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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Just Something To Blog-out

It has been such a long time since my last post {I think}, and yep, the routines are repeated everyday, which I feel quite devastating as I dont have any good stories to tell.

Well, as I see my seniors in Form 5 having their trial SPM, I feel slightly frightened about it. I know that I too, will encounter it soon enough which is next year. The tense is already sensed right now. I really have to work hard for it. Not because to get the fame, but mostly to get a place in college.

However, I was wondering, I mean still wondering now. Wondering about the REAL importance on the education or academic in Malaysia, or in the eyes of the world. Of course, people since the ancient ROME had been stressed on the academic section for their people, but how does education play it role for one self? Sometimes, I think that I will just succeed in high school and be average as soon as I take my bow from school to college. Not that I hate to be average, but I just want to be "someone" that people can rely on to. That's all. Just that it feels so bad when people see me as a student whom studies with selfish reasons. I dont get certain people, when we play smart, and be smart they say we study for the selfish benefits, but when we are smart and act dumb, we are described as kera mendapat bunga. What can I do to be the apple of everyone's eyes? Of course, we can satisfy everyone, can we?

Another thing is about multi talents. I have to salute to those parents who send their kids to music class, ballet class, cooking class and whatsoever classes the world has to offer. They are actually nurturing their kids to be multi talented which can give the kids benefits when they grow older. Actually, average kid with multi talents can be described as smart either. Even I myself, awe such kids with talents, plus envying them too.

All in all, smart is not the only advantage for us to go further. What count are the man power, our high self esteem, how many talents do we have and how we can adapt to the different surroundings with strangers. so...maybe thts it tht came from my mind right now. see ya later..

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