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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My life is terrible and today it became worst

Again, it feels empty to have no one to laugh with, to share food with, to walk with and to talk to. I am not very empty as I still have Chiam, Christina, Daksayani, Alya and others but now, theres no longer a very good friend of mine, the one I always ask for help, the one whom always accompanied me to wherever I go.

Today, Huda was absent. I was a bit dissapointed. I never thought that she will left me at school for one day with out a friend beside me. I felt lost somewhere. Need to cry but somehow, its hard as I have to be a professional. Moreover, dont ya think its humiliating for big girl like me to cry at school? Yes, right?

During Pendidikan Agama Islam, I have no one next to me, thanks to Alya who then pitied me and decided to sit next to me. At least I have a friend. I saw sympathies in others toward me. And sad to say, I hate that. Ah, what could I do on that moment is sigh. Nothing more, I am powerless.

I hate Puan Thava today, hope she wont be reading my blog, or else I am dead meat. Why> Whats the reason? Well, she actually asked US KIDS to find anything about the customs, food, ethnics of Sarawak. Ok, I can do that, but the most boring part was that she wants us to present it, make it as a presentation in front of the class, on NEXT TUESDAY!!! And did I tell you that I have my agama presentation to do on Tuesday too? So this means that I will be doing TWO presentations in a day. I will be so exhausted talking and talking. Plus, Puan Thava also pissed me off by calling me a fluroscent lamp, that measn I could not understand jokes. Yeah, I admit I cant understand her recent jokes today, maybe I wasnt in the mood to laugh at them anyway.

JUst History caught my mind today. I love to study about the past, about the ancient civilizations. How bout mathematics? Ah, my brain was in a big traffic jam I guess, coz it processed as slow as a snail. Hate it, I used to be a genius. (Sorry for boasting). At recess time, I was again feel lonely, and I really am cant take this any longer.

Hey you KILL me, or slap me in the face, or take me fly with you!!!!!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Uh-Oh, I am dumned!

Can't you get what I mean by I am dumned??

No right? So let me start the story....

Do I have to sigh for a relieved when my dad actually saw me walking home with my bff? Whats the answer guys?

Fine, now my father had lost his trust on me. Today, I was supposed to be home at 2;30, I meant my class should have ended at 2;30 pm, rather than at 2 o'clock. EST class was cancelled due to some matters, and well yesterday, I promised to Mr X that I will be treating him for icecream today, but looked like its not coming true.

Ok, at 2 pm, I rushed to the mosque i meant the school mosque of coz, to have my Zuhur prayer with Hud. There re several teachers asked me abt the SBP offers, and I said I didnt get it. Duh...hate the same questions, I am getting fed up. Well, as I walked to the mosque which located exactly besides my classroom, I saw Mr x's bag. Looked likes he's praying too.

After I have done with my Zuhur prayer, I saw no one at our usual spot. He was ACTUALLY at the canteen, and the bad thing was Nina (my friend) and also Junaidi were there at the canteen stared at me suspiciously. Damn they already know....

First day without Maryam, my best buddy...

I just returned home from school. Today was alright I guess, the day was a bit fabulous, and class were quiet unlike before, when its so crowded and nosiy as a night market. Those who left for teknik are Maryam, Baqis, Yasmeen, Shakirah, Haziq, Azaim and also Hazman.
Now, there re only 26 students left. Perhaps it will become 24 as Nina and MARWAN will somehow go soon. Hate this situation, the best girl around is leaving too? This is miserable. Fine, without Maryam, I felt a toal lost. I have lost a buddy in the prefect's board. I do my duty by myself during assembly and its sad. I wanna quit as a prefect and be a regular kid, but anyhow, in my deep heart's core, it is kinda bad thing to do, as prefect really gives me marks to go to University and I dont wanna lose the marks.
During recess, well yeah I still have Huda, Alya and Chiam around, but still a bit solitary and sad without the presence of our walking Monalisa, Maryam. There's no one whom I can share the coconut pudding again. Just alone. I know tht if I leave huda will feel one time of lost again, but I just wanna leave, just that I want to be independent, and try a new environment.
I really am hate this kind of feelings. The feeling to be a solitary girl. The feeling to be lonely and no one can be with us, walk with us, and do all the same kind of things with us. Just that......

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ah..what ....nevermind ques two

thi is related to the previous question

ok we already got g(x)=2/x

so now we need to find the value of x when gf(x)= 3

Add Math....its fun actually, just need focus

Fine, Puan Fozida, my math and also my Add Math teacher, gave us KIDS a lot of add math problems to be solved, yeah add math needs many practices, and practices are the solution to perfect answers.

Here are some of the questions tht, are really tough and I have the solution rite here. Thanks to my darling Chiam and brainiac fzain as well as Naqib.

ok first ques, from textbook, Selangor edition

a)Given a function f(x)= 8/x, which is X is not zero. and fg(x)=4x find

i) g(x)

AM I born to be a writer?

Its late at night when I was writing this topic down, but thanks to MIRA who complimented me on my language. She said I write like an author. I was so touched by her compliment. Almost kembang.

Mira is a nice girl, and she do a lot of photograhing and she has a lot of talent in the field. U should see her blog though. She is a brilliant girl as she got an offer to Seri Putri which is yeah, mydream school.

Anyway, she said tht I should use my talent i mean this writing talent for the sake of goodness. Yeah, I promise I will. Thanks for the compliment once again. I really appreciate it.

Love u MIRA...

Saturday, 26 January 2008

FINE..thanks for the support

ok, my friend huda, mad at me because of my recent post which resembled me as a quitter. I said earlier, that hoping is sucks, and she said I am now much more like Thomas Wilson, the main character in the story Lotus Eater.

Ok, I admit that I did sounded like a quitter. I am so dissapointed that my friend is leaving me here. Besides that, I now realise that I will somehow loose a vompanion whom can support me, and laugh at my jokes, and back up me in my projects. My gang is decreasing. Its bad u know.

By the way, thanks to Farah Beuclair and also Huda, as well as Azeem, who gave me a lot of supports regarding this mental sickness. May God bless you. Anyway, I already looked back at my weakness, and also my mistakes. I should not cry over this small matters. Everybody now is going to reach for their dreams including maryam, well she wants to be an accountant. So, I as an upcoming doctor, cant go to teknik school. Nevermind, she s still living here in Kajang. So I can see her during holidays.

Ok, thts all for now.

Friday, 25 January 2008

HOPING is just sucks....

Before I sit for my PMR examination, I was HOPING so much, for the boarding school, so as a determination, I dug for POINTS, points in Cocurricular activities, and also points in academics. People was HOping for me to get an offer, but WHAT HAPPENED now is really miserable. I didn't get any. =.=
Only two persons who got SBP, they are Marwan, he got Sekolah Sains Sultan Alam SHah and Husnina, who got Sekolah sains In Muar. I was absolutely-spellblinded and frustrated. I felt like giving up. These two persons, are now known as the best PMR candidates for 2008, and I, dont mention, I am not...
The worst news is now, Nina is leaving the KU school (my current school), and also my BEST FRIEND, Maryam. She is leaving for sekolah teknik somewhere in cheras. I cried terribly because of her last night. I looked dumb. Besides, today, after school, I kept silent, an rushing to my room, just to let my tears came out from myself. The tears are probably, because she is leaving, MY BEST BUDDY. This means I will be a lone-ranger, in the prefects' club. How "great"?
Teachers were asking about the SBP offers. They were in shock when I announced that I failed to get a place. What can i do? Its the kemeterian fault and of course my fault too, of not scoring excellent grades in PMR. Now, people will surely talk behind my back, and said I am suck. I feel like not going to school no more. I feel empty although I still have some friends here. My gang is decreases. Huda also said that she wants to go to teknik, where yes, she got shah alam school, and if she goes, she will be leaving on MONDAY, and then, I'll be so lonely, without anyone here.
I have lost supporters, companions and also friends. They are now going forever, leaving me alone in solitary, yeah, I was supposed to accept this fact, that we will surely leave our friends, and get new ones, but I just cant help myself, from feeling this awful thing inside me. No matter how hard I cry, they will still go, I cant stop them. This is sucks, and HOPING sucks too. I will not try to hope in the future. Just that....
Life supposed to be fun, but it turns to be miserable and sad. I was supposed to leave them first, but yet, they leave me in the 1st place. There's no one I can rely on now, there's no one to laugh with. I am now, LONELY......

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

WEDNESDAY, day off from SCHOOL

Gladly, today is a holiday, which is Wednesday 23rd January 2008. Tomorrow is my sis's birthday, but I still didnt get anything for her. What a sis am I?

This morning, I had to wake up early as I already have this morning walk with my bff. At 6:30 am I woke up and still very sleepy, as I slept late the night before because I was catching up with Project Runaway. (I love Chloe!!!)

I think I took my bath for so long. I finished it at 7:15!!?? Dummy me. I rushed to get ready, and I had this long walk before I could reach to the jejantas to meet my bff. I reached thre 15 minutes later, and he already waiting. Good.

As usual, he did all the talking. He is such a good talker unlike me who love to keep silent. We headed to the playground, and sit on the swings. He was sleepy and the day was A BIT BORING. Then, he brought me to see his solitary place. Yeah, it was a bit far from his house, and it was on this not-very high hill. We have to climb to reach it. Because he was SO X TREME he can climb it easily, meanwhile, I cant. I am not an adventurous young lady ok? HappY? At least I admit tht I cant climb very well. So, from the place, he can actually see a good view of kajang. Well partly of it of course.

Whatever, maybe that is the last morning walk I will have with him for this year, or this month. Anyway, I just hope that I can be more talkative, coz I dont want to bored him to death by my silent-ness. Its sad to see our loved ones, dissapointed and its due to our weakness.

T_T a sad sad sad day.
Just hope it will be better

and I am NOW trying to find the answers of my Add Math, dan its so tricky, and I also, kinda bored right now as theres no one to chat to. Where is everybODY????

BELLE WITH RED SHOES....ghost story....

Zhin, memeluk suaminya erat. Dia menangis apabila Gong menolaknya. Gong berubah menjadi ganas. Gong bangun, angkat Zhin, dan dia campakkan Zhin ke ruang tamu. Menutup pintu kamarnya. Tidak begitu lama selepas itu, Zhin mendengar alunan suara merdu yang memukau, tiada perkataan boleh menerjemahkan suara itu.
"Gong milik aku! Pergi kau dari sisinya!!!". jerit suara itu. Zhin berasa aneh. Di manakah datangnya suara itu, apa yang ia mahu daripadanya? Mengapa GONG yang dia mahu? Mengapa?? Persoalan-persoalan sebeginilah yang timbul. "Boom!" bunyi dentuman kuat dari kamarnya. Zhim lekas bangun, melupakan kesakitan pada kakinya. Alangkah terkejutnya dia apabila mendapati GONG sudah menembak dirinya. Darah di merata tempat. Zhin menangis.
Saat itu jua, munculnya, seorang perempuan jelita berbaju merah WAJAHnya putih gebu, bibirnya merah memikat hati, rambutnya panjang, bentuk badannya sempurna. Dia memang seorang wanita yang mampu membuatkan setiap lelaki tergoda. "KINI Gong milik aku!!!HAHAHHAHA!" kata "perempuan itu" sambil ketawa berdekah-dekah. Roh Gong kini bersama perempuan itu. Pada malam pengebumian Gong, Zhin sering dihantui roh suaminya. Sampai kini, dia masih tidak tahu siapakah perempuan itu. Mungkin dia mempunyai kaitan dengan Gong pada hayat yang lepas.
Setahun kemudian, Zhin sudahpun berkahwin dengan lelaki lain. Pada suatu hari, dia diajak ke pameran lukisan di bandar. Di situ, dia terlihat akan lukisan yang memaparkan perempuan berbaju merah itu bersama seorang lelaki yang memeluknya. Lelaki di dalam lukisan itu menyamai GONG. Segala-galanya bagaikan GONG. Zhin berasa hairan, dan menitiskan air mata......dan misteri menyelubungi dirinya...
----the end----

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

WOH I am exhausted....

I just returned from my damn almost bored school. Well, entirely, actually, I ddnt even went to school this evening for the road runner practice as I had some BIG plan to do, and it was BADMINTON time. I preferred playing Badminton rather than running until I hurt my stomach or even worst LEGS. Nothing important abt me in the road runner thing anyway.

I walked to the bust stop at around 3:45 pm to meet with my mate Chiam, and how lousy can I be when I didnt realized tht my SEJARAH teacher was there at the bus stop. I must be temporarily blind I guess. Bad thing is that, the teacher was actually yellow team's teacher. And I was wearing yellow team T shirt. Argh....I am dead meat!!

Today was a bad day for the game. I sucked and I sucked a lot. I dont know why, i used to be a pro. Looks like I have bad luck on my side this very day. In 6 games, Chiam and I just won twice. I was devastated, as well as frustrated. Even Chiam didnt know what happen to me. I played like a COW DUNG!! Hate it!!!!

I should bring more bottles of mineral water. And just now, when I play, it was damn HOT ah I am NOW SUNBURNT. Thanks GOD there is this house, tht sell icecream. ah Ice cream...yummy....Then, my friends decided to go to the Tai Huvi ( a shp) and get drinks. No mineral water left so we bought HUNDRED PLUS....AH i finished it in a thirsty.....

Before I forgot, I also did a good presentation back then at school. The teacher was happy and I was glad and proud with my team. Thanks guys!!!

Monday, 21 January 2008


today is monday the 21st. On the 24th, it will be my lil' sis' birthday, and I still dont know what to buy for her. The problem is I ran ot of money after buying all those big-heavy-expensive reference books from a renowed bookstore in Kajang called Czip Lee. Besides, on the 30 th the SBP result will come out, and a week after that the MRSM'S hope I can get a place in either two of them.

Thanks God today the Add Math teacher was around, so we continued our lesson until the the one which need us to identify the functions in numbers. A bit tricky at first and I still cant get some of the answers. And, just now, I received a text message from my friend Chiam telling me tht she had finally got the answer, WHY its not me??

Moreover, today, we have this EST homework to be done. Well, its still easy (for me), and I feel happy doing it. Ah, now I have tell u the out-off-topic thing, well, yeah I ate A LOT today, man...I hate this. In the morning, I mean during recess, I have this soup, well mostly to heat my throat. My throat felt so cold this morning. Then, I ate this coconut pudding, well like jelly. It was so delicious, felt like its melting in the mouth. After tht, I drank this Lychee....well, so sweet.

After school, my friends and I have this ice-cream, ah, I know I should not have eat tht. Now, I suffered from itched tongue. At home, my dad was here. And he was actually cooking for lunch, and his chicken dish was a wow I must say, I ate twice. Hmm....I can help it.

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Ok,today, after I had helped my mom to fold the so-many clothes, I watched this scary ghost movie. Starring Nurina Zubir. (Am I right)

The title is MIRROR. Well, gladly, it was on air at 15 pm, which is a bad time for ghost story I guess, it was supposed to be on air at midnight dont ya think?

This story tells us a bt a rich girl named Kikan. Kikan is the only child in the family and she too, feel bored when she's at home, so she has this stupid ideas. She always believe in ghosts and started scarying people by being ghost and by telling scary stories happened at school to her friends. One day, she acted like one, she wears those scary make-ups and frighten her friends off. But then, her friends, know tht it was her prank so they stopped talking to KIKAN. ANd when KIKAN tried to explain to them she fell. And sad to say she has a big fall, and fainted. But her friends were so angry tht they left KIKAN all alone.

The next morning KIKAN woke up. Looking blurred. And she realised tht she has some trouble with her eyesight. She went to her classroom where the class already began. Sad to say, there, she saw some uninvited guests. Its scary I tell ya...After tht, she ran into the ladies, to wash her so dirty face. She saw a man, trying to tie a rope, I mean tali gantung diri. At first yeah she was scared, but then she just let him be. Guess what, when she look through a mirror she cant see the man who used to be tying rope. she was speechless. and, then she heard someone in another room behind the toilet, she went to see it. And she found the dead body of the man who died by suicide.

Well, I m not gonna tell you all the story, a bit tired. But this is a must see INDON movie. At first u will feel a bit ah, confuse, but after tht, its scary yet enjoying. Hope I can sleep with no ghost in mind though. HEHEHEH


damn it....guess what, I have already wrote this story abt homeworks but then It vanished, I dont know why and How. watever!!! just a bit pissed off, and Now my pc is going cracky wacky once again, its making loud noises. HEY U SHUT UP!
AH. this morning, I woke up at 7 am, and still had time to perform the SUBUH prayer, ALhamdulillah. Then, as I dont want to waste the time, i quickly get my books, and started doing the homeworks. There are a lot of them, and thanks god I have already done them. The first thing I did, was Biology, well I needed to wrtie a report on he experiment we had done at school, its about to test how fast a bread will rise with yeast if sugar is presence or absence, its cool almost like cooking. Hope ours success.
Then, I did chemistry. Which is not tht hard. Well, still in the first chapter, all abt atoms, name it Ill Know I guess so. Besides tht, I also tried to memorize the periodic table which is a bit hard to get all those terms and symbols in my head. Gladly, theres an easy way conducted by a student in Malakat 92. Phew...I am so glad. After tht, well, I went to wrap my school books, ah I m so bad in wrapping. Unless, I am so creative and in the mood. Whatever....
How abt english? Well, we were asked to write some opinion oabout a short story called Lotus Eater. Its cool and easy to understand unlike other short stories, which I have to have my dictionary with me. I am not satisfied on my work though, just dont know why...I think I didnt put much effort onto it.
Other thn that, I have physics too. Physics is the HARDEST subject so far. To measure things using the vernier calliper is damn hard. We need to count that and this, even a small gap we have to take seriously, there is zero and postive zero errors. AH..getting tired of them. My cuz said physics is easy, He is a LIAR NOW. Besides, the worst thing is tht now, I have to teach to the others how to measure and use the instruments as the teacher already conducted them to us. I mean my grp. So, its our responsibillity to teach our friends..zzz...:(
Ok, whatever I do, whatever I sigh for, Life is definitely hard, when we reach our old days. My dad used to say tht its nevermind if we study for so hard and we have no rest, coz if we did tht, we will surely feel an ease in the future. Hope its true....

Saturday, 19 January 2008


wat a terrible day for me this saturday!!~~

fine, I slept a bit late last night, at about pass midnight, and then this morning I woke up at about 6:15 am, why? COZ I accidentally thought today was school day, dummy me.
anyway, I had this prefect's meeting at school at 8:30 AM. But, I prepared earlier, coz I know, if I kept delaying, I ll not be on time. Yay!! today I was ON TIME, good for me.
the meeting was not bad after all, just tht my best friend maryam didnt show up. why?? becoz, she was fast asleep like a monalisa....watever...ok, I was nominated as the secretary of the prefect's board, but the teacher said NO coz I m gonna move out.. hehehe:D ok I ll be going to start my duty this MONDAY at block B. which is near to my this a good news?? I dont know....
fine, after the meeting was over, I went to a shop nearby to topup my cell. Then, I called huda, but she didnt answer, Ii was actually on the way to her home, some project to be done, and I also sent a message to azeem saying tht I wanted to see him. Ok, i walked to the jejantas, but he wasnt there. I was so sad as well as mad...besdes tht there was this ah, I dont know , a stranger who kept smiling at me...with his sly face..ewww..thts scary....and moreover, I was mad at huda, coz she didnt reply my call. ANd the reason is becoz she was fast asleep, was 11 babe, takan x bangun lagi!!!
ok so, whats the heck waiting, so I walked back home, and felt tired now, a sore feet I attempt....but no one cares....

Thursday, 17 January 2008

everybody is Going!?

Am I happy, or otherwise?

Well, most of my classmates are already being offered to teknik school. most of then got smk teknik sepang, but each and everyone of them got different course. And how abt me? well, I didnt apply for it, so no teknik school for me, besides I dont like teknik school, as I know, theres no biology there, and I cant be a doc if i finish my SPM there. So, who cares, I dont want teknik school...

Hmm, those who gets teknik are:"

~Siti Maryam-teknik KL
~Huda-teknik shah alam
~yasmeen-teknik sepang
~baqis-teknik sepang

and bla22...well, here, its the time to bid farewell, we have been friends for ages, and now, fate separates all of us, i dont care, just a bit sad.....

__waiting for SBP & MRSM___

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tuesday~Time to relax?

Ah, gladly, today we all I mean the 4Amanah's kids were allowed to get back early. Yay! For me, its fun...

What did I actually do this Tuesday?

Ok, I woke up early to go to school, well at around 6:15 am, and its a very cold morning, I woke up shivering. I took my quick bath, and got into my uniforms, blue, well I am a prefect after all. Then, after having breakfast, my siblings and I went to school by car. >.< (are we spoilt brats?)

At school, ah, like always, the assembly but not the formal one, this one took abt 20 minutes i suppose. Today I am punctual. Yay! Yes, today again the math teacher wasnt around coz she is ill. Whateverlaa...I just dont care anymore. She gave us some calculation exercises, which are confusing not hard just confusing.

We also had English, which is the best part for today. Our teacher, Pn Thavamalar, was a great hilarious teacher. Love her, although she speaks so fast. She explained the SPM format, which is all abt writing in both paper one and two. She said we have to write or die, just choose. She also explained the life in hostel, which accoding to her was a misery. The food there will not be as delicious as those at house, and we can get slim there. Hahahaha...maybe she is just trying to blackmail us...and yes! she gave some homeworks which arent hard, just write...

CIVICS...ah the teacher is nice, but just hate it, I almost fell asleep. and I felt terrible. History was okay I guess, I understood what the teacher taught us. But we have to write our own notes...nevermind, I have done it unlike the others...hahahah

Today was a fine day, just tht I almost miss my car, on the way home...poor me..

p/s:miss MR X soo much...

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Ah....majlis watikah pelantikan and SP class!!

as u can see, well, this morning, at around 7:45 am, there was this rehearsal for the majlis waitkah pelantikan for prefects. I was again, late, cant be punctual, and guess what, I had to walk to school?! coz my dad went for his morning jog meanwhile my mom wabusy with housechores. So, what could I do?? I quickly walked to school.

Yeah, I walked very fast than I usually do. Gratefully, the practice hasnt started yet, so I was lucky, but we have to wait for Rashid, the Headprefect as well as our commander. Fine, it was a really long practice, we have to show a good example to the other students. Well, I ll be in the middle row, on monday, which I kinda hate it, coz the guy who stands in front of me is taller, i mean a bit taller than I, and he actually blocking me from being viewed, damn that prefect.

Before I black out, yesterday, i was in school too, in the evening, after Zuhur, there was Sains Pertanian class, well I thanked chiam a lot for reserving some front seats for my friends. But then, ah, I was out, with some other prefects for the rehearsal, guess what, some lousy boys from other class, got into our seats, damn it, and the clas was damn crowded....hate it!!!!

I hope the teacher can open another class d\for them. Do I sound selfish? Yeah I am, when it times to study....

Friday, 11 January 2008

Great? Nah...almost

Well, today is Friday, fine, today again we the form 4 Amaanah wasted our two periods in Math just because the teacher cant show up, due to some illness. I hate this! We got so many things to cath up especially in Math, but she didnt show up, how great!
Ah, today before I forgot, we had Physics taught by Pn Suzita, a nice strict teacher, who gave us a lot of calculation exercises. Physics is abt math actually. I just adored how pn Suzita taught us kids. She actually made up an easy formulae for us to understand which I cant explain it here. Besides, she also made it easy for us to memorize the sub multiple notations. How fun it is! Fast but very understanding...well, yeah Ii admit, a first we were a bit blurred, coz its too fast, but then we were a pro, hehehe (sorry to boast)
And whats more, oh yeah, again we didnt have our Bi (english) today as we had this meeting for the house team (rumah sukan). Luckily, I wasnt voted for any position. I hate to have any position is house team. Dont ask just dont. I hope Rashid can be a good leader though....
ah at 12:15 we all rushed home. Hmm...Mr x was actually inviting me to visit his granny at the hospital, but I dont know why suddenly he changed his mind...boys hard to read their thoughts...nevermind, actually i was waiting for him to give me a call, but just useless..>.<
ah, tommorow, at 7:30 am I have to go to schoolfor the prefect's rehearsal thing, hate it, and maryam wont come along as she wants to follow her dad to send her sis to UTP in Perak (thts far!!) I ll be alone tommorow I supposed...

Sunday, 6 January 2008

stresses that all I have got.

fine, school hasnt reach its second weeks and what I have got are stresses. Damn it, hate life right now.
currently, I am being very dizzy and often feel like throwing up. Today is Sunday, and guess what I slept from 2 pm to 5 pm just now, and woke up feeling very uncomfortable. I am now sick very sick indeed. Before I went for my "day sleep" I was actually reading and trying to understand some of Biology facts. Most of them are about cell; like cell organisations, cell specialisation and etc. Well, the most important key to understand Bio is to have a lot of curiosity, which yeah I admit I have.
I now, hmm, gladly know some of the tems like chromosomes, endoplasmic reticulum which is ER, organelle, lysosomes and others. Hard to get all these in my brain memory card of coz but I'kll try, coz I am not the kinda person who gives up easily.
Today, I am sinner, big one I suppose. I actually skipped my ZOHOR prayer, which is very bad indeed. Luckily, I already paid it back by performing the qada' prayer. My life is a misery now. Yes, I know. Very devastating. Then, after I finished up with my Asar and qada' I went downstairs, to eat. Well, I didnt have my lunch as I fell asleep . For dessert, I have a muffin, a mango stuffed muffin which is incredibly suits my taste buds.
HUH! I am now writing a blog, I mean blogging once again. Telling you all how my life sucks. Before I forgot, I played 40 minutes game of badminton wtih my chinese friend Chiam Win Nee, it was good, at least I sweated a little. Sad to say, after I had the game, I came online and met a friend, she is sad with her life too, but I am too suck in convincing her though. sorry.
So, thats all for now, I maybe will stop blogging for a couple of days as I will be very busy with my school pathetic life. THIS year is the terrible year. I bet next year it will be the same. So wish me good luck coz then I ll surely wish ur goodluck too. So long, meet later. amigos.

~~c'mmon be strong dayana~~~

Friday, 4 January 2008

Second day, I can't hardly stand it!

Fine, assalamualaikum to all of you out there. I am so sleepy while I am doing his bloggy-thingy but who cares! This is one of my lightest entertainments. As usual, today I went to school, the second day of 2008 school year. Unfortunately, I was late, and it was just my good luck that I did not ran up to the discipline teachers.The first thing I had this morning is MATH which is taught by Puan Fozida. she is nice but she seems so nervous while she's teaching, I don't know why, coz she is our former math teacher during form 1. So, still nervous? C'mmon, get life! Anyway thanks to her, now, I can understand the standard form of numbers and also the significant figures. My hands were shaking while doing math coz its been a long time since I did it. Nevermind, hope I can catch up with all those.
Then, there is some brief talking to the Form 4 kids, which is damn boring! Can u believe that, we actually have to carry out chairs upstairs to the hall just for the brief? Man, I hate an actvity which lack its managing professionals. Besides, we had to wait for at least half an hour for the brief to start. Why? Because there were some technical errors. Duh....=.=The brief was basically about the packages that the school has to offer to us kids. Well, mine is Science, I mean Pure Science. This package is so hard, and only hardworking people can take it as their choice, well I dont have any choice. I have to take pure science to be a doctor. Hmmm, and I will be extremely busy all year round.
I am glad that the brief stopped faster than I would imagine. My friends and I went straight to the canteen. Unluckily, the canteen lacks its menu. I just ate this soup, well I needed something to heat up my throat. I felt weird to have recess at 11 am, hmm, coz it seems different. I hate it of coz, I like the previous days while I was form 3. Miss form 3 though! I skipped my job as a prefect and straight to class after recess. Most of my classmates were reading and joting down notes, they seem more worry than I am. I am very stressful here! I feel like I am going to faint. Hmm, anyway, today I just got some math exercises which I had done them and of coz an english homework, well it needs us to write an informal letter. I ll get it done by tonight.
ah, no fun time this year for sure. and also for next year. to be a great person, we have to make some sacrifices. Yes, I know that. I bet everyone knows that either. So, I have two years of my high school life to be very determined and hardworking or else I ll be left behind.

~~~~another hard time 2008~~~~

Thursday, 3 January 2008

13 subjects!!~~I am DEAD!

Ok, today for all kids in Malaysia, is the day to go to school. First day of 2008 in school of coz. And tht includes me as well. Now, I am a form 4 kid. Sixteen years Old I supposed, sweet sixteen, hahahha;D

I woke up at around 6:30 am, and rushing down to get my uniform and climbed up the stairs to my toilet (in my bedroom) to take a shower, quick one tht was. Alhamdulillah I still sempat to perfrom my subuh prayer.

Guess what! There was a terrific big jam on the way to school, which my brilliant dad suggested to use the other road which was not so busy, but we had to walk just a few stones to reach the school gate. That morning, as I stepped over the school compound, I recited my prayer. And the day went just fine, as Puan Azlina and Puan Musalmahwati, congrated me for my PMR results and they also said that the school will lose another great student like me....hey this is not a joke! Thanks for the congrats TEACHERS!

I walked to the assembly compund. Yes! Students are increasing. I saw my bestfriend forever from far away view. And I also met my friends of coz. They were happy to see me. We were like old moms meeting some old friends. We chatted a lot. Especially Huda, Maryam and me. The most best thing ever is that we sit exactly close to each other in class. Good isn't it ^_^

Great! I am in the first science STREAM class. And this calss offers 7 main subjects which are:

~Bahasa Melayu
~Bahasa Inggeris
~Pendidikan Agama Islam
~Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan
~Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan
and guess what? I've got to score in other six subjects too which are:
~Add Math
~Sains Pertanian (which i hate a lot)
~EST (English for Science and Technology)
Damn, I am so in trouble. As you see, I wish to drop Sains Pertanian, but the teacher told me that you can only do that when I register for SPM. Nuts isnt it? But what can I do whatsoever! Its my life, I have to struggle for the best. In fact, this is my step of becoming a doctor after all. So, after I reached home. I quickly took my bath ( I do stink) and of coz, straight away read my physic book, which alhamdulillah I understood a bit of them. The key to score A in these very hard subjects is to READ THEM A LOT AND MAKE NOTES (jot this down)
Ok, I'll spend the whole 16 years old of my life by revising as well as reading all the books and focus a lot. I don't know why the Kementerian put the SIVIK subject, it just wasted my time. Arghh``~~so this is the BIG STRUGGLING LIFE EVER....and I have to be strong not weak....
p/s: sorry to MR X, I made u waited for me for so long, I was busy with something else. Besides, I had to carry my so heavy-many books, damn it! I am so sorry. THanks God u forgives me.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

My Bad

Ok, I have promised to all my cyber friends to be online via YM at around 5pm today. Just to say goodbye, as heaven knows that I will not be around as I usually do this year 2008 (why I always tend to say it a "next year"?). First of all, I just wanna admit that I fell asleep, at around 3 pm. Yeah, I was tired, and now, the bit of leftovers are still there in my physical not mental ok?

Unfortunately, things went a bit wrongly today. I wake up just now, and looked at my cellphone, OH NO! ITS 6:30 PM. Alright, this is it! I got up quickly from my bed, and rushed downstairs. My family were getting ready for the Maghrib prayer UNLIKE myself, who was looking like a koala and heading to the pc. As soon as I reach the PC of mine, I connected to Streamyx. Streamyx has help my family and I a lot. There's no problem at all in connecting it. However, bad day gone worst. My yahoo messenger was in messed, I succeed to sign in, but then, in a glance it turned off by itself. I was shocked. And also screamed "NOT AGAIN!!"~~

I thought only my yahoo messenger was doing wacky act, but I was wrong. Now, as you see, I cannot go to Yahoo, and also my blog. Currently, I am typing this in a notepad and if I am lucky tommorow, I can be online for sure, and paste it down in my blogspot. Hope so though. This year will be a crazy busy year for me to struggle a lot for the sake of SPM. Yeah, another war. Another war ahead me and of course other people too. SPM is very difficult, no doubt about that and STPM is easier according to my mom.

Since, now I am a senior at school, I should set up a good example to my juniors and also acted up good to be my teachers' pet. Well, I will get new teachers, and I hate it. If I have some power, I would choose my old form 3 teachers. I love them so much, but not all if I have my second thought. Just a few and this one includes Puan Che Marhaini, an angel and also my math teacher, Puan Ruzlina. Tommorow is the day of my life, 2008 people! Some get extremely excited, but I guess I am not. I don't even celebrate new year, as I am not into it much. For me new year, is the time to repent and look back at our recent wrongdoings and by doing some solat tahajud. Then, we have to make a resolution, a BIG one like we promise ourselves not to do the same mistake. However, like the Malaysian peribahasa, "Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain", we all have our own right and thoughts on how to celebrate Happy New Year.

Before I forgot, being a form 4 kid this year does not mean I can enjoy, as I don't have any important examinations. This year, is the best time to focus on every science stream subject like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Math, EST, Account (I will take up all these) and also the main subjects like Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Inggeris. I will be astonishingly busy, to cope with all these, because what can I say, these are not as easy as kindergartens' ABC OR COLOURING BOOKS. I have to be good in all the theories and also some practical like my best friend told me before. I cannot be some smartass or a brainiac whom is very excellent in theories but lack some skills in practical. RIGHT? Just say yes or no, people!~

Ok, I better rush to the ladies. Plus, I forgot to polish up my shoes. So better go and quickly polish it after I have done with some girl things. My old shoes they are. Still going to where them tommorow. FYI, I have some bad planning in buying school uniforms and equipment this year. So, I didnt buy any shoes I supposed. Hope my feet get into it easily though. If not, I cannot attend school tommorow.

~~~Now, I am a big girl with so many priorities in my hand and head, just have to be strong and competitive with the world.~~~