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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My life is terrible and today it became worst

Again, it feels empty to have no one to laugh with, to share food with, to walk with and to talk to. I am not very empty as I still have Chiam, Christina, Daksayani, Alya and others but now, theres no longer a very good friend of mine, the one I always ask for help, the one whom always accompanied me to wherever I go.

Today, Huda was absent. I was a bit dissapointed. I never thought that she will left me at school for one day with out a friend beside me. I felt lost somewhere. Need to cry but somehow, its hard as I have to be a professional. Moreover, dont ya think its humiliating for big girl like me to cry at school? Yes, right?

During Pendidikan Agama Islam, I have no one next to me, thanks to Alya who then pitied me and decided to sit next to me. At least I have a friend. I saw sympathies in others toward me. And sad to say, I hate that. Ah, what could I do on that moment is sigh. Nothing more, I am powerless.

I hate Puan Thava today, hope she wont be reading my blog, or else I am dead meat. Why> Whats the reason? Well, she actually asked US KIDS to find anything about the customs, food, ethnics of Sarawak. Ok, I can do that, but the most boring part was that she wants us to present it, make it as a presentation in front of the class, on NEXT TUESDAY!!! And did I tell you that I have my agama presentation to do on Tuesday too? So this means that I will be doing TWO presentations in a day. I will be so exhausted talking and talking. Plus, Puan Thava also pissed me off by calling me a fluroscent lamp, that measn I could not understand jokes. Yeah, I admit I cant understand her recent jokes today, maybe I wasnt in the mood to laugh at them anyway.

JUst History caught my mind today. I love to study about the past, about the ancient civilizations. How bout mathematics? Ah, my brain was in a big traffic jam I guess, coz it processed as slow as a snail. Hate it, I used to be a genius. (Sorry for boasting). At recess time, I was again feel lonely, and I really am cant take this any longer.

Hey you KILL me, or slap me in the face, or take me fly with you!!!!!

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