for your service. It is just merely like you rent a room in that hospital and everything must be done on your own.

This again made me give a long sigh. Why oh why? The reality is superbly bitter but at least I know the truth now. Back to the point I am gonna brag, about last week, the Director of MMC and some of the MMC officers who are also doctors, came to visit us, at USM KLE. I was like WOHA! Super WOHA! When they just sat about less than 2 meters in front of me. (I am a front bencher, so yeah :p) 

Mainly, to start up with, their objective is to see whether USM KLE medical school can equip our next junior students, which will inshaAllah be 100 in number. I must say that, the staves did quite a good job in ensuring the campus looks good from roof to floor. Even the musical fountain was beautifully turned on. Anyhow, they also came to ask us randomly, on our progression. Like how the studies went on, how we manage to fit in into the community, how's the food and what have we studies, plus one cepumas question on how does the integrated curiculum works. Well, I must say, up till now, I myself, quiet have this zero understanding on that curiculum. Lol.

I think most of us, or those lucky ones who had been asked, were giving basic, expected answers to the questions like 'Yeah, we are doing incredibly fine here, The lecturers are good, the food is nice, adaptable and etc...only one guy who was asked on anatomy and a bit on the integrated curicullum thingy was unexpected. I bet the officers and the director had already assumed what we are going to answer. Haha.

Just that, during interacting session, the MMC gave us a slight highlight of how it works to work in the government. Before this, I knew it's 2 years housemanship, than another 4 years of MO, but then they said, it's one year for housemanship? For real? About postgraduate (PG), two ways how it works, firstly, after completing housemanship, would only then the fresh graduates are now assigned as true doctors. They can apply for either options: 1. to bond with government for 7 years after completing PG, on conditioned, obtain the scholarship from the government as well as the wage/payment or gaji as an MO. And second option is that one could apply for a PG scheme, with no bound and no scholarship, but wage/payment still runs, and pay school fees with that money. I forgot the other option, I mean the without payment scheme.

Well, it seems and heard so simple from their mouths. With doctors are about to glut, or already glutting, a place to do specialization is no way as simple as that. One must have good reputation in their housemanship, good skills and etc. It is just like entering another medical school again, where you have to go all out or be all out just to specialize in a particular field. Plus, with numerous rivalries, no one can ensure that one doctor could go for the specialization he or she really wants to go for. It's luck again playing on the doctors.

As for me, I just think that everything is depending on the future that Allah holds. Who knows we really need more doctors in the future. Things can change. Prediction is just predictions. And plus, now that I am here, it's a no way out for me to turn back. We are now considered baby doctors in the making to grow. Even first year is hard enough, what not the other years to come. But this is life like I wanted before, so I am living with it. I also asked some questions, regarding working in a refugee camp and also on the posting to Borneo. MMC told me that those who are posted to the Borneo are put under priority for PG scholarships. They also said we are too young/too fragile to ask about working in a refugee camps as well as going for PG. Maybe because we haven't finished our first year? Probably...

Anyhow, it was a pleasure having them around all the way from Malaysia. Hope that everything goes on smoothly for this offshore campus to be on the map and for everyone to start noticing. 

>>p/s: Perfectly fine means so many things to endeavour. This is what we call the medical world of misery<<

Rezeki di Eidul Adha

People in India called it Bakrid. We here had a splendid one. Even though, the smiles of the family members are still what we are craving for. Alhamdulillah that everything went fine. 

Also Bakrid means a lot to me this time. Miles away from my home is one thing. Not to get to eat my mom's beef dishes is another and staying at the hostel for some kiasu moment is the highlighter.

Today, alhamduLILLAH. Another nikmat. Thanks Allah :')


A multi purpose cooker. Maybe something that I need so that I can cook the 1 kg beef I have in my friend's fridge. Thanks to auntie zam for her kindness....only Allah could repay her kindness:)

>>p/s: The dean will return to Belgaum along with the exam questions paper...The first selanjar...USM called the test Selanjar. And every selanjar is so important<<

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Loner Ranger

Yes. I am a lonely ranger. A loner ranger. Oh man. Today is the most hiatus and the most kiasu day I have ever  accounted. Woke up in the late morning. Gushing to the bathroom. Subuh. Then, went to other girls' room next to my room. Asked and chatted about their trip to mumbai. Nothing really. Hearing experiences is not similar to FEEL the experience.

Returned to the room. Roommate was happily reading a novel on Gelak Tergolek whilst laughing and rolling on her bed. I switched on the laptop. Went online. Gahhh...another boredom. Nothing to look through. No interesting wall posts, no interesting blog posts. 

Hmmmph. Continue with Chaurasia. Reading on axillary artery. Boredom. How can we learn anatomy through merely words and long sentences? Arghhh. Thus, by 10, I saw my bed. It was calling me. Hence, I fell deep asleep. 

Waking up again. Thanking god for waking up not to miss Zuhur. After prayers, went to the pantry, make my instant macaroni and cheese which cost me around RM1. Sadly though, with no cooker, and with just plain hot water, macaroni and cheese turned awful. And that what I ate. at my mug full of ants...after drinking some minute maid orange juice. What a life! 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Saree in India

Amazed by how these Indian women wrap theirselves in long piece of clothes without stiching, and voila...a Saree is beautifully placed on their bodies. I want to wear it too so badly though, but it would be ugly on me. Eh no! I would make it looks ugly. So, we asked one lady at a saree shop to demonstrate. Check it out!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

salam aidiladha

It sounds like a celebration is going on outside. But it almost quarter to 11 pm and I am super duper tired. Wanna sleep so bad after a tiring day of dissection and engulfing with dead man's fat and muscles. Also, the brain is exhausted because of too many facts and muscles names including the veins and arteries on one go. How I wish this could stop...

Even to break my fast is tiring. Ate at a hotel and eat till bloated then again tired. Maybe my heart is tired too...macam mana nak jadi doktor ni? Asyik lesu that's why tomorrow, we here at USMKLE will be withdrawn by an activity called explorace. I need to memorize some ayat from Maathurat which I still haven't. God please give me good memory...and yes, now I wanna sleep but still I haven't my heart is longing for my family...

Tired mind, tired heart, bloated stomach and irregular emotions are all around my plexus. So, I hope this one week off for Bakrid/Aidiladha, would freshen me up from these kekacauan jiwa..

Again, from me, all the way from Belgaum, the city that will make us survive and not just live....selamat menyambut aidiladha. And appreciate your family if you are with them while celebrating it. :)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Riding and shopping

The best way to go shopping is no way by cab nor LRT or KTM. We usually go out of this hostel, and took some time wandering to the nearest shopping spot called Maruthi Gali via AUTO...or they called it OTO. A modified motorcycled with 4 seats at the back.

Depends on whether you look rich or vice versa, you will get the best rate as best as 40 rupees per ride...but sometimes it depends on the distance. Here I have a video which I lamely captured almost two weeks ago. So, just watch it and enjoy:)


Thanks Allah for the comfort you pour on me and my other 82 friends plus 44 seniors. Living within this fantastic building is luxury. We can't even get this in Malaysia for the truth sake. Unfortunately, this would be temporary. All USM KLE students have to move out from this strategic place to the new, 5 star hostel complex which is still under renovation.

But some of my friends and I have visited the new hostel. Rumours have it that we can move to that building in a month. However, that would be super impossible because there are tonnes more to be completed by the contractors and engineers to make it safe for us to sleep in that hostels. 

Knowing that I will leave this beautiful and comfortable room, make me feel somehow sad again. No more beautiful scenery, no more big balcony and super great interiors. Bye-bye NRI hostel....

>>P/S: feeling like a dwarf here at USMKLE. these colleagues of mine are so talented, so brilliant, how can I be on the stage's center...?<<

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Anatomy is FUN!

Assalamualaikum people !

Just feel a little better after feeling some sickness because the broadband turned into berukband. Luckily, after some persuasive actions done to Sachin, a worker at Tata Docomo, I finally can use this berukband to go online. And to live in India, patience would be your greatest alliance.

Buying broadband after a month here is a must since wireless connection is no way to access. Moreover, living on the highest floor, despite having this beautiful scenery outside the window and a big balcony, I face problems to have good connection, whether it is phone line or Internet.

Scratch that by the way. What I am gonna brag about is on anatomy. Bought two thick books of anatomy atlas. I am in love with one of the book from Thieme which also comes with this amazing helpful flashcard and makes anatomy on the go! And what made me please living here, is that the medical books can be bought at a much cheaper rate compared to Malaysia. I have been telling about that a lot of times in this blog but that's the reasons why we here at USM KLE has no reason to fail. Speaking about failure, I am so freaking scared when to note that First Selanjar is looming in two more weeks. 

burning the midnight oil with Thieme!

say hi to your long and short head of braceps brachii

Currently, what I can remember is those shoulder girdles anatomical terms. The scapula and clavicle are the common ones, then we need to know all the processes and which part is the sternal and acromial part as for clavicle. Subclavius groove, attachment for the trapezius, sternocleidomastoid muscles, the costoclavicular ligaments, the corocoid and the acromion processes and the various other muscles that help in abduction and adduction and more anatomical terms which will make one first year medical student feels on the air when he or she already know most of the terms without realising we have more to learn, the lower limbs, the skull and  list goes on.

tak pernah kubayang pentingnya seni....

Dissection class is certainly priceless when you have a good lecturer cum guidance to lead you through all those wet, formalin-soaked muscles and nerves and arteries. Going layer by layer, it is intriguing to know how Allah has made human into its best formation. To differentiate between arteries and nerves are quite difficult for me. Adding to the fact that, I cannot remember which nerves belongs to which cords. And every muscle has its own nerve and blood supply. One thing I can laugh about is to see how the boys in my dissection group who looks absolutely terrified because we are the only group handling a female cadaver. But, it's scary to see how amazing their heads are when it comes to remember all the parts. As for me, anatomy is like what a lot of lecturers said, it is a VOLATILE subject. In a minute, it is as if you know almost everything you learned. Once you wake up the next day, you can't even recall one of the muscles. O Allah! The MOST MERCIFUL, please give me the power of good memory.

One man selling ABC....dare to try?

Selamat Tinggal Tuan Nordin, merangkap cikgu BM paling cool dan paling penyabar:)
Also today marks the end of BM class after several holidays been occupied with it. To be frank, BM class is boring, but I start to miss Tuan Nordin already. For the last class, we had this essay test, to write a complete essay of 500-600 words. I by eccentrically, wrote about 1000 words and I hope he oversees it. See you again Tuan Nordin. In Malaysia that is. And please don't make me repeat the class next year:(

Plus, there is no reason to fail because almost every week, there will be another demonstration in the lab on the anatomical parts one has learned here. Laboratory installed with almost 20 LCD Sony TV is another benefits students at USM-KLE will get to feel. There's no need to slide in crowds of people to see how the demonstrations by the lecturers held in front. One can just sit and relax while watching the boring demo on the TV screen. Trust me when I said, most of the times, students will only go snoozing and let the TV watch them.

Thus, till here will I write for this time round. I am glad to have Internet back. Looking forward for another 'active' post even though I need more time to revise. But what can I conclude here is that, it feels nice learning anatomy because I feel more like a medical student. Biochemistry will only explode my head out and physiology is what I always love since Premed. 

>>P/S: Getting bored with the food here. I wanna drink fresh juices!!....and I think cooking in the hostel is totally tiresome<<