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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Test 1: Experimenting with juices during Ramadhan

It such a test for us the 4 Amanah today. During Biology class, which was conducted by our cute Mrs Julaina, needed us to test the concentration of vitamin C in various fruit juices. Well, actually we only tested for 3 types of juices; lime juice {not air kapur}, orange juice, and pine apple juice. Nina brought the lime, Huda brought the pine apple, and Aarvind brought the oranges. The oranges looked tempting of course.

Then, we need to get the extract of the fruits, or in other term, the juices. For lime and oranges, yeah there was not a big problem, but for the pineapple, well its hard to squeeze it to get the juice. So, Huda and Aina did the cutting {sorry, no pictures, I didnt bring my camera}, and then with mortar and pestles as the aids, we smashed down the little pieces of yellow-goodlooking pineapple. Yummy:) Mrs Julaina said we can filter the juice using filter paper, however, I think that is just impossible, so we as a group decided to get the juice by squeezing the smashed pineapple by bare hands. Huda and Chris did this job, meanwhile Chiam and I had already setting up all the apparatus needed. It took us quite a long time to get the juice than the other groups, but hey, there were no competition, so why need the hurry?

We collected 100 ml of pineapple juice. My non-muslim friends, had their tongue on those unused pieces of pineapple. Their bad, makan je depan orang!:( Anyway, after tht, we need to test for the ability of the ascorbic acid to make the DCPIP solution decolourised. Then, the ability of the other fruit juices to decolourised the DCPIP solution. To be truth, the experiment was not accurately done, coz different people did the measure for the acid solution and the ascorbic acid. But Mrs Julaina said we dont need to worry.

So, our results didn't came as they were expected due to natural reasons. The orange juice seemed to be in excess of vitamin C compared to lime. It is supposed to be the opposite, the lime juice should contain the most vitamic C and not the oranges. Somehow, eventhough we didnt get the accurate and precise results, we are satisfied and surely having a lot of fun....

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