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Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Year just got Slimmer;D

Hi people! I miss you all so much, did u miss me? Well, I just found out that I don't really have real friends whom I can smack, laugh, tickle and whatsoever things that I can do with real-friends. Here I am again, blogging. It feels comfortable here, in front of the computer.

OK, so let's get things started. The year just got slimmer because, last time, it was 2008, 2008 was a fat year. Can u detect the fat silhouette of 'eight'? If u are not blind, I am sure u can. So, it just got slimmer, since the 'nine' character here, '9' just is slimmer than the number 'eight'. Can u get the whole idea? Or maybe u just have to think again? Suit yourself.

2009 came to me with a boredom. No one wishing 'happy new year' nor wishing me 'good luck' or whatsoever. It feels so dull. In the whilst when the youths were celebrating the New Year's party, I was actually stuck in my bedroom doing some exercises on Chemistry. That is what we call 'a-smarty-pant party typo'.

Oh yeah. Resolution. I don't really believe in resolution. But, maybe this time, I can left that philosophy of mine behind. My brother's resolution is 'menunaikan azam yang telah aku azam semasa aku berazam'. Yeah, it came easily for him to have such resolution. He never faced difficulties in life like I always do. He has friends of all ages, even the pak cik "takde gigi" can be friend with him. He can easily go out and hang out. My relatives like him the most and yeah, he never got fat even though he ate like a monster. Ah, yeah, I envying him now and then more and more.

Here are my resolutions for the slimmer year of 2009:

1. be a slimmer person as the year got slimmer, I must be slimmer too;c
2. be HAPPIER, and keep on smiling even though people monking me
3. be a lot more COMPETITIVE in academic, sports, cocuricullum and whatsoever
4. STUDY smarter, with more consistency, smile when studying, and pay more attentions
5. get better grades in SCIENCE CORE subjects, like addmath, bio, chemist, physics, est.
6. be a better friend to all my non existence and existence friends
7. be more confidence and MATURED
8. be more responsible to the HOUSECHORES in the house
9. sleep earlier
10. be more thrifthier in spending my pocket money;D

ok, there're 10 resolutions. 'Make it work' (*Tim Gunn always said this*)-yeah, I'll. Mr. Tim. Anyhow, I am really worried about SPM 09'. I am not even ready. I am totally dumned this year. So, whatever it is:


*I just hate new year*


hfz_hdz said...

don't wanna post any thing now, while i still thinking what to post, you've already posted what i'm thinking now....
btw, all of my thinkings is 97% similar with my post.....

Ashraf said...

Ridwan is so weird.