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Saturday, 31 January 2009

One More Day=}

What if I have this one {special} day
One {special} day just to be with you
Just to {look} closely at you
Look at your {adorable} face
Look at your {grinning} smile
I will just carve another {smile} :)
Just for {you}
So that you'll know
That it is a day {just} for you

What if I have this one {special} day
One {special} day just to hold you
How I wish you were {closer}
So that I can tell your {scent}
The {mildness} of it,
Which made me {mad)
Madness {about) you

What if I have this one {fine) day
One {fine} day just to speak to you
With my finest {voice}
That whisper the humming of {warmth}
The warmth of {pure love} just for you

What if I have this one {fine} day
Just to {do} anything with you
Without {complaining}
and Just with {sincerity}
So that {the bond}
That we had,
become indeed, {stronger}
like one giant-{lattice}
of {Diamonds}
{Diamonds} that spark its beauty
to those who care and trust
for each {other}

I pray for that {one} special day
every time I {feel} in the need of it
because I am {confident}
that it will {sooner or later}
approach me.

One thing for {sure}
On that {one} special day
My smile won't no longer {just}, as a smile
But, it is the smile of {eternal happiness}
and colourful {butterflies} will surround me
telling how {pretty the day is}
Because, I {will} have you here
Playing with {friend}

Friday, 30 January 2009

Why is it so hard to get online these days!!??

Meh, ko menga? {chinese language}

It's freaking disturbing when we want to do something, but in the end, we have to forget about the idea of doing it, because of some lame old foolish reasons. Its like waiting for some concert ticket I'd tell ya. And, yes I am talking about my internet connectivity at home.

I don't know what's the problem, but I can be in a sudden off at any time. It's basically not a good thing since its a destruction of human's will to do something. I just want to chat with a mind that is not obstruct by any concerns and check my emails without the worries of getting offline in a sudden, and basically to update my blog, which I have passion for.

So, CNY is basically over. I'm glad that my school granted to make it a whole week off for us kids. I'm exhausted by the non-ending activities and studies I am encountering at school. Plus, night tuitions really give me those *weak-bones and headaches*. Despite of having those tiring night tuitions, I am still happy to get these awesome additional math tutor, Dr Tan, who looked so charming, even though he is a *very old man* I must say. Just that my chemistry tutor, Mr Wong, was a bit too much of the F1 car. I just wish he could slow down all his talks so that we can write a complete notes on chemistry . So, next week, the routine will *return and repeat*. Never-ending sessions with books and revisions and not to mention homeworks pilling on desk.

About Yahoo Messenger, well it is actually one of the medium that make me happy and make me sad at the same time. Maybe I am just too obsessed with internet chatting via this service, until I can be really sad when some people I like to chat with didnt seem to online or have that mood of chatting with us. I just hope that I can survive without it for a day or two, just to train myself about the unimportant aspect of being online anyway. Furthermore, Yahoo Messenger also make me feel bad about myself, and ruin my life for having an online-love thing with someone. I am wondering about one thing. *What if I never got to use Yahoo Messenger at the first place?* Maybe I won't be disrupted by this awful emotion downturn. And, maybe I won't meet some people who had made me cry on my pillows and thus making them wet, creating them to be completely bad to sleep with. It's all about possibilities.

Still, I do have some priorities that I need to use Internet in my daily life. I need to update my blog, check my emails, do some research on my studies, try to find sponsors for my clubs, and finding some ideas on what to do for my clubs at school. Since most of my relatives are now highly-teched users, so we often chat with each other, and send invitations via online. So that is why I need Internet at best.

How about other services, like text messaging, or SMS? Well, I dont know. But, I think SMS-ing is a really waste of time and money. I hate sending messages to some arrogant people who wont bother to reply them. Maybe they are out of credit, well that can be acceptable, but why dont they just take their spare time to key in words telling us that they're sorry for not answering our messages earlier because they are busy or out of money? Why CANT they do that?? Do we have minds to think? I don't even know why I use cellphone anyway. Because, I never had any phone calls from my important so called best friends since I used it and I just had some messages which are not very important. *SIGH*

Ok, I'm tired of blabbering to non-existence readers. And I am also tired of complaining about things that people said won't change their world. I am too tired of everything. I hate the sickening mind of mind that is never satisfied of what I am already had in hands. Bye2..c ya later, in a soon moon to come.:{

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Cruel Israelis

Its a fact that Israelis are cruel. To everyone's information, their so-called country or land the one they mentioned as ISRAEL, actually never existed. You can check the map. There is "ISRAEL", the one that truly exist is PALESTIN.

I have been reading the Quran with the translation all these whiles, and yes, I could not doubt that our god ALLAH ALMIGHTY used to loved the Jewish (bangsa yahudi) but they are never satisfied. They are greedy and they are always meant to be hatred by ALLAH due to their selfishness and their awful behaviours.

What we see in our television at home, are only the small parts of their endeavours. They want to ruin Palestinians' life even though those people are living in their own motherland. They even claimed that Masjidil Aqsa is theirs, and putting up barrier to separate Gaza and Tel Aviv. This is all because they will never had a motherland on their own. They are made to search for it, as said in the Quran. They are actually nomads, whether they like it or not.

Babies are in pain, mothers are grieving because they lose their sons and daughters in front of their eyes, fathers lose their jobs, schools collapse, medicines are lacking, the Palestinians are flooded with blood. Yet, their perseverances and patience are what caught our attention and should be learnt by us all. They chanted "ALLAHUAKBAR" everytime they are in hurt as they know good days will finally come to them, and those killers, the ISRAELIS will soon having their consequences.

Unfortunately, are we ready to help those in needs? The answer is no. I can't even say that I am, because what I could do is just pray for them. But, the big nations, like the Egypt and the Saudi Arabia, they are those "powers" that could help Palestinians for the meantime. They. themselves reluctant to give ways for the Palestinians to run, what they care is their own sake of safety. So, what's this? Muslims help muslims, not just look and sigh! What I see now is that those richies in the Arabs only care about their businesses in buying those ineternal giant Soccer Clubs. Get real tok arab~~!

Boycotting is the only way, although it is just a slight of our effort in keeping ISRAELIS at par. Yet, we can't do much, as we're still empowered by those Americans' products which of good qualities. We can't blamed them for being in advance and for having powers in our daily life. So what can we actually do? Mcdonald's, KFC, Burger King, Nestle, Revlon, and those products that we usually have in our homes are now must keep at bay. Tesco and Carrefour are no longer places where we can go for leisure shopping, because one cent we paid for these products or these markets, meant that, we are buying one bullet to bleed our Palestinians.

And above all, this is actually the omen. Omen of the end of the day. It is drawing nearer, and are we ready? Ask our faith. Help the Palestinians!

Monday, 26 January 2009


I just granted off my promise to finish up some work on additional math, and last night I had a blast with my dad. He is now my accounting teacher. Yeah people, u got me. I will take account papers for SPM, without really learn the chapters in form 4. And when I told my friends, basically the best of them, about my decision to add one extra subject without dropping any of the subjects I already wished to take for SPM, you can definitely imagine how their mouth opened wide as in shock.

People said I am arrogant, a showing off kinda person because, I take an extra subject for the sake of my popularity at school. Whatever. They are gifted with tongues and mouths that enable them to eat and speak, so what do I care.

So, I came online again, and this is barely my ample time. Even though I dont really have any important things to do on the net, I just like to keep myself stuck to internet. It's already a part of my life. I received a comment from Eliza in friendster, asking me when will I get my SPM result. And here came the question marks. Eliza and I went to school together, and we just known each other for a couple of months. And, confirmly, she knew that I am now in form 5, and will be sitting for spm this very year, but she still thought I am already passed 17. How bad is that?

Nevermind about that. Today I want to wish a happy chinese new year, to whomever who celebrate this reddish celebration. Gong Xi Gong Xi. And I just remember that I only have one chinese friend, called Chiam, so happy ox's day. Anyhow, I am now thinking of activities that I can run for the Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah which I am conducting right now. I am thinking of fund raising for the Palestinians. Something involve crimes would do. Will be brought into the meeting room to discuss with Pn Azlina, whom is now the advisor. Wish me luck.

Now, I really want to tell u about some recent events I had been encountering with. Well, I have this friend, whom is from London, and she is yes, a MALAYSIAN. She is currently a prefect now, and well, during the first prefect's meeting, we have to suggest some activities that we want to do for the whole year. This friend of mine on the other hand, suggested things that high classed people do. U know. Like horse riding, ice skating and etc. I dont know, I also like these things, but as I am not affordable so I havent did any of these. Maybe she has, a lot of times. But, she has to understand the condition of our kids. We are not well-off. We are middle class. So let us do middle class activities. Sounds pathetic isnt it? Well, this is what happen when u pursue u middle education in somewhat government schools. We have no money. Yeah, no money, and we have to find sponsors, and yeah, like I have so much time to look for sponsors?

The truth is I really want things to go smoothly. But, bad things came at the end. It is sad. Oh, wait, be optimistic. And, most of the guys in my class thought that I am an optimistic girl. Thanks guys:) At last some people sooth me. Well, I am not, in exact. So, to my friend who read this, sorry for open up stories abt u.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Reasons why i hate sports

You can definitely said that I am soft-boned or rather a sissy kinda girl, yeah, actually I am. I am too girlish, just wish I was a bit of a tomboy.

This year I again, been defeated by my friends, to qualify myself in the pairing team of badminton to MSSD. Well, actually, I already knew this would happened. I have been playing like a cow dung since last year, don't know what're the reasons, but basically, my competitors in the school are becoming better meanwhile I am still at the lame old position. Yeah SHAME ON ME!

I really hate and HATE SPORTS. Why?

#1 sports make me tired, I never blamed it for making me sweat, but I hate being so exhausted

#2 sports always make me frustrated, coz I play games awkwardly, so I don't feel comfortable while playing any sports.

#3 sports always need us to be patient. I hate patience. I mean patience in taking good care of our partners' feelings or emotions.

#4 sports always make me feel bad about myself. It avoids me from being the real me. I have to be extra agrrasive and I dont really like that. **Plus big size person like me isn't that good to be 'seen' playing sports. EYESORE PEOPLE!!**

#5 I hate sports' people. While they think they are too good in certain games, they think they can act snobbishly in front of me. Including my friends. BOO THEM!!

#6 LAst BUT NOT LEAST, I despise the moment when friends can get into some childish fights just because we lost something. C'mon its only a game not a game FOR LIFE!

Whatever it is, I STILL hate sports. Just hate it hate it. And should I repeat? No I think. My mom always said that even how good we are in sports, they can't really determine our next step to the good future. Yeah, I am more like mom now. For badminton, I wont quit, but will just hate it.


Friday, 23 January 2009

Food Poisoning

Yeah guys! It has been a while since we last met here in "Dayana Speaks". Well, as usual, I am tied with my {awful busy non stop studies-schedule}. I am so tired, I meant it, REALLY TIRED!

On Wednesday, we had co curricular activities at school. I, on the other hand do not like the new scheme of the activities. The first meeting for the first club ( Prefect Club) starts at 1.20 pm after school and finishes at 2.10 pm, then to wait for the uniform club, it only starts at 4.30pm. Dang!! We waited like hippos at the canteen. So, while waiting, Huda, Aina and myself, went to the canteen's new bangladeshi-vendor to buy lunch. We ate rice of course with some dishes, I took a piece of chicken, some fish and some vegies. Huda and Aina didnt take the fish coz they hate fish, so never mind abt tht.

When the activities ended, I went home, and discovered that I was food poisoning. Maybe because of the fish I ate at school. It was no ordinary food poisoning. I vomited several times and I also succumbed with diarrhea. It was so bad, I felt weak and can't sleep for the whole night. So, I didnt attend school on Thursday. Now, I can't even smell the food, if not, I will feel like throwing up. I am just able to drink.

From now, I made up my decision to quit eating in the school's canteen. Hahaha;D. I shouldnt eat the food, its not delicious anyway. What a waste of money right? Yeah! it cost me RM4.50 for what I ate. (*mahal ke*)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

WOW. What an eccentric year this would be.

Now it is the 2nd week of the 2009's school session. I must admit everything is going not as smoothly as I planned them to be. Starting with my posts in the schools, well, at first I was very happy and grateful since I've got those big posts that I wanted so much. Then, on the 2nd thought, I don't think I can handle everything at once.

On Monday, which is yesterday, I had this prefect meeting with the high committees members of the team. Radhi, and some other form 6 sisters were there. The meeting was said to be held at 1.45 pm, as soon as I had finished with my agama class, but, too my dissapointment, the meeting started at 3.00 pm!! That means I had waited for almost 2 hours for the meeting.

So, the meeting wasn't interesting at all. I was so-exhausted, and homeworks were piling on my shoulders. And, yeah I am no longer the assistant of the head prefect, but I am just the 2nd assistant since the teacher thinks it won't be fair for a form 5 student to hold such a post, because the form 6 sisters are still eligible for the post. So, yeah it is relieving.

I am also the president of kelab pencegahan jenayah (KPJ) like last year. But, the best part was that I can choose my own members. Many of them are my own bestest friends in the school, and that includes my brother.

So, I am now packed. I will be home at late hours, probably the earliest would be at 2.20 pm. Thursday is a recking day, since I have P.E in the morning, and then EST class until 2.20pm, and after that, I have to rush home to get ready for the sports practices. Also, at night I will be having tuition from 8 pm to 10 pm. Nevermind, people, it is the LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL right?

Ok, I need to do my homeworks, still piling, and revisions. Bye:)

Friday, 9 January 2009

It HAS just started

Only now that I found the best ample time to be blogging. School started like always. I am in now in form 5, getting ready for the next big examination called 'Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia'. I've got somehow or rather 10 months from now, thank you to Puan Musalmah, my EST teacher for reminding me.

Everything is basically the same thing. Most of my teachers are the same, like additional math, history, physical education, sivics, and English. I am just feel a bit lost when it comes to Agricultural Science, since, Puan Haryati had moved to Perak. I miss my Bahasa Malaysia's teacher too, Puan Yana.

Ok, cut the crap, my class is now situated at the highest floor, the same class when I was form 1. The best part is I managed to conquer the front seat together with Chiam and Nina. Hahaha:D And, I like the class monitor, whom is Arvind. He's nice and naughty at the same time. It's interesting to have him as the leader of the class.

We just completed our first meeting for the cocuricullar clubs and the house club. I got appointed as the President of Math Club again. *Two times in a row*. Puan Thava kept asking why I didn't join the English Society. Well, the reasons are because, they're several people who do not like me and it's hard to hold a post. I am also the president of the badminton's club. Yay!! Just thst it's too sad for not having Puan Rohana as the club's adviser. In PBSM, I am now the Vice President, gonna help Chiam, who is now the president. Hahaha Chiam you're gonna be dead!! (Joking maa). And, lastly, in the yellow club, I am the secretary. Haih...gonna be tired, and occupied from next week onwards.

I also have to finish reading two novels by next week. The Pearl and Konserto Terakhir. I forgot where did I put my Konserto Terakhir's novel. So,bye. Gotta go. See ya around sometimes. :)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Freaking Bored

Hi ya! Ok, now it's Sunday and tommorrow is Monday, school is back, or we're back to school? How fast did the time running?

I just returned from A'Famosa Resort located in some forest in Malacca. And, too bad I'd say it was basically a mistake. It was not a family-holiday trip. I was just following my mom who had this work at that resort. I firstly thought that she was going to have her work at one of those beautiful lavish hotel in the middle of Bandar Hilir Malacca. But, too bad, I was wrong, it was AFAMOSA RESORT, with that retard cowboy town. Argh!

So, my sister and I followed my mom to the place I mentioned. We checked in, and the room was ok, normal hotel room, sadly with a hideous sight. Then, we had our lunch at the hotel's restaurant. Luckily, we had good lunch, at last! After lunch, my sister and I were astounded by an enourmous feeling of boredom. We got nothing to do as my mother went to her meeting, and we didnt want to follow her to listen to some old people's endeavours.

My sister insisted on going to the Safari, which means we had to take a shuttle bus to reach there. Fine, then I asked the customer service's lady, and she said, the bus will be coming soon. Then, I noticed that I didnt have enough money to pay the tickets for the safari's entrance. Damn me! I had used all my money going to Mid on the previous Friday. sister was a bit frustrated with me.

We then walked back to our hotel room, a bit far from the club house (where the restaurant located). After Zuhur, my sister asked me to ask the receptionist how to use the internet service. Fine then. I followed her command. The price to use the internet for an hour is RM 10!!! WOW!! HOW CHEAP! (reversely psycological. Due to the very-cheap internet fees, we forget about the idea, and went to the park inside the hotel, to chill out. I did some addmath prectices and got myself yawning.

At 5, my mom came back. I was looking forward that she could bring us to that retard cowboytown for the 2nd time, but she didnt. My sister on the other hand, still insisted on going to the Safari. Unfortunately, the Safari closes at 5pm, so we didnt get any chance.

At night, we went to Bandar Hlir, which is 30 km away from that boredom resort we stayed. We took a ride on the Taming Sari tower. It was a bit fun, to have the slight opportunity to see the Malacca Night Views from ontop.It costed us all RM 30, for 10 minutes ride. Expensive? Well maybe..

So, today, after having that delicious breakfast at the hotel, we went home. And yeah, I am here, sitting and blogging, waiting for school to open. Hahaha;D

What a boring trip. so dont go to A famosa Resort people. Nothing to do, unless if u got the extra $$$. This is frankly told by Dayana Azhar

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Year just got Slimmer;D

Hi people! I miss you all so much, did u miss me? Well, I just found out that I don't really have real friends whom I can smack, laugh, tickle and whatsoever things that I can do with real-friends. Here I am again, blogging. It feels comfortable here, in front of the computer.

OK, so let's get things started. The year just got slimmer because, last time, it was 2008, 2008 was a fat year. Can u detect the fat silhouette of 'eight'? If u are not blind, I am sure u can. So, it just got slimmer, since the 'nine' character here, '9' just is slimmer than the number 'eight'. Can u get the whole idea? Or maybe u just have to think again? Suit yourself.

2009 came to me with a boredom. No one wishing 'happy new year' nor wishing me 'good luck' or whatsoever. It feels so dull. In the whilst when the youths were celebrating the New Year's party, I was actually stuck in my bedroom doing some exercises on Chemistry. That is what we call 'a-smarty-pant party typo'.

Oh yeah. Resolution. I don't really believe in resolution. But, maybe this time, I can left that philosophy of mine behind. My brother's resolution is 'menunaikan azam yang telah aku azam semasa aku berazam'. Yeah, it came easily for him to have such resolution. He never faced difficulties in life like I always do. He has friends of all ages, even the pak cik "takde gigi" can be friend with him. He can easily go out and hang out. My relatives like him the most and yeah, he never got fat even though he ate like a monster. Ah, yeah, I envying him now and then more and more.

Here are my resolutions for the slimmer year of 2009:

1. be a slimmer person as the year got slimmer, I must be slimmer too;c
2. be HAPPIER, and keep on smiling even though people monking me
3. be a lot more COMPETITIVE in academic, sports, cocuricullum and whatsoever
4. STUDY smarter, with more consistency, smile when studying, and pay more attentions
5. get better grades in SCIENCE CORE subjects, like addmath, bio, chemist, physics, est.
6. be a better friend to all my non existence and existence friends
7. be more confidence and MATURED
8. be more responsible to the HOUSECHORES in the house
9. sleep earlier
10. be more thrifthier in spending my pocket money;D

ok, there're 10 resolutions. 'Make it work' (*Tim Gunn always said this*)-yeah, I'll. Mr. Tim. Anyhow, I am really worried about SPM 09'. I am not even ready. I am totally dumned this year. So, whatever it is:


*I just hate new year*