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Friday, 28 November 2008

yeah Now where's the result!?

bloody hell...I am tired of waiting for my exam's result...
all my friends had received theirs...
and where in the world is mine??
-calming down-

like always, I cooped inside the house with my bro and sis.
and all I can hear in this house is *bunyi katak* and *bunyi cengkerik*.... extreme silences...

I just watched Madagascar II,
and I dont think its funnier than the first movie of its kind,
I just like the first movie...
I'm looking forward to watch Twilight or something more preferable to adults...
but I do like the penguins in the movie, they're damn cute n funny either...

"I've got a good news and a bad news. The good news is we're goin' to land, and the bad news is we're goin' to crash landing....ANYWAY, thanks for choosing Air Penguins"

I did a schedule just now, a schedule of my studies
too many room for physics, yeah, I am just weak, too WEAK in it...
I wonder how my other cousins can be so good in physics,
meanwhile, I just cant get the whole thing, ok cut the crap, not all, just several...

"ni yang buat saya sayang awk ni! sebenarnye awkla kwn yg paling sy sayang!"

^^a message sent by Durrah two days ago....I am the most beloved friend? yeah right...
I just can't believe such sentence anymore, just because I can do u a favor, doesnt mean u can butter me using those 'sayang' words...

another thing, my brother is now, having this crush towards, david archuletta's song, called the CRUSH, and he kept playing it again and over again, boredom nightmare...!!

Insomnia, I've been awake since two days ago, haunted by this photo of an indonesian pontianak, and our own Malaysian's hantu bungkus. Can u sleep if u are being haunted by this,

"dik, boleh tak bukak ikatan kain kapan ni...ketatnye...tolong la dik..sakit ni...tolongla, akak ada kat tingkap adik ni!hehehehe~mengilai..."

so, here my second week of summer time...
something tht I definitely will forget...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Fake Versus Real-can u tell they're real or fake?

I've been apologizing to my lil' sis the whole day as I, the most boring sister had just made her disappointed. Why?

Well, its actually quite simple, firstly, yesterday she went to KL to send in her MRSM stupid-form (yeah I have grunge towards MARA) but I didn't follow her due to some laziness problems I've got. Secondly, she's mad because I again, failed to grant my promise on taking her to the cinema to watch whatever movie she wants to watch, and that is because I'm afraid I'll lose my savings. Duhh...I'm so stingy people, my big problem now.

Anyhow, I, forgot about my "extra English class" with my best friend, too who's now an english teacher. Damn, what a student am I? I bet u can tell it for yourself.

So, I actually have something to share, again from my mail box, can u tell whether they're real or fake?? Because due to modernity that we're facing, they're so many modern voodos that can make real thing fake and otherwise. Talking about humans getting smarter? Yeah, using the smart platform to cheat people is kinda cool, but on second thought, its burdening some authorities.(Tsunami attacked Phuket, Thailand-real!)

(This is fake-tourist ontop building on 9/11 US under attack)

(A real-looking street painting-REAL!)

(BIGGEST dog-a LIE!)

(Indoor Ski Dubai- REAL!)

(SKY resembled god's hands?-FAKE)

(big spider found in IRAQ-a fake!)

(u might think its a fake-but this is A REAL boat)

(shark's attact-a fake!)

(cruelty in fashion, I like, and its REAL)

(Nebula, resembles human's eye- REAL)

(This is the real garfield-world's biggest cat-REAL)

(wacky drunk-alike building-and its real!)

(space shuttle exploded captured by satellite cam-FAKE)

and last but not least

(giant crocodile found in CONGO-and its REAL!)

so thats all for now
time to get some knowledge of physics
and see ya again tomorrow
if I found myself yet alive.

buang masa posting

ok, I'm not actually the kind who like posting about lousy stuff, but today, I just feel like it. I am now waiting for my end year exam's result to knock me off. I am nervous. Plus, I am waiting for myself to be ready for my cousin to be tutoring me for physics.

holidays mean nothing to me. holidays ke tak holidays ke sama je. the same boredom, the same sickness. yeah, I'm sick. I have been influenced by this novel called 'Veronica Decides To Die' which tells about a girl named Veronica whom has a terrible mental disorder. Yeah, I think I'm Veronica now. Silly me.

well, actually I do have some work to be done. Like finishing my rockets, which I certainly feel like not doing, add math, and more. Waiting for my bio teacher to at least annouce us when could she be having those extra classes of biology that she had promised earlier is such a wasting of time.


Sunday, 23 November 2008

If this is our world, how will the heaven looks like?

I'm getting bored this summer, looking at both mom and dad, they looked extremely tired, so I reckoned that they just need to stay at home, I won't bother them this time. As for my friends, I did some text messaging, but they also didn't give me any responds so, I guess they're out of credit, or just need some privacy.

As I opened up my mail box, I found something intriguing to the mind. They're pictures that symbolize how beautiful our world is, and if we already live in the beautiful world, how would heaven be like? It must be better right? So, here, I felt grateful to be created as a human, the most perfect creature that GOD has ever made. If I were never born to this world, I would never had the chance to see the beautiful creations he had made for us humans to think about HIS greatness.(the sakura blossom in Japan)

(autumn in Germany)

Salzburg Austria-beautiful city(Neuschwannstein, King Ludwig's Castle in Bavaria, Germany)

(the famous Disneyland's castle)

(The edge of the glacier-cool huh?)

(The pretty face of Tibet)

(Earthbound Rainbow)

(this is how Tundra looks like)

(Lavender at the foot of the mountain)

(wow!!I've always wanted to go to this kind of place)

(make a wish-this is a comet scene)

Ok, thats all I guess. See, now we realize the world is beautiful although in certain parts, but still a wonderful place to live in. We see how amazing are the creations of God, and how incredible humans can build something brilliant. So, how will the heaven be like? Anyone can go to heaven if they abide certain rules. I am sure, we will reach heaven one day, and it sure will be better than the above pictures.

~I wish I can drive, have cash, and can fly~
~Too bad I can't, so I just blog things out~

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Promised pictures II

Ok, here are the pictures of the class party.

(Nina and Mimz competing for music chairs championship:-B)
(two girls in a fight)

(having fun?)

(chiam's eating, the others paying attention)

(yeah, barbecuing, and this is not a graveyard)

(wah a fight people!! a fight, huda and durrah)

(*and huda won the title*)

~all in all, the party was great, and will be a great memoir, there goes our fun~
~reason for editing: suke hati akulah, ni blog aku...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


craving to eat mango pudding
and drink ice lemon tea

Promised Pictures:))

Last Friday, experimenting on non-ruminant's digestive system.

(Cikgu Haryati commanded us to get ready)

(Yeah, she's doing the demonstration)

(Oh! Poor chicken)

(chiam was doing her job)

(my chicken's digestive tract, u can see my yellow knife)

it's kinda a dirty job, but it was FUN!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Class Party 08

15th Nov 2008, and we the 4 Amanah had this barbecue event like I said earlier. Yeah, the party was fun on the second thought but last year was better I guess.
So, I came to school early. Yeah, the party was held at school, in the agro workshop, the best place to have a barbecue event. I was supposed to come at nine, but ended up at 9;30 am, why? well, I had hard choices on what to wear, the common prob faced by a lot of teens out there. At last I wore, something very green, as the theme of the party was green. And, yeah I meant it guys, I was OVER GREENED! {ah, such a bad day}
I went together with Chiam, and she wore this futuristic kinda attire, and she looked awesomely fanstastic. What do u expect people, slim people can wear anything good! ~sigh~ *bunyi katak...*I brought a long my laptop, (which actually belongs to my mom) for the party, well the organizer, needed one, and I willingly to help. So nevermind about that.
When we arrived, a loud noise spilled out, "Weyh apasal lambat!?" yelled Chris (the organizer). I was like, man just 30 minutes late, how is that so bad? Hahaha. Before that I went to the nearby shop and get two soda drinks, one was Zappel and Pepsi, and as soon as I put those bottles on the table at the party everyone headed to them and opened them up, and started drinking. They must be so thirsty, and yeah, the zappel ran out so quickly. what to say? My friends are thirsty-monsters.
We thought we were late, but actually nothing was ready. The chickens were still in the fridge, and they took 20 minutes to be taken out from the fridge, as they had freezed. Luckily, Bob was in town, and helped us. *Bob is so nice eventhough he's not my closest buddy* ~and he is thin now~ The chickens took another 30 minutes to defrost, and we were like, damn, when could we eat these fat chickens?? Chiam was already starving by then. I calmed her down and to make the time passed, Chiam was the one who roasted the chickens. *rajin jugak ye?*
At 11 am, Amir, Irwan, Luqman, Hazman, and this red pant-Aiman arrived. We assumed them as V.I.P's from Mars. Amir was ok at least, as he quickly came to help us with the chickens. We were so amazed by Aiman's pants yesterday. It was freaking red. I remembered those rock stars wearing that. I was like, "nasib baik muke lawa, pakai apa pun ok". Hahaha:) *yeah, aiman is a cute guy, no doubt*
Around 12 pm, we started the real party. The game. Yeah, the first game was music chairs, the baby-donky game that I always play in many years of life. I lost, lost to Amir. Damn!! and the winner went to Nina, the most outrageous girl I ever met and befriend with. Next, it was water and balloons time. We needed to take good care of four balloons, which means, we can't let any one of them, breaks. So, I was in the first group which was consisting, of Amir, Azmin, Madihah, Durrah and of course moi. At last, we had to competed with the 2nd group, which was consisting of Fathin Syamimi, Nina, Irwan, and others, and they won. SO SAD
:( and I was soaking wet, coz my balloon breaks and it ruined my cellphone. Thanks a lot to Madihah:(
After that, there's a game where we need to listen to the songs being played and tell what is the title and the singer who sang that song. My team won second, the winner is the 4th team, Aiman;s and Huda's team. Man, they are good, really good, but only when it comes to songs. hehehe, *jgn marah*
We realised it was already late, and by 2 pm, we hurriedly, cleaned out all our mess. It was a terrible mess. The whole worked ended at 4 pm, and we also had this chance to bid farewell to my class teacher, Pn haryati who came along as well. I almost bursted into tears, but no i wont. I hope I did lol, because it will be dramatic.*but I just didnt, coz I am so cool~~
So, thats all for the year, sweet sixteen year. Not so sweet though, but I must admit, the fun is enjoyable. We rocked the party, and I felt glad. Oh, before I stop typing, I just want to remind you that, pictures of the party will be posted tomorrow, as they re in my cellphone and my cellphone is now rest in peace *meaning: rosak*. Now, I realised that NOKIA still is the best brand-and friendly user phone.
So, see ya later.
*tgh sedih...hp rosak*

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Summary of 2008's school's life.

Hah. Tears running down with a sigh, and a bit of happiness. (yeah, its sad and joy at a time). And, why am I suppose to feel this way?

Well, as u can see, 2008 wasn't my best year. Many bad and good things happened. I cry and laugh and whatever. So, school life was just the same, maybe mine, wasn't as interesting or better than anyone of all of you out there, but I guess, there are something to be reminisced of.

The first puppy love, the sad story of me of not getting a place in some prestigious schools, and the hectic life I have to gone through with other form 4 kids will be playing inside my head. Ah, those memories....which I wish to end quickly, already ended and I feel relieved.

As for teachers, I love all my teachers. They have been such wonderful persons I ever found in my life. Puan Suzyana, my BM teacher, I love her coz' she can made us understand fully of Bahasa Melayu and sorry for many mistakes I had done. I didnt have the slight opportunity to kiss u on the cheek and bid goodbye as u'll soon be going to Kuantan. Only if u can read this. As for my Agricultural Science Teacher, Puan Haryati, u're such a great form teacher, and ur great personality as a teacher will be engraved forever here in myself. Thanks.

Lastly, I will also be missing my friends whom will be leaving too, those who are taking SPM, PMR and those who will be following their families. I've been such a lousy and bad friend for you guys. I'm sorry. I am not perfect, so forgive me. And also, bye to 2008, 2009 will appear with big highlights and suprises. Just have to get ready for the next step to adulthood.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Yep!! Summer time.

Ok. We dont generally have summer in Malaysia, but we all knew, Summer in other countries is the same as a long break of school holidays. And, I want to inform u that it is now the end year holiday. Yahoo!!!:) {oh wait, we do have summer, the hot weather}

Alright, I guess the last day of school wasn't bad after all. We did operations on the digestive tracts of non-ruminant animal, which is the chicken of course, and yes, we smell like chickens. Then, we took out the digestive organs of the chicken including the rectum. Yucks!! So, yeah it did smell terrible.

And, as for the chicken flesh, well, we keep it for the class party tomorrow, at 11 am, please do come if u can. So, yes, there will be a barbecue, a big gigantic chicken barbecue event at the agricultural science's workshop. Hooray!!! I am gonna be fatter and fatter after this. For the pictures of this event, maybe I'll be loading them tomorrow, I am kinda no mood plus I am now keep thinking of SPM already....haha:(

One more thing, I want to congratulate my one and only little sister, dalilah ashikin, for her UPSR results. Yeah, she's got 5A's. And I am happy to see she's smiling once again, because when she smiles she makes my heart dances with bliss and grace.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What happens when MOM acted like DAUGHTER and vice versa?

Great, now I had miss the 5 Jingga Malaysia's Teen Series aired on 8tv, thanks to my hectic life revising for the past 3 weeks. Anyhow, I am still ok actually, because, I now, can sit back and relax, and watch the GILMORE GIRLS on show, which is at its 6th season this time round. Yay!!

I have always like Gilmore Girls, (well, I can't pronounce it as GG, because it would be thought as Gossip Girl) so, yeah, back to the point, this drama, or soap opera, or series, is a remedy for me. Thanks God, its airing at 9.30 pm, not too early and not to late, so I can watch it without worrying of having rackoon-eyes in the next morning.

But, this time round, Gilmore Girls, evolves, I mean still evolves around Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai is the young-energetic mother and her beautiful, timid, excellent daughter, is of course Rory. Yesterday, what I saw, was that, Lorelai proposed her long time boyfriend Luke. I hate Luke, whom is the most disgusting and annoying and boring boyfriend anyone could have.

And, Rory, is having a big problem. I dont know what actually happened, but Rory was pleaded guilty for doing violences. I dont know what had she done, but I must say, its a big case. Rory, now, living with her prestigious elite grandma and grandpa is seeking for help from a renowed attorney. Too bad, Rory will have to bear 300 hours of communtiy service, plus she will be having criminal records in her life. This will ruin her life forever!! And, she as Yale's student, will loosing dignity forever.

The odd thing in yersterday's episode was that, Lorelai, didnt even showed up at the court whilst Rory was in her big predicament. What mom will ever do that? Never showed courage and efforts toward her daughter is a big crime!!! Rory, I see, was very sad with her mom.

Lorelai, had always acted "slumber", without any sense of worrying of her daughter. Can u imagine what did she said when Rory was expected to be quitting from Yale? She said,

"let her be, she wants to a grown up".

That is so mean. I meant, any mom must not do that. Not everyone can go to Yale. It is the most prestigious school in the world.

Monday, 10 November 2008

This time I should just lowered my sight

Uh and Ah! The exclamations that I probably have been doing since 9 am this morning. And why?

Firstly, I got the highest marks for BM, maybe u think I can shout happily above the cloud, but the result wasnt satisfying. I got 77%, maybe its a B in some schools, but here, in KU, its an A1. SIgh, one word, try harder!

Then, we got math and add math. How demolish my feeling is now, when I, just obtained 83% for my modern math, and 61% a B, A BIG B, for my add math. Argh!!! This day was just terrifying, horrifying, and horrible!! Now, my points are just a bit far from Chiam. Damn.

Anyhow, I dont want to be pessimistic towards all these. Allah himself wanna show something to me. To show that there are many others out there who can do better than me, and I never take notice about that, as I've been very arrogant these whiles.

I need to have more efforts and determinations. SPM is looming. Nearer and nearer. Aiming must be accomplished. And, last, what I would like to say, is GOOD LUCK to SPM candidates 2008, especially to the one I care the most. I pray for all of u, and I hope u'll pray for me too later.

so long now.:)

Friday, 7 November 2008

Is this what we call freedom, freedom as in STUDENTS' minds?

At last, freedom in hands. The examination called end year exam, is now over. Three weeks of struggling really made the whole body sickened and weak. I need some remedy for it, remedy for the exhausted soul.

Fine, maybe I am being too patheticly trying to describe how sad the exam was, but for me, examination is the battle which I need to fight with dignity and with wisdom every single time it comes. And, like most of the people alike me, I am looking for bright azure Aces.

Today, I had these two papers, Agricultural Science and EST. I have to admit, these papers was damn kicking the whole soul together. I am so sad that I couldnt answer them all with full wisdom, as I did last minute revisions, and that is a MUST NOT! I hope my EST came out good as I know the teacher wont be satisfied if I didnt get the best marks that she always count on.

Freedom, is this freedom? A temporary one, I supposed. I after this, will be busy, and I hope my hard works paid off. SPM, is now my biggest fear, I hope I'll get those applauses and triumph I've been opting for. Amid all the drawbacks I got from some people who claimed I studied for selfish reasons, for me we have to adapt to the reality. Reality where both academics and cocuricullar activities count.

P/S: Pn Haryati will be moving sad.....

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Tapai project:)

We the science stream students and the sub science students did a project on Tapai. Last week, we did Tapai Ubi, and yesterday we did Tapai Pulut. Hope my tapai pulut comes out well, since my tapai ubi was damn bitter, yucks!

So yes pictures. Wait a sec.
Ok, enjoy the photos of unpopular kids

(Chiam can be a GOOD house wife, give her a round of applause)

(Yeah, I didnt do much of the works lol)

(Yeah! Posing again, find me, find me!)

(Nina was cutting or peeling?)

(yey!! almost done!)

(after 2 to 3 days, this is what u got, tapai ubi)

for tapai pulut
i'll be posting the story next week
so, wait guys...
I wont be going anywhere.
so long now...

Hari Kokorikulum (Hari Koko and not Cocoa)

Yes. I'm back. I have been busy all this while, doing school stuff. So, let me get straight to the point, on last Thursday, the 30th October, my school had this event called Hari Kokurikulum. Well, every school holds this, so whatever.

The event went quite hectic at the beginning, when the commander or ketua pelatun of our kawad team, didnt showed up. So, we were a bit, I repeat, a BIT panic. Thank God Nina saved the day. U're such a saviour dear friend. In the end, Nina was the one who commanded the whole thing. Of course, our kawad didnt came out well enough, a bit messy here and there, but, hey, still ok I guess.

After that event, there're some games, or sukaneka, which I think just suited the lower form kids. Let me list down the games,

1. Baling Guli (the one who threw the marble, and it hits most of the kotak mancis won the game)
2. Ting ting (the kangaroo game)
3. Galah panjang
4. Badminton (lambung shuttle cock je^.^)
5. Singing competition (which please, I cant)

See, they're just for kids. And all of them had been fully occupied when my friends and I wanna join. So, we didnt played any, just the kotak mancis, where I just got one box hit. Poor me.

Oh yeah, pictures...

(chiam and durrah in the white pure uniform)

(my friends acting like kanak-kanak riang)

(these two siblings were feeling bored)

(yEY!! finally hard works paid off)

thats all for now.
now, better get ready for the brain competition
or better known as
end year examination. lol.