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Monday, 28 January 2008

Uh-Oh, I am dumned!

Can't you get what I mean by I am dumned??

No right? So let me start the story....

Do I have to sigh for a relieved when my dad actually saw me walking home with my bff? Whats the answer guys?

Fine, now my father had lost his trust on me. Today, I was supposed to be home at 2;30, I meant my class should have ended at 2;30 pm, rather than at 2 o'clock. EST class was cancelled due to some matters, and well yesterday, I promised to Mr X that I will be treating him for icecream today, but looked like its not coming true.

Ok, at 2 pm, I rushed to the mosque i meant the school mosque of coz, to have my Zuhur prayer with Hud. There re several teachers asked me abt the SBP offers, and I said I didnt get it. Duh...hate the same questions, I am getting fed up. Well, as I walked to the mosque which located exactly besides my classroom, I saw Mr x's bag. Looked likes he's praying too.

After I have done with my Zuhur prayer, I saw no one at our usual spot. He was ACTUALLY at the canteen, and the bad thing was Nina (my friend) and also Junaidi were there at the canteen stared at me suspiciously. Damn they already know....

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