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Friday, 12 September 2008

Yeap, Pn Haryati still the number one!

I feel extremely over the air coz, today my afternoon's class, which is Agriculture Science class, was conducted by my own-original teacher, Puan Haryati. The 2 hours duration of the class, flew away easily because of her. However, the attendance can be said as dissapointing, but still, I love the class {actually I prefer class with only a few number of students}.

The main reason why we love cikgu haryati so much is due to her multi knowledge. Its like she knows almost everything. Well, today, she told us about several news, such as the late Norita Samsudin's case, about an ox having intimation with the female cow, about primary school students playing 'zina-zina' and more.

On the Norita Samsudin's case, Puan Haryati told us that the late killer victim, worked as a prostitute. A high class prostitute who offered 'wild sex' service. On the post-moterm held, the forensic group found out that she actually had been slept with 8 different guys!! My goodness....
The most disgust part was that, Norita who was originated from Kedah, was raised up by her conservative-Islamic family. She lied to her parents about her physical look, by wearing head scarf and read the Quran when she returned to her village. When her mother knew about her real identity, her mother became quite and could not say anything more. Norita was killed while doing that immoral act with a man, whom until now, could not be detected.

The other part of Puan Haryati's story was about lower primary school children who play 'zina-zina' instead of regular play thing, like masak-masak. How can these kids play such a thing? According to the interview done with the kids, they said that they just want to experimenting with the scenes from the videos they watched at home. Most of them play this thing with their cousins, siblings, and even classmates. Poor the parents...huh.:(

Everyone had their ears and eyes tied to Pn Haryati till the class ended. The stories she told were interesting, but also weird. Anyhow, those stories actually gave us some morals too, on not doing such immoral acts.

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winnie said...

Of coz la, cikgu yati is the best Sp teacher...yg lain, i min da pratical teacher buat org mengantuk je....HEHEHE....