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Friday, 29 June 2012

Hujung Tanduk

Fine people. Rumor has it. I mean it's not a rumor any more, but this is the fact. The fact that our pro examination is being forward to an earlier date. The 16th of July to be precised. 

This is super shocking and choking us to death. (Ok exaggerating) But seriously? Why did all of these changes? It was okay at first, it was fine at first. The new schedule makes us puke blood. And torture I must say, for me literally.

This should be our original schedule for pro exam. Which I think runs smoothly and just nice to note that most of the students bought our flight ticket on 1st August. If it finishes by 19th, what are we gonna do here for 2 weeks? Nak buat kuih raya ke???

I already contact the USM Kubang Kerian's behalf, and they told me, they will stick to the original schedule. Okay, then why change ours. Straight a week without any gap in between is so cruel to the brain, to the soul. Lol, again I am exaggerating.

Nevertheless, if we have to stick to the new schedule, let's pray that we all can do it well. Nothing we can do rather than rely on the power of Allah All Mighty.

>>p/s: why did I complaint about this? If Allah said Kun Fa Ya Kun, then it happens. Why should I care to burden my head with this? Astaghfirullahalazzim<<

Monday, 25 June 2012

You don't see, it's boring

Yeah people. I think I need a camera. I am saving up either for a new camera phone, or an Ipod Touch or The New Ipad. Sigh...can't make the choice. You see blogging, is such a bore without the ability to post good photos. Especially when I really really wanna post about life her in India, the difference and the similarities. 

Thinking about it making me insane, (not literally). So, after thoughts and thoughts, I would rather go to Malaysia and buy. Lame la me wanna post it here. Not to mention, now that there's a voyager group; where I have to plan on travelling abroad and introduce USMKLE to the world, and have to make video out of my journey; thus having a camera is vital. 

Sigh, the orang-kaya type of group they make. It's important as to get global merit, as what they said it before. Without hesitance, yes! everyone is now planning to go somewhere, out of India and Malaysia. Tak main la Bandung! (*amat berlagak*)

Okay, bye2 off to study. Lotsa things I forgot. And this is just not right. :/

Friday, 22 June 2012


Syukur because finally I made it to have a very good attendance to the lectures, the practicals and you named it all. Haha (* a good kid here, so yeahh*)

Syukur because I have many beautiful solehah sisters around me, that never got bored of advising and never got bored to cook for me (I mean us hehee :P)

Syukur alhamdulillah, finally that I feel at peace joining the Usrah. Sad because there's Naqibah changing system, but still do you remember when Allah commanded that the qiblat changed, and most of the Muslims condemned and doubt, why it changed? So I am asking my imaan quite a number of times whether I attended usrah just because I like the Naqibah and the other sisters; or is it because of Allah?

Syukur alhamdulillah, that my room mate and I thrived to stay in one room together after so many 'hurdles' and 'fights'. Girls are so complicated I must say, including me. The best way is to learn how to tolerate.

Syukur alhamdulillah, that my parcel of sarees just landed in KLIA. 

Syukur alhamdulillah for the well-being of my physique and the well-being of my immune system that until today, I have never experience one night in the hospital.

Syukur alhamdulillah for Adibah's grandma to be here, that most of us could feel the slight reminisce of eating kampung dishes. Just had lontong for dinner and asam pedas yesterday !

Syukur alhamdulillah, that Allah gave me the opportunity to stay in a place where it's so conducive to study, so cold, so prosper. 

Also syukur alhamdulillah that final is approaching, meaning end of year 1, and meaning it's the time to grow both physically, mentally and spirituality; towards becoming better in every aspect of life as well as for the Here after, akhirat, husnul khatimah is what we should approached for :')

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mati lebih baik

Isaac Newton is a well-known figure; the man whom we used his laws of Physics up till now. How awesome is that? Many Newton Laws prevails and because of that, he is saluted by all mankind who have been studying physics. F = ma , force is equal to mass times acceleration is the basic formula that every one, perhaps you, us and I have ever encountered. Many questions that came up for physics dealt with it, so let's not forget shall we.

Mass times acceleration. We all have mass, body mass. We also have acceleration, which is movement due to difference of distance in a particular time. And to make something to happen, we need to know that we have to move. And to move we need that F. Force to start doing something. Newton once dignified that one object which is kept stationary will remain stationary if no force (larger than that object) to make it moves. Thus, this concept is also analogical to the life we are pursuing. 

Have you ever felt that feeling of intense laziness to start doing something useful whether it be performing solah or as easy as to get your morning shower? Everyone must have experienced that. The only thing that will help us to finish something off is by making an effort (force) to start on doing. And remember one physics law that mentioned, every object has inertia and momentum. Once it is moving, it will continue to move at a constant speed, and will not stop unless there's another force exerted on it. The same goes with humans! So, what's make you waiting? Move and start doing. 

Read an article (coincidentally written by a brother to a very good friend: Ir Faridul Farhan) just now in JOM, and find this very good hadith regarding death is better than procrastination.

Ibnu Qayyim:

"Bergeraklah: kerana diam boleh mematikan. Sebesar-besar keuntungan di dunia adalah menjinakkan dirimu setiap saat pd aktiviti yang memberikan manfaat paling banyak di akhirat. Mensia-siakan waktu lebih bahaya daripada kematian kerana ia memutuskanmu daripada Allah & akhirat. Sedangkan kematian hanya memutuskanmu daripada dunia & penghuninya"

>>p/s: Mati lebih baik daripada buang masa. Please take care of time, or else time will definitely leave us behind<< 


Assalamualaikum people who are willing to come to this petty place of sometimes wonderful but most of the time nonsense blabbering. 

Today, is Saturday and alhamdullilah praised to Allah All Mighty for making me to wake up early so that I didn't miss the practical revision for microbiology. I must say microbiology is superb and every microbiologists are geniuses. To study about a creature, an organism that is even smaller than the smallest dot you can make with your pen is awesome. After microbiologist come those pathologist who deals with the microorganisms and try to figure out what disease it might have caused. Just breath taking when you can actually start to ponder how Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek the Father of Microbiology started to figure out all of these, thanks to Robert Koch as well; as because of the knowledge Allah had gifted him; that today most of the culturing technique for parasites (except viruses) can be done at the laboratories worldwide. 

Also today, I did something I am so proud off, which is the acid-fast staining for the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The procedure involved a lot of dyes where in lab we called them stains. Only with particular stains, we are able to see these minute creatures under the microscope. To see virus, you need an electron microscope. Then, also to note that mycobacterium tuberculosis gives about the well-known disease Tuberculosis which is an air-borne disease; so during the practical session, every one was so scared that they might get infected. 

For me to do the staining is a very fun thing. Luckily, we didn't have to prepare the smear for the microorganisms, otherwise it would be cumbersome. Making smears is the most difficult practical I ever encountered. Requires a very delicate movement of the hand to make super duper layer of smearing. Argh, I hate that! But today, a slide of mycobacterium tuberculosis was given. And we have to make sure we put the correct amount of stains, at the precise time so that it won't affect the bacteria. Plus, heating it is required, but it is very dangerous because it's easily boiled. I almost boiled mine though and all my friends laugh. 

To be frank, most of the colleagues who attended today's practical revision was too scared to do the staining. Only 5 students including me that took the chance: Ryan, Safwan, Hazirah, Harisah and I. Hahaha. After staining, then rinsing, then staining again and heating: what we got to do is to dry under hot flame and not blotting it up with paper. 

Under the microscope, it's very hard to get a clear view. Sometimes, the slides aren't dried properly; thus it will give off water bubbles. Luckily, today: after the hurdle (cewaah) the laboratory technician praised my staining and said it's a very good one. What a good starter for Saturday. Happy, very very happy after tiresome week. 
isn't this beautiful: the pinkish rod thingy indicates there mycobacterium tuberculosis. TEHEE:D

The other friends did a good job too, just I think mine is better (LOL-Joking). Anyhow, the practicals have to be remembered as any thing could come up for OSPE in Pro examination. And you know: I have a big big examination that will determine whether or not I can stay her for another 4 years : yes! the pro exam is looming. 

I must say that I will be quite for sometimes. Keep calm and remember Allah. Hasbunallah Wani'malwakil. I just can't wait for ramadhan as well as the moment to go home. See you in Malaysia, insyaAllah!! 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Towards the final

”Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said: ‘When (will come) the help of Allah?’ Yes! Certainly, the help of Allah is near!” [2: 214]

Been here, live here, and loving these people around me. After so many troubles pertaining on the fact that I was damn scared not to get into medical school; and now Alhamdulillah, I am approaching my final year examination with other 82 colleague in USM KLE and 100++ first year students in USM Kubang Kerian. 

Passing all the three selanjars was a bless. Allah Taala gave us the best, so don't deny and questioned. There are reasons. Do you know that when you have faith towards even ONE of the 99 Names of Allah Taala, you can actually be granted with Allah's Paradise?

 Put your faith now to Al Wakil. As Allah alone the caregiver of all, HE alone who can decides to give or not to give the things we wanted. Instead, HE knows better and gives us the best. Believe and don't doubt him. 

Certainly, holding on with the faith is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and at the same time peace. And who else can give us peace, non other than Allah Himself. 

And today, marked the end of many things actually. Things that will remain as memories. It marks that Chemical Pathology class is finally over, Anatomy is also over and my circle of happiness as well. Yes, a lot of goodbyes in a day can be quite depressed, but some things have to reach an end so that humans can grow and mature. The same goes for apoptosis: eh?

dissection team: girls in my group except adibahrahman (most left)

pretty much relaxing during the last day

Along the circle of happiness with 6 other muslimats, I have found that life is more than dunya; instead; the final goal is Jannah. It was such a mesmerizing experience; full of laughter, full of tears, full of awakening moments. It was my first too. I was mostly quite in our gathering; but they are sure more than usrahmates. They are more like mothers who care for us, love us, and make us feel like home. I will miss them thoroughly ;'(

 They also taught me the word 'Uhibukifillah' which I never stumbled upon too; which denotes, 'See you in Jannah together!' The word is really sweet and gives me the sense of fear, of whether I can go to see them and ALLAH in Jannah too, or not? Insha Allah.

Towards the final; they also taught me more on seeking for Allah during hard times, and to reduce my whining. Today, I received an Ohana card, and one of the friends in the circle of happiness wrote me a Quran's verse like the above shown. That verses surely a warning Allah gave me, you, US especially; that to attain and to obtain a place near to him in Jannah later on needs more sacrifices and perseverance. Nothing comes easy. Many loves and many thanks to dear usrahmates, whom Allah sent for love and care.
Nota-nota cinta :)

Love :)

>>p/s : in glance, first year is about to end. Pro exam is looming. I am telling myself to keep calm and study. Allah is there. I need to pass this exam, but I want it to be an excellent passing grade, insyaAllah:') Goodluck to all my friends here, reading this, and there in Kelantan<<

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sweet Talker

Assalamualaikum dear readers: whether those who I know and who I don't. Thanks for dropping by:)

So, it has been quite a hectic month of late May and June. Why? Well, the reason behind this is because I've been engulf and involved with the Sidang Redaksi Team; we called it for short as SIDRED. 

Sidred is a team which has been formed to finish up a magazine. A university's magazine for USM-KLE. Actually the idea of having our own magazine came out since we first embark in Belgaum. But during the early stage where the students community of USMKLE was formed, Prof KJ; our deputy dean didn't give us the green light to start on doing something for the magazine. Soon, when the time became constricted and the final examination is looming; only then the old man decided that we should make one magazine.

Thus, even though it's a dilemma to choose between the time constraint and Prof KJ's request, it's still a must to  make this magazine a reality. He want it to be a legend, 'BIG' and the most memorable piece of art. Not just any magazine; but he wants it to be International. That's the tough part when you just have less than a month to complete everything: from photos and artpieces from the students. 

The dateline was actually on the 31st May. So by that, the articles should be enough and the photos should have been edited. I am on the other hand, chose to be among the sponsor team. Of course, to make things look International: you have to get the best Printing/Publication company. Thus, it was my job with other 3 members to find some sponsors around Belgaum.

Indeed, to ask money from the Belgaumi is a tough job. You need to be very pleasant and very confident in promoting the university you are attending. We did came out with a strategy; which is by selling advertising slots in the magazine. Before going for the price range: we must consider how their mindset is. These people are not rich, and most of the shops are owned as family businesses. So, we must be extra careful not to put a price too high neither too low.

It was such a bestowed journey: when Alhamdulillah, my friend and I; just the two of us, succeeded to collect Rs8000 in a day, and the amount kept increasing till now. Some of the business men who gave us the sponsors wouldn't want their shops to be advertised and gave us the money as a money to help between muslims. I am touched. Alhamdulillah again.

Also being in a team brings about many troubles in between. For example; during the first two trips we made around Belgaum; we didn't have a bank account; thus people seemed not to trust us regarding our project. Not to mentioned, sometimes there's no pen and one of team member refused to join and engulf in finding for sponsors.

Nevertheless, it was quite an amazing experience, going to and fro, from shops to shops: being a sweet talker, to make the businessmen to have the confident to advertise their shops was quite challenging. You have to have the best smiles and the best words uttering from your mouth. You have to be brag extensively about USM KLE, which I think one of my expertise. LOL

In spite of that, it was fun because I joined it with my roommate: the person whom I feel the most comfortable to tag along with since start. Santhana is our new friend: he is 28 years old and now second year in MD USM. He's a good leader but sometimes he relies on us too much, as he says: Women have the power on men. LOL

Oh before I forgot: actually the magazine once done: will be given to USM main campus and PPSP in Kubang Kerian. MARA: our sponsors: will also get some copies, even the HOD in USMKLE, plus our full-page sponsors too. So we are going to make many copies of it. I do not know how it will look like: but hopefully it turns out great. 

P/S: Who ever wanna contribute to the magazine can contact me at : or Twit me. The price for each copy is Rs300 around RM 15.