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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Questions ??

What is the best part you have?
-urmm...I dont know, nothing I guess.

What is your speciality?
-A brain that function a lot.

Do you love your parents?
-Who doesnt..? They are my whole life

How you describe life?
-Life is sometimes a box of chocolates

Have you travel abroad?
-Of course. A long-nice story

Will you travel again?
-Yup. But my passport terminated

Have u tried sushi?
-Yes, and I hate it. yucks! (sorry to my japanese boyf)

Do you want to join the community to conserve the forest?

How do you describe Bindi Irwin?
-Cute little girl with great aspect of views.

Do you have many friends?
-ERK.... THIS is a tough questions.

What kind of friend do you opt for?
-Intelligent, someone that can truly accept me, and listen to me. Addition, respectful and honest.

Have you been to American Eagle?

What is your budget for shopping?
-$10000 for 2 months will do...

What is your career dream?
-A fashion tycoon, but now dipped in science. Maybe a gynaecologist. Hope it will come true.

Do you like study?
-A bit.

Most favourite tv show?
-Ugly Betty and Desperate housewives

Who is your idol?
-No one...

Favourite songs?
-Jazz and ballads

Will you opt for fame or money?
-Money can buy anything except happiness

Are you still studying?
-Yes. and wish it will end sooner.

badminton tournament?

OMG!! Badminton tournament has come.....and I am all shivering of cold
Ok, last year, yes, Chiam and I won the first prize for Women Double Below 18, and this year, will luck be on our side once again?

To be frank, I have doubts in winning the competition. Mainly because of the increasing numbers of competitors and also our closest enemy, Huda and Alya. They are so good now, each of them knows Chiam and I's weakness, so with ease, they can beat us up. It will be a total embarrassing for us.

I am a bit ashamed of my self because lately I play so-like a sheep and cow-dung. Well, theres time when I play like a total pro, but as the time comes for competitions my weakness appeared. Last Friday, I had a fight with Chiam, not a real fight, but I was the one who was sulking. Why? Coz I am tired to listen to Huda and Chiam's advices on how to target the shuttle, how to hold the racket and so on. They have to understand that words are easier than action.

I am freaking out. Must win if not, Chiam will be a total downpour. I dont want her to be dissapointed as I already did made her frustrated 2 months before. Plus, I had not enough time to revise my studies and do my homeworks. They are piled up on my desks.

Oh. God....
No time for complaints....

Sunday, 27 April 2008

New Pictures of my life...

my best cyber friend, aina from johor, damn she's like a sis to me

mom trying to find something in IKEA recently

sister and cousin cant resist with Ikea STUFF

idea to be put in my room

i dont know who's this? probably my twin effect

mom and curtains.....

student king from a friend, borrowed

neatly arranged and soon will be a mess

pick a book from a soft stray cat

guess whose hand is that? dim and light in one

Friday, 25 April 2008

Kolokium Pemimpin Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah Peringkat Kebangsaan 2008

Just returning home from Kedah. I was all wrong this whole time. I thought the kolokium will be running like a camping event, but no wonder its much more cooler and also better than that.

I was representing Hulu Langat district for the event with another guy called Yap from SMK Jalan Reko. There were 20 representatives from other district. But it came out to be only 19 of us when another guy from Gombak couldnt showed up at the last minute. My first friend was Kirtigha, from Gombak. She's pretty and she speaks fluent english all the time, but couldnt speak in Bahasa Melayu. She found it hard to order things when we dropped by A RNR.

Reached Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort at 3 p.m. Most of the representatives from nationwide had already there except for Johorians. We went off to a counter, to register and to get out room's keys. My roommates were Kak Hanis a form five representative from Sabak Bernam district, Syuhada, SG Buloh and Kirtigha from Gombak. Our room was 909 and besides us was my friends' room too, (Selangor's contigent), they are Myra, Jee Hui from Klang, Hui Xin from Subang, Subiha from, Ulu Bernam and another girl Kanchana from Sabak Bernam was in another room.

Greatly within 3 days there, we are like close clads. I like kak Hanis damn much, she's soo cool. She is the prettiest and she got so many admirers. But she ignored them, haha, Besides, the best part was when she's laughing. She laughed like a banshee for sure, we were all afraid. Syuhada is so quite and soft. Thin and tall. Kirtigha, Indian, always worried about her hair and look. Myra, is a cindian. Pretty, long hair, with spectacles and smart. Jee Hui, is so much alike CHIAM. A form five girl, studying in Convent Klang. Hui Xin is our Kak Lilian (the one in Puteri Sitcom). She is a loaded person and cute. Subiha is our tomboy, with a weird haircut, and also weird way of walking. She's damn funny. Kanchana, well dont know much bout her lol.

What are exactly the kolokium all about?
>the way how to prevent crime at school
>activities that we can do at school in iniative to prevent crime
>who we can contact
>how to be a good leader.
>how to act if we see crimes.

We had been served with hotel food. Man, delicious....
The 4 days we spent in hotel were so much fun.....

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Last day on desk still people dont wanna talk to me?!

do u know how it feels when you're going to somewhere for a long time, and then, u wish to have some chatting with close clads, but they weren't here?

this is what I am feeling right now. Slightly hurt, bored, dissapointed. However, I am not a mad man, so I don't blame them to not being here. I understand people, in this classy world, have their own important things to do. They're so much fun in this world. Clubbing, Jamming, Eating, Dancing. Skating, Jogging, Chatting, Holiday-ing, Shopping, these are the things people are enduring right now.

And where am I? I am here, home, the paradise of my heart. The only place where I feel secured. Doing ? Nothing, but blogging. PLus, trying to read the minutes of the KPJ (AntiCrime Club)'s meeting minutes. Again dull. Maybe I'll leave in another 1 hour to have some clothes shopping. And in the afternoon, late afternoon, I'll be packing my stuff and tomorrow, ealry in the morning, before everybody wakes up, I will be nowhere to be found.

My friend Husnina, she goes to gigs. Not first time, but it has been her several times. With whom? Alone. Cool huh? How can she be so cool? Coz she befriend with cool people. Am I envying her? Gee, ahhh....I dont know. Maybe and maybe not. I want the past to repeat, the time my friends and I were considered as the best group of bevies ever. Nah....NO one repeat the past. Whats important is the future. And my future will be going to be dull.

I forget about my dull future. That is my guess, and hope it is false. People said I have bright future. And perhaps its true, but in condition, there must be efforts. No efforts, Just die. No one succeed without strong will and efforts. Except those rich lazy bums of the royal families.

So, what is exactly am I concluding here?

>I am going to Sungai Petani Kedah for a week
>last day to be here today, but no one is here. Nevermind (I guess)
>Will be missing classes, and then I will have tonnes of homeworks on desk which will make me stressful
>I am all by myself in Kedah. As the President of ANTI CRIME club, representing the state of selangor.

Saturday, 19 April 2008


at last Saturday is here. A nice, not sunny day. Chemistry class at school was a bit cool, and also fun. Mostly due to Pn Badria, the best teacher so far. Only a few of my classmates were there, the others might still be on bed; sleeping.

We learnt new chapter, chapter 4 about Periodic Table. The histories, were accumulating in my head, histories of periodic table. The table is from group 1 till 18....and the 18th group is classified into noble gases group, like helum, argon, krypton.

Then, we helped the teachers at the hall, arranging the chairs for the form3 students whom will be having talks in the hall. We were given RM 2 each, fine enough. I went home, with slipper, which made my feet sore.

Now, nothing to do, waiting the time to pass, and eat lunch, damn I am hungry.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

my busy-macy schedule on set!

I am just 15 and not even sixteen yet, somehow, I am stick to this busy schedule of mine. Let take a glance:

Monday: School. Then, I have BIO class which will make my friends and I return home so late.

Tuesday: Again school. And yes, BI class at the end of the school session. Hope Puan Thava in a good mood.

Wednesday: So this Wed, I will not be around, going to Sg Congkak for a picnic, eh no-no, actually a commodity service, or so call civic project. I dont wanna go!!!

Thursday: A big day, and maybe will be a lot fun. well. one thurs, my friends and I will be joining EDUBOX multimedia class. Actually, just want the free programmes on CD.

Friday: Love it coz less time at school, hate when there is SP class at two.

Saturday: PHYSIC TUITION in the morn. also ADD MATH class at 9.20 pm

NO TIME to enjoy....
tears pouring....


Friday, 11 April 2008

They hate me!!

A bunch of girls in my class now hating me for something. Its about BM class, well on last wednesday, there was BM class, where we should be in the Computer Lab. These bunch of girls were nowhere to be found coz they were helping puan Fazila at the library doing some ridiculous jobs.

Then, the BM teacher got furious over them coz they were truanting the class. She asked one of us to tell to the girls that the she wanted to see them at the staff room. Well, when we came back to the class, they were there, gigling about their nonsense girlish stuff which I didnt bother one bit. My friend christina (I think) told them that puan suzi the Bm teacher was mad and wantedd to see one of them. But, I dont know whether they take notice or vice versa.

Fine, then today, there was BM class, and Puan Suzi got mad again coz the girls didnt try to see her the other day. The teacher went like this:-

"Dayana, mereka sudah dibagi tahu bukan?"

I answered, "YES, dah"

One of the girl, was very furious over me. Coz I made them insulted in front of the class by Puan Suzi the whole period of BM session. They had to stand and cant sit. Now, I feel guilty. Ah....them its not my fault, ok Yes some of it was my fault. I myself dont know. Currently, they look at me with their wizened eyes. How bad could this be???

Should I apologize for something that i dont know whether I am the one who should be the blame??? this is tough

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

a fun class with puan thava

english class was the best class today eventhough it was held on the last periods of the school hours and lasted from 1.55 pm to 3 pm. We were damn hungry and also sleepy. However, the class didnt made us bored even one bit. Puan Thava was such a great clown. She tickled out heart so easily. Boy, we laughed so loud that u can even hear it from a thousand miles.

She asked me to read a story, well based on the text of coz. Then, she wanted the other students to recall it back. Unfortunately, none of them could fully recall it. and same went with me. She was a bit dissapointed. and she went "aiyoo, 4 amanah, suruh crite kan balik love story pon x boleh ke?"

we got so many questions wrong.
and then she asked silly questions to the boys
about who would they like to marry?
the boys in my class were like in NEW YORK already
only Amir gave the best answer, which was marry with a rich old lady and then kick her out, after that marry the young lady.
hahah...most relevant answer.

yeah, now we have many exercises to be done and have to pass it by thursday.
BESIDES, i have got to do chemistry, bio, physics, BM....ah MANY2

Monday, 7 April 2008


"aku nak tergelak baca blog kau"
and the above statement was made by Chiam. and I don't know what so funny about what I have wrote in my blog that can made she laughed.

well, I dont care if CHiam found out whats going on with me. I like to let others know what I feel as it will be easier for me to go on with my life. I like to be frank sooo much.....

ok, rite now, I am fasting. It feels good. but of coz I am starving. I returned home late as usual as I have BIO class....we did some stupid nonsense experiment on osmosis. The boys in my class disturbed my equipment and I got mad over them. SERVE THEM RIGHT!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008


coz MR A finally read my blog
now that he knew HOW I FELT
I feel hypotonic again

and yes
please dont leave me.
please dont people...
I cant bear of losing anymore friends

Hari Sukan KU 2008

Pictures of hari sukan/sports' day

(chiam win nee and fatin aina, hey!! do the job)

(Christina and Daksayani, my bestest Indian Friends)

unfortunately, thats all!!

Thursday, 3 April 2008


thursday, a tiring day coz I have 3 electif classes. and each of them lasted for almost 2 hours. VERY TIRING.....
and today, we got Chemistry paper, which yes, I am proud of myself, as I obtained the highest 92%!!!. Puan Badria flattered me all the time by telling I am very intelligent and all those nice words. Chirstina got pissed off, and said "wey!kembang laa tuh". Whatever, I didnt blame her though. She was just joking.
I was frustrated with english paper which I only managed to get 77%, many mistakes on the literature section, Sonnet 18. I think there re some problems with the answers' scheme, kick Puan hasnah for this. Well, we almost cry, but pn Thava told us that theres no need to feel sad, coz this was just the first test. Ok...take it as a point. But. yeah, she accepts bribes though, she simply said, " I can increase your marks if you are willing to pay me"...damn Puan thava, she was angry today as there re some students from 4 Amanah whom complained about she likes to scold, and well she is not like that at all. SHE IS A FUN TEACHER!
Fine, for BM I had to read the SYAIr. My pitching errors are all over, nevermind laa..anyway, pur presentation was a mess, coz we only had a book as a source, and there re some mistakes on persoalan, tema and bla22...hate komsas...Puan suzi is a tigress...but still she is the best BM teacher so far. so forgive her for that.
Then recess time, well as I was fasting, so I cant have my lunch with Huda and Chiam so I rushed to my duty-place. Junaidi was waiting well he is the mentor for the team. I saw a friend of mine by the way, looking extremely tired and depressed. I can't believe he as my therapist, can be like that. I don't understand teenagers though, well on the matter of fact, I myself a teenager. Whatever. Oh yeah, I decide to have a caunselling regarding my problems to a real therapist. Maybe he can help me. And yes, Aliya Asyiqin, havent see her for a while. Miss her. Not really miss her, but just wondering when could she be around.
And yes, many people changing. And huda, she is a bit weird, well at Biology class, she said I was trying to find cheap publicity coz I am the only one who manage to send the bio report on time. Haizz....people have doubts on her becoming my best buddy. I miss the time when all my friends hang out at huda's place and eat a lot. theres no more fun, and yes, I will be gone to Kedah in another 2 weeks. Wish me luck, and one more thing I have been selected to be the chairman of the anti-crime club at school. HAizzz... more responsibilities in hand.....