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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Gonna meet new teachers...

Hello people! While I am free, I think I should be updating my dearest blog. Yeah, and walla now here I am. So, just now, I went to purchase some new school uniforms, I just bought two baju kurung, no kain, a headscarf and a pair of black shoes. Yeah people, I am a prefect. This actually meant I am ready to go to school.

And, I also went to Tesco, accompanying my parents to buy some daily essentials. I felt like I was the only child. I like accompanying my parents alone, without my brother and sister, whom I felt bored to be with these days. Maybe because we're now grown-ups.

Whilst I was running around in Tesco, picking and putting down the vegies, I met my Physic Teacher. She is Puan Suzita. Have I mentioned that she is the most fierce teacher I ever had? Yeah probably. Well, I must admit that she was strict. To my suprise, she informed a bad news. She said that, she won't be teaching the 5 Amanah next year. She will be teaching in the afternoon session, and so does Puan Julaina, my biology teacher. Thanks God, I'll still be having my Chemistry teacher, Puan Badria. Yeah!! I just love Puan Badria. She rocks!

Even though, I had said bad things about Puan Suzita these whiles, but I never thought she won't be teaching us anymore. Well, I even did the rocket project that she was asking for. And, god! It was tiring, luckily my sister lended some help. I already told this to Chiam, just her. And, she thought I was joking. Hahaha;D.

Above all, I hope I'll be having new good teachers by next year. Maybe some old teachers. Maybe our poor results make the school changes those teachers. Well, this is life people. People come and go. We're the main cast, and those around us, are just co-cast. Haha;D.

And, yeah happy new year!

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