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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hari Kokorikulum (Hari Koko and not Cocoa)

Yes. I'm back. I have been busy all this while, doing school stuff. So, let me get straight to the point, on last Thursday, the 30th October, my school had this event called Hari Kokurikulum. Well, every school holds this, so whatever.

The event went quite hectic at the beginning, when the commander or ketua pelatun of our kawad team, didnt showed up. So, we were a bit, I repeat, a BIT panic. Thank God Nina saved the day. U're such a saviour dear friend. In the end, Nina was the one who commanded the whole thing. Of course, our kawad didnt came out well enough, a bit messy here and there, but, hey, still ok I guess.

After that event, there're some games, or sukaneka, which I think just suited the lower form kids. Let me list down the games,

1. Baling Guli (the one who threw the marble, and it hits most of the kotak mancis won the game)
2. Ting ting (the kangaroo game)
3. Galah panjang
4. Badminton (lambung shuttle cock je^.^)
5. Singing competition (which please, I cant)

See, they're just for kids. And all of them had been fully occupied when my friends and I wanna join. So, we didnt played any, just the kotak mancis, where I just got one box hit. Poor me.

Oh yeah, pictures...

(chiam and durrah in the white pure uniform)

(my friends acting like kanak-kanak riang)

(these two siblings were feeling bored)

(yEY!! finally hard works paid off)

thats all for now.
now, better get ready for the brain competition
or better known as
end year examination. lol.

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