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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sounded by two discipline teachers and one counselling teacher

Even though today is saturday, but here, in KU School, there was a school session. Of course, I made myself available because I actually love learning, especially when Cikgu Fozida the Add Math teacher is around.

The school is pretty quite today, so never mind about that. We did a lot of add math exercise, and then at 11 am, it was recess time. As majority of my friends were Indians today, so I guess it will be fine if I accompany them to the canteen. So yes I did. And today I'm actually not fasting due to certain circumstances. But I didn't buy anything at the canteen.

As we sat down, Christina began to eat her food. Ok, she also knew that I am not fasting, so she offered me a bite. To be honest, I am quite hungry as well. Since the canteen seemed to be empty and there were just four of us, so I accepted Christina's offer. I had that one bite of hers.

Then came the nightmare of today. When I had that one bite, Puan Hasnah, Puan Rokiah and Puan Linda actually saw me through the window, as the discipline room is so near to the canteen. She screamed out loud, "DAYANA!!! masuk sini sekarang!!" I was like, man, I am dumned! Dead Meat!!

She asked me why I had that one bite. I explained about I am not fasting today, ok, she understood that part. But, she told me that I should not have eat in front of the public, eventhough I am not fasting. Well, the canteen was empty and pretty bad I didn't notice about the windows at the discipline room. Although I tried to defend myself, I already know that yes, I should be blamed. I was pretty dumb to jump to that offer of having that one bite. How stupid I am today?? I regret.

This is basically my bad impression to the teachers because they were the important people who chose me to be the next Head Prefect's Assistant in 2009. What will they be thinking after this? They must think that I am such a naive and childish person who can easily fall for something like that.

What can I do? It had happened, and it is 100% my fault-entirely!

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winnie said...

haiz...kesian nyer kena marah....