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Sunday, 28 September 2008

A bit Appreciated

Yep, all these whiles, I have acted like an emo fanatic due to some problems I encountered with some"friends" of mine. But, yesterday. I felt a bit appreciated, as 2 friends sent me Eid Mubarak's cards. Overall, I have 4 cards now, and thanks to those who sent me those cards. They cured some diminish pains inside the heart. Haha:D

The first card I got, was from Durrah (the darah). There was 10 cent coin as my first duit raya.

Below is from Fatin Syamimi (princess cute konon:P)

The third card, from Sofiah NUR!! Yeay!! NO TIME NO SEE, babe. Sofiah is the one I always hope for. She made the card by herself. Unfortunately, she didn't left the home address of hers. How am I gonna send one to her?? (sigh)

The forth card, well, no picture, its from a guy. Well, its from akiem, from my forum. hehe:))

so thats all for now....its hard to revise my studies and at the same time preparing for raya!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Last Friday, a photo of my experimenting bananas, see the white sack in side sample A, that is calcium carbide.

^This was captured on Wednesday, if I wasn't mistaken. See my bananas had already ripen and can be made into cekodok

My biology teacher, nice, soft-spoken person, very good, informative and our FRIEND!

Yeah these are the FIRST two pictures of the school I took, on Wednesday.Yeah huge but, hmm still needs time to be the best. For my malakat92-s this is my school, Kajang Utama High School; the place where I spend most of my time.

This is the school canteen, which seemed a bit empty, coz its Ramadhan. This was the place where I got red handed eating during ramadhan while I was on "girl problem".

My buddy Nadzira, we were actually planning to do some works on add math, but she was too tired so she just kept day dreaming all day long, dasar pemalas!!

Ok these are all I ve got, so, now, its 26th September 2008, and it will another 4 days until Hari Raya. I just wish I still get duit raya coz I am totally broke right now. Plus, I have to watch what I eat during raya, if not I cant fit to that baju raya of mine. wahaha:))

oh yeah: I am wishing u all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, jemput2laa bagi duit raya, hehe, I hope that this raya means something special to me.

Thursday, 25 September 2008


First, I stepped into the class, 4 AMANAH it was and still it is. I sat at the place where Huda and I had chose on the first day of school of session 2008. I sighed utterly as now, I sat all by myself. There are 2 other desks behind me, and they re empty too.

The days become fun when teachers are around, as I sat close to the teacher's table, so I am more closer to them each day. They chatted with me, as if I am one of their colleagues. I dont care that, coz students are supposed to get closer to the teachers. I love Puan Fozida, and Puan Thava, who had been such good friends, and tutors at the same time. Love Puan Fozida for her humbleness, and Puan Thava for her funny attitudes.

Bored, when teachers are absent. The class will be noisy and the kids will start their kids-ways of life. No more books on the tables, just mp3's, handphones, and songs they turned on really loud. Aiman will be heard as the rockstar, a singer in the class. Meanwhile the 6 girls at the back will be humming hari raya song so many times. My used-to-be good friends, will be laughing and laughing for nonsensical jokes that Huda made. I laugh too, but laugh in my heart. I wanna join them so much, but I am not eligible. They will start being quite as soon as I joined them.

Chiam, a very good friend of mine these days, did almost the same thing I did. If she's not around how boring life at school could be. She's smart, funny, she is the precious thing I've got now. Just her, that knows me well. The others will see me as egoistic, teachers' pet, selfish learner, paranoid person and a person who is too daring.

Nevermind said me. I will just continue to live. No good of running away from problems ahead me. I will never ask for help. I will just continue working on my own to reach the success I've dream for. The end...

Thursday, 18 September 2008


first time of my wholly life tht I could not do the add math questions. What is happening to me!? What happen to the brain I love?! I am stuck at chapter 9 called DIFFERENTIATION, its a long title of course, it means PEMBEZAAN in Malay, but seriously, I dont care what the heck its trying to tell by teaching us kids this chapter.

To those science stream students in Selangor, please check Formative Exercise 9.2. Try solve Questions from 10 to 15, they re damn hard, I took almost one day full, to complete question 11 and 12. Plus, as we know, now is Ramadan, so, during the day, it was so hot, that I almost dehydrated and exasperated till I cant think of anything except lying on my bed and go to New York for free. {note: this means I am asleep}

I did asked the teacher how to solve those questions, but really, I dont know whether the rate of decible was too low, or I was just to deaf or just to forgetful to remember what the teacher had told me earlier in class. I already asked her help about 3 times, on the same questions, and dont you think its quite weird when I go to see her again on the same question to be asked?

Not only in add math which troubled me, so does Chemistry and Physics. Chemistry: how I hate those questions on balanced equations. Damn Hard! And then, the classes which are held during the last period of the school sessions, give us kids headache plus with sleepy eyes. Even the teacher herself looks sleepy. Not to mention, Physics. Although we already landed on the last chapter, but its not a very good news. Soon, the teacher will load us on intensive exercises, which will be hard and hardy hard. I hope she goes for her maternity leave as soon as possible {sorry puan suzita, u look tired, tht what was I trying to say}

For those who read this post, not my intention here to keep nagging and blabbering about the harmanship which I am pursuing through right now. Just want to share how hectic my life is. Fine, I know this is the real fact of being a science student which I have to endorse in. So, till then, bye, assalamualaikumwarahmatullah.

Family Gath-Birthday Party and Majlis Berbuka Puasa

Above is Khayra, my cutest niece eva!! Love her so much. Unfortunately, she is a hard cookie in smiling. It was her birthday party last Saturday, and also majlis berbuka puasa in Klang, my kampung.

To be truth, I like Klang, coz, the place (my mak teh's house) is cosy and comfy. As soon as we reached there, mak teh greeted us with her most welcoming smile. She looked quite unwell but still, she was the one who did all the cooking. My oh My, the food is of coz uncountable, and they all seem so deliciouss...So, yes we ate like hunger people as soon as the azan was heard. There were arrays of food arranged on the long table. So many unforgetable feast.

After maghrib, we had a birthday party, for my lil' cute niece Khayra, it was her one-year old birthday. She seemed so naive lol:))

..Below are pictures....
my cousin, suke cari publicity
cute like me right? hehe:)
the birthday party rockin', khayra with her mom

the food....:P

asyraf (my nephew) and I

my sister (on the right) and my cousin

maryam and I preparing to do tarawih.

thats all for now....see ya on weekends, and yeah one more week and its RAYA people!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Test 1: Experimenting with juices during Ramadhan

It such a test for us the 4 Amanah today. During Biology class, which was conducted by our cute Mrs Julaina, needed us to test the concentration of vitamin C in various fruit juices. Well, actually we only tested for 3 types of juices; lime juice {not air kapur}, orange juice, and pine apple juice. Nina brought the lime, Huda brought the pine apple, and Aarvind brought the oranges. The oranges looked tempting of course.

Then, we need to get the extract of the fruits, or in other term, the juices. For lime and oranges, yeah there was not a big problem, but for the pineapple, well its hard to squeeze it to get the juice. So, Huda and Aina did the cutting {sorry, no pictures, I didnt bring my camera}, and then with mortar and pestles as the aids, we smashed down the little pieces of yellow-goodlooking pineapple. Yummy:) Mrs Julaina said we can filter the juice using filter paper, however, I think that is just impossible, so we as a group decided to get the juice by squeezing the smashed pineapple by bare hands. Huda and Chris did this job, meanwhile Chiam and I had already setting up all the apparatus needed. It took us quite a long time to get the juice than the other groups, but hey, there were no competition, so why need the hurry?

We collected 100 ml of pineapple juice. My non-muslim friends, had their tongue on those unused pieces of pineapple. Their bad, makan je depan orang!:( Anyway, after tht, we need to test for the ability of the ascorbic acid to make the DCPIP solution decolourised. Then, the ability of the other fruit juices to decolourised the DCPIP solution. To be truth, the experiment was not accurately done, coz different people did the measure for the acid solution and the ascorbic acid. But Mrs Julaina said we dont need to worry.

So, our results didn't came as they were expected due to natural reasons. The orange juice seemed to be in excess of vitamin C compared to lime. It is supposed to be the opposite, the lime juice should contain the most vitamic C and not the oranges. Somehow, eventhough we didnt get the accurate and precise results, we are satisfied and surely having a lot of fun....

Friday, 12 September 2008

Yeap, Pn Haryati still the number one!

I feel extremely over the air coz, today my afternoon's class, which is Agriculture Science class, was conducted by my own-original teacher, Puan Haryati. The 2 hours duration of the class, flew away easily because of her. However, the attendance can be said as dissapointing, but still, I love the class {actually I prefer class with only a few number of students}.

The main reason why we love cikgu haryati so much is due to her multi knowledge. Its like she knows almost everything. Well, today, she told us about several news, such as the late Norita Samsudin's case, about an ox having intimation with the female cow, about primary school students playing 'zina-zina' and more.

On the Norita Samsudin's case, Puan Haryati told us that the late killer victim, worked as a prostitute. A high class prostitute who offered 'wild sex' service. On the post-moterm held, the forensic group found out that she actually had been slept with 8 different guys!! My goodness....
The most disgust part was that, Norita who was originated from Kedah, was raised up by her conservative-Islamic family. She lied to her parents about her physical look, by wearing head scarf and read the Quran when she returned to her village. When her mother knew about her real identity, her mother became quite and could not say anything more. Norita was killed while doing that immoral act with a man, whom until now, could not be detected.

The other part of Puan Haryati's story was about lower primary school children who play 'zina-zina' instead of regular play thing, like masak-masak. How can these kids play such a thing? According to the interview done with the kids, they said that they just want to experimenting with the scenes from the videos they watched at home. Most of them play this thing with their cousins, siblings, and even classmates. Poor the parents...huh.:(

Everyone had their ears and eyes tied to Pn Haryati till the class ended. The stories she told were interesting, but also weird. Anyhow, those stories actually gave us some morals too, on not doing such immoral acts.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Just Something To Blog-out

It has been such a long time since my last post {I think}, and yep, the routines are repeated everyday, which I feel quite devastating as I dont have any good stories to tell.

Well, as I see my seniors in Form 5 having their trial SPM, I feel slightly frightened about it. I know that I too, will encounter it soon enough which is next year. The tense is already sensed right now. I really have to work hard for it. Not because to get the fame, but mostly to get a place in college.

However, I was wondering, I mean still wondering now. Wondering about the REAL importance on the education or academic in Malaysia, or in the eyes of the world. Of course, people since the ancient ROME had been stressed on the academic section for their people, but how does education play it role for one self? Sometimes, I think that I will just succeed in high school and be average as soon as I take my bow from school to college. Not that I hate to be average, but I just want to be "someone" that people can rely on to. That's all. Just that it feels so bad when people see me as a student whom studies with selfish reasons. I dont get certain people, when we play smart, and be smart they say we study for the selfish benefits, but when we are smart and act dumb, we are described as kera mendapat bunga. What can I do to be the apple of everyone's eyes? Of course, we can satisfy everyone, can we?

Another thing is about multi talents. I have to salute to those parents who send their kids to music class, ballet class, cooking class and whatsoever classes the world has to offer. They are actually nurturing their kids to be multi talented which can give the kids benefits when they grow older. Actually, average kid with multi talents can be described as smart either. Even I myself, awe such kids with talents, plus envying them too.

All in all, smart is not the only advantage for us to go further. What count are the man power, our high self esteem, how many talents do we have and how we can adapt to the different surroundings with strangers. so...maybe thts it tht came from my mind right now. see ya later..

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sounded by two discipline teachers and one counselling teacher

Even though today is saturday, but here, in KU School, there was a school session. Of course, I made myself available because I actually love learning, especially when Cikgu Fozida the Add Math teacher is around.

The school is pretty quite today, so never mind about that. We did a lot of add math exercise, and then at 11 am, it was recess time. As majority of my friends were Indians today, so I guess it will be fine if I accompany them to the canteen. So yes I did. And today I'm actually not fasting due to certain circumstances. But I didn't buy anything at the canteen.

As we sat down, Christina began to eat her food. Ok, she also knew that I am not fasting, so she offered me a bite. To be honest, I am quite hungry as well. Since the canteen seemed to be empty and there were just four of us, so I accepted Christina's offer. I had that one bite of hers.

Then came the nightmare of today. When I had that one bite, Puan Hasnah, Puan Rokiah and Puan Linda actually saw me through the window, as the discipline room is so near to the canteen. She screamed out loud, "DAYANA!!! masuk sini sekarang!!" I was like, man, I am dumned! Dead Meat!!

She asked me why I had that one bite. I explained about I am not fasting today, ok, she understood that part. But, she told me that I should not have eat in front of the public, eventhough I am not fasting. Well, the canteen was empty and pretty bad I didn't notice about the windows at the discipline room. Although I tried to defend myself, I already know that yes, I should be blamed. I was pretty dumb to jump to that offer of having that one bite. How stupid I am today?? I regret.

This is basically my bad impression to the teachers because they were the important people who chose me to be the next Head Prefect's Assistant in 2009. What will they be thinking after this? They must think that I am such a naive and childish person who can easily fall for something like that.

What can I do? It had happened, and it is 100% my fault-entirely!

Thursday, 4 September 2008


IN dilemma.....should I screamed for HELP!?

~EITHER I should join the Ihyak Ramadhan Camping trip, or not~
~Certainly, I feel guilty if I dont, coz, ustazah is hoping for me to go~

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Day 3 of Ramadan 08

Only day 3 people. Yet it is still tiring, but I am used to this, so no worry. Fasting is indeed a good way to maintain the good health, it actually gives the digestive system some time to relax. Plus, during fasting, one can also lose weight, but this will be successful, if that person eats moderately and not with lust:)

Ok, everybody knows about the above fact. Right now, I am just goin' to write about the recent 'stories' in my busy day life. Fine, last friday, I was being informed that I will be given the post of assistant of head prefect in the school 2009 session. But, hold on, this is a eustress for me. I will be in thoughts whether I can hold this post with great responsibility or not. But, I think I can, anyway, like Peter PARKER said, "with great power, comes great responsibility".

Then. nothing happened much on Saturday and Sunday. Monday was the first day of ramadan 08, and of course it was so tiring, but I was glad that I was able to perform the tarawih that very night. Then, on Tuesday, I got my Chemistry-August Test paper, and I was a bit shocked since I obtained a B- for this. The aces I always get, seem fading huh? Yeah, and its my fault too. So, I guess I have to start working extra from now on.

Today, Wednesday, was not a very pleasing day. Its time for the kids at school, including me, to get our marks for the co-curricular activities. My points are not remarkable at all! I am VERY dissapointed right now. My face looked like jeruk buah pelam or mango pickel already. The hardmanship I've gone through these co-curricular act. were like....a total wasting of time. Most of the teachers said, I have..still the next year. Yeah...I got next year, but Hey! I can't get the best of everything every year right?

Ok, thats all, until we meet again this friday.