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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Family Gath-Birthday Party and Majlis Berbuka Puasa

Above is Khayra, my cutest niece eva!! Love her so much. Unfortunately, she is a hard cookie in smiling. It was her birthday party last Saturday, and also majlis berbuka puasa in Klang, my kampung.

To be truth, I like Klang, coz, the place (my mak teh's house) is cosy and comfy. As soon as we reached there, mak teh greeted us with her most welcoming smile. She looked quite unwell but still, she was the one who did all the cooking. My oh My, the food is of coz uncountable, and they all seem so deliciouss...So, yes we ate like hunger people as soon as the azan was heard. There were arrays of food arranged on the long table. So many unforgetable feast.

After maghrib, we had a birthday party, for my lil' cute niece Khayra, it was her one-year old birthday. She seemed so naive lol:))

..Below are pictures....
my cousin, suke cari publicity
cute like me right? hehe:)
the birthday party rockin', khayra with her mom

the food....:P

asyraf (my nephew) and I

my sister (on the right) and my cousin

maryam and I preparing to do tarawih.

thats all for now....see ya on weekends, and yeah one more week and its RAYA people!!

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sss said...

Comelnya dak2 tu!^^

-Rusyda aka astronomy-