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Friday, 18 September 2009

Just so near


Now the school break that I am breathing for, finally arrived. Thanks God, for waking me up again this morning and let me see your the wonders you have been given to me for the past 17 years.

Its the 29th ramadan (*betul ke ni?*) and, Ramadan is just as simple as every year, but it is the most Holy month in the Islamic calendar, so smile people, its the month when Allah blesses us with all his Gifts.

Yesterday, I had Biology paper 3, a test that needs us to deal with Biology's experiment. I don't know whether it was easy or hard, but I just prayed that every single answers I wrote in the blank spot worth a try. Setelah berusaha, Tawakkal yang penting:)

Must I blab that this year, it has been a bit gloomy. None of my real friends really wish me Hari Raya, but I am happy when Christina wished me that after all the fights and also the wishes from the other girlfriends. Hari Raya meant to be the happiest day for all muslims, and the wishes just bloomerised the happiness lies within it.

All in all, happy aildilfitri to all.

Monday, 14 September 2009

It was "not intentionally"

I wonder why many women these days, like to wear short skirts. Well, for those non-Muslims, I won't be condemning them about wearing those "eye-bulging" clothes, since they have no faith in the concept of "sealing the Aurat", but still I am wondering, why the Muslim ladies tend to act like they never have faith, or never understand what the concept is all about? Mind if I ask you to rethink?

This issue came out of the blue moon, while I was having my 'delightful' evening leisure watching stupid Malay drama, since that's the only program available on TV. In that drama, a young woman, wearing extremely short denim skirts and a baby top was pissed off, when a mechanic tried to reminding her of the concept of 'sealing the aurat' by using the reverse psychological method. He said:

"It is so bizarre. You can see a lot of women these days showing off their thighs and 'stuff''. Are they making some free shows for the public? Oh GOD! They are damn 'generous' aren't they?"

Upon hearing that 'advice' from that kind-hearted mechanic, she went a blast, really mad, and became totally freaking out. She left by saying:

"It's my right to wear what I like. None of your business, you moron!!!"

Fine, looks like the woman was just wearing as what she decided to wear. That doesn't bring any harm to anyone nor bringing harm to the environment. But, does she know, that revealing certain parts of the body is A sin to do?? No?? Then, its a shame.

As for myself, I am not trying to act pious, or trying to say that I am an angel, but as Muslim women, what we can do is to try understanding the concept of our faith; Islam. No way saying that we are ISLAM but we ourselves never stand up to follow the faith itself. Rethink girls. Rethink.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Plastered Mouth

I was like having a plastered mouth. I couldn't speak nor can I smile. That were the 2 things recently happened to me, for this week, hopefully just this week. My lips started to dry, using lips balm was totally useless, it makes the lips worsen. So, friends, (if I do have one), when you noticed me of being silent or arrogant, please don't jump to the conclusion that I was being ignorant. It was because I was not in a good health. Hope you people understand.

I have no fun for the past weeks I breathed. The last fun was yesterday during breaking the fast with the family and then, I devoted my whole soul to finish reading and MEMORIZING the History facts. I started revising from 7:30 pm until late 1.00 am and I was doing a good job for making my eyes looking terribly horrible, I almost look like a Koala, but the difference, the Koala is cuter than I.

Yes people, it's no use making last minute preparation. So, for those who will be sitting for any examinations, please do not make it a habit. All these whiles, I admit that I was not that concern about History and that's what happen when I suddenly had to rush to get all the facts into the head. My God, I was "bloated", my head my brain was bloated. And, that was excluded with Agama Islam. First time in life, I felt like I did badly in Agama. Sorry Ustazah dear.

Let me tell you something readers, I do not like examination's hall that much. Why? Well the first and up most reason is because all the form five students, who I must say, some of them have those satanic-notty attitude and behaviors are together in the hall, sitting like they really concern about the exam. Duh...what a luck sitting with them all. I hope this will be the last time I be at the hall. I have had enough of this! Secondly, is because, it's hot. Well, I must sounded a bit "baby-ish", but I really hated it when we have to struggle with the papers in a wet, soaking condition especially during additional math test. Lastly, is because the internal pressure. Pressure to succeed, pressure to do good, pressure that I didn't answer them right, pressure that maybe the marks won't reach the targeted score. SO MUCH pressure!!!~

People have been mentioning how relax can I be after the SPM hits its hay. But, I still think they were doing their lightest job in giving me some power to move on. It's easier to open the mouth and talk rather that go! action!. And, after SPM, should I just stay back and having heavenly pleasure spending hours at home, or should I do something that contribute something good to my life. For example, a small job, a time at the gymnasium, or maybe finding a partner. Ok, that's maybe too much. But I strongly believe there won't be that much fun that many people expected a SPM leaver will have. up! up! AND away! It's time to grow up. And I don't want to....

Monday, 7 September 2009

I just wondering why

Why is it

..that when Exam week strikes me, I have exactly no friends?
..that when I send a message to a person, whoever she or he is, I won't get the reply?
...that people staring me like I was the ugliest girl when I made my path to a boutique?
...that even though I have a nice dress, I still feel that I look weird in it?
...that people can't understand me like how I understood them?
...that whenever I speak to a person, he or she won't listen?
...that I don't have the urge and will to continue studying??

SOMETIMES....the answer is somehow hurtful

I am BAD.
I am UGLY.

I am Lonely...


Saturday, 5 September 2009


Kecewa is disappointed or frustrated according to my dictionary. And, now, I feel totally disappointed because of what happen on yesterday.

I am actually struggling with my will and brain power, to get myself prepared for the SPM trial exam. Well, at first I thought the exams would be just fine...then it went astray as I sat for Physics Paper 3. I don't know at which point I didn't revise, till I couldn't answer the section A of that paper. I was like clueless....

Ah, nevermind I tell myself. It is over. Its not only me who sat for it anyway, the rests perhaps felt the same way too. It's a past, and in life we should not look backwards. So, I better prepare for my next papers, coming these third week of Ramadan.

For additional math, I was pushing all the strength that I had, to revise and play with the numbers and formulae. The trigonometric part was a challenge. Proving the trigonometric equations was like doing some sit ups for 100 times. :P

Anyway, Ramadan which has reached its third week, I mean coming to the third week, seems rather fine but not as merrier as last year's. But, I still hear the 'boom' and 'bang' at the back of my house at night, when those cute childish boys spent their time playing with the fire crackers. It is like ages since I last touch the fire cracker. So long no play that thing. Haha. Maybe I would join the boys tonight, no?

Gosh, I am hungry. I bet anyone is at this point of the day. I also which that I could finish up revising sejarah. I just don't favor sejarah that much especially when it came to the Malaysian's history. It can be my worst but the most effective sleeping story book. Maybe I am just not that patriotic enough to 'feel' that history. By the way, for merdeka, just wishing the country would regain its peace and harmony till death parts us. And, I also hope that there's no war. I am glad tht the song won, the 1 Malaysia Song. YEAY!! sang by Faizal Tahir. (*x vote pun*)

Till then. Ala na vista:) Moi Love ya..