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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Quran Challenge and Rumah Islam

Assalamualaikum peeps:)

If you got the opportunity to study abroad, PLEASE GO!

I mean seriously, I found my first tarbiyah in USMKLE. In India. The one who leads me through are two darling naqibah, sisters who are of just one year older. 

Still, after two years joining this sitting where we called them usrah or family, I am not yet strong or strengthens. I see a lot of my friends, one of them who also got her tarbiyah in India, but now, wow, becoming a leader in this so called 'Path' towards becoming a better muslimah.

This year, before returning home, I got to stay in RI. It stands for RUMAH ISLAM. Friends who are studying in Bangalore called it White House. Rumah Islam accommodates 13 daie's. 13 forth year IMS' medical students; and one 2nd year student. 

I never stayed in RI because you know, often the trip to Bangalore or the transit was meant to be a joyous one. Joyous to me here means, not restricted to any rules. By staying in RI, I always have this mindset that all these sisters would keep preaching me whatsoever and wont let me have a joyous stay.

The clique I was following to this time transit to Bangalore was of different persons. One of them had already got married just yesterday. Barakallah :D and she is a good friend from asasi sains UiTM who Allah had made her heart clear of what she wanna be. A pure daie. 

After we arrived at that RI, it happened that the sister I wanna meet wasn't there. I was so frustrated, almost call for a leave and stay at another friend's house in Gokula. It was still Ramadan. And to my surprise, that very afternoon, these MSU girls in bangalore, mostly hold a MABIT together with iftar. My other friends, was so eager to join MABIT and I was like ERRRR.


Because I knew if I didn't follow these friends, I'd be left out and all the sisters in the RI also had their own MABIT; so yeah. 

We arrived late for MABIT that night, but still were welcomed. It was an unfamiliar house we stepped into; the venue of that MABIT. Every girls were wearing white. Usually the opted to wear white because probably it seems more delightful and pure that way? hahaha.

After tarawih, and some night supper, the MABIT started. It was seriously, and amazingly fun. With almost 30 girls under one roof; it enlightened the spirit to sprint for more ibadah. We took turn to wake up for tahajud and tadarus. All our phones and watches were being taken away. But seriously, that's how it works to train our inner self. Get away from dunya. 

Later that morning, we had our mass Subuh prayer, recited the Math'urat then some game called QURAN CHALLENGE. 

It was my first time playing Quran Challenge. The purpose was to test how much of the Quran do we know after 3 weeks of Ramadan. 

Two groups were divided. One group be the Jahilliyah and another is the Taqwa. Jahilliyah must stop or interrupt the taqwa. 

I was astonished at how these friends in Bangalore are so good at the Quran Challenge. Because the mastermind will call out for one person from the Taqwa group. She will be given only the name of one surah from the Quran. She must know the highlight of that particular surah. Go to her Taqwa members and tell them the highlight of that surah without mentioning what the surah is. Technical clue must not be given. Her Taqwa's members must say out loud what the surah is. While the person tries to tell her members about the highlight, the Jahiliyyah members must try to pull her to be in Jahiliyyah by making her giving up. Some of us even tried to push them to sleep back with us. 

Seriously, the game was hard. To read and recite the Quran is easy. But to remember every detail of the Surah is hard. Well, that morning was really an avalanche to me, how I was bad at getting the highlight of the each surah and I must improve. No excuses.


Being abroad, there's always RI. I know there are also RI or rumah Islam elsewhere in Malaysia; but I still see that the concept is being much appreciated abroad. RI is a home where you can stay, and eat, and the sisters/murobbi will make sure your Salat, your ibadah are well taken care of. I spent two nights there, and it was easy for me to wake up for tahajjud and tadarus. Simply beautiful, as if we had our life schedule nicely planned and constructed; in a syariat way of course. 

The sisters of White House RI Bangalore are darlings now. They eagerly cooked for Iftar when I was there. We ate in a Zuhud kind of way, in a dulang! Because their food is prepared in a zuhud kind of manner too. So that no wastage is present! How cool is that :D

MABIT, Malam Bina Iman Taqwa is indeed beautiful. Other than the chance to strengthen and to renew the spirit as to return to motherland Malaysia, we got to bond with our friends in MSU Bangalore. Ukhwah is then built. Another cool thing right :D 

>>P/S: because dad once said; when a person goes abroad to study; he or she can either be too good in her or his dakwah and deen or the opposite of that. It is us who chose the path when Allah showed us the light :)>>


One fine day my brother went a bit friendly and started to share a story. It was a story told by his chem lecturer in college. It goes like this:

A man went into 7 eleven. He looked at the magazine rack but couldn't find the one he wanted to buy.

He then asked the casher,

"Hey, are there any VOGUEEEE here? (with a pronunciation GUUUUU) 

"VOGUUUU? Sorry sir, no VOGUUUU here. But we have VOGUE magazine. (pronunciation with silent U and E).

The man exclaimed: "Well that's what I am looking for lah! VOGUUUU" 

The casher replied: "OH! It is called VOGUE not VOGUUUU" 

The man who became irritated :

"OK! I don't want to ARGGG with you now. Let me pay that!" 

The casher could just laughed and said : "Well it's ARGUE sir" 

"WHATEVERR!" and the man dashed away.


Everyone in the car laughed. Because if VOGUE is pronounced with silent U and E, the man thought so does ARGUE.

Suddenly, among the midst of laughter, Mom asked:

"What kind of car is ARGG??"


p/s: if no comprehende....ignore this :p