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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Life was meant to be normal

Every weekend I seem to have nothing to do, except going back home here in lonesome Kajang. Being at home, is relaxing but at the same time is a bore to the max. I need jollies! I lack of laughter like I usually had, I miss all the chaos and funny things that I used to encounter and I miss the adventure that I've been enduring for the previous months of my life. Why am I living in this normal life now?

I thought being at Puncak Alam was going to be fun since I almost have this enjoyable cliques to be together, to hang out, to chat, to laugh with but, it ended too soon. First, it was only a friend Dina, who I can tag with, then came the other three girls comprising of Syikin, Azneeza and Azyan; each with their own distinct unique characters. After that, our class representative, Eliza tended to join the 'club', and adding to the joy, two very exciting boys joined us too! making us 8 together, the best gang so far!. It happened before the mid-semester break and during our anxious first test week. We studied together and we shared notes, we laughed when one of us gave the wrong information, or making fun of the things we learn, it was so much fun. Oh the memories. The two boys were Dinie and Calvin. Dinie is a very cool boy, living in bangi, always jollying on new movies, typically funny and entertaining, and so smart. Calvin is so 'kecoh' as what we call him, and he's so funny as well. Dinie was like a twin brother of mine, we shared the same surname and also the same birth date, what a coincidence! 

4 days before the semester restarting, Dinie gave us the shock. informing us, that he won't come back. He's not dying, but he actually got the offer from MARA to pursue International Baccalaureate (IB) a KMS and will continue pursuing a medical degree in India. There you have it! Another friends snatched by MARA. T.T. It was surely disheartening, to know a very good friend leaving for good. I miss his tagline "Kenapa Jeles?" and all his stupid-annoying-spontaneous jokes. Seriously Dinie, Puncak Alam seems dull with out you! We really miss you dearly. Well what more can I say, he is the one who came to nagging why some other kids got the PIDN from JPA, and he doesn't. Now, that luck is on his side, I wish he can do the very best in KMS. To become more focus towards his future, which is brighter than all of us here in UiTM. I could just pray for him, even though deep inside wanting him to come back. :(

Dinie with Goofy. Miss him so bad:(
Test 1 was over and it is not the end of it. Still, Physics becomes tougher each day. I don't know if I can continue, with those rotational motion or whatsoever, there are just too many things to bear in mind, even though I love Physics. Prof Ahmad gave us an advice on last Thursday, saying that we should start thinking whether or not we are capable of continuing the asasi programme. He asked us, to look back at our Test 1 marks, and asking ourselves whether or not we can catch up and cope as well to pursue medical degree. He told us that, because, he is afraid that some of us might be disappointed as to enter medical schools in Malaysia is a very tough thing. Gulp:( Well, speaking of Physics, I one fine day, have a temporary chat with a cousin who's in Russia, studying medicine. He told me that he never learn or encountered Physics after he finished high school. He went to matriculation where he took Sains Hayat that doesn't need Physics to be studied and even now, after 4 years studying medicine, he said, there's no significant of studying the high level Physics, unless taking engineering of course. But that is what happens in Russia, as for here, in the country, no one knows whether Physics might as well be as significant as anatomy, right? So, I just have to keep on going, and learn this thing. It just that, it seems so hard to study something for life, instead I keep on having this thoughts to study for examination which is pathetic.

Watson and Crick proposing the double helix DNA, using physics as the core, for the model.

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Mokhzani.Ismail said...

yeah, i don't know what's the purpose of taking physics now for my medical degree, but it is sure a fun thing to learn :)