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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sejuk is bad actually

Angan-angan zaman kanak-kanak:

Bestnya pergi negara ada salji cam NZ ke, UK ke, US ke, ada salji...boleh buat snowman, baling-baling bebola salji macam Winter Sonata....bestnya kalau sejuk...Malaysia panas sgt!


-Well, those sentences up there are common statement made by US, ME, YOU and I. Malaysia is hot, no doubt. And being in somewhere chilly is good and more comfy. But if it's too chilling then arise another problem.

-Belgaum has reach its peak of winter. No snow of course, but wow, this is super cold. I can presume that it is now 16 degree celcius, which only air conditioner can give such temperature in Malaysia. Ahaks :D

-First, it has been a lot of fun being in this cold weather. However, lately, it has become so cold, that I can't write because my hands feel so cold and my nose when dry and blocked with the dried midst of air. My nose hurts a lot. Such an unpleasant feeling. 

-Then, with this very chilly weather, many of my colleagues went sick. Thankfully, all of them have recovered. Prof KJ always asked us to wear proper clothes, and wrap our neck with mafela and such to keep it warm enough, to eat right and etc. 

-More cold, more tendency to go hungry. Plus, with the piling up works on the desks, sure the stomach will growl more for food. Thus people eat more, but lack exercising because the weather is so cold!....

Haha. So kids, if you are planning to study here in BELGAUM, please do bring extra warm clothing. Jackets, mafela, and stuff so that you will feel a lot better. Just that the weather here is alternate. The winter is on and off. 

>>nak masuk tahun baru dah. here comes 2012. and makin dekat masa mati kita kan? so better be prepared<<


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