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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Realiti USMKLE For Freshie: On Registration

Ok for those that haven't got the MARA yet, better be hurry to apply it. 

Registration for this course, even though you'll be studying in India; is still at the beloved campus of USMKK, Kelantan. Yes, very far from Kuala Lumpur, I know.

So this post will be basically according to my past experience: as former freshie (two years ago) as well as one of the facilitators for last year's orientation. Sorry if any of these, won't be dealt or endured by you guys this year. Here they go:

1. Document all your certificates in order. Bring the necessary. Don't need to bring the UPSR's and PMR's. 

2. Makes a lot of IC and passport copies and passport photos. Very important. The xerox center in the campus is soooo far away from the hostel you will be placed at. And don't forget to bring along the offer letter. Official ones. So yeah. 

3. BRING BLACK BALLY SHOES/ANYTHING LOOKS FORMAL for boys and for girls bring BLACK SHOES that cover up your toes. You don't want to spend for lousy black shoes in Kubang Kerian.

4. For girls, bring extra white tudung/ black tudung. You need it for the last session of declaration event of being USM students (hari baca ikrar I'd call it :P). Boys bring white long sleeve shirts. Black slacks are more appropriate. 

5. Bring your own bedsheet and pillow to stay at the hostel. Because I know not everybody is comfortable with such a condition with no pillow. But trust me! you'll be having only like a 3 hour sleep.

6. Girls  bring some baju kurung, formal I would say.

7. Bring track bottoms. There'd be aerobic session. 

8. I don't know whether this year, you would have to bring all your luggage to USMKK or not. It depends on your flight date. During my time, the difference between the last day of orientation was just a day, so I did bring everything to Kelantan. To ensure your flight dates, please contact MARA (if you have already confirmed to be under its sponsorship)

9. Bring extra money; you might need it to buy food/daily essentials and some books like keusahawanan, etnik etc. 

10. For the medical check up documents, bring everything. Make sure you do blood test. 

11. Prepare mentally and physically. Some facilitators are very mean. I mean very! But I ensure you if I were there, I would be nice with some limits. We are there to train and guide you to be discipline. Everyday, along the orientation; you must wake up at 5 am for Subuh prayer at Murni's mosque. 

12. You've to walk a lot. So don't just chill on the couch and turn into a potato. Do some jog/train your legs. It'd be tiresome. Trust me!

13. Youtube the USM Theme Song, if there's any. You'be asked to sing it ! Some facilitators would be furious if you don't know how it goes. 

I think these are basically all the things you need to do/ need not to bring. Goodluck on MARA application. Pray hard to get it. You will be surprised by the time you're here. But most of us are nice. HEHE. 

>>p/s: These two years; USMKLE students are placed at Nurani Hostel, near to the main gate. So it's easy to get to this place upon reaching the entrance. Please bring offer letter (original copy!) if you don't want to face trouble upon registration. The Nurani's management is very strict. Enjoy your few days of cuti cuti Malaysia. And we'll welcome you with a warm heart to USM. See ya>>


azrul sofi said...

for guys setiap hari orentasi pakai baju formal? or tshirt berkolar?

dayanaazhar:) said...

hari2 formal. haha. so enjoy! malam boleh la tshirt berkolar.

nurhayati said...

salam k.dayana,nk tanya if kita dpt loan mara duit 2 akan masuk bila ye? :)

dayanaazhar:) said...

to nurhayati...

duit MARA takkan masuk selagi awak tak dapat offer letter MARA, and borang perjanjian tidak diisi dan ditandatangani.

masa zaman akak...duit MARA dpt masa kat orientasi. dia bagi 6 bulan punya amount. banyak juga. ada cash dalam ringgit and ada 1500 USD dalam bentuk travellers cheque. masa tu akak, bagi duit semua kat parents akak sbb takut hilang waktu orientasi.

dekat India, awak kena change duit dalam rupee. utk beli perkakas hostel semua. inshaAllah nnti akan ditunjukkan cara :)

harap saya balas pertanyaan awak ni ye;) ada apa2 contact akak kat twitter directly. or whatsapp +919845484899