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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Counting The days

One week for tests. Relax is the word I tried to push down to all my veins. This time round, 20% from the marks contribute for final which is just after Raya holidays end. Then, semester 1 will seriously be a history. After that, I will be packing up my things which are in total mess at Room A, R4 for the semester holiday, leaving such a wonderful housemates, for a new troop in Semester 2.

MUET will be the next undertaking that I am going to pursue. Frankly, I have no idea how am I going to perform brilliantly for MUET despite the lack of efforts. Plus, I am fully aware of my weakness on giving talks, I had badly performed during Biology presentation last week in front of 200 B group students. Never have time to do any researches for that particular test, but seriously I must achieve Band 5 for it or not, there goes my dream for life! So, I will start off kick-starting for it. 

Right after MUET, I might want to replenish what is lacking in my life, the one and only- driving license! As an 18 years old, it seems funny for not having your own letter P to stick at the back mirror of your own car. So, I will be going back to driving school, renewing my L license and just take a cool gesture with the gear and clutch AND also the instructor, whom I made mess with. I pray that I could do well during JPJ and stop embarrassing myself in front of the JPJ officers, amin:) Semoga urusanku dipermudahkan oleh Allah Taala:)

Hopefully after all the above have been fulfilled, I could go for a short vacation. Tired of living at the same spot and wanna see other side of the world. Please!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Rules to type

WHY can't some people type down words in the computer or over the net properly?

Can you simply read this without getting your head tumble?

TkPelah, wak pEgILa tiDO.selAmaTbERpuasa.tata:)


Lme xchat NGan awK sBb tu DH LupE.

haish....infidels over the net are just annoying ...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What is on my mind?

Like always, being hungry and thirsty make you feel so exhausted and sleepy. Yawning...and while reading and revising for tomorrow's quizzes, I got myself in front of the lappy to take a look at some blogs I followed. Merely, most of them wrote about kad raya, about their activities, about sahur and etc. I just missed, I mean tremendously missing my friends' blogs. Too bad, they're just too busy to update theirs. When can I be as forgetful as they are, and rather would somehow, just leave the blog sphere for eternal, without a trace? Maybe one fine day I will...

Just two more weeks before the semester break for Hari Raya, and all of us at the Foundation Center of UiTM Puncak Alam have been fully occupied with quizzes. Next week, tests will be held. I am so damn worried on mathematics and physics, which have been the least I can master and do well. I am lost in mathematics and so does Physics, but I couldn't take a grip to start revising. Just not in the mood and how bad this is for me, only I can tell.

Yesterday was just horrid. My sandals suddenly "putus" on the way to the praying hall. How embarrassing I was yesterday, to walk with bare feet. At 11 p.m, I went to Rafflesia Hall, where there's a discussion for TOMORROW'S biology presentation. To be frank, the horrible part was, we cannot be creative, we didn't put as much wonderful ideas to make tomorrow's a "good" presentation on how enzyme works. At last, in the end, all I can summed up was that, we had wasted so much time on that particular 10 minutes presentation, which made us slept at around 2.00 a.m in the morning. T-T

Whats on my mind right now, is to just keep on track on memorising this Cellular Respiration's cycles, on glycolysis, Kreb's cycle and Electron Transport chains even though I encountered these before during Presco moment. I just hate to start all over again, and nothing I can do to just stop hating it. *Haih* Sometimes I wonder why, the results I obtained from President College would not be recognized by the local universities, since what I am studying here is exactly like what I studied in the college itself. It's like wasting time for two things which are completely similar.

I also wondering on whether I would send Kad Raya to my friends this time round. Last year, my dad said it's lame to do so, since we have digital cards and e-cards. I would like the traditional way to just keep on alive, sending kad raya, eating ketupat and not nasi impit and so many things the traditional way.

Send me your address, so that I can give you kad raya:)

 to  waiting a reply from my readers.

p/s: boys at Puncak Alam are intelligent but snobbish. I smiled and they ignored. whateverbiglosers.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Have Faith

A man name Gerald is about to climb a mountain. He wants to do it all alone. He wants to crave a history, for being the first French man to have conquered the mountain solo. The mountain was said to be a hazard for all climbers. Many of them never return, and so the mountain was called "Deadly Peak". Gerald's friends told him that he won't make it to the peak and they also concern about the whole act. Some of his climbers friends were willing to follow him, but he was reluctant to be accompanied. And, so he did. All alone, climbing the Deadly Peak.

It was cold and dark. But, Gerald was stubborn to stop. He wanted to reach the peak as fast as he could. To crave a history, is all he has bearing in his mind. His legs were shaking, he felt swelled on his cheeks but he did not stop. A couple of hours later, he finally made it to the peak. The sky was dark and all cloudy, no stars appeared to bring light. He screamed of joy even though his voice of triumph was unheard. Suddenly, a rush strong cold wind blew hard over his body. He lost balanced and fell down of the peak.

"GOD, help!!!!" He screamed.

He was lucky as he could take a grasped on a big stem. But he could not hold on for long. To his shock, a loud-voice appeared from nowhere. The sky turned very dark and lightning thundered several times.

"Gerald! Do not hold on! Just fall! You will save" said the unknown voice.

"Are you God? Save me!" pledge Gerald, crying and shivering.

" Just let go!" said the unknown voice.

" I am afraid! I won't let go. I won't" said Gerald, stubbornly. 

And thunders bolting hard on the sky. Soon it rained, till morning say hi. Days later, the police were looking for Gerald, after days of his disappearance. Everyone at home was worried. His family was informed that he's dead. His frosted body was found hanging tightly to the big stem. And, he was just hung 4 feet above the ground! People at town, was in grief, knowing that if only Gerald just let go of the branch, he would have been saved and might be smiling of his victory. But, sadly, he has no FAITH. When, faith is fragile, we all will be ruined. If only if he had faith. God wanted to give him a chance to live, but he disbelieved and now he's gone forever. 

As Gerald's passed away, the mountain is keep on been consoled as the Deathly Peak. No one ever returns and so did Gerald. His journey was a triumph for many of his friends, but a waste for him.

P/S: Strengthen your faith towards the Creator and so you will never lead astray.

I have life, life just booing me

Life now means study. Gosh, how I hate this word which start with an S.

Life is not about korean movies, korean actors or actress, not about Wondergirls, Girls Generation and anything about korean. I lost interest in them.

Life is all about being a better person in order to ought the best place by Allah's side. We originated from HIM and we shall return to HIM on one fine day.

Life is all about being good, and preventing ourselves from being bad.

Life is forever about patience, patience in dealing with events that are somehow or rather might be tests from ALLAH.

Life is all about being in love. In love with ourselves, in love with friends around us, with the scenes surrounds us, so that the day glows and bring smiles on the faces.

Life is great and rewarding if people keen on giving rather than asking for things. Sharing is caring, and caring is loving.

Life is rejoicing to the fullest when we can do what we like and desire. To have a career that we have passion for, and to have activities that we enjoy at doing, bring an enormous effect on our souls.

Life is not because to eat, but keep on surviving until the Death comes and pull you away. That's why life has to be filled with compulsory preparation so that when Death comes, there's no feeling of guilt and sadness. 

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Following them

my current agenda#1: following as many blogs posted by real medical doctors, or doctor wannabe. It is just fun and exciting to read stories of the similar interests. They inspire me, and motivate me somehow. I am now waiting patiently for new posts from Dr Alina Hasni. She's gorgeous, love fashion and a medical doctor. 

my next agenda#2: looking forward to visit any local gigantic bookstore which I haven't done since I entered college. Hopefully to find something more related to medicine in the novel genre, something like Denyut Kasih Medik. Is there any? If not, I would love to have some novel leisure on adventure stories. It would also be great if I could found the book by Paolo Coelho entitled The Zahir. {Denyut Kasih Medik was inspirational and one in a million}

my after-ward agenda #3: to buy a new cell phone. Sadly, I love my current phone the K770i, but its time to transform to the better. I can't send text messages any longer with this phone. Sigh:(haven't decide what type of cell phone I would buy, perhaps just the normal and cheap. Gotta save up these days. 

>>>during writing these down, I stumbled upon a blog of photos, which generally tells the reason Why Boys Need Supervision: just for fun, so enjoy it while you can.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday: No class

Tuesday, which is today, the 7th day of Ramadan, seeing me inside the dorm looking sluggish as I just woke up from a sleep peek-a-boo. Have a bad body ache and rashes all around the hands and legs. Why does this happens? 

It's a miracle to know that for now on, I might do not have to go to the campus, since there's no class on Tuesday. Yay! But, the joy ends quickly when I notice how boring it is to stay alone in the house, and the housemates are all out there, studying and rushing here and there. *Bunyi Cengkerik*

Opps. I have just realised, the day cannot be occupied with too much enjoyment and leisure when Physics tutorials haven't been completed and so does mathematics. Two subjects which are tough to be mastered by me. Before this, I thought I have good hands in numbers but for now, maybe I am not. *Sigh* 

Dina's housemate wanted me to teach her Physics on Torques, which I made a quick gulp of fear. I myself have hard time to master that chapter and now to teach someone else is like 'a crab teaching its kids to walk' right? I wonder why Dina keep thinking that I am good at Physics, because the truth is Physics still is like something that needed more attention and yeah, no more word can describe it rather than being 'DIFFICULT'. 

Now, even when the Internet connection is of the best speed, I can still feel bored, because everything I wanted to see in the web has been blocked by websense. Even when I wanna watch online tv, the videos keep buffering as if it doesn't want to play. I hate this. I am also waiting for a reply from Prof Ahmad, regarding a question I have doubt with. And, now nothing else I can do rather than typing while bleeds on this keyboard, just to show people here how frequent I am when it comes to updating the blog. At least, you people who kindly follow my blog, won't turned out to have question marks on where is the blogger, and at least you will know that I am still survive, and just live normally like normal kid should do. Am I making sense here?

Plus, if you wonder why I rarely put any photos of my endeavors lately, just note that I don't really have good photos to show you guys. Being at Puncak Alam is not as great as I always thought it would be. Being a university student, isn't as fun as I wanted it to be and being here, has nothing to do, what more during Ramadan. Here is a place of studying is like a journal of your life. Activities are of worst and non attractive, so what else can I say and what more can I do rather than live to the fullest, and just breath in and out while I can here, and finished off the 2 semesters before I can go further for another phase of my life. Till then, toodles!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

She's a pioneer

Alhamdulillah, it is already 5 days of ramadan. Things are going just fine as always and busy as always. Thanks to God, for making life average, with nothing to worry about.

Puncak Alam, was making this irrelevant decision for having 2 hours lectures of mathematics on Sunday, which is today. Sunday could never be the day for hectic and tiring, and boredom, so I skipped mathematics lectures for today, even though I know I have missed so many things that were being taught. It is just I am bored of mathematics lectures. Haih:( That's why I came back home, to do my work at home. Home is my heart, the only place I can do things professionally. :D

Yesterday, after having a short shopping spree for baju raya at the stupid SACC MALL in Shah Alam, my family and I except for my brother who is still stuck at Saser, went to have our break fast at my usual aunt's house in Klang. SACC Mall is forever stupid and of course unreasonable for having boutiques that sold a piece of dress for at least RM 300. Can you imagine how a nightmare today is? Even for a piece of dress for hari raya we need at least RM500 to have one? I couldn't agree more of the word unreasonable. The dress was typical but the price was OH MY! Susah dah nak shopping kat Malaysia ni!! Yeah people. lets play thrifty. No need spending cash on irrelevant endeavors like baju raya, kasut raya, and name it. Save money for your future, is indeed better. Be wise.

Yeah, back to the point. Who is the pioneer mentioned in the title? Well, actually a cousin of mine, Kak Sarah has finally turned out to be the pioneer to study medicine in my family. Congrats to dear sis Sarah. She had run over with so many obstacles and now she finally made it to medical school. She already departs from Malaysia to Kalimantan, to study medicine in a university there. I forgot what it calls. After tough times in matriculation, she went for diploma in science for 3 years, and then after so many years she found her triumph. Yesterday, when she gave her farewell speech, I cried in side. She has been so strong despite all the ups and down. I wish I could be like her. Goodbye and all the best are two wishes I could give to her. She will be a doctor one day, and I hope the next person will be me. Amin:)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rasa nak nangis!

......sebab dapat markah mathematics sikit sangat-sangat. Macam tak pernah study math pun, apalah nasib badan.

......sebab hari pertama puasa, Bazaar Ramadan UiTM Puncak Alam, dah sold out. Tak nampak jualan juadah yang enak-enak. Hanya kepala orang yang berlainan warna sahaja kelihatan. -______-'

.......sebab makan sorang-sorang. Dulu, sesama mak ayah, adik-beradik, dan mak cik pak cik. Baru best rebut-rebut ayam percik, rebut-rebut Jus Tembikai dan kuih pelita. Sekarang soran-sorang....sayu sungguh!

........sebab tadi waktu lecture mathematics, memang sudah seperti dijangka, mata terlelap jua. Tidak kutahan lagi. Oleh itu, segala apa yang diajar oleh Miss Hafizah di depan memang entah ke mana. Maaf! Saya tadi pergi ke New York jap. Sekarang, kenelah pinjam notes orang lain untuk copy.-___________-"

.........sebab terlepas tarawih akibat mandi lambat, kawan tinggalkan, masjid jauh, masjid ramai...banyak giler alasan bodoh. -........-"

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ramadan as an 18 year old

Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow Ramadan will be arrived, the Holy Month to 'cleanse' ourselves from mountains of sins we committed either they be without realize or vice versa.

As for me, Ramadan this year is definitely a new experience, as a hosteler, with other than 2000 Muslims students here. I will be far from home sweet home and it is sad for not being able to fast at home, and go for Tarawih at the nearby Surau at my place in Kajang. 

Being in Puncak Alam, seriously needs perseverance and patience. The body must not be dehydrated and the mind has to be alert. Climbing the steps of stairs must be tiring, not to mention during the Ramadan. I hope I stay strong. 

Classes and lectures especially Mathematics and Physics which usually held in the late afternoon will surely be a bit of a trouble to catch up. The mind will be sleepy and easily lost focus, due to grumbling stomach and a massive headache. Allah is there for us. The only way to stay fresh is by reminding of HIM and keep reminding. HE certainly loves those who keep on thinking about him and keep on patient. Amin:)

Ira, my housemate yesterday, came to my room. She wanted to have sahur altogether at our room hall. She said it will be fun, and it's not a very big problem, unless someone could be pleased to wake every and each of us up during the midst of  morning. At night, after breaking fast, we would go for tarawih together at the far away Angsana Hall at the boys apartment. It gonna be fun:)

Ramadan Bazaar is held at the Padang Kawad, which I hope the stalls are many to accommodate thousands who will be shopping for food, otherwise it would be a hectic situations. I also hoping for more variation of food sold, since eating at Raflessia is now a bore. Sometimes, we make so many rounds at the stalls, and couldn't make any decision for dinner, how's pathetic, right?

For this Ramadan, we have to fast in terms of not eat nor drink, in terms of sight; for not be looking at haram sights and scenes, in term of controlling our lust and mind for nonsense satanic thoughts and also to fast in terms of our body language and the way we interact with others. May this Ramadan be blessed and I hope I can get Lailatul Qadr', amin...

the nikmat of break fast:)

Not to mention, Salam Ramadan to my dear friends in Intec, Naqib at MSU, Nina and Fahmi at KMB, Aida and Tammy at Kolej Teknologi Timur, Rina and Najihah at UiTM, Mimi at Perak, Dinie at KMS, Huda at MMU, those President College Friends and others who I know and have known. 

Do good deeds during ramadan and keep istiqamah:)  

Monday, 9 August 2010

Leaving behind

Today, two other friends left for good. They entered the newly formed group called J1. The persons I mentioned were Calvin and Balqis Isa. Seriously, I will miss Calvin and Balqis like crazy after these. Why they had to leave after Dinie and Bahjah? Just becoming frustrating.

 The four of us, Calvin, Balqis, Dina and I went to take a look at the J1's schedule. To be frank, I love the schedule since the classes are all packed in the morning, thus making evening with no lectures whatsoever. I need that, on second thought. I wanted to join the J1 group too. However, I feel a slight disheartened since I have many friends in the B1 group, but with Calvin leaving, it is such a lost. Terrible one. All these whiles, I depended on Calvin when it comes to meeting the lecturers personally, he also who made me feel more hardworking, and have that high spirit to continue striving here. Now, he's gone, how great!

Even if I made my mind to change group, Dr Rozana won't be taking or consider any appeal for now. She said, the group J1, is fully occupied now. Haih T.T

Why is it have to be like this? During in Presco, I was told to change into J3, even though I wanted to be in the same class as with Fahmi who was in J2. Now, here at UiTM, people I am close to keep leaving me behind for their own sake of goodness, but why those I love to be with?

For once, I just wanna know how it feels to leave people behind. Just wanna know how people will be disheartened of my disappearance. For once, I really want to have that feeling. Seriously, I am tired being left out, I want to leave....

Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Mate of Life

Hanya selepas walimah:)
Humans are created as pairs. Even parallel lines will meet one day, and do you think this is impossible? Think of the possible people. There are so many sayings and quotes telling how best things that come forward appear in two and not one. Two is better than one as in the song by Boys Like Girls and so on and on.

So what is about mate of life, that I am gonna write today? Since I step into the phase of being a young woman and no longer that childish girl, and since I am in college, people always remind me to start off praying for a whole-life mate. A whole-life mate here generally means a man whom a woman can regard as a lawful husband for her entire life. I just realised this subject to be really important. Before this, I never took this as a serious matter.
Aku cinta akan agamaku lebih daripadamu:)

Yesterday, I went for a talk on woman and multiple careers which was conducted by a respectable brilliant lecturer, Dr Izyani is I was not mistaken. She is now married to a man whom she loves, and they live in prosperity in terms of love and life. She said, she had practiced the solat istikharah for this "Jodoh' matter since she was form 1. Later, a name kept popping inside her brain until she continues her matriculation. A name of a man, unknown man, suddenly kept appearing inside her mind. Only after she almost completed her degree that she finally met her true love who has the same name as the name that kept resembling after so many years. However, they never go for dates. Their first official date was only during the convocation ceremony but not just the two of them, it was between them and their parents. It happened after they two got engaged. Soon, they got married, and again pursuing master and she won the gold medal for one of her researches. Now, both of them, the couple are living happily together with two kids and even though both possesses high-rank and busy jobs, they can still cooperate and manage the family with wisdom.

What else could be more rejoicing for a woman to have a wonderful husband who loves her more than she loves him, who cares every single time, who is well-educated in Islam, highly educated and could lead her from being astray?  And, what could a woman ask for rather than having a terrific, well-brought up family with all the knowledge of the world and the here after?

With this, here is the doa cari jodoh that I found out to be really helpful. It is already the time ladies, for us to start praying to Allah so that, we can find the best soul mate to be with till death. Rethink:)

Ya Allah...
Seandainya telah Engkau catatkan
dia akan mejadi teman menapaki hidup
Satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku
Titipkanlah kebahagiaan diantara kami
Agar kemesraan itu abadi
Dan ya Allah... ya Tuhanku yang Maha Pengasih
Seiringkanlah kami melayari hidup ini
Ke tepian yang sejahtera dan abadi
Tetapi ya Allah...
Seandainya telah Engkau takdirkan...
Dia bukan milikku
Bawalah ia jauh dari pandanganku
Luputkanlah ia dari ingatanku
Ambillah kebahagiaan ketika dia ada disisiku
Dan peliharalah aku dari kekecewaan

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku yang Maha Mengerti...
Berikanlah aku kekuatan
Melontar bayangannya jauh ke dada langit
Hilang bersama senja nan merah
Agarku bisa berbahagia walaupun tanpa
bersama dengannya

Dan ya Allah yang tercinta...
Gantikanlah yang telah hilang
Tumbuhkanlah kembali yang telah patah
Walaupun tidak sama dengan dirinya

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku...
Pasrahkanlah aku dengan takdirMu
Sesungguhnya apa yang telah Engkau takdirkan
Adalah yang terbaik buatku
Kerana Engkau Maha Mengetahui
Segala yang terbaik buat hambaMu ini

Ya Allah...
Cukuplah Engkau saja yang menjadi
Di dunia dan di akhirat
Dengarlah rintihan dari hambaMu yang daif ini

Jangan Engkau biarkan aku sendirian
Di dunia ini maupun di akhirat
Menjuruskan aku ke arah kemaksiatan dan
Maka kurniakanlah aku seorang pasangan yang
Supaya aku dan dia dapat membina
kesejahteraan hidup
Ke jalan yang Engkau redhai
Dan kurniakanlah padaku keturunan yang soleh

amin ya rabbal alamin:)

Friday, 6 August 2010

Smile and Serenity

This whole week was awesomely tiring, due to the non-stop assignments and tutorials, and heavy topic of lectures. Final exam for semester one is looming, which will be held soon after our two weeks Eid holidays. I can't wait to finish the semester, and the next semester. Being an asasian, to be frank, is not significantly different that those in matriculation. For young readers, who will be sitting for SPM, grave it in mind, that, whether you choose asasi or matriculation after you complete your high school, it is still the same. Same work loads and same intense.

Physics is again mentioned in this blog. Why? Because it is a very good subject to be bragged about. The lecturer is forever hilarious, and the topics we learn are getting harder every day. The book is heavy and sometimes the more we refer to the book, the harder the subject be. Seriously, I will tear the book up into subtopics, so that it will be easier to bring along.

Bahjah Abdul Basir, a girl I know here, suddenly left UiTM for good. She is going to do medicine in Egypt under self-sponsorship. I will miss her badly, as how I missed other precious friends who left. She's funny and just know how to cheer up a day. On last Wednesday, she bid us farewell and she cried and we cried too! It is such a terrible lost, and I definitely hate it. Ah!

Friends from President College had their job done with foundation in science. Terrific! They are going to bid me Bon Voyage in a couple of months, to do medicine in Russia. I can't say anything rather than smile, waving them goodbye, glad that they completed it. Zaki is the luckiest person, who got the sponsorship from MARA even though he did the foundation himself. Congratulation Zaki, and a wise person shouldn't be disheartened for others' triumph. Now, I just could smile seeing his victory. 

When others might be as by far much more luckier than I am, and I am still here fighting among these ants of people to get a good spot, nothing more can I do except for study hard and work smarter. Mathematics are becoming annoying each day, after knowing that there won't be any formulas given during the exam, thus the brain needs to be upgraded. Huh! Dr Izyani whom gave a talk on Woman Dwi Kerjaya  this afternoon, said, the best time to be just for yourself is during your study period, during these college years, where you can train how to be a good manager in every aspect of your life. Once you are an adult, a matured woman, you will get married, working not as what you chose as a career, but at the same time, working as a housewife, a mother and not to mention a wife. "You must be capable of multitasking", said she who I can regard as a role model. She is a pHD graduate, in pharmaceutical field and won many awards for her research. I want to be like her one day, amin:)



Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Ciri-ciri mereka yang lahir pada bulan Jun...

* Berfikiran jauh & berwawasan.
* Mudah ditawan kerana sikap baik.
* Berperangai lemah lembut.
* Mudah berubah sikap, perangai, idea dan mood.
* Idea yang terlalu banyak di kepala.
* Bersikap sensitif.
* Mempunyai pemikiran yang aktif (sentiasa berfikir).
* Sukar melakukan sesuatu dengan segera.
* Bersikap suka menangguh-nangguh.
* Bersikap terlalu memilih & mahukan yang terbaik.
* Cepat marah & cepat sejuk.
* Suka bercakap & berdebat.
* Suka buat lawak & bergurau.
* Otaknya cerdas berangan-angan.
* Mudah berkawan & pandai berkawan.
* orang yang sangat tertib.
* Pandai mempamerkan sikap.
* Mudah kecil hati.
* Mudah kena selsema.
* Suka berkemas.
* Cepat rasa bosan.
* Sikap terlalu memilih & cerewet.
* Kurang mempamerkan perasaan.
* Lambat untuk sembuh apabila terluka hati.
* Suka pada barang yang berjenama.
* Mudah menjadi eksekutif.
* Kedegilan yang tidak terkawal.
* Sesiapa yang memuji, dianggap musuh. Siapa yang menegur dianggap kawan.

Sometimes, the above cannot be fully trusted, but there are some of them which are really true. I like branded stuff, I am stubborn, hard to heal once broken hearted or hurt, easily bored, choosy, easily having mood transformation and determination (berwawasan) hehe.Other friends who is born on June, like Aida Nabila, We ween, Fahmi and who elses? Yeah, some of the above really reflect their characteristic. Zzz.

Well yesterday, a housemate of mine, Ira, did this game on me which she said, it can predict how many kids we will have in the future. Mine was predicted to be FIVE! and 4 BOYS 1 GIRL. hahahahah:D, the most kids predicted among my housemates. It's so funny, even though I don't actually believe in it. The future, only God knows. :)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Life was meant to be normal

Every weekend I seem to have nothing to do, except going back home here in lonesome Kajang. Being at home, is relaxing but at the same time is a bore to the max. I need jollies! I lack of laughter like I usually had, I miss all the chaos and funny things that I used to encounter and I miss the adventure that I've been enduring for the previous months of my life. Why am I living in this normal life now?

I thought being at Puncak Alam was going to be fun since I almost have this enjoyable cliques to be together, to hang out, to chat, to laugh with but, it ended too soon. First, it was only a friend Dina, who I can tag with, then came the other three girls comprising of Syikin, Azneeza and Azyan; each with their own distinct unique characters. After that, our class representative, Eliza tended to join the 'club', and adding to the joy, two very exciting boys joined us too! making us 8 together, the best gang so far!. It happened before the mid-semester break and during our anxious first test week. We studied together and we shared notes, we laughed when one of us gave the wrong information, or making fun of the things we learn, it was so much fun. Oh the memories. The two boys were Dinie and Calvin. Dinie is a very cool boy, living in bangi, always jollying on new movies, typically funny and entertaining, and so smart. Calvin is so 'kecoh' as what we call him, and he's so funny as well. Dinie was like a twin brother of mine, we shared the same surname and also the same birth date, what a coincidence! 

4 days before the semester restarting, Dinie gave us the shock. informing us, that he won't come back. He's not dying, but he actually got the offer from MARA to pursue International Baccalaureate (IB) a KMS and will continue pursuing a medical degree in India. There you have it! Another friends snatched by MARA. T.T. It was surely disheartening, to know a very good friend leaving for good. I miss his tagline "Kenapa Jeles?" and all his stupid-annoying-spontaneous jokes. Seriously Dinie, Puncak Alam seems dull with out you! We really miss you dearly. Well what more can I say, he is the one who came to nagging why some other kids got the PIDN from JPA, and he doesn't. Now, that luck is on his side, I wish he can do the very best in KMS. To become more focus towards his future, which is brighter than all of us here in UiTM. I could just pray for him, even though deep inside wanting him to come back. :(

Dinie with Goofy. Miss him so bad:(
Test 1 was over and it is not the end of it. Still, Physics becomes tougher each day. I don't know if I can continue, with those rotational motion or whatsoever, there are just too many things to bear in mind, even though I love Physics. Prof Ahmad gave us an advice on last Thursday, saying that we should start thinking whether or not we are capable of continuing the asasi programme. He asked us, to look back at our Test 1 marks, and asking ourselves whether or not we can catch up and cope as well to pursue medical degree. He told us that, because, he is afraid that some of us might be disappointed as to enter medical schools in Malaysia is a very tough thing. Gulp:( Well, speaking of Physics, I one fine day, have a temporary chat with a cousin who's in Russia, studying medicine. He told me that he never learn or encountered Physics after he finished high school. He went to matriculation where he took Sains Hayat that doesn't need Physics to be studied and even now, after 4 years studying medicine, he said, there's no significant of studying the high level Physics, unless taking engineering of course. But that is what happens in Russia, as for here, in the country, no one knows whether Physics might as well be as significant as anatomy, right? So, I just have to keep on going, and learn this thing. It just that, it seems so hard to study something for life, instead I keep on having this thoughts to study for examination which is pathetic.

Watson and Crick proposing the double helix DNA, using physics as the core, for the model.