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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mati lebih baik

Isaac Newton is a well-known figure; the man whom we used his laws of Physics up till now. How awesome is that? Many Newton Laws prevails and because of that, he is saluted by all mankind who have been studying physics. F = ma , force is equal to mass times acceleration is the basic formula that every one, perhaps you, us and I have ever encountered. Many questions that came up for physics dealt with it, so let's not forget shall we.

Mass times acceleration. We all have mass, body mass. We also have acceleration, which is movement due to difference of distance in a particular time. And to make something to happen, we need to know that we have to move. And to move we need that F. Force to start doing something. Newton once dignified that one object which is kept stationary will remain stationary if no force (larger than that object) to make it moves. Thus, this concept is also analogical to the life we are pursuing. 

Have you ever felt that feeling of intense laziness to start doing something useful whether it be performing solah or as easy as to get your morning shower? Everyone must have experienced that. The only thing that will help us to finish something off is by making an effort (force) to start on doing. And remember one physics law that mentioned, every object has inertia and momentum. Once it is moving, it will continue to move at a constant speed, and will not stop unless there's another force exerted on it. The same goes with humans! So, what's make you waiting? Move and start doing. 

Read an article (coincidentally written by a brother to a very good friend: Ir Faridul Farhan) just now in JOM, and find this very good hadith regarding death is better than procrastination.

Ibnu Qayyim:

"Bergeraklah: kerana diam boleh mematikan. Sebesar-besar keuntungan di dunia adalah menjinakkan dirimu setiap saat pd aktiviti yang memberikan manfaat paling banyak di akhirat. Mensia-siakan waktu lebih bahaya daripada kematian kerana ia memutuskanmu daripada Allah & akhirat. Sedangkan kematian hanya memutuskanmu daripada dunia & penghuninya"

>>p/s: Mati lebih baik daripada buang masa. Please take care of time, or else time will definitely leave us behind<< 

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