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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Realiti USMKLE: For Freshie on VISA application

Alhamdulillah and congratulations to all our future juniors who are already confirmed with MARA for the sponsorship. We welcomed you the world full of surprises. HAHAHA.

So before you guys come to India, a visa is a compulsory 'ticket' to allow you to enter this country full of magic. 

I don't know how about you guys, but during my time, the ONLINE VISA APPLICATION form was obtained from the same page as the website where you guys applied for USMKLE. 

You just fill up the form till it complete, then print it....and one thing you have to go to the Indian Visa Center to get your visa ready. Oh, please bring along your original USMKLE offer letter as well as your passport. And while putting your signature to any documents during the application process at the center, make sure all your signature are of the similar pattern. Just don't be that kelam kabut. Do things one at a time :)

You must sign up for the STUDENT VISA. The fees is about RM 301 during my time. I would put the link to the Malaysia's Indian Visa Center for you to do all the work. There are maybe some things changed for these past 2 years. 


And for those who are not in Kuala Lumpur area, here is the link to the addresses in some other cities for the center. Collection for the VISA is usually a week after you go and make one, so yeah, be patient :)

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