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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Assalamualaikum. It's late at night and I crave to post something. So let me be.

Humans eat neck. As in chicken necks. Malaysian, or let me emphasized on malays, do eat necks as in soups, curry, and you named it. I hate necks. Not only that I won't get much of the I mean meat from it, but it is so troublesome to indulge unlike when you eat a drumstick. 

And so one day, while discussing with a friend named Rashdan, I got this new information, well for me it's new, about eating necks. Eating necks are bad for males. Why? I don't know. I have to continue doing research on this. Too bad exam is on friday. Dayummn.

Plus, I also came to know that chicken wings are bad for women. Still I have to search for the answer. Rashdan only gave me the trivia. Shoot. So, while I am writing/typing this post on necks, I had just finished my anatomical study on necks. Now I know there are posterior and anterior part of the neck. Okayyy...

To cut this post short as I am still dwelling on Neuromuscular Transmission and wanting to make my coffee before the heated water cools down, posterior part of the neck are further divided into two triangles. Major one is occipital triangle and the minor is the SUPRACLAVICULAR triangle. So, that's the names. 

Tengkuk in anatomical view.

Just now, we had MDL. It is just like the similar lecture we had in lecture hall but more effective lecture sessions held in the Sony TV labs, whereby that time the lecture was on this posterior side of the necks, and their contents bla-bla-bla...I focused, but I think most of my mind was in New York already that I mistaken SUPRACLAVICULAR triangle with cervical triangle. And so, I continued noting it down as cervical triangle, drew the diagram and etc like any other nerdies would do. 

Soon, when the lecture on it finished, it's time to grab any anatomy lecturers you wanted, and asked them anything where you have doubts. So yeah, I had this doubt on the contents of 'Cervical Triangle'. Note that, cervical triangle doesn't exist. I made it all up. It was on my mind. I asked the lecturer then. With tonnes of other students surrounded us. "Sir, can you explain on cervical triangle's contents please?" 

HAHAHA. The lecturer went bizarred. He didn't know any triangles by that name. And yes, I went home ashamed of myself, knowing that I had wrongly named the triangle. HAHAHARARARAR. 

>>p/s: Moral of the story, read thoroughly again and again....and make sure you don't 'fly' to New York while lecture in progress. Lol<<

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