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Sunday, 18 August 2013


One fine day my brother went a bit friendly and started to share a story. It was a story told by his chem lecturer in college. It goes like this:

A man went into 7 eleven. He looked at the magazine rack but couldn't find the one he wanted to buy.

He then asked the casher,

"Hey, are there any VOGUEEEE here? (with a pronunciation GUUUUU) 

"VOGUUUU? Sorry sir, no VOGUUUU here. But we have VOGUE magazine. (pronunciation with silent U and E).

The man exclaimed: "Well that's what I am looking for lah! VOGUUUU" 

The casher replied: "OH! It is called VOGUE not VOGUUUU" 

The man who became irritated :

"OK! I don't want to ARGGG with you now. Let me pay that!" 

The casher could just laughed and said : "Well it's ARGUE sir" 

"WHATEVERR!" and the man dashed away.


Everyone in the car laughed. Because if VOGUE is pronounced with silent U and E, the man thought so does ARGUE.

Suddenly, among the midst of laughter, Mom asked:

"What kind of car is ARGG??"


p/s: if no comprehende....ignore this :p

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