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Saturday, 31 December 2011

When you learning strategy FAILS

assalamualaikum everybody.

Tau tak yang saya langsung tak boleh jawab exam pagi tadi. 

AND saya langsung tak tau mana silap saya...

BACA, ULANGKAJI, tapi tak masuk....

Well, I love the Nervous Block because I feel like a neurologist. But now, I think it's impossible for me to actually be in line for the next neurologist like Prof Jafri Malin Abdullah of USM. 

Just that, this morning was terrifying. Knowing that my knowledge is saturated but the brain failed to memorize or recall most of the important aspects that I have to know for this subject, was scary....I mean it is still scary now. 

We have this book called Unlimited Paradigm, a compilation of various questions usually being asked for this block courtesy of the recent students of USM Kubang Kerian. Unfortunately, due to my ego, I haven't touch the book thoroughly, just had a glance look and tell myself that I don't need it as a reference. 

But, Allah wants to show his way to me this morning, whereby I was fully blacked out on questions like nerve tracts and I think I am getting a 'chicken egg' for biochemistry. Sedihhhhhnyaa....! I feel so dumb that I would cry out tears. 

End block is super tiring, super worrisome, super terrifying and exhausting. I mean this is medical school that I always longing to come right? What else should I expect? *Clap, Clap, Clap* Because my life will go like turbulent after this. Thus, I really need a new strategy to overcome this.

>>p/s: New block on Homeopathic System is gonna start this Monday for 2 weeks. hectic, and community placement was too boring for me. Emm. Any ideas how to instill my empathy towards those who are unlucky???<<

Friday, 30 December 2011

My3S is this?

Just Finished doing the survey T.T

This is not any chart, this is my soft skilled chart which has been generated by the MOHE. The red one is the critical skill which I lack in. And it's business. It's true that I am not any near to have this great business mind even though I always like to watch Donald Trump in the Apprentice 3 years back. LOL.

The problem is, if I lack in this skill how am I supposed to proliferate the assets I have got. Dang it!....AND I must tell you, this is not good for the Malaysians production. Sad with no reason now. HAHA.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wordmore Wednesday.

In one moment, you seems to have no reason to live. Because your only reason is to die peacefully, and living is just a temporary stop over.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Usaha & Exam

Assalamualaikum peeps:)

There are time when I sigh and sigh for wanting so much to run for my dream that I have to leave my precious home. You can consider me as having a homesick. And homesick referred to the longing to spend time with the precious family members, especially my parents, to see how my siblings look like, to talk more to them, to see how my cousins are doing, my precious aunties and uncles and the nephews and cute nieces I have. 

The reason why I don't wanna return to Malaysia for this upcoming Chinese New Year or the exam break on the late February, is because I wanna convince myself that I can live for almost a year abroad and alone. It feels wonderful to know how we can be independent. I also wanna be truly focus on my studies. And yes, you can call me nerdy or whatever. 

Nak kumpul duit pi Shimla sebenarnya. ANYONE IN?

People might say that our results of examinations are already being planned or made by Allah. If that the case, why need studying so hard? Why so serious? We can just be a nobody, and just live without the need of getting a job or the pay because we ended up saying everything has been planned by He the All Mighty. Then, what's the purpose of life, if we just go by the wind. Or in Bahasa, we called it as ikut je haluan lalang, ikut je ke mana angin tu tiup.

But Allah does said, that TAWAKAL LAH KAMU APABILA KAMU TELAH BERUSAHA. It clearly means that we need to do something, do anything as long as it is morally, to achieve what we want, to get the best out of the best. And the most important part is that, Hamizah ( my group Naqibah) told me that, what exactly Allah sees in us is the efforts we made up through. All the obstacles that we went through that count not the final result of our exams and all. 

So, here comes the eye opener. Before this, I always blame Allah for what I have been through. The complicated pathways to reach medical school. The inability to score great marks at Asasi and the fact that I didn't get a place for medicine at Malaysian's University. In the end, with unexpectation, Allah the Great, gives me one better opportunity to come here, to Belgaum, an offshore USM Medical Campus. Thus, I get two opportunities, to experience other people's culture and also to be trained as a doctor :p 

And life as a medical student sucks...a lot I mean. But it's so fascinating to learn about the human's body parts. Every little detail about it is so beautiful and delicate. It teaches me how Allah has made it all perfectly. 

>>p/s: Hence, I now would contemplate more on the importance of efforts made than how the results gonna be. Because everything happens because of reasons, and some are those can only be explained by the Creator. <<

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sejuk is bad actually

Angan-angan zaman kanak-kanak:

Bestnya pergi negara ada salji cam NZ ke, UK ke, US ke, ada salji...boleh buat snowman, baling-baling bebola salji macam Winter Sonata....bestnya kalau sejuk...Malaysia panas sgt!


-Well, those sentences up there are common statement made by US, ME, YOU and I. Malaysia is hot, no doubt. And being in somewhere chilly is good and more comfy. But if it's too chilling then arise another problem.

-Belgaum has reach its peak of winter. No snow of course, but wow, this is super cold. I can presume that it is now 16 degree celcius, which only air conditioner can give such temperature in Malaysia. Ahaks :D

-First, it has been a lot of fun being in this cold weather. However, lately, it has become so cold, that I can't write because my hands feel so cold and my nose when dry and blocked with the dried midst of air. My nose hurts a lot. Such an unpleasant feeling. 

-Then, with this very chilly weather, many of my colleagues went sick. Thankfully, all of them have recovered. Prof KJ always asked us to wear proper clothes, and wrap our neck with mafela and such to keep it warm enough, to eat right and etc. 

-More cold, more tendency to go hungry. Plus, with the piling up works on the desks, sure the stomach will growl more for food. Thus people eat more, but lack exercising because the weather is so cold!....

Haha. So kids, if you are planning to study here in BELGAUM, please do bring extra warm clothing. Jackets, mafela, and stuff so that you will feel a lot better. Just that the weather here is alternate. The winter is on and off. 

>>nak masuk tahun baru dah. here comes 2012. and makin dekat masa mati kita kan? so better be prepared<<


Friday, 23 December 2011

sorry that I am not yet a doctor

Dia menangis. What should I do? I need a miracle, so that she feels better.

Dia menangis lagi. And she has gotten worse. The rashes they grew a lot more. Now she can't walk properly.

The blisters gone watery. And it troublesome her. She can't attend lectures, it has been a week. Been to see the dermatologist twice but nothing works.

And it is worst, when I can't do absolutely nothing to comfort her. She cries, and I sit here....

Ya Allah! Please save my friend. Let her regain her health.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


maaf to the friends who feel like I have neglected them,

maaf if I seem like I don't care,

while deep inside, I don't feel alone when I think of you.

I have postcards here with me,

To tell you how much I care and love.

And how much I would like to have you here right by my side.

>>p/s: missing the grenade girls like crazy<<

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Medicine always involves arts. And they are always too artistic.

Do you know your brain is the 'leader' for most of your body functions?

Currently, in the mode of learning all about the brain, and its colonies like the cerebellum, pons, medulla oblongata, the midbrain and what not the spinal cord. 

And do you know that the spinal cord is much more like a long octopus? Well, it looks like an octopus to me, and it's actually very soft. Despite its softness, the spinal cord is also a major part in providing routes for the ascending and descending tracts of our nerve fibers to the cerebral cortex. And yes, cerebral cortex is at the cerebrum. And we have another baby brain called the cerebellum, just behind the pons and medulla oblongata.

And for the pain and touch sensation, we have this tract called ascending tract which ascend to the sensory HOMENCULUS of the cerebral cortex. Here is the beauty and magnificence of the brain where the nerve fibers travel via the ascending tract as Lateral Spinothalamic Tract, ascend to the last destination; the sensory homenculus. But what is HOMENCULUS that I am bragging about right now??

Sensory homenculus is an area, which resembles the part of the body in an upside down manner. Like what you can see in the above picture. The upper/anterior brain resembles your genitals then the most posterior or the part below resembles your viscera and upper body parts like pharynx. So lets say you prick the finger region on the homenculus, then the pain sensation is felt on the finger. Magic isn't it? This is what you call the magnificence of the brain. This part is also called the Muller's Doctrine of Sensory Nerve Energies. Hah, amek kau! :D

Oh, I would like to mention about the law of projection too. (Tetibe mood rajin)

Happiness is somehow a mindset

So the law of projection lies closely with the route of sensation. Let say one person is now amputated. He has no foot now. But then he said to his friend he felt itchness on his toes and foot, is this normal? Yes. This is what we call the law of projection, where the sensation of the same place along the similar nerve route will be felt even though the original place where the sensation has to be felt is no longer exist. This is mainly because the nerve now has been exposed. That causes the itchness. 

Well, folks...that's all for today. I was about to write about Mumbai. But then again, the travelogue plan is now 'amputated' because no good photos to show. People will only read travelogue with photos not merely long sentences which will make everybody puke. So long people. I got so many things to cover. It's sad to be a fast-catch up kid but an easily-forgotten student. Everything is very volatile for me T.T

>>p/s: Dapat B to bodoh sangat ke? <<

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Jeng 3x

Alhamdulillah, now I am in the second stage of year 1 at USM-KLE. Been occuppied with the Selanjar 1 or the Continuous Assessment One which was of utmost important for the past 1 month and then I can happily bid farewell to Mumbai or formally known as Bombay. 

Yesterday, the freaking result has come out. It was merely an okay result with no reason to cry either because it's too good or too bad. I would say I am in the middle. Seeing how my lousy effort had bring me to somewhat a comfort zone, I must now work harder as well as smarter to get things really like what I targeted for. But, Hey! It's not foundation anymore where I would get scared if the result won't turn out good and lead me to the misery of not being offered to medicine. Even if you get C as long as you don't fail which you get marks lower than 50%, you are already in the safe zone (not comfort). Medical school is all about being able to proceed to the proceeding years, but of course it would be superbly better if we can achieve distinction, right?

For myself to get a distinction, I need a quite, near to the beach resort where I can study without distractions either from the night meetings and other things. I also need more time. Thus, it's a drench for a slow pickup like me to get distinction like most of the ex-PASUM mates I have here.

To be frank, I am jealous. Those who got distinction or A in other words are kinds of person you would adore.  One of them is a cheorographer, another is a brilliant singer, a keyboard-ist, a clown class and the list of amazing talented people they are. Sigh....for one moment, I feel like nobody.

Haha. But, life goes on. The battle has just started. I shall not fall.