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Monday, 26 December 2011

Usaha & Exam

Assalamualaikum peeps:)

There are time when I sigh and sigh for wanting so much to run for my dream that I have to leave my precious home. You can consider me as having a homesick. And homesick referred to the longing to spend time with the precious family members, especially my parents, to see how my siblings look like, to talk more to them, to see how my cousins are doing, my precious aunties and uncles and the nephews and cute nieces I have. 

The reason why I don't wanna return to Malaysia for this upcoming Chinese New Year or the exam break on the late February, is because I wanna convince myself that I can live for almost a year abroad and alone. It feels wonderful to know how we can be independent. I also wanna be truly focus on my studies. And yes, you can call me nerdy or whatever. 

Nak kumpul duit pi Shimla sebenarnya. ANYONE IN?

People might say that our results of examinations are already being planned or made by Allah. If that the case, why need studying so hard? Why so serious? We can just be a nobody, and just live without the need of getting a job or the pay because we ended up saying everything has been planned by He the All Mighty. Then, what's the purpose of life, if we just go by the wind. Or in Bahasa, we called it as ikut je haluan lalang, ikut je ke mana angin tu tiup.

But Allah does said, that TAWAKAL LAH KAMU APABILA KAMU TELAH BERUSAHA. It clearly means that we need to do something, do anything as long as it is morally, to achieve what we want, to get the best out of the best. And the most important part is that, Hamizah ( my group Naqibah) told me that, what exactly Allah sees in us is the efforts we made up through. All the obstacles that we went through that count not the final result of our exams and all. 

So, here comes the eye opener. Before this, I always blame Allah for what I have been through. The complicated pathways to reach medical school. The inability to score great marks at Asasi and the fact that I didn't get a place for medicine at Malaysian's University. In the end, with unexpectation, Allah the Great, gives me one better opportunity to come here, to Belgaum, an offshore USM Medical Campus. Thus, I get two opportunities, to experience other people's culture and also to be trained as a doctor :p 

And life as a medical student sucks...a lot I mean. But it's so fascinating to learn about the human's body parts. Every little detail about it is so beautiful and delicate. It teaches me how Allah has made it all perfectly. 

>>p/s: Hence, I now would contemplate more on the importance of efforts made than how the results gonna be. Because everything happens because of reasons, and some are those can only be explained by the Creator. <<

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