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Saturday, 5 September 2009


Kecewa is disappointed or frustrated according to my dictionary. And, now, I feel totally disappointed because of what happen on yesterday.

I am actually struggling with my will and brain power, to get myself prepared for the SPM trial exam. Well, at first I thought the exams would be just fine...then it went astray as I sat for Physics Paper 3. I don't know at which point I didn't revise, till I couldn't answer the section A of that paper. I was like clueless....

Ah, nevermind I tell myself. It is over. Its not only me who sat for it anyway, the rests perhaps felt the same way too. It's a past, and in life we should not look backwards. So, I better prepare for my next papers, coming these third week of Ramadan.

For additional math, I was pushing all the strength that I had, to revise and play with the numbers and formulae. The trigonometric part was a challenge. Proving the trigonometric equations was like doing some sit ups for 100 times. :P

Anyway, Ramadan which has reached its third week, I mean coming to the third week, seems rather fine but not as merrier as last year's. But, I still hear the 'boom' and 'bang' at the back of my house at night, when those cute childish boys spent their time playing with the fire crackers. It is like ages since I last touch the fire cracker. So long no play that thing. Haha. Maybe I would join the boys tonight, no?

Gosh, I am hungry. I bet anyone is at this point of the day. I also which that I could finish up revising sejarah. I just don't favor sejarah that much especially when it came to the Malaysian's history. It can be my worst but the most effective sleeping story book. Maybe I am just not that patriotic enough to 'feel' that history. By the way, for merdeka, just wishing the country would regain its peace and harmony till death parts us. And, I also hope that there's no war. I am glad tht the song won, the 1 Malaysia Song. YEAY!! sang by Faizal Tahir. (*x vote pun*)

Till then. Ala na vista:) Moi Love ya..

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